Are Moving Bodies of Water Federal, AKA Public Property?

Guess you do not understand much, then. Open bodies of water , rivers, belong to the states, not the Feds. Maryland and Virginia have been fighting for years over the Potomac river access, as Maryland "owns" all the rights to the river, right up to the Virginia's shoreline. 150 year old dividing line. rare, as most rivers are split "down the middle" between adjoining states. This is one case which is rare. And causes issues. Anyway, the public has the right to use them, following certain laws and rules, of course. And I am sure any that pass near a Federal base, or thru it, are under Federal control and regulation, just as any land would be with a road on it. But the Feds do not "own" the rivers. - The Gremlin Guy -

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Isn't it disrespectful for someone to take a dog in heat to someone else's yard or to where their yard meets public property to go to the bathroom?

I don't understand how any pet lover would not have their dog spayed or neutered. Obviously using someone else's back yard for your dog is antagonistic.Get your dog spayed or neutered.Is not it disrespectful for someone to take a dog in heat to someone else's yard or to where their yard meets public property to go to the bathroom?.

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Public Property

Public Property is a play by the English playwright Sam Peter Jackson. It is about a news anchor called Geoffrey Hammond, who gets caught in a public sex scandal. Public Property ran at the Trafalgar Studios in London's West End in 2009 starring Nigel Harman, Robert Daws and Steven Webb and was nominated for a 2010 WhatsOnStage Theatregoers' Choice Award as Best New Comedy. The play was published by Oberon Books. The production was presented by Tara Wilkinson on behalf of Whippet Productions and directed by Hanna Berrigan. It also featured on-screen cameos by Stephen Fry, Elize du Toit and Natasha Little.

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How can I find free public property records on the internet?

maximum counties have website, on which you would be able to obtain components advice. or you are able to flow to the closest courthouse and verify. components advice is public advice

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Can i get a ticket for having my car parked on public property without license plates?

Here's your problem. If you are driving a vehicle, you are - now read this clearly - REQUIRED to have a driver's license. So if you are driving, and a cop stops you, you are in fact REQUIRED to give him your id when asked. In your case, the cop SAW you driving - with no tags - duh - and had every right to stop you. Reasonable suspicion, dear. Still required to show that id, being that you were driving an all. Lucky you did not go do jail.

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We where caught having sex on public property! Will we get in trouble with the police! Help I'm so scared?

dude sounds like just a scare. be careful where you do it from now on

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Would you attempt to destroy a holiday display on public property if you disagreed with it?

No, being offended does not give one the right to break the law

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Do you think there will be any more Mormon ranchers stealing public property this month?

do you mean murdered in cold blood White lives matter

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Libs, Why is a Nativity scene on public property scary, but federally funded desecration of Jesus acceptable?


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How to "hide” text so that it can't be vandalized but without damaging any public property?

... is what you are looking for.I basically agree with Olin Lathrop's answer:You do not , or at least should not . As you say, it's public property, not yours. What you are asking is no different from how to leave garbage around your campsite so that casual observers wo not see it. It's just plain irresponsible, and probably illegal.But there is something you can do about it. You may want to use "Augmented Reality". It's really easy: just download an app like for example WallaMe or Augment and set up your hints. Share them with your friends and thus make them visible when they (your friends) hover over the places with their phone's cam. The description from Google Play:Hide messages in the real world using augmented reality.Leave a message on the wall, or somewhere in a real place, that can be seen only by those you want. It's a funny way to hide private messages in public places.Take a picture of a wall near you, add pictures or freehand sketches and share your creation with your friends. Your augmented reality wall can then be viewed by your friends when they are in the location where you created it. You can also make your wall public, so everyone passing by the physical location can use the WallaMe unique viewer to see your augmented reality Wall. WallaMe makes creating your own virtual reality easy - be creative with beautiful stencils, freehand drawing tools, geolocation and image sharing features. Enjoy the live image stream of public walls being created worldwide within the WallaMe app.There are even a few geocaches (quoted example) which use this technology:Augmented reality (AR) is not all that new but it has become more popular with the proliferation of mobile devices such as phones and tablet/pads. I was first exposed to it by my son who was playing a game on his Gameboy. The game came with marker cards that made 3D characters from the game appear in the air hovering over the card. Now, AR lets you use your mobile device to see things that are not really there. There are apps that let you use your smart phone or tablet to scan your surroundings and show photo links, advertisements, directions, etc. It is like a cool, secret world that only folks "in the know" can discover.AR works by using some kind of tag or marker. That marker tells your mobile device to display the predetermined image or information at that spot. Markers can be something like the printed card in this geocache listing, a logo or photograph, or they can even be a physical GPS coordinate- meaning that if you stand in a certain spot and use some AR apps you will see the hidden information.If you want more information about AR look up Wikitude or Google Project Glasses.Click the following link and print the special marker page image. This sheet is the key to it all and makes the magic happen. It is the same jpg included in the gallery of this cache listing. Place it on a horizontal, well lit surface in front of you.Now all you need to do is to obtain a free AR app called Augment. It is available for Android and iPhone users. The first time you run the app it takes you directly to the camera. Please hit your BACK button or navigate to the home screen of the app. Then touch the logo in the top left corner of your screen in order to expand a menu from the left side. (That is how it works on my Droid. iPhone users may have to do something different). Choose SCAN. This will active your device's camera so you can point it at the USCGA logo shown below. You do not have to print the logo. You can just use the camera pointed at the screen.This information is quite important for "Augment" because it works you around printing the "data cards": NOTE-- Some cachers have figured out how to do the AR portion of this cache puzzle using two phones instead of printing the marker sheet. They use one device to display the marker and the other device to do the scanning. (...)Voil an easy, beautiful and leave-no-trace solution - have fun :)

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