Are SEO Head Keywords the Most Searched Keywords in Search Engines?

Generally yes but they are not always the most valuable keywords to pursue. Let's consider an example.I am getting ready to go on a hiking trip with my girlfriend. The only hiking shoes I have are years old and they've got some holes in them and the soles are really slippery. I need some new shoes and I need them quick. I also do not know anything about hiking shoes.My first step in buying some new hiking shoes maybe the Google the term "hiking shoes". This represents a very low commercial intent for me. I am not ready to click the buy button, I am just looking for more information.From that search term I might learn some broad concepts related to hiking shoes. I might pick up that there are leather shoes, that there are Gore-Tex shoes, that there are hiking boots that offer better ankle protection, etc. from these terms, unlikely to spot a few mentions of styles and or features that are interesting to me. Let's say I am going to be hiking somewhere that is wet and cold and the Gore-Tex waterproof features are sounding really attractive to me. Now I am back on Google, searching for things like best Gore-Tex hiking shoes, waterproof hiking shoes, or maybe best hiking shoe brands. These are all keywords with much fewer monthly searches, but represent a much stronger Commercial intent from me. In other words, I am much closer to clicking that buy button then I was before. this is reflected in average CPC costs that you can see in tools like Google's keyword planner. The higher the CPC cost, the higher the commercial intent. At least, usually.So after searching for these terms I might now realize that I want a Gore-Tex hiking boot, made by the brand Keen, in a dark brown leather, with a steel toe. Let's say I've even settled on a specific model, call it model a.So now I know what I want to buy and I am just looking for the best price. I am back on Google again, searching for terms like Keen model a near me, keen dealers near me, or maybe keen model a coupon. These keywords have an even lower amount of monthly search volume. Whereas terms like hiking shoes might have 45,000 monthly searches, terms like Keen model a coupon might only have 50 or 75. However, these are the terms that people search for right before they are getting ready to click that buy button. top level keywords look really sexy during keyword research because they have these huge monthly search volume numbers next to them. In practice however, they rarely represent strong commercial intent. The real money is in targeting all those long tail variations. So, to answer your question: SEO head keywords have the highest per keyword search volume but the collective long tail keyword search volumes are much more valuable and, usually some to a greater total volume also.

1. Hiking shoes made in the USA?

Take a look at the website in the link given, they list lots of hiking boots/shoes that are made in the USA

2. The Ultimate Guide To Best Leather Boots For Men

As the seasons change, we look to sturdy footwear options to protect us from the elements over the coming months. The Goodyear welted boot is a staple in the Barker Autumn / Winter collections with several boot styles recommended including the Chelsea boot and hiking shoes or boot. The iconic mens brogue boots is an English outdoor shoe staple that features in many Northampton shoemaker ranges including the Barker Country collection. The Calder brogue boot is highly recommended and is made on the last from premium calf leather with a British Dainite rubber sole. A popular boot silhouette for the colder months is the mens chelsea boots as it can be worn formal or casual depending on the occasion. Made on the 486 last from grain leather and burnished suedes with a choice of full leather of British Dainite rubber sole, Mansfield is the perfect Chelsea boot addition to your shoe rack. A new Mansfield colourway for the Autumn / Winter 2020 season is Cherry Grain. A dress version of the classic black chelsea boot features in the Professional collection and is called Bedale. Made on the 469 last from high grade polished leather with a single leather sole, Bedale is ideal for the long-awaited return to the office following the COVID-19 pandemic. A firm favourite in the Barker Country collection is the Glencoe, a functional hiking shoes or boot designed by Barker head designer Steve Topping and inspired by the Scottish Highlands. Made on the 29 last, Glencoe is available in a choice of grain leather and burnished suedes on a lightweight Vibram Vi-Lite sole for durability and comfort. Features of the Glencoe hiking boot include a Goodyear notch welt construction, D ring lacing system and a authentic bellows tongue which helps to keep water out in wet weather. A comfortable boot style is the chukka boot for men, a form of the Desert boot which was worn by British soldiers in the Western Desert Campaign of World War II and was popularized in the 1950s by UK shoe company C. & J. Clark. The Barker Connor is a typical Chukka boot design made on the 29 last from premium soft suede uppers and a lightweight crepe sole. The Barker Orkney is another mens chukka boot favourite from the Country collection made on the same last at Connor but is constructed from premium grain leather with a Dainite rubber sole. Other notable Barker leather boot styles from the Country collection that come highly recommended include the Foley Donegal styles which feature Goodyear welted constructions and are made from calf and grain leathers with double leather or high quality stitched rubber soles.

3. What do you buy a girl for

nice pair of walking or hiking shoes...if she is in any type of sports or interested in learning something new..maybe kayak lessons or ski lessons.. she might like a nice watch that she could use everyday.

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