Cloth Diapering Mommies?

individually, myself, my husband, and my sitters (relatives) purely do not have the time for fabric diapers. We the two artwork finished-time and the final factor i want is greater laundry lol yet once you examine online for a internet site that provides trials for diapers, it is great. I observed a link through a question asked months back and it substitute into relatively cool. You pay like $a hundred and fifty or some thing to objective approximately 3-4 diverse sorts of diapers for a tribulation era and then return those, or all, in case you do in comparison to them. Gosh I desire I knew the positioning!!! I appeared at it to think approximately it however the heck if i will submit to in innovations it. i am going to objective and save searching for it, I submit to in innovations the format of the positioning so i am going to seek for it.

1. Is this insulation bad for me?

No it is not good to be near. However I would not suggest covering it with cloth or plastic both fire hazzards. The correct covering would be sheetrock or a fire retardant panneling

2. how to cut a pvc pipe?

Under normal circumstances you would use a metal hacksaw to cut the pipe. If you find that you need some intricate maneuvering to cut fancy shapes try removing the blade (or, better still, get a fresh new one) and guard against the teeth cutting your hand by wrapping some of it with cloth to form a handle (similar to a knife handle) Just be cautious that you do not attempt any turns that will snap the blade

3. Can shredded office paper be used for mulch in the flowerbeds?

Paper is organic. Was either wood or cloth or both. These items break down as there are a multitude of micro organisms that eat it. Problem with paper is that by itself in composting, it layers and therefore takes a long time to break down. Shredded paper is the best form to compost or mix in with existing garden soil. The operative word here is MIX. In either composting or incorporating with garden soil in place is to separate the individual shreds so they can not layer. What we do is spread an inch of shreddings on the soil and run a rotor-tiller over and through the area until there is an even distribution of shreddings throughout the soil.

4. Where does the last name Fuller originate from?

The surname generally comes from in southeastern England and East Anglia as "an occupational name for a dresser of cloth." You may want to do your own family research to validate what I just told you

5. Hamorroids? Is it treatable from home? I suspect I have it due to a lump and a little bit of research?

Avoid making hemorrhoids worse Blot the anus gently with white toilet paper moistened with water or a cleansing agent (such as Balneol) after bowel movements. Baby wipes or other premoistened towels (such as Tucks) are also useful for this purpose. Avoid rubbing the anal area. You can rinse off in the shower or on a bidet instead of wiping yourself with toilet paper. After cleansing, gently pat the anal area dry with a soft, absorbent towel or cloth. Use soaps that contain no perfumes or dyes. Relieve pain and itching Take nonprescription pain relievers. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) can help with pain. Aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen (Motrin) and naproxen (Aleve) can help with pain and swelling. Apply ice several times a day for 10 minutes at a time. Follow this by placing a warm compress on the anal area for another 10 to 20 minutes. Take a sitz bath. Fill your bathtub with just enough warm water to cover the anal area. Do this several times a day, especially after you have had a bowel movement. Soak for about 15 minutes at a time.

6. How do I clean my make up off without harming my eyelashes?

get a oil based makeup remover only use it on your eyes put some on a cotton ball, wash cloth. ect. then hold it on there till it wipes away easy. then use face soap for the rest (: i used the covergirl one for eyes! also what works good and isnt bad for your eyes in johnsons baby shampoo! also take a q-tip and go over your lashes *this will take a few* that way your not wiping them as much!

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Do You Have Any Cheap Clothing Storage/space Saving Ideas for Me?
Do You Have Any Cheap Clothing Storage/space Saving Ideas for Me?
( the bunk beds we have sit up kinda high off the floor.13 inches.) It cost me less than 10 dollars and they are very durable. We have been using ours for over a year and they are holding nicely. I also purchased some over the door type hanger shoe bags for socks, panties and T-shirts. simply roll and stick in the pockets. If your crafty you can make one out of an old sheet or flannel blanket. Hope this helps1. What age can a child have a duvet?i would not suggest an actual duvet maybe a light comforter or flannel blanket..something more lightweight should be fine2. Mom's of babies......... would your prefer a flannel quilt or a double sided flannel blanket for your baby ? PLease read?Probably just a double sided flannel blanket. I think a quilt would be really nice, but I would prefer a blanket. That's really nice what you do3. Need help on making a flannel blanket for babies?Fold the raw edges (the two sides that were cut with scissors) over 1/2". Iron the fold so it will stay folded then fold it again. Iron the fold again and sew straight along the folded fabric so it stays folded.4. My german shepherd dog is going to have puppies, what do I need to get in supplies for the pregnacy?Stethoscope For listening to momma's heartbeat -- or checking for babies heartbeat. When recording number of heartbeats per minute, time for 15 seconds and multiply by 4. Puppies' heartbeats are VERY fast! Lactated Ringers Solution w/line set Use to rehydrate mother or puppies. Also use as base for sugar-water solution for weak puppies. It is unusual to have to rehydrate the ***** -- use only on vet's advice. Betadine, diluted in spray bottle (or squeeze bottle) General skin cleaning. Bottles of diluted solution make cleaning up faster. Discard diluted solution after use and make up new solution with each whelping. 4" x 4" sterile gauze sponges General cleaning. May also be used to grab a stuck puppy. surgical sponge One side is smooth and soft -- the other side is slight abrasive. Used to clean skin around incisions -- or vulvar area. May also be used to remove skin deposits from nipples pre-whelping. chlorhexidine towelettes To clean scissors or hemostats before use. May also be used on hands. Alcohol Wipes To cleaning scissors or other supplies. Hemostats or forceps For clamping umbilical cords before cutting. Leave forceps on for few minutes to minimize bleeding from stump. Whelping Table Equipment: I place all these supplies on a baby changing table I keep in the whelping area so they are easily accessible during and after the whelping. kleenex cleaning. paper towel cleaning. small trash bags, large trash bags Small trash bags for heavily soiled disposals. Large trash bags for everything else. handi-wipes For small clean-ups or use on hands. laundry basket For soiled linen. zip loc bags - small and large For storing small things. spray bottle of disinfectant For cleaning floor of whelping area and whelping box. spray bottle of self-rinse shampoo, slicker brush, wash cloth For cleaning up mom. heating lamp or small ceramic heater For keeping the whelping area warm. I use a 75-100 watt regular light bulb in a metal reflector, or a ceramic heater on low placed 4 feet from the whelping box. water bucket w/clip For momma. Leave close by so she does not have to leave the puppies for long. Misc. Fasteners I keep a bag of snaps, hand clamps (all sizes), blanket pins and binder clips on hand. I use them to fasten everything from blankets, to lamps to paperwork and personal reminders. Start collecting them now --they come in handy. Whelping Kit: I place these supplies in a separate box on the whelping table. I want to be able to get to them easily during a whelping. These are the supplies I use on newborn puppies. Thermometer For checking mom's temperature. In extreme cases (chilled puppies), you may need to record their temp. I use a digital thermometer. Thermometer covers Plastic covers to protect the thermometer from being soiled. Children's Safety Scissors To cut and trim umbilical cords. These scissors should not be too sharp or they could cause the cord to bleed. dental floss I use the unwaxed kind. I tie lengths of floss in loops and place in a zip loc bag. The loops are doubled over and tied as close to the puppy's body as possible. bulb syringes For removing amniotic fluid from the puppy's nose and throat. Get several sizes. tincture of iodine Helps in drying out umbilical cords. Use twice daily on cords until they fall off and continue to use on umbilical site for one more day. You can get the decolorized kind so it does not stain fabric. latex gloves Apply gloves before reaching in to pull out stuck puppies. K-Y jelly For general lubrication (gloves) or apply around stuck puppy if birth canal is dry. hand towels or surgical towels For reviving and drying off newborns. Incontinence pads I use these pads to whelp on. Because they have plastic backs, they make cleaning up easier. You can also use them under the fleece in the whelping box after the whelping is over. Never use after the puppies are up and around and could potentially chew the pads. Puppy Box This is the box you use to place newborns in. I use a corrugated plastic mail box (the type the mailman uses to sort mail) or a corrugated plastic cat carrier. Heating pad Wrap in flannel receiving blankets and never raise temperature above low. Flannel receiving blankets Warm and cheap Hand towel I use a hand towel over the blankets when the puppies are young to keep the blankets from getting stained. Bag of kitty litter Place a thin layer of regular clay kitty litter in a gallon ziploc bag. Place between heating pad and flannel blanket. This spreads the heat across the pad and avoids hot spots that could potentially overheat puppies. Whelping box equipment I use a 3'X3' plastic children's wading pool, thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant and hot water. If you use a wooden box, clean with disinfectant after applying a fresh coat of scrubbable, latex, child-safe paint or other suitable wood sealer. 3'x3' pad for under box I place this under the pool to cushion it and keep the pool off the floor. This also makes the pool easier to heat. old blanket I use this in the box before the puppies are born -- for mom to sleep on. Fleece covers for pool I place the fleece completely over the pool -- well over the sides so the plastic is completely covered. I secure the fleece to the box with binder clips placed at 6" intervals. You can pull the fleece tight, which will keep the puppies from getting under momma room thermometer I place this on the floor of the whelping box. Puppy Feeding Supplies I prefer to make homemade formula*. If you prefer a store-bought formula, you can skip this section. In any case, have some formula, or the ingredients on hand BEFORE the whelping. several cans evaporated milk You may substitute goat's milk, if you prefer. whole fat yogurt If you can not get whole fat yogurt, substitute part fat. eggs As large as possible. bottled/sterilized baby water. Do not use the sweetened kind. Pedialyte PLAIN French Tube (7 or 8) For tube feeding. 20 cc syringes w/20 g. needle For tube feeding. Additional supplies Misc. Stuff Whelping forms Place these in a small binder or on a clipboard. For the humans: Video tapes, books, food, coffee, champagne. Whelping information Your favorite books, articles, and/or magazines should be on hand. Hopefully you wo not need them, but having them there is always a comfort. edit haha sparten...would hate for anyone to think whelping a litter is easy or the list might be a little extreme...but all the items would certainly be useful
Does Anyone Use Cloth Diapers?
I've done cloth for over a year with my son full time. I like pocket style nappies the best. They are easy to clean, just shake poo lumps off into the toilet then put them in a bucket until you have enough for a load and then wash them in cold water with just a little detergent. No bleach, fabric softener or anything else needed in the wash! I like pockets the best because they go on with the ease of disposables but dry quicker than all in ones. Pockets you pull the absorbent insert out of them before washing. Problems you are likely to encounter- yellow stains are poo stains you get these out by exposing to UV light (it breaks up the poo compunds!) -black/blue stains are sorbitol, the sweetener in infant pain killers. UV light kills these as well. - REALLY foul stench when your child urinates (smells like a homeless bum with bad incontinence that has not washed in a month). This is caused by detergent build up (AKA using too much detergent) you can eliminate this by washing them in warm water several times with NO detergent at all. I just skip detergent in the next couple of washes until they stop stinking when my son urinates in them.1. Cloth diapers? What are the different parts to it?Cloth diapers are just that...cloth. I am not aware of any liners that they sell. If this is the route that you would like to take I suggest you gather them together and let them soak in a laundry room sink, with a detergent, then wash them as normal2. Are cloth diapers worth it?my daughters nursery started using cloth nappies for any parents that wanted it i know one of my friends did it for a while but got really fed up with them the swapped back to disposables i think the company was nippy nappies or something like that they would supply the nappies to you and once a week collect the soiled ones and leave you with fresh clean ones i dont think its expensive either3. Did you use cloth or disposable diapers?Cloth. Cheaper, more absorbent, better for the environment, better for baby (no chemicals or plastics or chlorines in them)4. tanning ? whats the small wash cloth for?you can use it to put over your face if you burn easily or to wipe your sweat off yourself or the bed5. does someone know what the paper used for an iron on t-shirt is called?transfer paper you might have to specify its for cloth6. are cloth diapers really worth it? or do the time spent & extra laundry outweigh the savings...?Using cloth came to me effortlessly, BUT I did months of research online before I started into what would be the best laundering technique for me and I had a LOT of support. My mother and mother in law both did cloth so they were a wellspring of advice and my oldest sister in law did cloth with all SIX of her kids! I also enjoy doing laundry, a LOT, so while with disposables I had the rather unpleasant task of, well, would isposing' of the disposables- which happened to be one of my LEAST favourite chores, I did not find cloth to be ANY work at all! Like a lot of other people I did the sums, for me the start up year had a costing difference of $600 between cloth and disposable with cloth being cheaper- it would have been a bigger difference but I became addicted to buying the fancy styles! I calculated that without that start up cost the difference could be closer to $1000 a year in my house. If laundry is NOT your favourite chore, by all means look into a service, but they are NOT cheaper in all areas. I have one available in my area- I wo not use it because they charge $60 a week here! That's more than DOUBLE the cost of using disposables! If you want to just would ip your toes in the water' so to speak, buy a sample pack of one of the better brands, or check out the cloth sellers online- some of them do a hire purchase scheme where you can try first, buy later if you like them or you can send them back if you do not like them and not be out of pocket. Some local governments also offer subsidies for going with cloth, I know of at least half a dozen in the UK and New Zealand, I've heard rumours that there is one in Victoria in Australia and that a couple of local councils in America and Canada are also planning to institute them if they have not already done so.
I Want to Wear Girls Clothes and Wear Makeup But?
yeah you should just not anything to innapropriet1. I want the world to kinow i wear girls clothes,What should i wear except dresses or skirts ?o jeeze i only wear chink jeans and panties, but i guess just go for the most girly panties, jens ans shirts you can findl that all i can tell ya >.>2. girls,if a guy told you he loved to wear girls clothes ,would you think he a sissy?it would be kinda weird. but somewhat cute :) haha3. What do you think about teen boys wearing girls clothes?you are the same person that asked a while back if a girl would ever date a guy who wore women's clothes. if i remember correctly, you got a resounding no. i do not think you really care what we think, because obviously you do it anyway, so why ask? most people find it socially odd, which i am sure you know. but if you want to do it and can deal with the objections, more power to you.4. Is it ok for a guy to wear girls clothes?It's true to say that not all cross dressers or trans-sexual men are necessarily gay. If it makes you happy, then sure, go ahead. Some research has shown that many trans-sexual men, rather than feeling they were women born in men's bodies, are actually actually straight men who fetishize women's appearances so much that they get turned on looking *like* them, rather than looking *at* them. So you go ahead and be whoever you want to be.5. whow do i get girls clothes for myself as a guy?offer to buy one of those girl friends lunch if she will shop with you first !6. Fun Poll for girls on clothes??1.13 3.puffy coats (ecko red, baby phat) shorts only get a short as bermuda shorts 5.i like plaid for shorts or umbrellas, and i also like graphic tees 6.i do not really like logos, cuz' i am not preppy (but preppies are cool) 7.i love straight leg, or bell bottoms (not like hippies :) ) i also like skinny jeans, but i do not wear them. 8.yes 9.yes 10.i do not know cuz' i use my mom's money but anywhere from $100-$300 11.a city7. how to get confidence to buy girls clothes for myself? and does it make me gay or bi?Being attracted to men and women makes you bi.Your just cross-dressing and theres nothing wrong with that.Try ordering online or if you go to the store just tell them its for your girlfriend or go when its late and no one else is there.8. what should a guy wear for easter if he loves wearing girls clothes?A floral dress, an easter bonnet and frilly socks9. Should I tell girfriend that I like to wear girls clothes?You should show up at her door wearing a nice blouse, mini skirt, heels, pantyhose, panties and matching bra. Make sure you have on wig and do your makeup. If she really cares, she will invite you in. If she does not, she will slam door in your face. Good luck! By the way, my husband is a crossdresser and we have so much fun together! By the way, I love your french maids outfit!10. girls,would you go out with a guy who like to wear girls clothes at home in private?I will go out with you but to date.. but as a friend. i think you will make a great guy friend for a girl. sounds like you understands girl better than any other guy does11. Are girls clothes thinner than guys?yes becuase men have broader shoulders though some womens clothes are not because they need to be bigger12. can u give me some preppy teens girls clothes?Coach, Juicy Couture, if you want cheaper things then go for things from Abercrombie & Fitch or Hollister13. girls,if a guy told you he loved to wear girls clothes ,would you think he a sissy?Sweetguy, it wo not make him a sissy if he keeps it to himself. Like dress like that in the privacy of his own home so no one sees. People are too quick to judge others. Tell him to do what he enjoys and turns him on but in his own home.
If Me and You Switched Clothes RIGHT NOW What Would I Be Wearing?
a long pink summer dress wiv green dots on and a purple bra with black shorts1. Is eating farm eggs healthier than cage hen eggs?Healthier for the human? Not really. The nutritional value of a chicken egg is based on what the chicken ate. Chickens on pasture make eggs that are higher in certain fatty acids than those on a purely chicken feed diet, but lots of big layer companies add things like flax seeds or fish meal to the hens' diet to add these nutrients. It will also depend on the time of year. Eggs from our eggs will be more nutritious in the spring and summer, but in the winter the hens are eating mostly chicken feed and our eggs are pretty much like store eggs. Healthier for the chicken? Definitely.2. What should I do about my sweating?i sometimes get this - it is truly awful and really lowers my confidence, i feel as though i have to be really careful all the time and wear black tops so no one will notice. there are lots of people out there that get this, it's really common but there are ways to deal with it. personally i use Right Guard women extreme dry 72h, and regularly top up on it throughout the day. i try and wear loose fitting clothes and sometimes darker clothes or white tops. with school shirts i wear a long sleeve white top underneath that stops it from soaking through as much and sleeveless tops are brilliant for summer. sometimes deodorant is not strong enough but i've heard that you can go to doctors and get a prescription really strong deodorant or get injections or something. keep hydrated and stay healthy, try not to over heat and stay in the shade. do not be embarrassed about it, you are defiantly not alone. talk to your parents or something, they will help you prevent it. best wishes :)3. Best way to transfer files using target disk mode?You can move files over using an ethernet cable and file sharing enabled. If they are already on the same network and in the same workgroup you can transfer files via the network. So the answer is yes to boot usb but only sometimes Target Mode. The following systems are compatible with Target Mode Via a USB or ethernet cable: Compatible computers eMac (all models) iBook (FireWire) and all models introduced after September 2000 iMac (Slot Loading) with firmware version 2.4 or later iMac (Summer 2000) and all models introduced after July 2000 Mac mini (all models) Mac Pro (all models) MacBook (original white and black plastic models, not the aluminum or plastic unibody models) MacBook Pro (all models) XServe (all models) Power Mac G4 (AGP Graphics) with ATA drive Power Mac G4 (Gigabit Ethernet) and all models introduced after July 2000 Power Mac G4 Cube Power Mac G5 (all models) PowerBook G3 (FireWire) PowerBook G4 (all models) If you have one of these computers, and a USB cable, then you should be able to do this. Hope I helped! Maxwell4. Need a Recipe to Use Up Some Spices...?Cilantro goes well with anything Mexican. Parsley is a great addition to Russian Summer Salad (chop tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, radishes, and whatever greens you have on hand, salt, toss, and drizzle with olive oil). Also, here's a tip for you: if you do not use up all the greens, you can chop them, put them in an ice cube tray, add a tablespoon or two of water to each cube, and stick the tray into the freezer. You can add those cubes to soups and stews later!5. when is the next big sale at bath and body works?its usually during christmas time and summer. Even though its still spring, bath and body works is having a sale on their soaps for $3. Plus, become a subscriber on their emails because they tell you all about the sales. I used one of their coupons this weekend, but anything and show your student ID, and get a free lip product6. What are the different uniforms that ROTC and Corp Cadets wear? ex btus are the camo what are the other ones?It depends on the school. VMI, the Citadel, and Texas A&M all have a Corps of Cadets. Usually there is the military uniforms worn by cadets who are in the ROTC and there are the Corps uniforms which are usually obsolete military uniforms (WWII or earlier). The Corps uniforms are usually the uniform of the day. The navy uniforms you are likely to see are as follows: Khakis- Certified Navy Twill (CNT), and Working Khakis BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) - camouflage Whites- white short sleeve uniform with shoulder boards Less likely to see Service Dress Blues (formal) - Dark, almost black uniform cut like a suit. Usually worn at winter commissioning ceremonies. Service Dress Whites - Long sleeve formal white uniform used for summer commissioning ceremonies. As for the jargon, there are too many things that I could list. I would suggest that you do not worry about it. After all, you are not the one in ROTC. You will probably pick up on most of the important ones as you hang out more.
A Kindergarten Teacher
Follow us: Waking up before sunrise to make photocopies and grade papers hasn’t gotten any less grueling for 27-year-old Laura Chiang, who has been a teacher for five years now. But she still can’t imagine doing anything else.Chiang teaches kindergarten at a public school in a high poverty area of Albuquerque, N.M, where nearly every student qualifies for free lunch because their family income is at or below the poverty line. Chiang herself only earns $36,000 a year. And if it weren’t for her husband, who earns a lot more as an engineer, she doesn’t know how she would make ends meet.But her students help put things in perspective. Throughout her years teaching, she has helped students deal with homelessness or having a parent incarcerated. She has spent hundreds of dollars of her own money on school supplies and clothing for kids in need and has spent dozens of hours translating documents and letters into Spanish for students' families who know little English. Here are journal entries from a day in her life:I get out of bed to go to the gym. Everything is packed up and ready to go from the night before, so all I need to do is get dressed in my gym clothes, brush my teeth, force in my contacts, and prepare my breakfast. I always have a homemade fruit smoothie with protein powder. I run off to the locker room for a quick shower. I remember that today is school picture day and that today’s photo will be the one on my ID. I vow that I will straighten my hair and put on more makeup, but I end up doing the usual run my fingers through my hair and minute make-up routine.I park in one of the coveted front parking spaces and greet everyone I meet with the best smile my tired self can muster.I walk into my classroom and put away my lunch, set up my computer, check my work e-mail, and make sure that all of today’s materials are prepared.I curse myself that I forgot to make copies of today’s Social Studies project. I grab the master copy and briskly walk to the work room, hoping at least one copier is available and functional. The principal comes onto the loudspeaker, announcing that the students will be arriving in our classrooms 20 minutes early due to the rain outside. I rejoice when a copier becomes available within 30 seconds. I grab the copies the second they come out, almost run back to the room, and open the door just as the bell rings.Whenever the kids first come inside, I put on a fun, but educational video such as WordGirl or The Magic School Bus. While they watch the video I use the time to sort through new file folder games to go with the skills we’ve been working on and return and “grade” papers. When I teach Kindergarten, I only put smiles on their papers and circle and correct mistakes. If there are many errors and especially if a student was careless, I may put a tiny smiley face or a note that I hope their parents will read. The bell rings and the day begins. The students put their homework folder in the basket, take their breakfast, and have a seat. All students receive free breakfast and lunch at the school. We are about to start our morning routine, and my class is called to the gym for pictures. When my students are finished, I begrudgingly have my photo taken and walk my kids back to class.During Morning Meeting, we greet one another, share, sing letter names and sounds, count, recite the rules, and read a morning message I write each morning. I love it because it helps build community and transition into the school day. We finish yesterday’s Social Studies project about U.S. symbols. While students are working, I rotate around, asking them about the U.S. symbols and informally assessing them on this week’s Social Studies objectives. The principal walks in with her iPad and I know what that means – I’m getting my weekly “walk-through.” This means I’m being “informally” assessed. I can’t help but feel scrutinized and judged, even though that’s not the principal’s intention. When the last student finishes, I transition the students to the carpet and the principal leaves.Due to the rain, it’s indoor lunch recess.I grab my lunch and walk over to my fellow Kindergarten teacher’s classroom for lunch with a few other coworkers.I bring leftovers from an incredible salad my husband made earlier in the week and snack on some grapes (I never get to the pumpkin seeds).I pick up the students from the cafeteria.The students and I go through the Calendar Math flipchart where we learn about the functions and part of the calendars, weather, counting to 100, place value, and basic number sense. Then I transition back to Reading with sight word practice. It’s time for snack and preparation for dismissal. While snack is being passed out, a student requests a song that helps them learn how to spell number words one through five. I have a happy moment watching my students singing and enjoying an educational song during what is technically their free time. Students clean up, pack up their backpacks and leave for Computers.I drop the students off at Computer class a couple minutes late and go back to the classroom. I realize that I had forgotten to type up and submit my professional development plan (PDP) for this year. I spend the remainder of my prep time figuring out my teaching goals and action plan.While my educational assistant leads half of the students to the buses, I take the other half to the parent pickup line.I have about an hour before I need to leave for the local community college. I’m taking a course focusing on translation. Although this isn’t a requirement, I think it’s a necessity when I work in a school with so many Spanish-speaking parents. Last year, out of 23 students, 17 parents needed notes sent home in Spanish. I go to the computer to create resources I need for later in the week. I could buy what I want for a couple of dollars online, but I feel as though my paycheck is too small to justify buying something I can make in 20 minutes or less. I arrive at the college on time and am thankful I’m not running in a couple minutes late out of breath as usual.When class lets out I set up in a student lounge to be productive for about 45 minutes. I’m grade level chair this year, and this week I found out that our school will not have money for field trip transportation, so we will have to find a grant for a bus or have the experiences come to us. I spend the remainder of my time on campus e-mailing or calling about possible field trips or classroom experiences, hoping to provide something special for my students.I leave to go to church for my hand bell choir rehearsal. I arrive 10 minutes late and my fellow ringers ring the bells for arriving late (all in good fun of course!) I finally arrive home and am greeted by a warm hug and an unbelievable dinner: crusted chicken, mushrooms, and peeled carrot slices.I honestly could not do my job without my husband. He supports me in so many ways: dinner, back massages and foot rubs, chaperoning field trips on no sleep (thanks to his work schedule), classroom visits, listening to all work woes, and just being there. I savor every bite of my dinner and snuggle up while we watch some forgettable TV show.I’m too exhausted to sit up anymore and climb into bed. As with most nights, I have trouble falling asleep at first, thinking and reflecting about the day and trying to remember the many things I’ve forgotten to do. I finally fall asleep and dream about tomorrow’s routine. Most stock quote data provided by BATS. Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes. All times are ET. Disclaimer. Morningstar: © 2018 Morningstar, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 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Touching Cloth
Touching ClothTouching cloth is a studio album by the American punk band Youth Gone Mad. It includes songs written and performed with Dee Dee Ramone, formerly of the Ramones. The song "Guns" was originally written by Youth Gone Mad, but first recorded by Southern California hardcore punk band D.I.. Its appearance on Touching cloth marks the first studio recording of "Guns" by Youth Gone Mad, despite having been written two decades earlier. "Amoeba" is a cover song, originally recorded by Adolescents. The version here features vocals by a young Madeline Follin who would go on to form Cults. Follin also sang on the original tune "Go Outter" and a cover of "Killer in Your Radio" (originally by Hammerbrain).— — — — — —How can I make my hamster warmer?In the winter time, I take a box and cut a small hole in it, buy some warm cheap cloth(such as some fleece or something that is on sale.) from walmart and cut it into strips. My rats enjoy it a lot and if I stick my hand in it it's always warm in there. And if you do not want to have to keep buying cloth you can just put the pieces in a bag then wash and dry it like that.— — — — — —Are there any brothers that wear the thobe?usually midway, or sometimes lower- depends on the cloth— — — — — —Where can i find good tips on fixing a scratched DVD?Just like a car. You take the cloth and continuously turn it over, be very gentle with the pressure, and you work back and forth (unlike a car) and not in circles on the disk— — — — — —Anyone know any really good natural ways to get to sleep at night?lavender oils. use them on your pillow. Just throw some on a cloth and throw your pillow case and the cloth in the dryer. I have heard it works. I myself have dark curtains, I cover up every light, and have pure silence. Plus a cold room. Have you ever tried Yoga or meditation to relax??? Helps me too.— — — — — —Having lots of pimples on party day..what to do ?If the party is tonight, then your best bet is to just cover it with concealer and foundation. Do not trust those quick-on-the-spot acne removers, they will irritate the skin and just end up making your face look red. Do not, and I repeat DO NOT pop any of the pimples, leave them as they are now. What you CAN do to reduce the size, is to take a wash cloth and soak it in warm - hot water, squeeze out any excess water and hold the cloth over your face until the temperature has fully gone down. This will calm your skin, opening the pores and minimize the size. For future reference, if your acne is bad, do not use salicylic acid for your wash. It does not work for everyone, as it did not work for me either. I suggest using a cleansing wash that has benzoyl peroxide in it. It is a stronger ingredient that works like magic. There are drugstore cleansers that have it ranging from 2% and 10% based on intensity of the ingredient. An example would be the Clear Pore cleaner/mask from Neutrogena, which you can find at Target. & do not be insecure about your acne, everyone goes through it. xx— — — — — —Does Anybody Know How To Clean PS2 and PS1 discs?you need a soft cloth or paper towel. dab the toothpaste( white, not gel toothpaste) on the cloth, then rub the disc( small circles) from the inside to the outside lightly. this should buff out small scratches. i have saved a few games and music cd's with this method. never use glass cleaner to wash them cause the ammonia will eat the plastic of the disc.— — — — — —What can i create to represent ANY astronomical phenomenon?Stretch some cloth across the top of a barrel or bucket and hold it in place with a rubber band. Then place a heavy object on the cloth causing a sort of depression. This is a simulation of gravity. Then take a baseball or tennis ball and roll in into the depression but not exactly toward the heavy object and watch it go into sort of an orbit.
Toronto Retailers Embrace Slow Clothing
As H&M, Walmart, Target, Gap and other major international retailers grapple with the moral and technical challenges of producing fast fashion in Bangladesh, a movement to change the way people think about what they wear seems to be inching mainstream.Call it slow clothing.Instead of trendy, mass-produced pieces that might not last more than one season, slow clothiers sell classic silhouettes and basics like t-shirts, but in organic, eco-friendly or recycled materials, made locally or sourced ethically.They work with seamstresses in Toronto, tailors in Haiti and artisans in Bangladesh. And they’re moving further from the niche they used to occupy to reach a larger audience of consumers who are becoming more interested in where their clothes come from and who made them.Mini mioche, with a flagship store on Queen St. W. that sells organic, made-in-Canada basics for children, opened a second location in April in the Distillery District, one of the city’s hot spots for slow clothing.The store sells silky-soft clothing for children, from onesies to size six, made of organic cotton sourced in India and woven in an Ontario mill. The t-shirts retail for $25 to $28 depending on size, and are made to be handed down. Although there are new colours every season, they are neutrals that can be mixed, matched and layered.“We have quite a loyal following,” said Alex Goth, operations manager for the brand, which has an online presence in addition to the two stores in Toronto. The line is sold at some U.S. boutiques.Demand from moms has spurred the launch a line for women, which includes $45 t-shirts and slim, well-fitting hoodies in similarly soft fabric for $108.Down the lane and up a flight of stairs, at the showroom for Fashion Takes Action, founded by Toronto mom and eco-fashionista Kelly Drennan, similarly inspired brands have been rounded up for sale.“There’s definitely a lot more interest for clothing that is ethically produced, especially since the Bangladesh tragedy,” said Carmen Siu, sustainability resource co-ordinator for Fashion Takes Action.“People are slowly making the effort to seek out eco items.”The Fashion Takes Action showroom carries labels including the Azadi Project, which employs artisans in Bangladesh and Pakistan. An A-line skirt, lined with a pattern of printed and embroidered camel silhouettes, sells for $78.A label called Local Buttons works with tailors in Haiti, recycling fabrics from the second-hand markets in Port-au-Prince. A black Local Buttons vest with a plaid back goes for $63. Sunglasses by a label called Botany, with wooden frames, sell for $110.The showroom also promotes services like Dye It Black, which will, for a fee, repurpose your clothing by dying it black.“I think about it more in terms of sustainability. The time has come for something like it,” says Michelle Miller, a Toronto textile designer who launched Dye it Black last year.She has died jeans and wedding dresses to turn them into cocktail dresses. She uses fixed, commercial-grade dyes that don’t rub off on furniture or other clothes.Business has built by word of mouth, and is growing every day, she says.“It’s come a long way since it started,” she says. “There is more of it, which means the price can come down a little bit.”But she says it’s still harder to find sustainable clothes for work on Bay Street than it is for weekend wear.Elizabeth Cline, author of Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion, says that what started as a niche market, with stores like Forever 21 and H&M producing fast fashion, ended up going mainstream, with everyone jockeying for a piece of the lucrative fast-fashion market.Canada’s Joe Fresh label, owned by Loblaw Companies, was one of those being produced in the building in Bangladesh that collapsed in April, killing more than 1,000 people.The tragedy horrified many consumers and galvanized retailers. Loblaw Companies was the first and remains the only Canadian signatory to the Bangladesh Fire and Safety Accord, a legally binding, comprehensive agreement also signed by H&M and other retailers worldwide, aimed at ensuring worker safety in Bangladesh.Earlier this week, an alliance of North American retailers including Walmart and Target laid out their own plans for better practices in Bangladesh.People used to save for clothes, build wardrobes around a few quality pieces and update seasonally with a few choice items; that idea is foreign to young shoppers today, according to Cline.But sustainable clothing may be changing that again. Sarra Tang, owner and founder of Hoi Bo, which handcrafts purses and clothes on site, said her intention when she founded the company six years ago was not simply to make a great product. She wanted to make sure that the people who worked with her made a decent living and that she used products that were safe for the environment and her employees.She opened her store in the Distillery District in August 2012 and has a loyal clientele. Her products don’t go on sale because they’re priced right, she believes, from $65 to $580.“I think that the market is definitely growing for hand-crafted, sustainable products because there has to be an alternative to what exists currently. People are becoming more and more concerned with the providence not only of the foods they eat, but the goods they consume.”
For Those Who Use Or Have Tried Cloth Diapers, How Are They?
For those who use or have tried cloth diapers, how are they?We used cloth and disposable diapers and both worked well. We used cloth diapers and plastic pants for around the house. It is cheaper and you do have to wash them after each use before you can use them again. Use the disposable diapers for road trips or visits to friends and family for and evening or over night. Longer visits,you can use cloth diapers when your sitting around relaxing or continue to use the disposables. After a couple of washings,the cloth diapers will have a better fit. The pre-folded work like the disposable diapers,but you will need to keep some safety pins on hand to keep cloth diapers secure. Probably the best cloth diaper to use is the "1 size fits all"because you basically fold it to fit and you can move the "extra"protection to the front or back of the diaper depending on the sex of the baby. Also,with cloth diapers,if the baby gets a heat rash,the plastic pants can be left off so air can pass through the diaper. There are pads you can put under the baby while you hold it or it lays around to protect your lap and furnishings while the pants are off. After the baby graduates from diapers,you get free dusting and cleaning rags.— — — — — —Cloth Diapering Mommy's: What store bought detergent would you use?I am a daddy,not a mommy, but we do use cloth diapers. :) We use Country Save powdered detergent. It is really cheap (like $7 for 160 loads) and since it is pretty basic it does not have all the additives that are in regular detergents it keeps your diapers from becoming water resistant. To the daddy-hater mommy - They tell you not to use most detergents because they can be harmful to cloth diapers. They are harmful because they have brighteners. Many powder detergents have harsh abrasives. Country Save has neither. Also - You only cloth diapers for two weeks, so your criticism (unlike my Country Save washed cloth diapers) does not hold much water. Also - she was looking for something you can buy in stores that is not expensive. Not much out there that you can use on cloth diapers that is readily available and is cheap.— — — — — —I'm considering cloth diapering, is it as gross as most think it is?I have been using cloth on my child from 4 months. It really is not as gross as I expected. I have only accidentally gotten poop on my hand once in the last 4 months, about as often as I did with disposables. Before gave my son solids, he was breastfed exclusively, and I did not have to do anything special with the poop. Since I introduced solids, I have to shake poopy diapers over the toilet before putting them in the diaper pail. I have not had to dunk a diaper in the toilet yet. They always come out clean. I only use 1 size diapers, which I highly recommend. This means you do not have to buy more diapers when your kid grows or use different diapers for your 2 kids. I prefer the snaps. I have never used a diaper pin or a snappi. We use cloth diapers even when we are out, but we use a disposable overnight and when my child has a baby sitter. I only use the disosable overnight because I do not want to worry that my baby is wet, but I would bet I could get away with a cloth diaper. My son leaked all the time in disposables, but I have never had a leak with my cloth diapers. I wash every other day and hang my diapers to dry on the clothes line. I am saving money and it makes me happy. I did a lot of research before I made the switch and I recommend it to you too. Good Luck.— — — — — —Which cloth diapers do you recommend?We have used cloth diapers for all three of our children so far - we love them. We always have a stock of prefolds, with wool covers to go over them.0 pocket diapers. Personally, we prefer microfiber inserts to hemp, but that's just a personal choice.
What Do You Think of Cloth Diapers and Why?
An awsome way to help the environment, they are easy (if you get the fitted ones), and they look real cute on the kid. I havent researched them though. The only downside is having to scrape the poop off them before throwing them in the wash machine, but thats about it. Oh and you should probs use a normal nappy at night times unless you plan on changing them often at night. Cos they tend to soak through when saturated! Heaps cheaper too!1. Can you tell me one Positive thing about...?If you can not find your car you will walk till you do find it and that's really good for your health. If you can not pay your electricity bill you will use less power and of course that reduces carbon emissions which helps the environment. If you lose your house keys then you need to retrace your steps and revisit all the places you have been that day. So often we race around not taking the time to pay attention to our surroundings. Who knows what things you might see while searching for those elusive keys? :D2. Which razor should I get for my legs?Get the Venus Divine one - best razor I've ever used. Also better for the environment than disposables because you only replace the head of it. And also the Johnson's Shower and Shave stuff is good.3. What are some of the exit barriers to the video game console industry?There are none. It's not like you are shutting down a coal mine and need to restore the environment around it. 3 large game console companies could easily re-tool their plants to make other kinds of electronic goods (computers, DVD players, etc.). Of course, there will be money lost in advertising and game development, but that's sunk cost. So the only barrier would be fans whining. But a decent security force should take care of that.4. Poll - Global warming is caused by...?A. Humans. The greenhouse effect is natural, but is being increased by humans through our use of fossil fuels, which are putting significant amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the environment. Hope this helps!5. Environment Problems?There can be no personal freedom with unlivable environment :). But if I had to choose between neighbour who is not environmentally conscious and the one who will poke his nose in my business I choose you any time :)6. Would you want this inside your home? Think twice before buying these lightbulbs...?Oh, my goodness! It's always something is not it? You try to save a few pennies and the environment, and make the home a health hazard....I have these bulbs in every room of my house, and I am seriously considering getting rid of them after reading the link7. Conservatives: Do you hate the Chevy Volt for any real reason, or just because you were told to hate it?I do not specifically hate the Volt, or green cars. I just do not think now is the time to be wasting money on such nonsense. I say we go with what is practical right now. I also know the whole " environment " movement to be a God to many liberals. I do not have a problem with wanting to look after the environment, I just think liberals go a little overboard on it. " Since the Chevy Volt was the Motor Trend Car of the Year " If you think Motor Trend making the Volt car of the year actually makes it car of the year, I have some swamp land to sell to you. Do you have any idea how much politicing and butt kissing goes on amonst corporations and publications like Motor Trend and GM ?8. "In such environment” vs "In such an environment”I am curious what you are trying to express here. I have never read/heard "in such environment" and I read a fair amount. Unless there's some technical application, I would use "in such an environment". After searching on Google, "in such environment" comes up 144,000 times-with many results being similar."In such an environment" comes up over 5 million times and seems to be the most popular way of expressing this concept.The only time I can imagine using "such environment" is when preceded by "no", otherwise, it just sounds wrong to me. I may be wrong but "in such environment" sounds grammatically incorrect to me.If you could explain what you are trying to say, it might be easier to help. :) Good luck!
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