Are Asolo Ergo GTX Hiking Boots Good for Long Hiking Treks?

If you want to get off your feet and paddle instead, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (in Minnesota) and Quetico Park (which is in Canada) are a favorite of mine. There are numerous routes that can take 6-8 days, though that's about as long as they get, unless you want to double back or meander more. The BWCA is unlike any other place in the world. Traveling from lake to lake via canoe is something you just can not do anywhere else. Most of the park does not get cell phone coverage and 75% of the lakes do not allow motorboats. The BWCA is 1 million acres, and has over 1,000 miles of canoeing routes, as well as a few hiking trails. It is the most visited wilderness area in the US, but there are so many entry points and there are quota's on the number of permits issued that while you will see people, it is still usually very quiet and peaceful. I celebrated my 30th birthday this year by making my first solo trip (though I took my dog with me) and my 12th trip overall. My first trip was at the age of 3. It is a wonderful experience and I highly recommend going if you can.

1. Is it advisable to use winter hiking boots for hiking in the summer?

It depends entirely on you and your boots. My feet tend to sweat quite a bit, and so I prefer to wear boots that breathe well, especially in the summer. As a result I normally do not wear my winter boots in the summer. However I do have an old pair of full leather boots that I have worn for everything from summer (80deg) to winter (below 0). But I would not do that with any of my other boots.

2. Where can I find some good hiking boots? (I may have some special/semi unusual requirements...)?

Reminds me on a moving job when I wanted to stop to ask for directions the guys said no were wasting time we went the wrong way for about 20 minutes which meant that we had driven the wrong way for 40 minutes then had to come back for another 30 minutes. It could have taken us 30 but ended taking a little over an hour. They wished that for the 1st time I have stop for coffee aganst since they want to save time not stopping I do not blame them because stopping for coffee is a waste of travelling time.

3. sneakers vs. hiking boots/shoes?

Depends on the terrain. If its an easy smooth walk with no water crossings or anything, you will be just fine. But if your on a difficult hike, harsh terrain, etc. a good pair of hiking boots are hard to beat. Make sure they fit good (not loose). A really good pair of socks are really important.

4. How to keep small rocks and stones out of hiking boots?

Like Russell said, gaiters are what you need, there are many varieties, most are meant to help keep your feet and pants dry while moving through the bush, but in your situation I would probably recommend a pair of trail running gaiters:They are built exclusively for keeping sand, dirt, and rocks out of your shoes, and they are pretty stylish, which is apparently kinda important for some girls... Check out Dirty Girl Gaiters

5. Looking for adidas hiking boots that I wore iin early 90's. They were tan leather. Any help? not think they available anything like that, if they does it will be difficult to find, because adidas mostly make shoes with usually white leather!

6. How to break in Hiking boots?

just wear them to the mall and use the stairs a lot

7. Can I wash leather hiking boots in a front loading washer machine?

The leather will shrink. Do not do it. Gently wash it with a leather cream. Here is a link for 5 top leather care kits.

8. How to properly lace hiking boots?

It sounds like you've tried lacing them tight, loose, and everything in between. Other than different socks, you might try the following when you tie your boots.When lacing the upper portion of the boots, tie an overhand knot each time the laces cross. This will allow you to have a different tightness near the top of the boot than the bottom (near the ankles)

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