Construction System Ground STM32F103C8T6 Minimum (1) _ Input Power to the Power Supply Between the P

Has not done anything systematic notes, resulting in a lot of knowledge learned to forget, forget it took a long time to re-learn to look for information. Save the network altogether good study notes, there may wish to explore each other's e-mail me.

Minimum system knows too many times, but has not been to build out their own minimum system, while preparing to take notes will be analytical about minimum system, because access to the most is the microcontroller, while the hands and chips as well as 1:32, so direct Construction of a minimum system 32.

Baidu minimum system online for a long time, I do not know the amount of knowledge can not keep up, somehow can not understand. Directly combined with information on the web directly to understand.

Power supply: the system provides energy, essential. How does that design input power. We have contacted the minimum system mostly directly from the USB-powered computer, as a learning version, this is no problem, but we can not use it on battery power. This is certainly capable of, for us, a battery-powered difficult to select the battery type, battery size is too big, button batteries although smaller volume, but in control of the load circuit or not quite right. Pulling away, no matter how the election batteries, one positive and one negative two interfaces on the right, just the two interfaces is not enough, we are not sure how much use the power to use voltage and current to power the system, so we need to enter a power regulator circuit arranged to stabilize the input power.

After the reference data portion of the circuit, some of the information searched at the voltage regulator, is arranged above the supply input circuit, the input power supply voltage may reach a comparatively high output state may be a stable voltage of 5V. Capacitance of the power supply circuit are filtered, two diodes are used as anti-reverse use, and the resistor power indicator Needless to say, the inductor current is used as a stabilizing effect.

In general, the minimum system pressure supply may be irrelevant so, some of the device driver will use the high current power supply, the controller has a 5V power supply is sufficient.

The above is to parse the input of the power regulator, and then explain after power supply to the power conversion chip.

Would a new power supply burn out my motherbord?

it will not if you put in the right 1 best thing to do is get someone who knows what type to put in

I plugged in a molex cable the wrong way and the power supply exploded. Did it kill my hard drive?

This happened to me too! I bought a cheap Chinese ATA to USB device. The device did work, but it was designed with the ATA connector upside-down, so that when the button and indicator lights on the device were facing upwards, the hard drive was label-side down with the delicate circuits exposed, so I preferred to instead keep the hard drive upright and the device upside-down. At one point while using it, I forgot to insert the molex power connector into the device likewise upside-down, and although the connector is notched to theoretically prevent misconnection, the cheap plastic had enough give that it quite easily went into the socket. There was a loud bang. A wisp of smoke blew out of the hard drive, and there was a burning smell. Both the ATA to USB adapter and the hard drive were dead.The only saving grace is that the USB cable was not plugged into my laptop at the time.

what if I switch the positive and negative power supply of an amplifier?

it really depends... carbon button amplifiers will operate just fine with supply reversed, but more modern devices not so much.

What power supply should I get for this video card and computer?

biggest you can afford. if you get the bare minimum and it runs at max capacity, you lose efficiency through heat. it's best to use a big psu at half capacity. you do not have to worry about rails with this setup. any psu with enough watts will run a single cpu and a single gpu.

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