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As one of the most democratic - and omnipresent - footwear icons of American pop culture, with fans ranging from young skater dudes and grungy rockers to Michelle Obama, Converse's Chuck Taylor All Star boasts as colourful a history as the brand's rainbow range of shoes. A masterpiece of utilitarian design, with its sleek lines and textured contrast of canvas and vulcanized rubber, the trainer's black-and-white beginnings were rooted in basketball. Founded in 1908 by Marquis Mills Converse in Malden, Massachusetts, the Converse Rubber Shoe Company started out as a specialist in winterised rubber-soled shoes and boots. Within a few years, the firm had branched out into the athletic footwear market, at first targeting sports such as tennis, netball and football (at the time, Spalding had the basketball beat covered). Its first basketball shoe, the Converse All Star, was released in 1917, although the man behind its success - Charles 'Chuck' H Taylor - was to enter the picture a few years later. Taylor, who as an active high school basketball player had developed a penchant for Converse All Stars, talked his way into a job at the company in 1921 as an ambassador and salesman. The charismatic young entrepreneur was instrumental in fine-tuning the shoe's design to improve its performance on the court, but he also had the gift of the gab, a knack for networking, and an impressive knowledge of the basketball industry. "He had a fascinating life," Joe Dean, a former sales executive for Converse, told The Philidelphia Inquirer. "It was impossible not to like him, and he knew everybody. If you were a coach and you wanted to find a job, you called Chuck Taylor. Athletic directors talked to him all the time when they were looking for a coach." Taylor took the shoe and ran with it, driving across America to host basketball coaching clinics ̶ promoting the shoe's virtues all the while ̶ , in a white Cadillac with a trunk-load of Converse All Stars. Boasting a thick rubber sole and a canvas or leather ankle-high upper, the original design was brown with black accents.. So influential was Taylor in the marketing and development of the shoe, Converse renamed it after him in 1932, adding his signature on either side of the All Star logo on the patch that reinforced the shoe's ankle. The ventilation eyelets were added in the same year. In 1936, Taylor designed the white Chuck Taylor All Star high-top, the official shoe of Team USA for the first ever Olympic basketball championship, held at the Summer Olympic Games in Berlin (they scooped the gold medal). Sporting patriotic red and blue lines on the sole and logo, the iconic design was also adopted as the official training shoes of the United States military during World War II.

Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

We are here to review the Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet. First, let's talk about the people having flat feet, they really feet pain and discomfort even while standing or doing long walking. We can easily assume that how much it is difficult for them to play any sport like basketball etc. But there is always a solution to a problem, and here you come with the best basketball shoes for flat feet. With these amazing shoes, you can enjoy playing basketball, and you can still be a good basketball player despite that you have flat feet. Hence, the basketball game requires lots of constantly running, and the players need the most comfortable footwear. Because a nice pair of basketball shoes are provided with a comfortable sole which maintains balance, and it does not hurt your feet while you are running. You are always looking for the top and best features of the product like durability and comfort. For these two features, you also not even consider the pricing. You just want to buy the best product for you, which lasts you longer. Any basketball shoes must have ankle support because it helps to keep the foot comfortable and stable inside the shoe. It also ensures you about no ankle movement while playing the game. So, considering all that a basketball player must have that one pair of shoes that has flat, durable, soft, and comfortable soles in which your foot takes the proper shape, and it helps you play the game with ease and comfort. Here is the list of the Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet in detail providing all the information and the pros and cons: The traction on these things was surprisingly excellent. But these probably wo not last super long outside. There's a bunch of little weird nub things like fraying off and chipping in certain areas. However, you guys can not see that these things are filthy, and they still work well. Once in a while, you have to wipe the bottom, but that's normal. It's a great setup with translucent rubbers. They are fantastic at outdoors. Now, the cushion on Nike Zoom KD 12 guys is probably like the main feature. It's awesome. It's the best full-length zoom setup that we tried. The break-in is also perfect in them. The cushion on these things is incredible. You will feel it right from the jump as soon as you start moving, and you can feel the air transferring it. These shoes are also Durable to use them as an outdoor. And then, directly underneath, there is the phylon midsole. The phylon does not feel like much because it is heavily caged. However, all of the little holes underneath are cord out sections. So it allows it to compress inwards, whereas It usually compresses outwards. You know after wearing them you will be saying, oh, there's full-length zoom directly under my foot. When you first look at them, their head is narrow. These have a textile, screen mesh and fuse. The entire shoes, as well as the material, is pretty durable. This shoe does not require any break-in time you just take them out of the shoe and you are good to go. So the materials are pretty good. These got an excellent snug fit. And These fit true to size As far as lockdown is concerned, there are no complaints whatsoever. Now one of the more standout features for the lockdown is just insane. It's like a finger trap on your foot, and it does work. Under Armour does not mess around here. It is the full-length herringbone from heel to toe, and the thread is big and deep, so that will last longer, and dust will not get caught in between the grooves as quickly as a tighter pattern would be. So if you are looking to use these for outdoor use or on an extremely dusty floor, you should be covered. No problem. The rubber compound could have been a little bit tackier, but that did not stop these from working on any court. So the traction on these shoes is pretty good. Under Armour should have used full-length Micro G, but they hey have featured Micro G in the heel only and that's kind of a bummer. The forefoot feels like just straight EVA, and it can feel dead some times. You feel responsive from a low ground ride, so the guards will be speedy and are going to enjoy how fast the forefoot feels, but the more explosive players are going to wish it was a lot more impact protection and bounce. Now Moving along to the materials. Under Armour decided to replace their clutch fit technology with lightweight and breathable textile upper. It's a woven mesh material that does not stretch. It's kind of just there. The downside is that the stuff does not conform around your foot for a snug one to one fit. There's quite a bit of dead space in the toe area, but overall the materials are more comfortable than something like a fuse, and these are about what you should expect from a shoe at this price point. What we like about the materials are neoprene padded areas which you can find in the medial forefoot and collar area. This section of Under Armour drive four is very comfortable, but as an experience overall, the materials on the drive 4 are at best. If you are a wide footer, you should consider putting these on because of these fit right to size for wide footers. The forefoot to us had a ton of dead space. We did go to the size, and overall, the fit was okay. The midfoot, however, was pretty snug just as long as we tied the laces up nice and tight. The back end of the Under Armour Drive 4 near the heel area was a literal loose as well not as bad as the forefoot but not a lockdown fit.If you have an extremely narrow foot going down half a size would be great. These shoes have traditional traction. And honestly, it works well on certain floor conditions. This is retro. Though, the herringbone has modified quite a bit. The Adidas is more like a square. So it's very flat. It is a herringbone zig-zag design. And that's the right thing they have done to it. These do not allow the floor to have as much friction as possible. This has a peak or pointed traction tip. When you have a peak or pointed traction tip, it's like you are brushing the floor with it. It is like the bristles and stuff like that. So there's just a little bit of friction. But yeah, the traction was excellent. The cushion setup is just straight foam. It's got the torsional system. And it flexes with your foot. On top of that, they had the same type of insole as the Adidas Why not zero2. These shoes provide a little bit of extra cushion as well. No-frills, just like the rest of their products, worked incredibly well. The most crucial part is that you do not feel any aches or pains after the game, no back pain, knee pain, anything like that. Its quite surprising, especially with the heel looking extremely thick. But it's a very comfortable ride from heel to toe. It is not tiring whatsoever. These are not too heavy. So the cushioning on these was pretty much good. Adidas works with its EVA. This Adidas Men's Crazy 8 has a mixture of material at the upper, but mostly there is full-grain and patent leather.Then we have a molded Eva midsole and polyurethane insole in it. Adidas has used sturdy plastic torsional system housed in midfoot so you flex your feet nicely and offers you excellent support. As far as the materials fit is concerned, they fit perfectly. They go true to size. You do need midsole while breaking in. Once you break-in, they feel amazing. There are a few scuffs around the toe and the ankle areas. There are flexed points, so they go entirely with your foot. The inside is beautiful and soft. It flexes. No problems whatsoever as these can be worn with any kind of socks. The little foam cages on these hold your foot in there. And there is no slipping whatsoever during movements, side to side, front to back as long as you get your correct size. The ventilation on these sneakers is very minimal since there are no perforations on the tongue or mesh material. This Kobe Mamba Instinct has a soft outsole. The traction on these is pretty impressive, and it looks like the Kobe eleven traction a little bit. Fine lines on this are just crazy, but it picks up a little bit of dust. Since the lines are so close, so these are pretty hard to wipe. But if you play on a clean court, it should be okay. And you got a few good stops, but on a dusty court, you get sliding around a little bit. This traction offers excellent bite on indoor. But this model is not going to be okay for outdoor because the rubber is pretty shallow. This looks like an outer midsole, but it's a drop-in midsole. And then it's a full-length lunar lone foam. It looks like nylon, but just rubber. It would give you a little bit of response. And it's fully caged because it's a drop-in core. So you are not going to get a ton of cushioning or bounce. But it felt more plush for some reason, maybe because it's thick. So responsiveness is going to be okay. The bad point for this setup is that it feels dead in a few months after playing it. You feel low to the ground. So cushioning on these is not too good. The upper on this Kobe Mamba instinct is fantastic. There's a little bit of fuse in the toe. So this fly weave does not feel much plastic. At first, it feels a little bit plastic, but after breaking it in, it feels pretty soft, and it feels good on foot. The material is super strong, so these do not stretch too much. These have a knit kind of look. And they do feel super-premium. So overall, the materials are excellent. These fit nicely, and there is no dead space. It's a standard model. Though it fits a little narrow. This shoe is low, and you have an excellent outrigger for a little bit of support. So support is good. Lockdown is very good. It's so so minimal and It locks your foot so nicely that your foot can not get out of the shoe, and you do not get any heel slippage. And that's why I love it. It is decent, and durable outdoor traction stops decently and has a proper grip. You may feel pain after playing in these because this only has a minimal bottom lower zoom unit in the forefoot. It has a fine mesh upper with some synthetic, and it is thin and soft but not durable. The traction on Nike KD trey v 5 is a wavy herringbone pattern, and that's a perfect pattern through. The best thing is that it offers excellent grip on certain surfaces. And the bad thing is that the outsole rubber picks up dust pretty fast, and you get slips a little bit even if it was clean. So stopping power is not good. It requires frequent wipe. So the traction was pretty much a disappointment because I was expecting it to be terrific. The cushioning setup on these is zoom technology, and it's a bottom-loaded forefoot zoom unit and a full-length phylon feeling shit. It offers responsiveness and light feel that supports the multi-directional footwork. This setup delivers stiff impact protection, which is really bad. My feet hurt after playing in this. And the insole is cheap, crappy, and insulated. We have some interesting material on the upper. This is mostly covering the whole shoe, and It's super-fine mesh. It almost feels like a filter. And then these have a few synthetic overlays just a little bit in the toe, a little bit in the heel and on the medial side. At the ankle area, we have a rougher mesh material, and it does not feel super-premium. It actually looks more premium than it feels. I did go true to size, but it runs a little bit longer. So if you have a regular width or a skinnier foot, then I think you might go half a size down. There's no room in the whole area, and you get a normal fit. Support was good too. I do feel like the laces are a gimmick. And the material is flimsy, and I did feel my feet going under the footbed just a little bit. So as far as support goes, it sounds like its just okay. These have a pretty good lockdown. I do not have any problems in lacing system Coming on to the conclusion of the above reviewed Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet; we conclude that those basketball shoes are among the best selling products in the market. As those products are the most affordable with good durability and best for the people having flat feet. Having flat feet, especially those who love to play basketball is dreadful. Because you neither want to quit the game nor play it the way you want. As it hurts your feet and you end up with immense pain. The solution to this is having a pair of basketball shoes with flat, soft, comfortable, and durable soles with lightweight mesh material and you are good to play. So, the reviewed products have some pros as well as cons, but most of them also have unique and appraisable features. But when you are searching for a pair of basketball shoes, it depends on your personal preferences which are a more beneficial feature for you to consider. They are affordable but also few are expensive at the same time. They are available in an extended range of sizes and widths so you can try different models until the perfect-fitting one. And another thing that you would find interesting and useful is that the sole inside the shoes of a few models can also be easily removed, which is a plus point. These shoes are the most durable, designed to provide more stability and shock absorption. Now, it depends on you to choose the one which is best for you among all these.

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