Bases for Spaces of Smooth Functions

The papershows that for a compact manifold $M$, the Frechet space $C^infty(M)$ is always linearly isomorphic to the space $mathcal s$ of rapidly deceasing sequences.If you consider the $L^2$ orthonormal basis $phi_k$ for the Laplacian of a Riemannian metric on $M$ as suggested by Liviu Nicolaescu, then any $fin C^infty(M)$ is of the form $f=sum_k f_kphi_k$, and $f_kin ell^2$ initially. But $1Delta$ (geometric $Delta$ here) is an isomorphism between the Sobolev spaces $H^k(M)$ and $H^k-2(M)$ for each $k$. By Weyl's formula the eigenvalues $lambda_k$ of $Delta$ satisfy $lambda_k sim C k^2/dim(M)$ for $kto infty$; see page 155 of the book of Chavel, Eigenvalues in Riemannian geometry'. Since $bigcap_k H^k(M)=C^infty(M)$ on a compact manifold, we see that $$(1Delta)^m f = sum_k f_k(1 lambda_k)^mphi_k$$ with coefficients again in $ell^2$, for each $m$. Thus the coefficients $f_k(1Ck^2/dim(M))^min ell^2$ for each $m$, and the $f_k$ are rapidly decreasing. Moreover, any rapidly decreasing sequence of coefficients gives a function in $C^infty(M)$. This proves again that $C^infty(M)cong mathcal s$, even with the basis of eigenfunctions for any Laplacian.

1. The number of functions $f: cal P_n to 1, 2, dots, m$ such that $f(A cap B) = minf(A), f(B)$ (Putnam 1993)

For notational ease, let $N = 1,ldots,n$, $N_i = [n]setminusi$, and $M = 1,ldots,m$.First, assume that $f : mathcalP_n to M$ and that $f(A cap B) = minf(A),f(B)$.Choose $i in N$ and $j in M$. It is certain that $f(N) in M$, so suppose $f(N) = j$. Then $f(N cap N_i) = f(N_i) = minf(N),f(N_i)$. It follows that for all $i$, $f(N_i) le f(N) = j$.As an intermediate step, I will prove via induction that when we specify $f(N) = j$ for some $j in M$ and $f(N_i)$ for all $i in N$, $f$ has been fully specified and is well-defined. Assume that $f(S) = min_i

otin Sf(N_i)$ for subsets $S subset N$ where $m le |S| le n-1$. Now, consider subsets $S in N$ where $|S| = m-1$. Let $A$ and $B$ be subsets of $N$ such that $|A|,|B| ge m$ and $A cap B = S$.Note that the condition $f(A cap B) = minf(A),f(B)$ is enough to guarantee that the image of $S$ under $f$ is defined at all, because we can always find at least two sets $A,B$ with the above requirements such that $A cap B = S$. For instance, take $a,b in N$ such that $a,b

otin S, a

e b$; then let $A = S cup a$ and $B = S cup B$. Then $A

e B$ and $|A|,|B| ge m$ and $A cap B = S$, and since $|S|

2. Arity of Primitive Recursive Functions

You can indeed define $g(n)=h(n,f(n))$ (as I assume you intended to write) -- but in order to argue that this $g$ is primitive recursive, you need to already know that $f$ (as well as $h$) is primitive recursive, and for that you need to apply the primitive recursion rule, which depends on knowing that $h$ is primitive recursive.Note well that what the primitive recursion rule demands as a premise is that $h$ is primitive recursive as a two-argument function. That is the function that describes how to combine $n$ and $f(n)$ in order to find the number you want to be $f(n1)$. In principle this $h$ needs to be applicable to every pair of numbers, not just ones where the second element happens to be $f$ applied to the first one. If you can not give such a general rule for $h$, the primitive recursion construction does not -- by definition -- necessarily produce a primitive recursive $f$.In response to the added material headed "edit": The construction you are quoting seems to arguing for the theorem that every constant function is primitive recursive. This conclusion is certainly true, but the argument you are quoting does not use the primitive recursion rule at all. It works by induction at the metalevel, but does not use recursion as a building block for functions.In fact the same argument would work to prove this:You should recognize rules 1-4 as exactly the same as the corresponding parts of the definition of primitive recursive functions. The primitive recursion rule is missing, but it should be clear that every "supersimple" function is necessarily also "primitive recursive".And the reason why the constant functions are supersimple is exactly the same as the reason why they are primitive recursive

3. Are all bijective functions continuous?

To the question in your title and last sentence: it is not true that all bijective functions are continuous.Consider the function from $mathbbR$ to $mathbbR$ (with the usual topology) given by $$f(x) = begincases x & text if x

ot in mathbbZ x 1 & text if x in mathbbZ endcases$$ Then this is a bijective function, sending integers to integers (and shifting them up by $1$) and sending all other real numbers to themselves. But it is not continuous.Generally, there is no reason to suspect a strong relationship between continuity and bijectivity.

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Wedding Dress of Birgitte Van Deurs
Wedding Dress of Birgitte Van Deurs
Wedding dress of Birgitte van DeursThe wedding dress of Birgitte van Deurs was worn at her wedding to Prince Richard of Gloucester on 8 July 1972 at St Andrew's Church, Barnwell, Northamptonshire. The dress was designed by Norman Hartnell, who first collaborated with the British royal family for the wedding dress of the groom's mother, Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester. The dress was constructed of Swiss organdie, with a high collar, a simple skirt, long sleeves and a small train. Instead of wearing a tiara, the bride secured her white tulle veil with a grouping of stephanotis flowers. The dress was regarded by some as one of Hartnell's more modern creations for the time, incorporating some stylistic features of 1970s fashion.— — — — — —Wedding dress of Princess AliceThe wedding dress of Princess Alice of the United Kingdom was worn during a period of court mourning for the death of her father. Princess Alice was the second daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. On 1 July 1862, in the dining room of Osborne House on the Isle of Wight, she married Prince Louis of Hesse. Seven months had passed since the death of the Prince Consort and the Royal Family was still in deep mourning. The venue was chosen so that the Queen would be able to avoid inviting the usual guests of state. From "The Royal Wedding Dresses" by Nigel Arch and Joanna Marschner (p.58): "She wore a 'half-high dress with a deep flounce of Honiton lace, a veil of the same and a wreath of orange blossom and myrtle'." It was a simple style and not embellished with a court train. Queen Victoria later confided to her daughter, the Princess Royal (Vicky), that the wedding of 'poor Alice' had been "more like a funeral."— — — — — —Wedding dress of Princess Helena of Waldeck and PyrmontThe wedding dress of Princess Helena of Waldeck and Pyrmont was worn by the bride at her wedding to Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany, on 27 April 1882 in St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle. Prince Leopold was the youngest son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Princess Helena was the daughter of George Victor, Prince of Waldeck and Pyrmont and his wife Princess Helena of Nassau. The dress was made in Paris and was presented by her sister, Queen consort Emma of the Netherlands. The gown was made of white satin, decorated with traditional orange blossom and myrtle and trimmed with fleur-de-lis, with the edge topped with point d'Alenon and white satin. The long tulle veil was held in place by a diamond head dress and a wreath of orange blossoms and myrtle. The shoulders were bare and the short drop sleeves adorned with the Royal Family Order of the Royal Order of Victoria and Albert and the Companion of the Order of the Crown of India pinned to the left. The bosom was swathed in tulle and ruched laces with a small bouquet of flowers. The fashionably cut bodice ended in a sharp V-shape that accentuated the bride's tall and slender figure. Helena received large diamond sprays from the King and Queen of the Netherlands, which she wore as a tiara and brooch on her wedding day. From her parents, she received a diamond necklace and sun rays that she also wore as brooches. Prince Leopold gave his bride a diamond necklace, a large diamond star, a ruby bracelet, a ruby and diamond bracelet, sapphire and diamond earrings, Spanish lace, and a fan, which can also be seen in her wedding photos.— — — — — —Getting married and have so much to do! Lose weight, quit smokng, plan the wedding, finish school! HELP!?I was the same size when I got married, and 5 feet tall, and wore a size 18 wedding dress. There is a special full length bra that you wear under the wedding dress that will make you look like you did a million sit ups, raise your bust to look like you were perfectly proportioned, and nobody will be the wiser. You will not look like a Fat Cow— — — — — —What type of dress is this ?16 Trend colors in spring-summer 2019 Prom Party Dresses Triumph at next year's weddings with the trendiest colors. Experts have already sighted the shades that will cause rage at all parties. Choose your guest look or help your ladies and set a trend with these tones! At weddings, each color is unrepeatable: the white of the wedding dress, the shades on the ribbons of the little ties, the prints of the groom's tie, and which one is best for the guests to dress? If for this spring-summer you have already received several wedding invitations, be the most glamorous guest with these colors. And if you are looking for party dresses for your ladies choir, let yourself be carried away by the color shades of spring-summer 2019.
How Do You Make a Animal Cell Out of Clay
Here is a step by step process on how to make an animal cell model. Making a cell can be fun and informative as you become familiar with the shape and function of each cell part.. Important note.: I included a step by step slideshow presentation so you can see the process. Just click on the following link. How to Build an Animal Cell Slideshow.I have also included a resource for the Animal Cell Labels and Functions. Just follow the link..Here's a list of tools you will need:.1. Box cutter.2. Knife.3. Scissors.4. Glue or super glue.5. Ruler.6. Thin knife for cutting and carving.Here are the materials you will need:.1. Detailed picture of an animal cell.2. Styrofoam ball (or make a ball out of. Duct Tape. and paper).3. Modeling clay, sculpy, or Play-doh.4. Paper towel roll or wooden stick for the stand.5. Wood or card board for the base.6. T-Pins or Toothpicks.7. Black duct tape and regular ¾ inch tape.8. Pipe cleaners (optional).9. Paint (optional).Step by Step Directions:.Step 1.Go to a craft store or art store and purchase a Styrofoam ball. If you go to the florist section you can find green half spheres of foam. Keep in mind there are different shapes available. Half spheres work well since they are already pre-cut. A block of Styrofoam is another alternative..Step 2.If you bought a Styrofoam ball draw a line around it. Use a box cutter and carefully cut the Styrofoam ball into two pieces. Take your time and be careful you want the inside of the ball to be smooth and not jagged..Step 3.Construct your stand first. This is important because you want a sturdy base to work on. There are different options. You can use a paper towel roll and cut it according to the height you want. Next use black duct tape and cover the outside of the roll. You can also use or buy a round gift box. They have them at Wal-Mart in the crafts section. Use super glue to attach the base to the Styrofoam model..Step 4.Next paint the cell membrane (outer shell) with a color of your choice. You can also use spray paint. Another option is to cover the entire half sphere in clay which is time consuming but worth it. Make sure you work with one color at a time and have paper towel ready to clean your hands. You do not want to get the cell parts mixed with different colors. Also find some kind of tool so you do not have to use your hands on the small delicate clay structures. A thin knife or sculpting tool works great..Step 5.Cut a whole in the middle where the nucleus is located. Use a few pipe cleaners for the chromatin. Bundle them together and place them in the hole where the nucleus is. Use clay to make a nucleolus ball, attach it with a tooth pick and place it among the chromatin. This keeps the nucleolus firm in place..Step 6.You can use another small Styrofoam ball for the nucleus and cut a section so you can see the inside. Before you insert the half nucleus make sure it's painted or covered in clay before you attach it to the cell model. Actually it's a good idea to make all the individual cell parts first before you attach them to the model. This prevents smudging and making mistakes..Step 7.Once you are ready to attach the nucleus take two toothpicks and stick them through the nucleus into the cell model. Make sure you bury the tooth picks deep enough so you can not see them sticking out. This keeps the nucleus firm in place..Step 8.Construct all the cell parts and arrange them accordingly. This is where you need a detailed picture of the arrangement. Using clay is the easiest method because you do not have to use cut them or use glue. Simply attach the finished cell parts according to the picture you have..Step 9.Make a key on a sheet of paper that illustrates the various parts of the cell. Make sure the spelling and function of each part is correct. Attach the paper with the key on the base of your stand. Do not forget to make a title for the cell model..Step 10.Print out the terms for each cell part and cut them into small labels. Use the T-pins (or tooth picks) to attach each label with a half piece of regular 3/4 inch tape on the back. Make sure the labels are small to keep them from obstructing the cell parts. And finally use super glue to attach the roll with the model to the base. It's important that you make the base solid and firm because you do not want the model to wobble or fall..Here is a resource on the labels and functions: Animal Cell Labels and Functions.I hope this short tutorial gives you some ideas on how to create your own animal cell model. There are several ideas online so pick and choose which ever one is most useful to you. If you do not have the budget to purchase the materials do not worry. Go around the house and find used and recycled objects you can use.what stimulates the body functions?The pituitary gland is an endocrine (hormone-producing) gland. It is one part of a special messenger system, helping to regulate a wide variety of the body's functions. The pituitary gland helps to control your body's functions by releasing hormones (special chemical messengers) into your bloodstream. These hormones are transported in your blood to their target. Here they usually cause the release of a second hormone. The target can either be specialised endocrine glands or other types of body tissue such as groups of cells.
Cauchy Sequence of Functions and the Limit Inferior
Assume we are give two sequences $a_r:rinmathbbN$ and $b_r:rinmathbbN$ such that for all $rinmathbbN$ we have $a_rleq b_r$. Fix some $linmathbbN$ and consider the last inequality for all $rgeq l$. After taking infimum on the left side over all $rgeq l$ we get$$inflimits_rgeq la_r leq b_r$$Then we take infimum on the right side over all $rgeq l$, and we get$$inflimits_rgeq la_r leq inflimits_rgeq lb_r$$Note that sequences $inflimits_rgeq la_r:linmathbbN$ and $inflimits_rgeq lb_r:linmathbbN$ are non decreasing hence they have limits (finite or infinite). Lets take this limits, then we get$$limlimits_ltoinftyinflimits_rgeq la_r leq limlimits_ltoinftyinflimits_rgeq lb_r$$It is known that $liminflimits_ltoinftyx_llimlimits_ltoinftyinflimitslimits_rgeq lx_r$ (sometimes this equality is taken as definition of $liminf$), so$$liminflimits_ltoinftya_l leq liminflimits_ltoinftyb_ltag1$$Another interesting fact: if a sequnces $x_l:linmathbbN$ have a limit then it is equal to limit inferioir and limit superioir$$limlimits_ltoinftyx_lliminflimits_ltoinftyx_llimsuplimits_ltoinftyx_ltag2$$Now we proceed to your question. Fix $kinmathbbN$ and consider sequences$$a_l|f_l(x)-f_k(x)|qquad b_lVert f_l-f_kVertqquadtext where qquad linmathbbN$$Since $a_lleq b_l$ for all $linmathbbN$ from (1) we get$$liminflimits_ltoinfty|f_l(x)-f_k(x)| leq liminflimits_ltoinftyVert f_l-f_kVert$$By construction sequence $a_n:ninmathbbN$ is convergent. Indeed$$limlimits_ltoinfty a_llimlimits_ltoinfty |f_l(x)-f_k(x)||limlimits_ltoinftyf_l(x)-f_k(x)||f(x)-f_k(x)|$$hence from $(2)$ we get$$limlimits_ltoinfty|f_l(x)-f_k(x)|liminflimits_ltoinfty|f_l(x)-f_k(x)| leq liminflimits_ltoinftyVert f_l-f_kVert$$I'm trying to understand a step in a proof. I don't get a special trick that is used several times in the book I am reading, so this does not get out of my head. I try to explain the prerequisites and what I don't understand:Let $Y$ be a Banach space and let $S$ be a set. For a mapping $f:Sto Y$ let$|f| : sup_xin S|f(x)|$. Let $B(S;Y)$ be the set of all mappings $g:Sto Y$ with $|g|
Describe the Properties of Water and Its Functions in Living Organisms?
It is a liquid It travels via osmosis from an area of high water potential to an area of low water potential, down a water potential gradient. (an area where the conc. of water is high to an area where the conc. of water is low, down a concentration gradient) blood is 55% plasma, which is 92% water1. what are two properties of water that result from water's tendency to form hydrogen bonds?Here are a few more than the two you asked for: The results of these bonds are as follows: 1. Cohesion: is the sticking together of similar molecules. Water is very cohesive. This allows water to be pulled along a pathway with relative ease. 2. Surface Tension: cohesion allows water to pull together and form droplets or form an interface between it and other surfaces. The measure of how hard it is to break this interface is its surface tension. Water allows materials to rest upon it if the surface tension is not broken. Pollen, dust, water insects, and other biological materials are able to remain on the surface of the water because of this tension. 3. Adhesion: The sticking of one substance to another. Water is a good adhesive. It will cling on to many objects and act as a glue. Capillary Action is an example of cohesion and adhesion working together to move water up a thin tube. 4. Imbibition: The process of soaking into a hydrophilic substance. Water being taken into a sponge, into a seed, into paper towels. 5. High Specific Heat: Specific heat of a substance is the heat needed (gained or lost) to change the temperature of 1g. of a substance 1degree Celsius. Heat is the total quantity of kinetic energy due to molecular motion. Temperature measures the intensity of the average kinetic energy of the molecules.Heat and temperature are not the same thing. A Kilocalorie or large C equals 1,000 small calories.It takes 1,000 calories to raise 1,000g. of water 1 degree C. Nutritional Packaging has the calorie measurements in Kilocalories. One gram of Protein = 3 calories. This means 3,000 small calories or 3 Kilocalories. This high specific heat allows water to act as a heat sink. Water will retain its temperature after absorbing large amounts of heat, and retain its temperature after losing equally large amounts of heat. The reason for this is that Hydrogen bonds must absorb heat to break. They must release heat when they form.The Ocean acts as a tremendous heat sink to moderate the earth's temperature. 6. High Heat of Vaporization: Water must absorb a certain amount of additional heat to change from a liquid into a gas. This extra heat is called heat of vaporization. In humans, this value is 576 cal/g. This results in evaporative cooling of the surface. Alcohol has a value of 237cal/g. and chloroform 59cal/g. As one can see water removes much more heat from a surface upon evaporation than does either alcohol or chloroform. 7. Freezing and Expansion of Water: Water is most dense at 4 degrees C. At ) degrees C. it is 10% less dense. Ice floats because maximum Hydrogen bonding occurs at 0 degrees C. 8. Versatile Solvent: Water is a major solvent in nature. When water and another substance is mixed the resulting solution is called an aqueous solution.2. what are the properties of water?you could talk about its following properties: Boiling point Freezing point Viscosity Density Turbidity Polarity3. How do the unique chemical properties of water affect wateru2019s ability to occur in three states of matter?Many compounds and elements exist in three states of matter. It seems the norm rather than the exception. A few sublimate at certain conditions so exist in only two states. If you look at the detailed phase diagram for water there really are many more unique forms, at least of the solid state, most at extreme pressures or very low temperatures4. Explain two properties of water that are important to life.?The biochemical reactions that sustain life need a fluid in order to operate. In a liquid, molecules can dissolve and chemical reactions occur. And because a liquid is always in flux, it effectively conveys vital substances like metabolites and nutrients from one place to another, whether it's around a cell, an organism, an ecosystem, or a planet. Getting molecules where they need to go is difficult within a solid and all too easy within a gas-vapor-based life would go all to pieces. And why is water the best liquid to do the job? For one thing, it dissolves just about anything. "Water is probably the best solvent in the universe," says Jeffrey Bada, a planetary scientist at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, Calif. "Everything is soluble in water to some degree. Water plays another key role in the biochemistry of life: bending enzymes. Enzymes are proteins that catalyze chemical reactions, making them occur much faster than they otherwise would. To do their handiwork, enzymes must take on a specific three-dimensional shape. Never mind how, but it is water molecules that facilitate this
Enzymes Are Critical to Cell Functions. Describe the Composition, Shape and Actions of Enzymes.?
composition: made of amino acid chains that are wrapped into complex structures shape: varies greatly depending on enzyme types. For example, enzyme ATPase has a round head and a stalk portion that spins inside the head. Enzyme shape depends on its primary structure (amino acid sequence), secondary structure (beta sheet or alpha helix are two examples of this), tertiary structure (final folding of protein) and quaternary structure (combination of different protein domains). These structures form a hierarchy in which changes to primary structure would change the other three structure, changes to secondary structure would change tertiary and quaternary structures, etc. action: different enzymes act with different mechanisms. Most enzymes have an active site that binds to a unique substrate or groups of substrates. Some enzymes may work in conjunction with other enzymes, or with coenzymes like vitamins. Either way, they lower the energy needed for certain reactions to occur, thus allowing them to occur at body temperature and at a speed that is satisfactory to cellular function.1. Son just had accident on microfibre stores carry a product called Nature's Miracle for biological accidents (urine, feces, vomit). You remove whatever you can by blotting up liquid, removing up solids, and then pour Nature's Miracle on the area. It has enzymes in it that break down the wastes (the ones on the outer couch surface as well as inside the cushion). Easy instructions on bottle. PetSmart and Petco carry it for about $30 for a gallon jug. It's also sold in smaller quantities. I've used it for years for accidents made by pets and kids--works great!.2. When the back of cheese says "enzymes"?No nowadays most enzymes are mass produced in bacteria cultures3. Since Enzymes DO help with digestion, what foods contain which enyzymes in the highest levels,?Yogurt, buttermilk4. Enzymes and digestive system - lactose intolerant?I, too, am lactose illiberal. I take over-the-counter tablets referred to as Lactaid, which you are taking before having dairy. They are type of highly-priced, but valued at it for the as soon as in a while after I want pizza or lasagne or milk. You are taking the pills (I take two extra force, however follow the instructions on the percent until you determine what it excellent for you) simply earlier than you drink or devour whatever with dairy. It works like ninety eight per cent of the time, and it cuts the severe stomach cramps and runs I get from dairy. That you may additionally purchase Lactaid milk, which already has the enzyme in it. I've no longer tasted it, pick to use the drugs with average milk.5. Why did a high protein dog food raise my dog's liver enzymes?I have two dogs that have Liver Disease and have been fighting it for 4 1/2 years. They were both diagnosed at 5 months old and were not supposed to survive past 6 months old. It's now been 4 1/2 years and they are both doing better than ever. According to my vet, dogs with Liver problems need to be fed Low Protein diets and stay far away from High Protein diets. When my Chihuahuas were first diagnosed, they were seeing a different vet and that vet prescribed Science Diet L/D. My Chi's refused to eat it. I have since then changed vets for a number of different reasons and they are now both eating Innova Wet Adult Food, which has lower protein (9%) and my vet says that this food is easier on their Liver. I was told by my vet not to let them eat dry food, because the protein levels are too high. It could be that when your dog was eating high protein food, the problem with his liver was already there and you did not see any symtoms and that is what caused the Liver Enzymes to be higher. There are no symptoms when a dog has Liver problems until it becomes more advanced.6. Is 37 degrees the best temperature for enzymes in our body?I think enzymes in the body would have 37 degrees as the optimum temperature. A fever would not affect the enzymes as the temperature would only go up by 1 or 2 degrees. It's only a problem when the temperature is too high and will denature the proteins in the enzyme.
What Is the Best Car Wax?
What Is the Best Car Wax?
try the new tech wax in a green and purple can its like $15 but works great ( walmart has it)1. How does car wax beautify your vehicle's paint?Use a high quality liquid wax and do not positioned too lots attempt into it. pressing too stressful on save on with or removing will create swirl marks. determine which you do this in the colour. Use a foam applicator to maintain on with a skinny coat of wax flippantly, then buff it off with a microfiber textile. Use a sparkling microfiber textile to wipe down the automobile once you are executed2. what is the best car wax for black cars?I've tried several different waxes.The one that I've found that works best on my black car is Turtle Wax Ice Liquid3. Does car wax expire? Also does old wax damage the paint of your car?Just redo it with better wax. You can buy some really good wax for about $64. can i fix a broken cd with car wax????depends on how scratched lightly scratched and it skips a bit, there are some nifty cd cleaning things you can buy, i would type "cd cleaner" into ebay and have a look at what is on offer deeply scratched and unplayable, buy a new cd either way you are looking to pay money really sorry5. What is the best car wax/polish?I've used Zymol for years and it seems to work good for me. Plus it smells like bananas. Best thing for getting brake dust off wheels and oxidation off tires is Castrol Super Clean. Spray it on, let it soak for minute, brush with nylon brush (tires & wheels) rinse.6. What good is Car Wax?yes it helps to protect the paint from harsh chemicals and road also keeps the paint from getting dull7. Can you use car wax on a guitar?It all depends. Is your guitar is a stick shift or an automatic?8. How to apply car wax? By hand or machine better? 10 points best answer?Wax is available in three forms: liquid, paste and spray. From experience, liquid wax is easier to apply, but with paste kind. There's always a lot to choose from and I noticed a lot of high-tech wax discoveries first come out in paste then in liquid and spray form later. When you apply the wax it's always nice to wash your car first. Avoid direct sunlight as well when it's too cold and damp. A single thin coat is all it need in major large areas. Do not try to put on a thick application with the intent that you wo not have to wax as often because it wo not work. You will mostly end up with an excessive amount of wax residue to remove, making the job more difficult. You are better off waxing more frequently. You can use the round applicators that come with some waxes or are available separately. A damp rectangular kitchen sponge makes a good applicator, as its shape seems to be able to handle the detail areas of a car. A second application on the nose and hood, where the wind quickly wears off the wax will give you a longer lasting wax job. Have a happy wax-on wax-on day.9. Can you use car wax on the floor?I would test it in a small hidden area first10. Looking for car wax that is clear for older car?try turtle wax ice, it's clear and does not leave any residue11. Which car Wax is better?EAGLE brand12. Can car wax or polish hide a small dent/ dimple in car door?Take the car back dirty13. Does anyone know how to get car wax off of the black moldings on your car?Try some of the 91% pure Rubbing alcohol for sale at your local pharmacy. Pour a little on the corner of a rag and wipe the wax right off. This will also work for small oil spills.14. Whats the best car wax on the market?Turtle wax an old stand by15. does car wax give your car the wet look?Not all wax does. You get ones that just protect the paint and makes it shine, and you get wax that gives your car the "wet look". Something like Meguiars Deep Crystal liquid wax or Mothers Reflections is what you are looking for.
New Patent Exposure of Apple Folding Screen Mobile Phone: Two OLED Flexible Screens Are Combined, an
New Patent Exposure of Apple Folding Screen Mobile Phone: Two OLED Flexible Screens Are Combined, an
Although the full screen is hot at present, it is obvious that folding screen is the trend in the future. At present, the folding screen patents of Samsung, Huawei, LG and other mobile phone manufacturers have been exposed, except for the lack of news from apple.Recently, the U.S. trademark and Patent Office announced a new patent related to Apple's folding screen mobile phone. In the design diagram, we can see that this mobile phone is composed of two OLED flexible screens, which are connected by hinges. It is worth mentioning that its hinges can be bent in both directions.In addition, in this concept phone, apple puts the battery in the hinge instead of the bottom of the screen, which can make the body as light and thin as possible. Of course, the battery also needs to have foldable characteristics. If it is really to be implemented into real products produced in large scale, the safety must be fully verified.In the current mainstream mobile phone modeling, the screen size has basically reached the limit, and folding screen is a more feasible design idea. From the current technical conditions, OLED screen is still the best material for folding screen mobile phones, with light weight, strong flexibility and low power consumption.In other words, if Apple's folding products start production, the screen is still likely to be purchased from Samsung. After all, Samsung is still in the leading position in the OLED panel.
The Liberator: 3d Printing and the Pirate's Dilemma
The Liberator: 3d Printing and the Pirate's Dilemma
The first time I illegally downloaded anything, I was nine. I was sitting with my father in his office on the 102nd floor of the South Tower of the World Trade Center. It was bring your child to work day, and having heard some of the hype from my elementary school classmates, I convinced my dad to download Napster to his work laptop. I asked him what his favorite song was; he answered, I searched, and pressed the download button.A few moments later, we sat there listening to "Sugar Magnolia" by The Grateful Dead. The guitar came in, then the lyrics, and as words passed over us - "Sometimes when the night is dying, I take me out and wander round" - I never thought of what we were doing as stealing. It was instantaneous appreciation: the chance to share an experience without discs or hard copies or having to walk to a store. Though I would lose him, that file, and that building a short time later, the memory stayed with me. When I was thirteen, I bought the album "American Beauty" and played it over and over again on my Walkman as I lay in bed at night, trying in vain to recapture that lost, shared moment. It was resplendent, and no one can tell me it was wrong.I have only a few strong political beliefs. Chief among these is my personal dedication to the dream of a free-information society. I'm a digital native - it's in my upbringing. Before I ever had independent buying power, I had been taught to pirate. Any media I have ever been able to buy, I have been able to steal just as easily. In my mind, the options are essentially interchangeable. While I do occasionally dwell upon the fact that I may be robbing an employee within the film or music industry of a needed paycheck, it seems to me that it's the business model that needs revision - not my methods. You can't fight the future, and no one wants to be on the wrong side of history.Though sometimes I download a movie or an album from The Pirate Bay, these are the exceptions and not the rule. By and large I download books, most of them philosophy. When I finish reading the works of Ken Wilbur or Robert Anton Wilson, if I decide I like the content, I purchase the title in paperback to add to my bookshelf. Until that point, I see it as no different from checking a book out of the library. My ability to be exposed to these thinkers, to develop my own opinions and curate my thinking in the same way I curate my book collection, is a privilege. But access to such information shouldn't be.I am no utopian, but I do believe that instead of being prohibited by the prices of tuition and textbooks, all students should be entitled to an open-source, open-access curriculum. I envision a world in which impoverished children can read The Odyssey on a computer, while listening to selections from Wagner - for free. I hope one day to live in a world where culture is not mediated by capitalist institutions. While copyright laws are extended seemingly indefinitely to keep Mickey Mouse in the hands of the Disney Corporation, I imagine a world in which we are all autodidacts - self-made and self-taught individuals, granted the access to the well of collective human experience and information that is our birthright.Most days, my belief extends not just to our cultural heritage but to all information. In the landmark 1971 Supreme Court case The New York Times Co. vs United States, Justice Potter Stewart ruled in favor of the newspaper's decision to print the controversial Watergate papers, saying, "In the absence of governmental checks and balances, the only effective restraint upon executive policy and power may be an enlightened citizenry - in an informed and critical public opinion..." Though his decision would seem to establish the free press as a public service, serving an essential function in democratic government by assuring that the electorate is informed of all the facts, his words have not stood the test of time. And though I would like to think that our betrayal by mainstream corporate media is recent - its descent into cheap entertainment and thrills - if I'm being honest, it began years ago. Take, for example, that during the first Gulf War, CNN ran footage from cameras mounted on the cones of missiles claiming it was live, despite it having been prescreened and edited for broadcast by the Pentagon. When the news service becomes a simulacrum of itself, serving the interest of powers that be over its stated goal to inform the public, drastic measures are necessary.For the last few years, Wikileaks has been exactly that sort of drastic measure. First rising to prominence in 2010 with their video "Collateral Murder" - depicting a US helicopter killing two civilian journalists in Iraq - the open-source news organization has become a center of global attention and controversy. Despite being labeled a terrorist organization by even some high-ranking members of our government, the site's only crime has been releasing to the public the documents leaders and officials pass among themselves. When the reasons for our involvement in overseas wars that kill our fellow citizens, defame our nation's status in the international community, cause us to spend trillions of our tax dollars become murky, leaks like the so-called Iraq and Afghanistan War Diaries become necessary. When stations like CNN resign themselves to interviewing celebrities on Piers Morgan instead of reporting the news, something like Wikileaks becomes inevitable to balance the scales.To date, Wikileaks itself has been directly responsible for no deaths, but I concede that its own internal ethics are questionable. Make no mistake, information can be dangerous. If the identities of undercover CIA operatives were leaked, they'd certainly be killed. The problem becomes, who decides what information we have access to, and who could possibly be trusted with that responsibility without ulterior motives? But information alone is not enough to kill people. You need an angry person with a gun.And here's the gun.In the past week, the previously fringe technology of 3D Printing has entered into the public eye and the mainstream media with the announcement of a completely self-manufactured firearm - the Liberator. The weapon itself looks more like a Nerf toy than a service revolver, its body a mix of blue and white plastic resin. For some this is a novelty straight from science fiction, not unlike the promise of a flying car. For me, it's the climax of a story I've been following for months, the saga of the Liberator's inventor, Cody Wilson - twenty-five-year-old self-described crypto-anarchist, and founder of the Austin-based company Defense Distributed.Wilson is an enigma. Somewhat boyishly handsome, at face value he looks like he should be in a frat house or climbing the ranks of a law firm rather than being interviewed on national news. When he speaks about politics, his only clear stance is on the protection of the right to bear arms, though some of his more colorful comments - like his belief that Mitt Romney and President Obama are two faces for the ruling class of the banking elite - make me think he'd be best described as a Libertarian. Interviewed on Glenn Beck this fall, Wilson's response to a simple question - "Are you a hero or a villain?" - was as playful as it was worrisome: "That is the question, isn't it?" According to national firearm regulations, only the lower receiver of a gun is technically a firearm. This is the central section of the weapon that holds the trigger and attaches to an ammunition magazine. It is also the only portion of a gun that bears a serial number, the only portion that can be tracked, and the only part not available for purchase over the Internet. It is exactly this part that Wilson and Defense Distributed have dedicated themselves to manufacturing with 3D printers. Until the Liberator.3D printing, or additive manufacturing, acts like a normal desktop printer would, except that it lays down plastic resins and not inks. Using a computer-aided design (or CAD) file, the printer places layer upon layer of plastic, building a three-dimensional object from the bottom up. While its inventors originally conceived of its usefulness in purely artistic and practical terms - creating sculptures, figurines, clothes hangers, plates and coffee mugs - in the hands of Cody Wilson the technology has been made to manufacture uncontrollable munitions. The Liberator, the most advanced printed gun to date, has only two metal components: a firing pin made from a scrap nail, and a metal bar inserted into the receiver to comply with gun legislation necessitating that all sold firearms must set off a metal detector. Defense Distributed has also moved into making fifty round magazines - exactly the sort that would be targeted by new gun control legislation.In one of his Youtube videos, Wilson holds a modified AR-15 - the same gun used in the Sandy Hook shooting - with a transparent plastic receiver, and fires off a few rounds before turning to the camera to ask, "How's that national conversation going?" Though he has recently received a firearms manufacturing license from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms allowing him to sell his products, Wilson is more interested in making his CAD file blueprints available for free online through his website, so that fellow 3D printing enthusiasts can follow his example and make their own weapons. Now there is no difference between downloading an album and burning a CD and downloading a CAD file and printing a gun. On top of which, other pirates using Wilson's blueprints are not required to make their home-printed guns identifiable by a metal detector.Critics claim Cody Wilson is in it for the attention. Well, he's got mine.I believe in gun control. I believe that the Second Amendment to the Constitution has been misinterpreted, extending the right for states to create armed defensive militias to the personal right to own semi-automatic weapons. I do not understand why a civilian could require access to armor-piercing bullets and weapons that fire up to 800 rounds a minute for hunting even the largest moose. I believe that background checks on firearms sales - keeping potentially deadly weapons out of the hands of the mentally unstable, and those with criminal records - is plain common sense. But how do you even begin to implement gun control in an era of 3D printing? And how can I stand by my belief in the freedom of information, when extending my own logic means there is nothing wrong with downloading a gun?There is a snake in my Eden, and it's not even the second day.The same day that Defense Distributed announced the Liberator, office-supply giant Staples announced it would start carrying 3D printers. Since the release of the Liberator's CAD files to the Internet, the blueprints have been downloaded over 100,000 times. The government has attempted to step in: just this Thursday, the Department of Defense took down the Liberator CAD files from the website, but within a matter of hours the plans were back online with web hosting from New Zealand. Today, The Pirate Bay, the same BitTorrent search engine where I download books and films, has come out in support of providing the public with a place to download the CAD file. Copies of the 2mb file already have over 5000 seeders. As the cyber-activist group Anonymous likes to say, "We are legion." Cody Wilson is correct about one thing: it is too late to be having "the same gun control conversation we had in 1994." Ultimately, this isn't even a conversation about gun control.In my mind, completely open access to information would allow the children of the developing world to learn programming along with reading and writing. If the fate of 3D printing is any barometer, how soon does this curriculum turn violent in the wrong hands? The current line we have drawn on this issue is flawed - the same sort of protectorate policies that cripple game play on Sim City V and keep HIV retro-viral medication prohibitively expensive due to patents, not production costs. We need to level the playing field, and to do that we need to open the door and let everyone into the library. The question becomes how far to open that door, and where to draw the line on what is necessary and what is dangerous information. In my mind, the only acceptable boundary is the protection of human life.
Could I Put a Bala Shark in My Tank?
Could I Put a Bala Shark in My Tank?
no longer a sturdy plan. Bala sharks ought to stay in a team (or they get very anxious and under pressure) and strengthen to a pair of foot long. even though they are often non violent fish, an excellent bala ought to consume small tank friends. So upload those issues jointly, and this is merely no longer a sturdy concept. Ian.1. High visibility lines and shark fishing?They dont care, they have no idea what it is haha2. How to (Properly) Cook shark meat?This Site Might Help You. RE: How to (Properly) Cook shark meat? I Have never done it, People say its one of the more difficult things to cook. I have done my fair share of seafood But this would be a first. I would want it On the rare side. Also What would compliment it. For seasoning and just other things to go on the plate?3. 5 clown loaches or Red Tailed shark?Unless you intend to get a MUCH bigger tank, do not by Clown loaches. They will quickly outgrow a 20 gal, and eventually need 100 gallons. A red tail black shark will grow to need about 55gal as they are quite an active fish. What about some Dwarf Chain or Kuhli loaches? They are more suitable for a 20 gal. Ian4. Has Monckton jumped the shark, comparing climate science to Nazis and fascism?"jumped the shark". Are not you the trendy one! The skeptics are not on trial. They were not caught perpetrating fraud.5. All About The Tiger Shark!!?The tiger shark, Galeocerdo cuvier, one of the largest predatory sharks, is the only member of the genus Galeocerdo. Mature sharks average 3.25 metres (11 ft) to 4.25 metres (14 ft) and weigh 385 to 909 kg (850 to 2000 lb). It is found in many of the tropical and temperate regions of the world's oceans, and is especially common around islands in the central Pacific. This shark is a solitary hunter, usually hunting at night. Its name is derived from the dark stripes down its body, which fade as the shark matures. The tiger shark is a dangerous predator, known for eating a wide range of items. Its usual diet consists of fish, seals, birds, smaller sharks, squid, and turtles. It has sometimes been found with man-made waste such as license plates or pieces of old tires in its digestive tract. It is notorious for attacks on swimmers, divers and surfers in Hawaii; and is often referred to as the "bane of Hawaiian surfers" and "the wastebasket of the sea". The tiger shark is second only to the bull shark in number of recorded attacks on humans and is considered, along with the great white, bull shark, and the oceanic whitetip shark to be one of the sharks most dangerous to humans. Tiger Sharks are most commonly found in Peru on the coast of Punta Sal. Tiger sharks migrate yearly to the warmer waters of Punta Sal, Peru during the months of January through to March for feeding and mating.6. Where can I find a Marbled Bamboo Cat Shark or a shovelnose shark?That is a pretty good price. My LFS before they shut down charged about that as well. You can often get the egg for cheaper, like $20-$40.7. popular bait for shark fishing on beaches?Cut Bonito works for me. Sharks are not picky fellers. King mackerel another good one. Just keep em fresh n bloody. Some say cat works but hey naaaaaah8. what makes a shark immue to diseases?Where did you hear that? Every animal is affected by one disease or another9. Is there a real shark you can own?There is one fresh water shark, but no big saltwater one10. backbone of a human and a shark?Moreover, the shark's backbone has two distinct sectors: the trunk sector and the tail sector. The final part of the backbone bends upward and supports the tail fin. All the vertebrae are very similar to each other.11. what is the best recipe for shark fin soup ?INGREDIENTS Dried shark fin 14 Kilogram Chicken meat 1 Cup (16 tbs), boiled and shredded Onion 2 Medium, sliced Mushrooms 4 Large (Soaked In Hot Water For 30 Minutes) Sliced ginger 2 Teaspoon Bamboo shoots 50 Gram (Canned Or Boiled) Wine vinegar 1 Teaspoon Rice wine 1 Tablespoon Soya sauce 1 Tablespoon Salt 2 Teaspoon (Leveled) Sugar 1 Teaspoon (Leveled) Corn flour 1 12 Tablespoon Peanut oil 2 12 Tablespoon Secondary broth 7 12 Cup (120 tbs) HOW TO DO IT Boil the shark fins in water for 20 minutes. Drain the water and fill the pan again fresh with boiling water and cook for 20 minutes. Repeat the draining and boiling process 4 times. This preparation will take 2 hours. Bring 1 1/2 cups secondary broth to the boil. Add sliced onions and ginger. Add the drained shark fins and cook for 15 minutes. Bring to the boil then drain off and discard the broth. Remove the stalks from mushrooms and shred the caps . Thinly slice the bamboo shoots. Heat oil and saute, shark fins, chicken, bamboo shoots, stir well add wine and vinegar. Continue cooking until dry. Pour remaining broth into the pan. Add soya sauce, mushrooms, sugar and salt. Mix cornflour with 1/2 cup water and add to the soup. Stir well. Let it simmer for a few minutes more and remove. Serve hot. Hope I helped You, Good Luck :)
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