Daughter Dealing with Peer Pressure (sort Of)?

Daughter dealing with peer pressure (sort of)?

I think you are doing fine! Just remind her that she does not need to change who she is or what she likes to fit in. It is important to be yourself and never compromise your values and hobbies just because you think others would want you to. Then, let her know that trying new sports is always a good idea and you support her in trying anything she wants to try! Just remind her that she wont always be great at everything right out of the gate so it's important to really give things a chance.

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Should i give into peer pressure?

fk that! stand up for who you are. dont let them drown you with their ideals of what they think you should do or who you should like. its your life take charge tell em to back up your not a sheep so dont follow the herd be your self be proud of who you are and dont let people disrespect you like that. tell them that no matter what they say you will always like miley cyrus get and to get over it.

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Why do god-less atheist allow peer pressure to parrot liberal talking points?

Rush, no one cares

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How to not give In to peer pressure?

chew gum or get addicted to something thats not bad for you :)

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I've recently gaven in to peer pressure, and smoked weed with my friends recently. Does that make me a sinner?

yes. also it makes you a violent, repeat sex offender. it also makes you muslim.

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Are the young people voting for Obama just naive in the way things work, or are they afraid of peer pressure?

They are afraid of the same old crap by the repubs

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Who is to blame for this? The parents? too much bad telly? peer pressure?

Oh, I should have read your question before I posted mine--sorry. So this was a real story, then. Katy of the Trees, I thought too I wonder if it was a prank story--if it was, I hope whoever responsible gets canned because this is NOT funny in my book. Yes, this is a very disturbing story. It would be disturbing even if it were teens doing the plotting, but this is really scary. Whoever it was that said it's easy to blame TV...well, yes to some extent I think it can be blamed on TV, movies, video games, whatever. How many movies or TV shows show kids "getting revenge" on someone, whether it's a teacher, other kids, parents, or whoever? Maybe not to this extreme, but they see enough of it that they start thinking it's okay, clever, and even funny to do something like this. This country really needs to wake up and get things under control!

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Peer pressure and helping homeless pets?

This is the best advice I can give to you- Saying NO is always easier before, than after. In other words, when it comes to things like alcohol, drugs (even 'just marijuana') it is so much easier to keep saying no, than to try it, and turn it down again at a later point. ALL of these things are addicting (personal experience here). You say oh I would NEVER do this. .. and then try something a little less harmless, then that leads to a little more, and a little more, until you can not say no anymore. When it comes to peer pressure, go ahead and let them tease (youre not the one thats gonna ruin their high school career by giving in- and trust me, being the 'prude' or 'virgin mary' or 'goody two shoes' is not a bad reputation like 'getting knocked up') Set a goal for yourself. For instence, mine was to not have sex or drink until after graduation. (which came soon enough). There is nothing wrong with waiting until you are ready. So when your BFF teases you in front of your friends about being the good girl of the group, just say 'yup thats me' and smile knowing you will be able to keep your head high. If you go out with friends, or go to parties just remember you are still a child, have fun, but you are not ready to deal with adult consequences.

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