Any Advice About This MMA Gym Vs Tradional Dojo?

I would suggest a traditional dojo, but I strongly disagree with what your dad told you. You never "master" a style. You are never done learning, and you can always improve no matter how good you are. Most traditional martial artists have no problem understanding this. It is important to study different aspects of the martial arts and find a combat method that works uniquely for you. Some people who call themselves martial artists think that students in the same dojo should learn how to fight the exact same way and should all look alike when fighting. This is not true at all; you need to discover what works for you; for your height, weight, and natural abilities. For example, I am learning a style called To Ei Do that combines many traditional elements. I love using joint locks, throws, and very unusual techniques such as ridgehands and strikes to the throat. However, another part of To Ei Do is grappling, and I am terrible at it and do not really have any interest in learning it. Instead of learning how to groundfight by taking BJJ, I focus on avoiding being taken to the ground in the first place, and getting up as soon as I possibly can. Some other students are the complete opposite of me in that way. Now, even though MMA combines styles, it is still not nearly as effective as any traditional style that is taught correctly. I am not talking about TKD, Tang Soo Do, or Kempo. I mean legitimately old school (like Wado Ki Karate, Hapkido, Aikido, Ninjutsu, Ju-jitsu, etc.) You get a lot more out of styles like this than training at a gym. Does not the term "gym" imply that it is more for a workout or a sport than to learn to defend yourself? Every MMA guy I've met is arrogant and overly "macho." It's designed to make people feel like badasses. If you decide to take my advice, look around your area and watch a few classes at different dojo. If you want the best training, find a school that does not require signing a contract to train there, is not crowded, does not use military terms like "yes sir/ma'am," and does not make tournaments a primary focus. Ganbatte!

1. If I join an MMA gym, what equipment do I have to buy, and how much money should I expect to spend on each?

Sparring gear: Gloves, mouthguard, groin protection, and shin guards will run about $40- $60 (depending on brand) Bag Work: MMA gloves, and (optional) home bag- The gloves will cost about $20 (maybe more or less, depends heavily on brand and quality) and the bag will go anywhere from $150-$500 You might want a gear bag ($40ish for a good one) and obviously athletic clothing if you do not already (no more then $75 for a few pairs of tops and bottoms)

2. What else to add to my MMA gym?

You can load it up with weights, jump rope, some cardio machines, the bike, stair steppers, treadmill etc. And Mirko Filopevic's video on how to kick like a mac truck!

3. Why does this MMA gym has this unwritten rule about everyone being shirtless all the time?

It's unwritten rules, you do not have to, but you kinda have to. It's like when people take off their shirts when they fight in the streets

4. Want to call this MMA gym for information but don't know what to say? Help?

You really need to go in to the gym and talk to someone. Its important that the Gym is Clean, well equiped with Mats, Heavy bags, speed bags, focus mitts, Thai Pads, double end bags , and a boxing rings, a cage is how ever not necessary. they are very expensive and only found in MMA while boxing rings are the norm in almost all other fors of combat sports, Many gyms do not have full cages but some may have a cage wall to help train for being held against it. When you go in to check out the gym try to go when a class is going on. This way you will be able to see how competent the trainers are and what you are in for when you start training. This way if the gym is not well equipt or unclean or as bad trainers and can see for your self and sign up at another gym. After the tour of the gym talk to the trainer or the person that handles membership, Ask how much the standard memberships are. make sure to ask about any available discounts many gyms give discounts or students, police officers, fire men and people in the military. Be ready to sign a contract. Every gym will make yo sign one and once you do your not getting out till the contract ends so make sure MMA is really some thing you want to do.

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