Can Anyone Tell Me What Type of Finish Would Be Best for Wood Plates Used for Serving Food?

I would prefer a very fine grit sand paper and rubbing in grape-seed oil (or an edible oil) all over surface. Once that's done & sunk in to wood to bring out the grain, polish with mini-buffer or hand and rag style. Doing this periodically will seep oil further into wood adding a water protection barrier. Wipe out bowl after use. Wash with soap and water (do not let wood soak in water) And they are clean. Oil polish at least annually after a year or 2 or quarterly oil polishing.

1. places to sell a mini pocket rocket?

Wow I think some one really saw you coming.They sell those pocket bikes here for $295.00 new.I would be surprised if you got $100.00 for it even if it ran properly.Try "Used everywhere" your town or Craig's list. Good luck.

2. How can I make miniature

> Go to a store that sells lots of arts and crafts stuff. You will find plenty of material to work with. can not buy any.>> Why "can not " you buy any? Chain drug stores, like CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, whatever, tend to carry alot of holiday decor. Chances are good that you will find little packages of mini-ornamants. You could decorate your tree with a combination of mini-ornaments and ones you made yourself. > Go to arts and crafts store, look and see what kind of materials are available, and use your imagination. > Arts and crafts supply stores are where you are going to want to go then. they will have material all year 'round. It's what they sell. You are ONLY limitation is your imagination.

3. Are there really different sizes of the Mini Pinscher ?

Well, they are not all exactly the same size, if that's what you mean. Any well-bred Min Pin will be between 10-12.5 inches tall and squarely proportioned - the best will be 11-11.5 inches tall, since that is what the standard requires. I am sure there are poorly bred Min Pins of many sizes out there. The Min Pin is also related to the two other Pinscher breeds, the German Pinscher which is 17-20 inches tall and the Doberman Pinscher which is 24-28 inches tall. These are NOT simply different sizes of the same breed like the related Schnauzer, but are three similar breeds that share some common history and physically resemble each other in different sizes.

4. What's good quality 22LR ammo that is reasonably priced?

I am glad you asked! I have recently been "round and 'round trying to find a reliable, reasonably priced ammo for my Sig mosquito.(GSG firefly). Very finicky. CCI mini mag 40gr copper jacket are recommended. They are apprx $4/50. I thought I could find cheaper. Not!. Remington thunderbolts, American Eagle, Remington Supreme hyper velocity, Armscor and Aguilla. Even tried Remington military surplus. The thunderbolts were probably the best out of the bunch. The Rem gold were too expensive and did not work any better. Bottom line for me: Mini mags or no mags at all. Even then I will get 1 or 2 duds out of 100.

5. The Tesla Model 3 is the best electric car money can buy, but it has some serious competition. These are some of its toughest rivals.

The Tesla Model 3 is definitely the best electric car I've ever driven. But the Model 3 has rivals, from Jaguar, Chevy, MINI, Nissan, and BMW - and I've also driven all those cars. Some of the competition has been around longer than the Model 3, while other vehicles are more luxurious. My ranking could offer a few surprises. The Tesla Model 3 is, as far as I am concerned, the best electric car money can buy. But it is not the only electric car money can buy. A good thing, as the more EVs on the market, the more robust and sustainable that market is likely to be. Currently, the entire global electric-vehicle market amounts to just 2% of total sales. I've driven every version of the Model 3 Tesla has produced, but I've also driven a number of other EVs (I have a few I have not gotten to, as well, so this rundown is not comprehensive). The interesting thing is that all of these EVs do something well - and in many cases, they do it better than the Model 3.

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