Air Conditioning Not Turning On?

I do not know what I am talking about, but it sounds like you blew the compressor. It's almost like having to replace the unit. You wo not make that mistake again, will you?.

1. The air conditioning in my car is cold (new compressor) but it just won't blow?

If no air is coming from the vents on your car, it may be the blower. It is usually located down the dash board in front of the passenger seat. If you know your model car and year you can go to a car part store and ask for this part and they will show you were exactly it is located in you specific car/year/model. It is really easy to take out. Just unmount the cover under the dash board, unscrew the fan/blower, unplug it and Mount the new one. it is important that you turn of the air conditioner first. You can buy a book on how to repair your car in any mayor auto-part store for your car/model. Or search the web in the image section on the web search engines and type "car air conditioning blower mounting". Remember to check first, before you buy the blower/fan for the air conditioner to test if there is electricity going to it. Use a voltage tester to do this

2. problem with heating and air conditioning Prius 2009?

I attended grammar college in a public college that became into built interior the 1850s. We had warmth. aircon became into presented via a protracted pole with a hook on the tip, it became into used to open the homestead windows, in effective condition right into a recess interior the top of the window so the window would desire to be pulled down. warmth got here first

3. What are some ways to cool your home other than air conditioning?

buy fans to set in windows ,blowing in, in mornings and nights,blowing out, in afternoons ,buy a free standing swamp fan that uses water you fill with a bucket. Or open windows in morning,shut in afternoons,open in evening. you can put window tinted material on windows also.

4. Engine runs rough when I turn on defrost or air conditioning?

The problem is there all the time, it's just more noticable when you turn on the defrost. All vehicles with AC use some type of stepper system to raise rpm's about 100 to compensate for the added load of the AC. The AC is tied into the defrost through the evaporator which is located in the heater control box and allows moisture to be removed from the passenger compartment. Do not worry about the serpentine belt or the AC compressor, if they were bad you would hear it. Now to explain the actual problem. I mentioned the stepper, which in your vehicle is controlled by the engine computer. It adjusts fuel injector pulse and ignition timing to raise the engines rpm's. As the rpm's are coming up the fuel system is dumping more fuel into the cylinders, but the idle air system is restricted causing the engine to load up on fuel and stumble or vibrate. The cause for this is a dirty throttle air bypass valve TABV and also called an idle air control valve/IAC. Carbon built up inside this valve restricts the air flow coming into the engine. An engine requires a specific air/fuel ratio and most mechanics over look the air part of the equation. This part is a computerized choke that can be removed, cleaned with a throttle-body cleaner that is O2 sensor safe (about 10 bucks), and reinstalled with a new base gasket (about 3 bucks). It takes about an hour to do. It is located on the intake manifold, is about 3 inches in length, about an inch in diameter, is made of metal and plastic, has a plug-in on the plastic end, and has two 10mm bolts that attach it the intake. It is also a good idea to spray out the throttle air inlet port and the throttle plate. You can check to see how dirty it is, by removing the air inlet hose off the throttle-body, open the throttle plate, and look in the port. You will see a black charcoal colored (carbon) coating on the inside of the TB, the more that is visible the worse the problem is. I know this will correct the problem with your vehicle. Take care and good luck. Christopher

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