Can My Motherboard Fit a Quad Core Processor. Please Help?

Yes, it can fit all socket 775 processors, this includes the core 2 quad series

1. Intel® CORE 2 QUAD Q8200 8MB Cache?

Just overclock it. It's capalbe of hitting 3Ghz per core with some OCing, so I do not know why you would want to spend more money on a different CPU. Your other option could be the Q9550, at 2.83GHz at $220. But I do not really think it's worth the $60 difference just for Ghz speed and 4 more MB of L2. Q8200 lacks hardware virtualization, but I doubt it matters much to you. The other one I would suggest is a cheap Q6600. Overclocking monster for maybe $20-30 more.

2. quad 2 ohm voice coil sub wired to 2 ohms for a mono block amp?

I think what most people here fail to see is that these Immortal's are NOT DVC's (Dual Voice Coils), they are QVC's (Quad Voice Coils) (That's 4, not 2) which are rated at 2 ohms each. As Nick mentioned, you can wire ONE of these to either 0.5, 0.8, 1.5, 2.0, or 8.0 ohms. Since you have two of these bad boys, they can be wired at 0.25 - 16 ohms with multiple variances in between. The problem here is that you want to wire them both at 2 ohms on a mono amp. The closest ratios I can configure with these subs is 1.6 or 3.0. You wo not be able to get an exact 2 ohm load with what you have. Your 1 ohm mono stable MA Audio amp should be able to handle these two wired up as you mentioned at 1 ohm mono if you have them done so correctly. Since it is not, I have to question the stability of the amp or if it is wired correctly. You are looking at the MA Audio HK4000D which I am sorry to say will put you in a situation which is no better. With it only being able to handle down to a 2 ohm load, you will not be able to reach the full potential with these speakers. However, IF you were to purchase two of these 4000D's and wire each one to a sub by itself at 2 ohm, you would be getting somewhere. Unfortunately, this is the only way I can see you getting the most out of these speakers. As I mentioned earlier, you CAN wire them both together to achieve a 3.0 ohm load mono to the amp, but this IS somewhat complicated and still wo not get the full potential of the amp. But with these two subs, you have to look at other alternatives. The 2.0 ohm configuration you wish to acheive, I am sorry to say, just is not posible with your equipment. Hope this is has been of some help. T.G.P.

3. Which names are best for the quad pod?

Alexis Paige Brennan Matthew Cooper Elijah Delaney Joy I like this set. You guys did a good job and picked out really good names for your babies. I seriously think you must be very brave. I am only carrying one baby and I started out at 5'2 110lbs I do not feel too good anymore and I constantly worry about my one baby being ok, I can not imagine worrying about and carrying 4! I wish you, your babies, and your family the best of luck!!! I hope all turns out well for mama and her babies!

4. How to prepare for the quad 6 hour race?

max nailed it, i have done these hair scrambles and Iron man rides. until you have done one ( or half of one) you do not even know what you are in for. it's kind of like being kicked in the jewels for six hours, the arm pump is going to stick with you for days, you are going to hurt every where. the only advice i have for you is try, pace yourself, have fun race yourself. best of luck to you. you may be surprised at how many riders go half the race, you will not be the only one to give up if necessary. good luck

5. Do games nowadays support quad cores and multi-cores processors?

that's a quad so that's going to be swifter at dissimilar apps than your Celly, besides the fact that it is not that great for gaming the two. There are a pair of cons to the q8000 sequence of processors. Intel skimpped on the L2 cache on those processors, retaining them interior the AMD point of overall performance. they are equivalent to the 9000 sequence of AMD Phenom1 processors... for my section q8000 sequence vs. the Phenom2 flow Phenom2 for gaming... in case you stumble on an extra little bit of money, flow LGA1155. They blow away all the core2 sequence processors. only pay attention of two cons with the LGA1155, a million. they do not seem to be going to be upgradable previous this launch of CPU's and a pair of. they are only truly good for single portraits card applications. They run in x8, x8 speeds while used with 2 portraits enjoying cards. on the comparable time, you are nevertheless working into those 2 circumstances with the LGA775 socket you are staring at besides. The q9550 is the terrific bang for the greenback processor left to enhance to interior the 775. And till you purchase a expensive x48 or 780i motherboard you are unlikely to get a speedy 2d slot. ought to I point out the q8000 sequence are not VM compliant which is going to sidestep you on your modifying utility... in case you desire to adhere along with your motherboard, get a q9550, in case you desire a comfortable entire improve vs. value get a 860 LGA1155.

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