Analysis of the Impact of Appropriately Dimming Lighting on Our Life

Nowadays, words such as "people-centered lighting", "day and night lighting" and "biological lighting" often appear in newspapers. In fact, no matter which word it is, it is nothing more than saying that properly dimming lighting can create ideal conditions for human beings within 24 hours.

Moreover, no light source can be "adjustable" like LED, and the light source can be provided according to specific color temperature, spectral power, color and brightness. In short, people-centered lighting can stimulate people's excitement in the morning and afternoon, and relax them in the evening. It can be tuned to the same level as the sun, strengthening the rhythm of sunrise and sunset for millions of years and 24-hour circadian rhythm.

If designers can integrate as much natural lighting as possible into the LED color palette, it will have a great impact. We all know that stimulation and alertness can improve learning and efficiency, and relaxation can help sleep. On the contrary, the wrong time and wrong light may destroy these things. Some researchers believe that it will help to produce cancer, diabetes and other diseases.

Dimmable, human centered lighting (HCl) can be applied to any place, such as schools, offices, hospitals, families, etc.

Human centered lighting (HCl) is the most effective in hospitals. Adjusting the led to stimulate the blue frequency at some time of the day and warm light at other times can help patients sleep and recover. In the office, a well-designed lighting system can improve morale and productivity.

Correct day and night light helps to get enough sleep and spirit

Mariana figueiro, director of the lighting research center (LRC) of Rensselaer Institute of technology, has always believed that in the office, the correct day and night light can help employees sleep better at night and help them cheer up.

Rensselaer Institute of technology conducted a three-year study in five different buildings of the United States General Services Administration (GSA), and then issued a report with the GSA, saying: "office staff receive sufficient effective light or sunlight in the morning, sleep better, depression and stress lower than those in dim or low light."

The 109 participants in the study wore an electronic pendant designed by LRC to measure light intake, with LRC's measurement standard "CS", ranging from 0.1 to 0.7. 0.7 represents the highest point of natural sunlight.

Figueiro and members found that employees exposed to CS of at least 0.3 in the morning "can sleep faster and have better sleep quality than employees with CS of 0.15 or less." participants wore this electronic pendant for 7 consecutive days in winter and summer. The results showed that when CS was 0.3 or higher, the sleep effect was better in winter and the same in summer. Decompression advantages are also consistent.

The study is only preliminary

Figuero said: "I'm not surprised by the result, which is what we expect. The light during the day is very important, and there are a lot of light at night, such as the low light at night and the light on the mobile phone display, but we spend 80% - 90% of our time indoors and two-thirds of our time in the office. People don't notice the importance of office lighting, which can help you sleep at night Better. "

Figuero said that this study is only the "first stage", and her study has three stages. It is worth noting that the first stage does not involve dimming. On the contrary, it only measures the light obtained by participants from existing light sources, including natural light, traditional fluorescent lamps, and even led light sources.

In the summer and autumn of 2016, the "second phase" was carried out in two different places. LRC installed LED panel lights behind the employee's computer screen and directed them at about 40 participants.

Figure 1. LRC installed an LED source in the study and adjusted the light to 0.3 CS to improve the excitement. Participants said they felt more awake and energetic. (photo source: LRC lighting research center)

LED dimming has great potential

But sunlight is still the best light source

In the first stage, LRC scientists measured the effects of light on nocturnal sleep, stress and depression. Scientists also recorded the stimulation effect. At that time, it was assumed that when CS was 0.3, light would stimulate the eyes and cause happiness, because when light irradiated the non visual receptors (iprgcs) of the retina, it would stimulate pigments called melanopsin.

The results of the second stage were: "through the intervention, we found that the subjects reported that they would be more sleepless and energetic", "We collected data in winter, and we found that adding a light that can provide CS 0.3 will increase their subjective feeling, reduce drowsiness and increase energy and vitality."

The third stage aims to further prove the potential effectiveness of LED dimming for circadian alternation. Figuero believes that healthy lighting should be transmitted in "layers", in which ambient lighting can come from ceiling lamps, and the light of circadian rhythm can come from low lux blue frequency that directly irradiates the eyes. Although the light directly irradiates the eyes sounds like a "Arabian Nights", but figueiro pointed out that under the low light level of 30 LX, blue light will still improve the excitement, but will not cause annoying glare. She said: "if you do 470nm, you only need 30 LX, so people feel it very comfortable." you won't even see so much, because you have ambient light, and blue light has been integrated into it. "

Although led adjustability has great potential, figueiro also knows that office designers must "embrace" the sun.

"One thing we learned is that the lighting design must be more perfect to provide the periodic stimulation we need. Sunlight is the best stimulus, but it does not always enter the environment in the way it should," figueiro said

The Scottish registry office uses dimmable LEDs

If you don't have natural light in the office all day, you can try adjustable led.

Figure 2. Casambi provides Bluetooth to control day and night lighting in different ways, such as through wall devices, or through smartphones, tablets and other applications that provide a wider color temperature range. These devices do not need a gateway. (image source: casambi)

Timo pakkala, CEO of casambi, said: "the most important thing is color temperature control. When people talk about people-centered lighting, it is color temperature control. It is happening now, but it is still in its early stage. We need not only new light sources, but also new controls."

Although casambi's control devices are installed in thousands of locations in many countries, no more than 10% of these devices use adjustable CCT. However, this percentage is growing, and the most suitable location is a new building.

One of them is the 12 storey St. Vincent's Square building in downtown Glasgow. When the registers of Scotland took over the third floor, it adopted the HCl concept and casambi system to control 300 LED lights of about 17300 square feet (about 1600 square meters).

The registers of Scotland divides the LED ceiling lights into 8 groups, with an open plan layout and 12 meeting rooms. Kevin Stewart, the floor manager, said that each group and room has its own iPad controller, which is installed in the open part to change the brightness and color temperature. (Figure 3)

Figure 3. Adjustable lighting in the Scottish registry is managed by casambi's iPad control mounted on the wall. (image source: casambi)

According to Stephen Jackson, casambi's UK and Ireland business manager, these lights are pre programmed and can change the color temperature all day. In addition, iPad control can change the background. Although the agency is indeed considering brightness, so far, there has not been much adjustment in the color temperature setting.

Therefore, for ordinary people in the office, even if the level changes skillfully, the CCT will generally remain Gray all day. The tea room in the office can be set to a more relaxed amber tone, while the conference room can be switched to a colder CCT.

The agency even installed some Philips "show" lighting that can change the color, but it has not been used yet.

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What Are the Effects on Hearing of in Ear Headphones?
What Are the Effects on Hearing of in Ear Headphones?
The main effect on hearing is the volume of the sound. Both the intensity and duration matter. However, it seems like hearing loss from personal music players is not as prevalent as from other causes like gunfire or occupational noise exposure (see also here).The specific problem with in-ear headphones is people tend to listen to them louder than other types of headphones, here is an example study that shows this result. So, in summary, there is not anything wrong with in-ear headphones if you listen at a low volume, but be wary that peoples' tendency is to listen louder with in-ear headphones, and you already mentioned liking loud music. The volume is going to be your problem.Be very wary with your hearing though: once you have lost hearing, there is no way to get it back at this time. Hearing aids only temporarily compensate for the loss. You might be okay now but regret a lifetime of noise exposure by the time you are an older adult.References:Clark, W. W. (1991). Noise exposure from leisure activities: a review. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 90(1), 175-181. Hodgetts, W. E. , Rieger, J. M. , & Szarko, R. A. (2007). The effects of listening environment and earphone style on preferred listening levels of normal hearing adults using an MP3 player. Ear and hearing, 28(3), 290-297.Mostafapour, S. P., Lahargoue, K., & Gates, G. A. (1998). Noiseinduced hearing loss in young adults: The role of personal listening devices and other sources of leisure noise. The Laryngoscope, 108(12), 1832-18391. Best Cheap On Ear Headphones?Sorry, but quality DOES have a price and it is NOT that low! If REAL quality is an issue, please go for REPUTABLE brands only such as B&W, Sennheiser (most affordable), Shure, Grado, Denon, AKG, Audio-Technica (NOT to be mixed with Technic which is utter rubbish as well!), Etymotic or Beyerdynamic. Things like V-Moda, Klipsch, Sony, Panasonic, JVC and Philips are ONLY "okay-ish" indeed. Please do NOT fall a victim to FASHION ACCESSORIES by buying Boombox, Ministry of Sound, Sol/Republic/Revolution, Noontec Zoro's, Benetton, a-jays, iFrogz, Marley, Fanny Wang, Razer, Karl Kani, WESC, Turtle, JH, Dr.Dre/Beats/Solo, Ludacris/Soul, Koss, Skullcandy, Lady GaGa, Skullcrushers, Monsters nor Bose, because they are ALL seriously overhyped and overpriced "fashion blingbling gimmicks" with a very poor durability and sound quality, NOTHING else (and those who try to claim they are good do NOT know ANYTHING about QUALITY anyway!), BE THEM FAKE OR NOT! Also, please do NOT go for the overly thumping bass that only distorts everything else, focus on GOOD sound quality and durability IN GENERAL.2. What is the best pair of over-the-ear headphones?Panasonic Retro Headphones - (RP-HTX7-G1) *This model number is for the green ones which I have, There is also Red and White..and if you search online, Pink can be found* I bought these at Target on sale for $39.99 They are by far the best headphones that I've ever had. (And the cutest!) They are also very soft, and cushy so they do not hurt your ears. Regular price (At Target) Is $57.99, but they can be found online cheaper.3. What are the best over the ear headphones for sound quality and noise insulation?Well, according to hi-if afficionado Steve Gutenberg these headphones are THE best in the world:Abyss AB-1266 headphones run $5,495, but they are worth itNow, you can try on your Sony's, Sennheisers, AKG, Beyer etc but if you want some excellent headphones those are for mere paupers. Sell that new car back to the dealership and buy a runaround and make yourself truly happy... life is simple than you think!Qualifier:i do not sell audio equipment for a living, nor work in any aspect of audio. I use audio equipment at home. I do not own a pair of the above headphones because I know I will listen too much and too loud on them and so would finish off my hearing. Steve Guttenberg has been in audio a very long time and has been a professional reviewer for many many years. He has listened to probably many hundreds of headphones over the years (along with much other home audio equipment). I enjoy his YouTube channel as the shorts are just enough to watch each episode. I am not affiliated to Steve Guttenberg in any way.What are the best over the ear headphones for sound quality and noise insulation?
Philips Lost the Patent Infringement Lawsuit
Philips Lost the Patent Infringement Lawsuit
Seoul semiconductor recently announced that it won a patent infringement lawsuit against the factory depot advantages, Inc. ("factory depot") selling Philips electronic products and feit lighting products and successfully obtained a permanent sales ban.The U.S. District Court for the Central District of California issued a permanent ban on the sale of Philips label display products produced by a subsidiary of TPV technology, the world's largest computer display manufacturer. It is reported that the PHILPS brand products are used in China Taiwan LED manufacturer Lextar Electronics LED package. Earlier, Seoul semiconductor won a patent infringement lawsuit against Fry's electronics, which was sentenced to permanently ban the sale of Philips brand led TVs.This permanent sales ban also prohibits the sale of some filament LED bulbs from feit electronics. Seoul semiconductor is a supplier of filament LED components licensed by Santa Barbara filament led patent. In recent years, Seoul semiconductor has been actively promoting the crackdown on products suspected of patent infringement. In the past three years, Seoul semiconductor has successfully obtained six permanent sales bans, including two recall (recall of products already sold).Meanwhile, Nixon, representing Santa Barbara? Nixon Peabody announced that it would expand patent enforcement activities related to filament LED lighting products and take new actions against General Electric, savant systems, feit electric, home depot, IKEA and satco products through the International Trade Commission (ITC).Seoul weiaoshi is a global enterprise developing full wavelength range lighting products, including 1400nm VCSEL infrared (IR) laser diode and 200nm UV LED. Seoul semiconductor and its subsidiary, Seoul weiaoshi, invest more than US $100 million in R & D every year and have more than 14000 patents. It has been selected as the world's top patent enterprise by IEEE.
Hair Loss Causes & Solution
Hair Loss Causes & Solution
Hair loss treatment: A true elixir to keep your hair growing and glowing!Did you know that on average without experiencing hair loss, your hair grows by half-inch every month? Of course, it also depends on your overall health and well-being but hair growth more or less follows the same slow pattern. Now imagine a situation wherein you might be experiencing hair loss on a daily basis, and your existent rate of hair growth is unable to cope with the situation.Alopecia is a form of hair loss, but it more specifically refers to a disorder that creates baldness that is not patterned or orderly. If youre struggling with any form of hair loss or thinning, youre far from alone.How common is hair loss?Hair loss is very common than you think, with American women accounting for 40 percent of Americans struggling with hair thinning or loss. It also tends to be most prevalent in your 40s and 50s.Alopecia being one of the most prominent forms of hair loss is also very common, with about 147 million people worldwide having the condition.What are the causes of hair loss?According to Dr.Eric Schweiger of the Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York, the causes of hair loss are androgenetic or hormone-related, stress-related hair loss, also known as telogen effluvium, and dandruff. Medications, vitamin deficiencies, thyroid disorders, excessive hairstyling, and autoimmune disorders can also cause hair loss and thinning.Hereditary hair loss is the most common type of hair loss. About 80 million men and women in the United States have this type of condition.Alopecia occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks the hair follicles. It is usually temporary, but if not properly treated, flare-ups can recur periodically until eventually, you cannot regrow any hair.Keep readinghich is the best hair serum to maintain the hair silky,soft,smooth and shine?After you wash ur hair put coconut oil in it (it might make ur hair a little darker though). The oil will moisturizer ur hair. Just pure coconut oil though, not coconut conditioner or anything, just some of the oil in ur hand and rub it all over ur hair. The coconut oil might make ur hair hard when it's cold because it turns to a solid in the cold, but it will go back when ur hair warms up.
I Need to Start a Mock Business for My Economics Class . How Do I Start?
I Need to Start a Mock Business for My Economics Class . How Do I Start?
i need to start a mock business for my economics class . how do i start?Use something that you already know, like Starbucks or McDonalds, copy everything that they do and call the business something else— — — — — —BusinessBrickHouse Security, an American security company Brickhouse Direct, an e-commerce company founded by musician Jim Brickman— — — — — —What should a person do if he is unable to get a job and doesn't have any money to start a business?Thanks for A2A.Speaking on a positive note, even a person without any qualification is able to get a job.I will tell you a story of an entrepreneur, she has come on the Shark Tank. She is an entrepreneur who has started her business because she was broke, she did not have any money. Her husband had recently graduated from college and he did not have any job and there was struggling financially.Mark Cuban said this statement u201cHer story should be published in all of the entrepreneurship textbooksu201dHer story is very inspiring and it should be a lesson to every person who says I do not have any money to start a business.She started a clothing business but in order to start she did not even have a single Dollar to begin with, so she asked her friend who runs the scrap business for work.This is the best story I have ever heard and I hope that this becomes an inspiring Story to most of the people who complain and say that they do not have money or any product or anything to start a business.What should a person do if he is unable to get a job and does not have any money to start a business?.— — — — — —What is a good cheap start up business?Cleaning display homes; they aren*t too dirty; nobody eats in them; nobody dirty*s the bathrooms (except maybe the hostess) and it doesn*t take much money to start.A vacuum cleaner; Windex, paper towels, dust rags; a feather duster. I speak from experience; did it for years and years before retiring; Its hard to get into the business but once you do, your work will go up hill or down depending on how good you are.You don*t even have to work when people or there if you time it right , since most displays or open ll:00am to 5:00pm. Pick your own time.— — — — — —The businessSince 1901 Albert Deguingand (1872-1943) had been in partnership as an automobile manufacturer with Lucien-Marie Vinot-Préfontaine (1858-1915), but his business partner had died in the war and in 1926 Vinot-Deguingand, the company they had founded together, had run out of customers and its factory in the west of France was sold to Donnet-Zédel. With the foundation of Société des Nouveaux Ateliers A. Deguingand, Deguingand returned to the Paris region where the French automobile industry and its supplier base were heavily concentrated. The cars carried the Deguingand name. There was also a change of direction in terms of the market segment contested, the cars being now targeted squarely at the small car sector. The company did not meet with great success, however, and Deguingand production had ended by 1930.— — — — — —I own about $150,000 (AU$). Which business is best to start in Australia with this amount of money?hey mate.wif that amount of money, you can get you own franchisee.easy to start, good profit. with that amount of money.look for atleast 8000$ AUD profit per month.if its less dnt start the business. I ll personally suggest you to get a oporto, or cant get maccas.because they are a lot expensive. but if you dnt want to franchise somefin.get a caffe can get that a good one even for 70000$. hope this is useful.— — — — — —I live in michigan my husband works for a guy who has hi own business he works him 50 plus hours a week with?Nope. We do not know enough about your husband's job and the business he works for to tell you if he really is entitled to overtime. Depending on many factors which you did not provide, he may not be entitled to overtime. However, nothing else you are claiming he did is illegal. "Making racial remarks" is pretty vague and it's legal to threaten to fire someone every minute of every day if you feel like it. It's also perfectly within his legal rights to require that he has a cell phone and that if he does not get one, he can be fired. Also, it's HIS duty to not drive with defective tail lights. If his tail lights do not work, then he should not go out on a call. Why does not your husband just look for a job with another tow truck company? There's only about 50,000 of them.
Why Does Music Sound Bad When Played Backwards?
Why Does Music Sound Bad When Played Backwards?
Why does music sound bad when played backwards?Eric, Classical music, and really, most kinds of music, sound odd when played backwards because the harmonic progression does not lead where you expect it to. Without going to deep into music theory, I will outline the basics.A typical cadence, or ending of a chord progression, is a IV chord to V to a I chord. (Roman numerals signify chords built out of a major scale, starting on that degree of a major scale, so V is the fifth scale degree.) This cadence is a very typical one, and you will hear it everywhere. What that cadence does, is go from the chord with the most tension in the key... to the tonic, or home chord of the key. In this way, you have tension and relaxation, which is the foundation of harmony. A more advanced chord progression might go I-vi-ii-IV-V-I. This progression sounds different, but it still ends with that characteristic IV-V-I, also called a Perfect Authentic Cadence.Now getting into one of the reasons music played backwards sounds so odd: Our ears expect that Perfect Authentic Cadence. (Simplifying here, there are other pleasing cadences.) Sometimes, a composer will do a cadence like: IV-V-vi. This cadence is called a Deceptive Cadence, because your ear will expect the IV and V to inevitably lead to I. When it goes to the vi you get a denial of expectations. While I am simplifying, these basic ideas of tension and relaxation are what gives music it's sound, feeling, attitude, soul, etc.When these characteristic cadences and progressions get reversed, it essentially throws that whole system out the window. Now you are going I-V-IV-ii-vi-I and not only does that defy expectations, your brain likely is just going WTF?!? For lack of a better term...To hear these cadences for yourself play this on the piano: Courtesy this Wikipedia article: To hear a recording of just these three chords, go here.Hopefully this makes sense!— — — — — —How has learning music theory changed the way you listen to music?Because music theory is generally key to the compositional process for classically trained musicians. When the musical stave first developed (Guido d'Arezzo [c.995-1033] is credited as a pioneer in this field), composers could for the first time conceive their ideas by working them through in writing. It was at this time that the more complex art of counterpoint evolved as a result.Now, if you are a genius like Mozart, you might well be able to conceive a symphony or concerto in your head and then simply commit it to paper. However, most of us lesser mortals are very grateful for the opportunity to work our ideas through. So was Beethoven, by the way -as his sketch books bear ample testimony.How all this has changed the way I listen to music is that I now hear it from a composer's perspective. There's an old maxim "Hear with the eye, see with the ear"; this is what music theory/composition has developed in my faculties of response. Music can be appreciated at different levels, but if you have studied music theory and composition, your critical faculties are more highly attuned as to what is going on in the music. You see, as composers we are engaged with certain events that lie below the surface presentation of music. These events may not be at all apparent, therefore, to the casual or less informed listener. Nevertheless, they contribute to the overall auditory experience, but at an enhanced level to the trained musician who is seeking to follow the composer's thought processes in greater depth.When you are working on paper (or nowadays on a computer screen quite often), you are innately occupied with the idea of "perfection" - getting things "just right" because by writing them down they are achieving a form of permanence and public scrutiny (including ones own). At this level, it goes against a composer's instinct to "cut corners" whereas work of an improvisatory type, by virtue of the instantaneous nature of its conception, cannot have received the same level of intellectual consideration. This by no means relegates improvisatory music to a lower tier necessarily; but it does require recognition on the part of an informed listener to have different expectations from those which he applies when listening to paper conceived music. This can sometimes prove to be more of a challenge, therefore, for the trained musician than the simple music lover unconcerned with background technique
Swimming at the 2012 Summer Paralympics  Men's 200 Metre Individual Medley SM8
Swimming at the 2012 Summer Paralympics Men's 200 Metre Individual Medley SM8
Swimming at the 2012 Summer Paralympics – Men's 200 metre individual medley SM8The men's 200m ind. medley SM8 event at the 2012 Summer Paralympics took place at the London Aquatics Centre on 5 September. There were three heats; the swimmers with the eight fastest times advanced to the final— — — — — —Athletics at the 2012 Summer Paralympics – Women's 400 metresThe Women's 400m athletics events for the 2012 Summer Paralympics took place at the London Olympic Stadium from August 31 to September 8. A total of 6 events were contested over this distance for 6 different classifications.— — — — — —Judo at the 2012 Summer Paralympics – Men's 73 kgThe men's 73 kg judo competition at the 2012 Summer Paralympics was held on 31 August at ExCeL London— — — — — —Swimming at the 2012 Summer Paralympics – Women's 100 metre freestyle S5The women's 100 metre freestyle S5 event at the 2012 Paralympic Games took place on 8 September, at the London Aquatics Centre. Two heats were held, one with six swimmers and one with five swimmers. The swimmers with the eight fastest times advanced to the final.— — — — — —Botswana at the 2012 Summer ParalympicsBotswana was scheduled to compete at the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London, United Kingdom from August 29 to September 9, 2012. The country had selected a single athlete, visually impaired runner Tshotlego Golden, who would take part in the men's 200m sprint (T13). However, Botswana was forced to withdraw at the last moment, mere hours before the opening ceremony, when the Botswana National Olympic Committee cancelled its financial support, citing "financial irregularities" in the national Paralympics body. These were the second consecutive Games in which Botswana had withdrawn at the last moment; in 2008, the country's sole athlete, defending champion sprinter Tshotlego Morama, was injured shortly before the Games began, and had to withdraw.— — — — — —Athletics at the 2012 Summer Paralympics – Men's marathonThe Men's marathon athletics events for the 2012 Summer Paralympics took place at the London Olympic Stadium from 31 August to 8 September. A total of 3 events were contested over this distance for 3 different classifications.— — — — — —Virgin Islands at the 2012 Summer ParalympicsThe United States Virgin Islands made its Paralympic Games dbut, as the Virgin Islands, at the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London, United Kingdom, from August 29 to September 9. The islands' sole representative was Lee Frawley, in equestrian events. Frawley was born and raised in the US Virgin Islands, though she now lives in the United Kingdom.— — — — — —Wheelchair fencing at the 2012 Summer Paralympics – Women's épée BThe women's pe category B fencing competition at the 2012 Summer Paralympics was held on 5 September 2012 at the ExCeL Exhibition Centre in London. This class was for athletes who had good trunk control and their fencing arm was not affected by their impairment— — — — — —Swimming at the 2012 Summer Paralympics – Women's 100 metre breaststroke SB13The women's 100m breaststroke SB13 event at the 2012 Summer Paralympics took place at the London Aquatics Centre on 8 September. There were two heats; the swimmers with the eight fastest times advanced to the final— — — — — —Austria at the 2012 Summer ParalympicsAustria competed at the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London, United Kingdom from August 29 to September 9, 2012— — — — — —Powerlifting at the 2012 Summer Paralympics – Women's 52 kgThe women's 52 kg powerlifting event at the 2012 Summer Paralympics was contested on 1 September at ExCeL London— — — — — —Comoros at the 2012 Summer ParalympicsComoros competed at the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London, United Kingdom from August 29 to September 9, 2012. Comoros was represented by one swimmer, Hassani Ahamada Djae, who did not qualify for the finals. He was coached by Soulaimana Bacari.— — — — — —Powerlifting at the 2012 Summer Paralympics – Men's 82.5 kgThe men's 82.5 kg powerlifting event at the 2012 Summer Paralympics was contested on 4 September at ExCeL London— — — — — —Shooting at the 2012 Summer Paralympics – Women's 10 metre air rifle standing SH1The Women's 10 metre air rifle standing SH1 event at the 2012 Summer Paralympics took place on 30 August at the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich. The event consisted of two rounds: a qualifier and a final. In the qualifier, each shooter fired 40 shots with an air rifle at 10 metres distance from the "standing" (interpreted to include seated in wheelchairs) position. Scores for each shot were in increments of 1, with a maximum score of 10. The top 8 shooters in the qualifying round moved on to the final round. There, they fired an additional 10 shots. These shots scored in increments of .1, with a maximum score of 10.9. The total score from all 50 shots were used to determine the final ranking.
Do You Think Long Hair Will Be Fashionable for Men Again?
Do You Think Long Hair Will Be Fashionable for Men Again?
No. Less than 1% of guys look good with long hair, like Fabio or Adrian Paul from the old Highlander TV show1. Is it ok to have a cheerleader with really long hair?No, do not cut it off! Long hair is really prettyy!:)2. my sis-in-laws bathroom sink is clogged. she put baking soda and vinegar combo down and boiling water.?could be hair if she has long hair. drano, lye or acid based drain cleaner available at most hardware stores. BE CAREFUL WITH THIS3. Do girls like my hair? (i got pictures)?I love it way better with long hair. I think that the long hair is more attractive4. Hairstyles for girl with oblong face and thick, wavy hair?Girls who have 'long' faces generally look better with their hair away from their faces. Since you like long hair, wear it with a headband, combs or pull the front sections of your hair away from your face and secure it with an elastic band at the back. This will keep your long hair from causing your face to look longer than it is. Ponytails and bangs can also be flattering to your facial shape5. AgAiN THIS or THAT sUrVeY 4 GiRlS.? 10 points.?ferrari blue eyes lipgloss mascara brunette curly body spray white tip nails photographer skydive actress tea nose ring long hair no6. How do you put ur hair in a bun.?I even have long hair & what i do is, first positioned it in a severe ponytail with out tying it. basically carry it there. then save twisting the ponytail in the comparable directional tightly till the hair starts to twist to the side by skill of itself save twisting at the same time as slowly making your ponytail right into a spiral then as quickly as you have that bun, tie it with a hair tie!7. older women and long hair?My mom & grandmothers all have short hair and having grown up with only seeing older women with short hair, you just come to accept it as normal. I think the reasoning behind it is that when you get older, you have less motivation/reason to spend hours grooming yourself and short hair is easy & convenient. To be absolutely honest, the older women that I have seen with longer hair look very elegant and stunning and I am definitely FOR it! One of my grandmother's friends has silvery grey/white hair to her elbows that she always wears in a bun and it looks stunning... I hope my hair looks that great when I am her age!8. Why do people call me emo?Because u have long hair? You said if u have long hair ppl think ur emo. Dude u ansered ur own question. And dude deal with it and dont thrash emos ppl call me it all the time because i have alot of aspects of the steryotype emo. Like apparently my hair is emo because my bangs cover one eye. And cuz i use to cut myself but i have MDD [major depressive disorder] but i got help for that now. And i listin to screamo cuz i like it. But not the type were they sound like deicide tht stupid i like stuff like black veil brides. Theres a steryotype for everthing deal with it.9. Do i look better with long long hair or kinda long hair?(pics)?I prefer you with long long hair, but it's just my opinion10. My dog constantly stinks!? Even after a bath?There are a few things you can do. The first is when you bathe him/her, rub the shampoo on him/her and let sit for about 7 minutes. Make sure you rub thoroughly, and dont hold back on the shampoo. if it is a dog with long hair, make sure he/she is getting frequent cuts. long hair is part of the cause. The second is conditioner. do the same with the shampoo, but leave the conditioner on for 10 mins. And make sure it is 10 mins. And rub thoroughly. massage all over the dogs body. And lastly, buy a pet cologne. They really do work For shampoo, use something that is silky, and has a berry scent to it. Same goes for conditioner. make sure conditioner has some sort of oatmeal in it. Hope this helps. Good Luck
China Has Successfully Manufactured the First 3D Printed Specimen of Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessel
China Has Successfully Manufactured the First 3D Printed Specimen of Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessel
Recently, China has made new significant progress in the application of 3D printing technology in the field of nuclear energy - China Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute, in cooperation with Nanfang Additive Technology Co., Ltd., has successfully manufactured the cylinder test piece of acp100 reactor pressure vessel through the self-developed electrofusion additive manufacturing (3D printing) technology for heavy metal components.It is understood that the 3D printed specimen weighs 400kg, and after testing, its material chemical composition and basic mechanical properties meet the requirements of international nuclear power code RCC-M and ASME. The successful 3D printing of the pressure vessel specimen marks a solid step forward in the overall goal of cooperative two-way small reactor pressure vessel additive manufacturing and product application.Acp100 is a multi-purpose modular small reactor independently developed by CNNC. It can not only be used for power generation, but also be comprehensively utilized, such as heating, seawater desalination, refrigeration, industrial heat, providing energy for offshore platforms and power for ice breakers. At present, acp100 modular small reactor has completed all scientific research, become the world's first small reactor technology that has passed the general reactor safety review (grsr) of the International Atomic Energy Agency, and has the conditions for project implementation.The combination of emerging manufacturing technology and new nuclear power reactor type will bring revolutionary changes to the traditional design and manufacturing in the future. The successful printing of acp100 pressure vessel cylinder specimen is of positive significance to the engineering application of Heavy Metal 3D printing manufacturing in the field of nuclear power. It can be predicted that the application of this technology in the field of nuclear power will greatly shorten the equipment manufacturing cycle, reduce the equipment cost, improve the equipment quality and the safety of reactor equipment, and provide important technical support for the improvement of nuclear power equipment design and manufacturing capacity, the concept of "made in China 2025" and the implementation of nuclear power "going global" strategy.
Can I Shorten Windows Explorer Thumbnail Display of File Paths?
Can I Shorten Windows Explorer Thumbnail Display of File Paths?
Another approach to shortening names to create a directory link, so the folderC:UsersMyUserNameDocuments will have the alternate name of C:short.I have not tested how it works in the problem cases, but it should performbetter since it is still inside the same disk.I think you cannot create a directory link in the root folder C:, so youmight need to create a short sub-folder name, even one letter, such as C:dand create the link inside it.The Windows command to use ismklink,which has two variants:Soft link pointing to a directory:Hard link pointing to a directory, also known as a directory junction:For more information about links, see for example the articleThe Complete Guide to Creating Symbolic Links (aka Symlinks) on Windows.• Suggested ReadingUsing Alt Keycode for accents?First hold CtrlShift, then tap U and let go.An underlined "u" will appear, to which you can append a combination of characters. Hit enter after that and the new character will appear.For instance, if I hold CtrlShift and hit U, type e9, then hit enter, an appears. If I hit e8 instead, an does instead.You can find the correct combinations using the Character Map program in Accessories. The first "0" or two that you find on certain entries can be dropped (e.g. a is listed as 00E7, but you only need to type the e7).It's a bit odd coming from using the Alt method in Windows, but you'll acclimate quickly.N.B.: If you need to frequently type many types of accented characters see Adam Byrtek's answer below for a nice method that, while it requires some setting up, can save a lot of time in the long run.------Launch a GUI Tkinter program on bootYes it is possible to launch Tkinter Python program to the Pi console. What you have tried should have worked. However, if python /home/pi/ has a end, a window will appear and run the program to the end and then close the window before the system completes the boot. A good test would be to have a lxterminal and execute the command python /home/pi/ launches command window no gui. Did that work? if yes, that is good. Next exec lxterminal -e 'python /home/pi/ launches command window no gui'. If the new lxterminal stay open, it should also work on boot up.A GUI EXAMPLE:You have to keep the window open as in "mywindow.mainloop()" or some other way. Note, as I put the program in /home/pi/bin a boot is requited after creating the bin directory------How to use BCDEdit to dual boot Windows installations?You need a BCDEdit /set command for configure the boot volume. Then add the entry to the Windows Boot Manager operating system menu by calling the BCDEdit /displayorder command. It will identify the other OS' partition or the following command as wellThe following line makes the entry bootable by adding it to the menu You can verify that the new entry will appear on the boot menu by running the command bcdedit /enum ACTIVE and looking for the Windows Legacy OS Loader entry.Note: /create command is used to add non-Microsoft OS to boot loader entry.For more information regarding this you can read this source articleRegarding your question about "Difference between Windows Boot loader and Boot manager"From wikipediaSee also on technet.Visual BCD Editor is an advanced GUI version of Windows bcdedit utility.Download page for visual BCD editor.Give a try to repair option in the tool.------Windows Vista and 7 crossrealm authentication MIT KerberosThe following two links have some detailed information on the SupportedEncryptionTypes configuration for Kerberos: general, you need to have common algorithm between the KDC and your Windows machines. If you are running more recent version of MIT Kerberos, you should have AES support, but if your KDC is older one, you would need to use DES to interop. @tommed is correct that DES is disabled by default in Win7, but it should work fine on Vista. Alternatively, capture the network traffic between the KDC and your client machine and look at what the client is offering and look at the KDC config to ensure you have at least one of the crypto algorithms in common.------Slow SQL Server authentication, but fast SAN, fast querying?Here is your answer:If MSDB is on c: master is on c: as well and I'm almost willing to bet that tempdb is still in the default location as the average I/O stall on c is 19 seconds!First, check if tempdb is on c: or has any file on the c: partition and if so move it awayCheck if the master database has some free space - Usually you dont need to tune it as very little is written to the master database, unless if someone has created objects in itThen make space in the MSDB database is way to big which can cause a lot of troubles, please remove as much backup and job history from it database as you can. You can do all these checks very simply by downloading and running sp_blitz------Is Windows 10 backup safe from ransomware?Generally speaking, most ransomware tries to encrypt both the main drive, as well as any attached drives (USB, network shares, etc). My bet is if it could find your backup files, they would be encrypted as well (had someone get an early version of Cryptolocker and encrypted all the network shares). Backups (with a defined backup policy) saved us from paying out.This is why either an offline backup (i.e. external HDD not permanently attached) or a cloud backup is so important. Something that cannot be immediately accessed should your computer be compromised.I should note that Windows (all versions going back to XP) uses its own proprietary incremental backup system. It builds a backup file and then increments the data with each subsequent backup. This is more than sufficient to keep your data safe (provided you have an offline drive)------Easy way to type accented charactersAs joulsauron said in his answer Stack Exchange cannot do anything for this. This problem has to be dealt on your own PC. That can be done by changing the keyboard layout. I will post ways to change the keyboard layout on different OS. Click on System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Then click on the Layouts tab and then click on Add A new window will open. Click on the By Language tab. Select language as "Spanish, Castillian" and select whichever variant suits you best (By the way I chose Spain in the variant). PS for quick changing between layouts there is a shortcut keypress Shift Caps LockORYou will also get an icon on your taskbar, use it to change quickly. See this article on Refer to this article on Official Microsoft Website------Why are my backups using so much space? ORA-19804I've managed to make the error go away, for now at least. I'm putting the conclusion here as a community wiki answer since it leaves some things unexplained.After bypassing rman and deleting the oldest files manually, it was necessary to:which convinced rman that it had enough free space to start working again. A level 0 backup completed successfully after that cleanup, and a level 1 backup completed successfully the next morning.A notable feature of this solution is that this:still says that it is using the 31 day window, and doesn't list any files needing to be backed up. The way I figure it, that means the files that were deleted were in fact obsolete.control_file_record_keep_time has also been updated to 39, following the recommended formula. Hopefully, this was the root cause of the problem, and automatic deletion will work from now on------Is there a high end expensive photo transfer cable for my Olympus E-520 DSLR to PC?Camera makers seem to have been among the last electronics manufacturers to completely adopt standard USB cables.Olympus point-and-shoots in particular took a long time to come around to standard USB cables. The camera-end of the cable has a proprietary connector, which is also used for non-USB connections such as wired remote shutter release, A/V breakout, etc.I have seen the cable your camera uses referred to as "CB-USB6". I don't believe that's an industry-standard name, and I don't know if that's how Olympus refers to the cable. But searching for "Olympus E-520 replacement USB cable" returns several product links with the same cable:Note the camera-end connector: it is not a standard USB A/mini-A/micro-A or B/mini-B/micro-B connector.As far as "high-end expensive USB 2.0 cable", I'm not sure what you mean there. Being non-standard, this cable is what it is------Creating email alert from object with email as From email addressI don't believe you'll be able to use a custom field as your from address for e-mail alerts. You can't even use the standard e-mail field on a contact as the from address for an alert. However, you can create a trigger to send e-mails when a new contact us record is created. The documentation for sending e-mails via Apex Code is here: Outbound Email docsHere's an example trigger:Another suggestion would be to use e-mail alerts but instead of having the e-mail come from the person who filled out the contact us form, add a mailto: link in the message that the responder can click on that will open a new e-mail window with the e-mail address and subject pre-populated. For example: ">Respond to this contact request.------Windows 8 shortcut keys for Modern UI (tiled) AppsJust create a shortcut in your desktop and assign a Hotkey:For example: This is for People app1. Create a new shortcut in your desktop: using the following formatApp's URL Protocol name? read about it at the end2. Open its properties dialog and setup the hotkeys you want to useAnd that's it, now you can launch your Windows 8 applications with that hotkeyApp's URL ProtocolSome applications have their own URL protocol to open its supported files, something similar to or mailto:And you will find those names in windows registry : HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareClassesThere you will find some of your applications (not all of them), just look for the ones with default value like this one:Another hint is that they also have a string value called URL ProtocolHopefully, you will find your desired-application's URL Protocol name. Good luck!------Open ebooks in Ubuntu 12.04Install Calibre. It's an eBook Management program. It has dozens of plugins and features to cover pretty much any possible ebook related need, including Robust Conversion tools, as well as an eBook Extractor/Modifier. Just import a book into Calibre and then right-click on it and select "Tweak Book".The "Tweak Book" feature might only support EPUBs but you can just convert most other formats into your desired format using Calibre's Conversion tools.EDIT: As of version 1.15 of Calibre, The old "Tweak Book" feature(extracting the book and presenting a folder to edit) has been replaced by a full on EPUB/AZW ebook editor. If you still wish to simply extract EPUBs into their respective parts, simply rename the EPUB file to "" and open them using a standard File Archive program like "File Roller" in Ubuntu.
Non Woven Bag Printing Machine Supplier
Non Woven Bag Printing Machine Supplier
Web Offset Printing Machine Manufacturer:At Rotta Print, we manufacture world-class, cost-efficient web offset printing machine, Multi Color Non Woven Bag Printing Machine, Non woven bag making machine, two color non woven bag printing machine, Non woven bag printing machine, newspaper printing machines, book printing machine, 4 hi tower machine, Mini Offset printing machine.We have the endless range of machines and all are available with modular options for versatility and competitive production. We focused on quality because it is our top most responsibility for the satisfaction of our clients. We will never give you the chance to complain in the near future.Mini Offset Printing Machine Supplier and Manufacturer:The Rotta Print India Pvt. Ltd. Company is located in Faridabad, India, offering a wide range of Mini Offset Printing Machine. The offered range is produced by using premium quality raw material and advance technology under the guidance of expert professionals. In addition, all the products are checked under various parameters to ensure the quality and durability. Our company is providing the range of Mini Offset Printing Machine at market leading price.Non Woven Bag Making Machine and Non Woven Bag Printing Machine:A high quality Non Woven Bag Making Machine is developed for making various types of bags.We generally stay two stages ahead in our industry by getting most recent innovation the Non Woven Bag Making Machine and Non Woven Bag Printing machines. Because of our maintained endeavors towards magnificence in offering help, services and qualities of authority, we have built up our deals and administration arrange all through India.As we are the progressive Non Woven Bag Making Machine manufacturer in India, so, we always think on feet, which enable us to meet the developing needs of the customers and high industry benchmarks too. We have the endless range of machines and all are available with modular options for versatility and competitive production. We focused on quality because it is our top most responsibility for the satisfaction of our clients. We will never give you the chance to complain in the near future.Multi Color Non Woven Bag Printing Machine:Multi Color Non Woven Bag Printing Machine is progressive product; this machine can print multi color bags in exceptionally monetary cost. Presently, no compelling reason to spend intemperate cash on four color printing machine when you can get better quality of printing in just three color machine.Rotta Print India has developed next generation Multi Color Non Woven Bag Printing Machine (Non woven D-cut bag Printing Machines) to offer high quality print results on Non Woven Cloth bags.Multi Color Non Woven Bag Print Machine - then we recommends you please visit Rotta Print India can find all kinds of Bags printing machines·RELATED QUESTIONWhy do American men wear class rings, but won't use their postnominal degrees on door signs and business cards?American women wear class rings, too. I wear mine.Generally speaking, displaying where you got your degree from on a business card or a door sign would be seen as odd, at best. If somebody handed me a business card with the Harvard logo on it and he didn't work at Harvard, I'd probably ask about it: "Oh, do you do work with Harvard University?" and if the answer was, "No, I just attended" I'd find this an unpleasant level of showing off. Not classy.A lot of Americans will have college-related paraphernalia in their offices, though. Like, you may see a pennant or they may have their degree(s) up on the wall. This is a more casual display of affiliation.Likewise, the ring is casual. Class rings are usually not that obtrusive, particularly the signet variety.Usually, the signet is only immediately recognized by others who attended the university (though I have had people ask me to hand over my ring so they could take a closer look at it before), and thus it kind of acts like a secret handshake. I've had people from my college recognize my signet ring on sight, and then we have an instant connection.It's just a lot classier than shoving it in everybody's face all the time in an American social environment, basically.
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