2015 China Wearable Device Summit Forum Was Successfully Held

On April 28, 2015, the "2015 OFweek China wearable device Summit Forum", hosted by OFweek China high tech industry portal and hosted by OFweek wearable device network and OFweek electronic engineering network, was successfully held in Shenzhen. Guests from heavyweight enterprises such as Tencent, Microsoft and Huawei attended the meeting, delivered a speech around "industrial explosion point in the era of Internet of things 2.0", and shared their views and opinions with hundreds of on-site audiences. The content of the meeting covered hot topics such as software and algorithms, machine manufacturing, cloud computing and cloud services, industrial capital and industrial design. It focused on the construction of wearable ecosystem and the problems of explosive products, and had a heated discussion on upstream and downstream industrial applications such as intelligent wearable voice interaction, human body sensors and wireless communication modules.

2015 OFweek China wearable device Summit Forum

Chen Mingbo, senior product manager of Tencent open platform

The development of intelligent hardware entered the blowout period in 2014. The whole industry is facing problems such as unclear user needs, inaccurate product positioning, poor physical interconnection and so on. Chen Mingbo, senior product manager of Tencent open platform, deeply analyzed the current industry status and development problems with the theme of "QQ IOT helps upgrade the hardware industry". In his opinion, a large number of intelligent hardware have the problems of serious islanding and unclear definition; For complete machine manufacturers, they are faced with problems such as long product chain, many technical difficulties, high cost pressure, product publicity and marketing; In the face of such complex intelligent devices, the threshold of learning and use is becoming higher and higher. In view of these situations, Chen Mingbo said that Tencent hopes to change the connection between people and things, so that the equipment can directly touch people's daily life. To this end, the "end-to-cloud" and "end-to-end cloud" solutions launched by Tencent will help hardware manufacturers and users achieve better interaction with intelligent hardware. At the end of the speech, he said that Tencent would help intelligent hardware partners achieve 1 billion exposures and the integration of more than 2 billion industrial resources.

Wang Lei, product director of open platform of iFLYTEK Co., Ltd

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