50 Shades of Red: the Most Fashionable Leather Items This Fall

Black leather, of course, will always be timeless and trendy, but if you want something fresh in your wardrobe, then you should choose red. The most attention in F/W season after black and sandy shades went to the burgundy-red color palette — from scarlet tones to a rich shade of burgundy.Interesting skirts, asymmetric trousers, dresses and jackets in the red shades can be found in the autumn-winter collections leading designers of the world. For example, for courageous girls, brand McQueen suggests combining red leather from the head to toe. The designer such Zimmermann offer leather scarlet tones to combine with brutal shoes or large accessories. Some designers add a touch of romanticism to red leather outfit, some presented on the catwalks with red leather outfits from the 1990s. The dress in red leather from the Salvatore Ferragamo collection will look great with lace tights and stilettos. Such a dress is well combined with minimalist jewelry, fur or cashmere. If you are looking for a universal outfit for the office and official event, then the dark red leather pants from the Chalayan collection will definitely suit you. The best color combination with red leather is definitely black, grey and all the shades of beige. Do not waste time and go shopping!

Guys: Do you prefer girls in hotpants/dresses or jeans ?

I care more about personalities, what a girl wears means nothing to me

Do juniors wear long or short dresses to prom?

Ok,for your case i personally think you should wear short dress cause that will make you look more temperament and youthful.Normally,seniors always go prom with long dresses which making them appear to be more mature with their actual age...You are in such a young age,why not dress more energetic,that's it . ...Short dress is the best choice. ..lol. ..GL.


well the glittery pink dress definitely gets more attention than the red dress id go with the pink one

I have found 3 wedding dresses online that I LOVE!! I don't want to order my dress online?

Any tailor will do alterations on any dress that you did not buy from them

im in middle school my closet turned black a year ago but i want to change my look nothing like dresses but what should i wear?

Jeans and plaid shirts, not black, there is so many colors... Like grey,XD

dresses and skinny jeans...good or bad?

I do not think you would look like an idiot but I know the dress would look tons better with tights and boots. Or tights and flats, or ankle boots(they tend to be cheaper)

Why are wedding dresses so expensive?

anything specific to weddings is marked up too much. as soon as you tell someone you need a dress for a wedding, it becomes such a big deal for no reason. some people are willing to pay 4 figures for a one time use item because they do not know the value of money. that's why our economy is crap.

Would you tend to agree that most men have better taste than women when it comes Dresses and Lingerie and that?

Lol, yeah I think so

Dresses? 10 points for best answer.?

I would definitely go with the third one, it seems simple and light, which would be good for spring time. Also, I did not like the flowery design on the 1st one, far too busy, and the 2nd one is downright ugly with the elastic band that's on it, I think, though it may look different when it is actually worn

what kind of dresses did france have in 1650?

You can find great examples of French clothing during that period in paintings done at that time. Some French painters of that time inclued Poussin, Bourdon, Desportes, de la Fosse, and Champaigne, just to name a few. Although many countries in Europe had their own style of clothing, France (particularly Paris) was a great influence on fashion. You can see similar styles in Germany, Holland, England, Spain and Italy....just take a look at Rembrandt's paintings. He gives magnificent detail in his clothing and landscapes. Check wikipedia for lists of 17th century painters, and you can find a wealth of information there

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