Difference and Comparison Between Switching Power Supply and Linear Series Regulated Power Supply

: regulated power supply is a power supply that uses electronic circuit to adjust output voltage to achieve stability. There are series regulated power supply, parallel regulated power supply and switching regulated power supply. Ordinary series regulated power supply is equipped with power transformer, which has the advantages of stable output voltage and small ripple, but the voltage range is small and the efficiency is low. The output voltage of parallel regulated power supply is particularly stable, but the load capacity is very poor. Generally, it is only used as a reference inside the instrument. Switching power supply is a voltage stabilizing power supply widely popularized in modern times. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, wide voltage range and relatively stable output voltage. Now it is widely used. For example, ATX power supply, laptop power adapter, printer power supply, mobile phone charger and so on. Regulated power supply is that when the load power changes, the output voltage still maintains a fixed voltage value. Switching power supply is also regulated power supply, but regulated power supply can not be directly called switching power supply.

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