Cat Wont Drink Out of New (stainless Steel) Water Bowl?

Oh for god's sake just put the plastic one back!

1. Why isn't stainless steel used for rocket engines?

First, I am skeptical whether it's actually true true that stainless steel is actually never used in modern rocket engines (as some commments have asked). Stainless steels in general are not necessarily high performance materials when heated to high temperatures, in either practical strength (including vulnerability to various undesirable heat treatments, embrittlement, fatigue, etc) or in corrosion resistance, surely of some importance when chemically aggressive oxidizers are involved. This datasheet for Inconel 718 lists the strength, at various temperatures, after various heat treatments. Some of them are pretty favorable. Additionally, these nickel superalloys are often more chemically resistant, which is probably important when hypergolics are involved

2. Why does my stainless steel pan get a rainbowish color on the bottom?

Think it is the way the metal reacts to the heat. Nothing to do with the way you are cleaning the pan

3. do i really need a stainless steel cap for my chimney?

NO you do not really NEED a SS top for your Chimney anything will work. But you will have to have it replaced ever couple of years. Stainless Steel is you best bet. Will last at least 10-15 years. Do not get the cheep Stainless There are several grades and you need one that will stand up to the heat and acid that the oil furnace will produce. Go to a competent sheet metal shop and they can do anything...

4. tig welding stainless steel, having ugly grey welds?

Try to increase the purge rate, and maybe drop the amps some

5. What is a good product to make a stainless steel sink to shine like new?

From years of experience use Sheila-shine

6. How do you get coffee stains out of a stainless steel mug?

Try baking soda & water, leave it sit on the stains for awhile, then, scrub them off

7. stainless steel exhaust tips proplems?

If there rusting there not stainless

8. stainless steel benchtop has rust stains how to i clean it !!!!!?

Supposedly a product called CLR will solve your problem, but there is one I prefer that's called "NAVAL Jelly". It's available at most hardware stores

9. Faux tin or faux stainless steel for boy's room?

Diamond Plate, it's avalible in allot of different materials, steel, aluminum, titanium ect

10. If stainless steel doesn't rust, why is my brand new Whirlpool stainless steel frig already rusting and warranty doesn't cover rust?

I would get that ho's name and report her to the Better Business Beareau...thats what they are for. Keep companys in line that **** on the little ppl. Works for me cuz i get tired of the run around and shitty cust service. ,.

11. how to clean rust from stainless steel sink?

Try rubbing the affected area with a lead pencil

12. Is it heat or cold that I should use to "unstick" two stainless steel pots?

put hot water in the sink, and submerge only the bottom pan. it should twist right out after a few seconds

13. Which is more popular or stylish? A white fridge or a stainless steel fridge?

stainelss steel

14. How do you fry an egg in a stainless steel pan?

pour olive oil or any type of oil into the pan and put in the egg. and when your cooking it, make sure to not leave it in there until they are done. You need to use a spatula and scrape the sides of the eggs while they are still cooking so it wo not be harder to get it out.

15. Does the shiny stainless steel show more or less finger prints?

Lot's more. You will go crazy trying to keep it looking good, especially if you have kids

16. What is the best way to regularly clean a stainless steel sink?

using windex will make it shine

17. How can I get rid of rust on my stainless steel refridgerator?

not sure how to remove rust but know that to keep stainless steel fridges looking their best you should wipe the surface with baby oil then buff up with a soft cloth

18. Which is better to cook everything in stainless steel or aluminum?

cooking better in always in steel. it will save the energy also steel not mix with food but aluminum mix with food

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