5g Mobile Phone Can't Afford It. Can You Afford 5g Package?

The price of 5g mobile phones has been announced one after another. It's not too expensive and certainly not cheap. In addition, you may be most concerned about the price of 5g package. Previously, the attitude of operators has been ambiguous. They just said that 5g traffic will not be more expensive and cheaper than 4G, but they have not announced the specific price.

Recently, at the performance conference, China Unicom finally revealed the relevant information of 5g package: the minimum 5g function package is 190 yuan. A few days ago, telecom also announced the tariff of 5g package, ranging from 199 yuan to 599 yuan. Mobile did not announce a special 5g package, but also officially announced the sale of 5g mobile phones. 4G packages can be directly continued under 5g network.

Once these 5g packages were announced, they broke many people's illusions about 5g traffic price. It is estimated that many people will shout that 5g can't afford it.

Compared with 4G, it is a little expensive

After entering the 3 and 4G era, traffic has become the core business of operators. For most people, a mobile phone card is inserted into their mobile phone to surf the Internet. Under the policy requirements of increasing speed and reducing fees, the traffic charges of the three major domestic operators have decreased significantly in recent years. With the help of Internet packages, 4G traffic has entered the cabbage price stage.

At present, the monthly rent of mainstream Internet packages is usually less than 50 yuan. Taking Dawang card and Alibaba Xiaobao card with a large number of users as examples, the monthly rent is 19 yuan.

According to the official data of China Mobile, the average monthly revenue per household (ARPU) of China Mobile in 2018 was 53.1 yuan; China Unicom is lower, with ARPU of 45.7 yuan; Telecom's ARPU in 2018 was 50.8 yuan. And the data of the three operators are basically decreasing every year.

In other words, most people's phone bill will not exceed 50 yuan a month. In contrast, Unicom's 190 yuan 5g function package and Telecom's 199 yuan 5g package are inevitably a little expensive.

There may be several reasons for the high pricing of 5g packages

At present, the lowest price of 5g package is close to 200 yuan per month. In detail, the reason behind it is not complicated.

First of all, the current operators' investment in 5g is very large and is in a stage of rapid money burning. The relatively high pricing of 5g package is to cover the initial cost of 5g construction to a certain extent. At the financial report meeting in August, China Mobile said that in the first half of this year, the investment in 5g is expected to be 24 billion yuan. In contrast, the profit of mobile in the first half of the year was 56.1 billion yuan, and 5g's money burning ability is extraordinary.

Secondly, in the early stage of 5g package implementation, operators are more willing to give priority to the development of high-end users. The monthly rent of 200 yuan is not high among high-end users. 5g can provide a better network experience and help operators enhance the stickiness of these high-end users. On the eve of the full opening of number carrying network transfer, the retention of old users, especially high-end users, is an important work for operators.

In addition, the high monthly rent plays a threshold role. When the 5g network conditions are not perfect and the signal carrying capacity is relatively limited, it can avoid the influx of a large number of users in a short time, resulting in the deterioration of the network experience.

In fact, when the 4G network was just opened, domestic operators adopted the same approach. Now looking back, the 4G package charge at that time was also not cheap. The 4G package with 1g mobile traffic cost 70 yuan a month. We have reason to believe that the 5g tariff will slowly drop like the original 4G.

5g tariff decline is the general trend, and the billing method may change

From the previous popularization process of 3G and 4G networks, it should only be a matter of time for 5g to achieve wide coverage and popularization. The three major domestic operators have also carried out base station construction and signal expansion in an all-round way. If most users want to use 5g network voluntarily, the tariff must be reduced to a reasonable range.

In addition, in recent years, the telecommunications regulatory authorities have been implementing the policy of increasing speed and reducing charges. In the long run, the communication charges are gradually decreasing. In recent years, the regulatory authorities have urged operators to complete several measures such as canceling voice roaming and traffic roaming. 5g traffic charges will soon be acceptable to most people.

However, after entering the 5g era, there may be new changes in traffic sales and billing methods.

In the publicity of 5g, its three advantages are often mentioned repeatedly: faster network speed, lower latency and greater capacity.

Among them, the faster network speed is most easily perceived, but the changes brought by lower delay and larger capacity may not be so easy to reflect. The demand of network speed, delay and capacity for different users and in different scenarios is also different.

For example, when watching online 8K extremely clear video live broadcast, the requirements for network speed will be very high, but it is not sensitive to delay and capacity; In the scenarios of telemedicine surgery, unmanned driving and E-sports online games, it is very sensitive to the low delay of 5g.

In this case, operators may be more willing to conduct differentiated management of 5g network, adopt the form of "slice", and divide the network into sub networks with different characteristics to charge and sell respectively.

For example, users who like to play mobile games and have high requirements for delay can buy game acceleration traffic packages; Users who watch online HD video can buy directional traffic packets corresponding to the video platform; People who don't have high requirements for network speed can buy traffic services that limit the uplink rate.

In this way, on the one hand, 5g network can be used more reasonably and the resource allocation is more scientific; On the other hand, 5g differentiated operation may also enable operators to profit from it and improve the problem of single revenue in the past.

Of course, if you want to really implement the new tariff calculation and sales method of 5g, you may have to wait until SA independent networking is popularized. Because only when the 5g core network becomes 5g, the three core advantages of 5g can be brought into full play, and the conditions for network slicing and differentiated management can be met.

Previously, we have repeatedly stressed that 2019 is the first year of 5g, but it is only the time to taste 5g. The initial maturity and popularization of 5g must wait until at least 2020. Insiders predict that the price of 5g mobile phones will fall below 2000 yuan, which is estimated to be in the second half of next year.

In recent years, the discussion on the role of 5g and the changes it will bring has not stopped, and various ideas are emerging one after another. But what can 5g bring? We may have to wait until 5g is popularized before we can give us the answer. Some people say that 5g is like a highway. Only when the road is repaired can we know what vehicles will be on it.

This statement is not unreasonable. Before and after the birth of 4G, there was no less discussion about it than now. However, it seems that few people expected the rise and popularity of short video in our various ideas. The reality will give the most accurate answer to the question of what 5g brings, and we will all be the witnesses.

However, as ordinary consumers, the most realistic problem is the experience cost of 5g. From the current situation, the charges of 5g mobile phones and 5g packages are relatively high, and the coverage of 5g signals is also relatively limited. For most people, this may not be the most appropriate time to start 5g products. It's really just the early stage.

Of course, in a longer time span, 5g terminal and 5g tariff will gradually drop to a reasonable level and can be accepted by most people. For 5g, you need to give it a little more patience.

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