Can You Talk on Your Cell Phone While on a Train Ride?

Yes. The sat uplink on the trains are not interfered by them . The coverage can be hit or miss because the cell companies focus on interstates for rural cell towers. As for aircraft. Cell phones in no way interfere with nav equipment. The FAA bans them because the technology is constantly changing and they do not want to wait for a frequency to be used that could interfere. Now it is there mostly for a courtesy for other passengers. Those people will drive you nuts enough we do not want to add loud talking on top of that.

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How do you nicely tell someone no when they ask to borrow your cell phone?

Rex, here's your answer. Works for me and it might work for you. Here are some scenarios: 1. If some has NOT seen you talking on the cell, (but they know you have it with you) then just say, "It's broken, I carry it out of habit and to remind me to take it back. Sorry." 2. If someone HAS seen you use it, say this: "I would love to hand it to you, but there are 2 reasons I can not . First of all, doctor's orders. I've had an unusual number of colds and flu symptoms lately, and the doctor asked me if I had been borrowing cell phones, or letting others borrow mine. I had to confess, that I do both. He said I not only catch a bug that way, but also pass mine along. He told me to stop doing that and see if my symptoms improved. So, I stopped -and the symptoms went away. The other reason also has to do with my health. My (wife, boss, customer -whatever) told me to keep the line open for a call around (name the time of day it is) and if I do not answer, he/she said he/she would KILL me. So, I am hanging on to it for dear life. Sorry." A little bit of humor there to soften the denial. But Rex, what you really need to do is keep the cell out of sight and on VIBRATE whenever the situation might come up. Give 'em a shot.

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Any good PrePaid Cell Phones?

You can get practically any cell phone out there pre-paid except like the GI or the iPhone

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question about cell phones in general?

Unlocked , has no sim card with it. If i were you i would consider switching to Nextel

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has anyone invented cell phone that can check if the oven at home is on ..and then to turn it off?

You would have to do it the otherway around. Create an oven with those capabilities because cell phones can do anything now that they have internet on them

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What do you think is too young for a child to have a cell phone?

I say kids under eleven should not have cell phones, but sometimes it really depends on the child

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I want a new cell phone!!!?

I might be able to help you find something that you would like. I am assuming that you do not want another Palm Trio or the ipod. There is several different types of cell phones, from normal basic phones to PDF's and multimedia phones etc. What types of features do you want on your cell phone? I do not know what you like or do not like, so it's really hard to give you ideas. So much information on different cell phones that I am afraid I would take up all of Yahoo's memory bank! LOL If you e-mail me with some information then I can help you. I will need is your zip code, Functions that you need or want etc. I may even be able to hook you up with a free phone. Different carriers have promotions on basic phones to PDF and multimedia phones. majority of the times for free or with an up grade. I know your with AT&T, are you looking for staying with them or changing to another carrier? Email me back on these questions if you would like my help. Good Luck!

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Radiology Film Badges & Cell Phones?

Yes, it's possible depending on the types of film being employed. This is why rule number 1 of radiography is to wear your badge at collar level. Rule number 2 is to ensure you turn off your phones in a clinical environment!

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