Do These Types of Mens Shoes Exist? How Much? ?

I do not think there is a such thing as tough loafers.....But there arent too many shoe stores in the mall, so all you can do is look!

1. In the summer, do women prefer men to wear flip flops/sandals or shoes?

I am not attracted to mens shoes or feet. Most of them tend to be a bit stinky. Let them wear what they like

2. Suitable mens shoes for playing polo/horse riding?

No you acquire regular ft i placed on length 11-11 a million/2 i think of the main important length shoe they make is 14-15 unsure till now you will desire to specific order on your super ft. purely be happy your no longer the this guy on the link under. He has length 28.5 and it fee him 22 grand for a pair of trainers communicate approximately paying for 2 inexpensive vehicles for one pair of trainers.

3. what kind of SHOES are NOT GIRLY?

Men's shoes

4. if you wear a 8.5 or 9 in womans shoes, can you wear a 7.5 in mens shoes?

Jordans fit a little different in men's and women's sizes. JordanDepot has a conversion chart from mens to womens, mens to kids, and womens to kids

5. what mens shoes go with this?

You are 16 and in high school, take advantage of the fact that fashion is not the most important thing yet. Choose shoes that are comfortable and yet somewhat stylish. If you choose them solely on their fashion then you are not going to be happy with them.

6. I wear a 8 1/2 in womens so what size am i in mens shoes?

you are a 7 i think

7. what size would I wear in mens shoes?

six. i think. but try them on

8. Can I wear a size 8.5 ?

Probably not, men's shoes are 2 sizes bigger than women's, at least that's how converse are I am not sure about huraches

9. do jordan mens shoes run big or small?

depends on which kind of jordans really. just buy your regular size

10. is this too much pink for mens shoes?

blue and pinK? seriously? -_-;. well yeah i guess its ok for a dude

11. mens shoes?

You would have to buy two pairs of shoes in the two sizes you desire. You can not buy one of each

12. If i am a size 10 Mens shoes what size am i in womans? I know i am not an 11.?

Ladies 12. Hard to find. Do not EVEN think you would be a ladies 8 or 8-1/2. It goes the other way. Mens 7 would equal ladies 9 Mens 8 would equal ladies 10 Mens 9 would equal ladies 11 Mens 10 would equal ladies 12 You might need a wide width, depending on the width of your foot. Ladies have narrower widths than men, so your 12 might be too narrow. Try Wal-Mart....Payless....Shoe keep your price down. K-mart and Target probably wo not have a 12 in stock.

13. If I purchased mens shoes for mewhat size would I need in mens?I wear an 8 1/2.What is the sizing difference?

Strangely enough 8 1/2

14. I wear size 12 mens shoes, where can I find high heels big enough for my feet?

lol....i wear a 9 in mens...and i have a large foot for a i am sure you can but not in stores...try online

15. Oceana Bristol Night Club Mens Shoes?

Oceana Nightclub Bristol

16. i need help with my crossdressing problem!?? im serious btw?

Hi, You can always go online and buy, before you do though buy a measuring tape for clothing and yes mens shoes usually are larger then women's so i would also do research on that as well. also be careful please!!!! I work for a prison and theirs a few men that's in there for beating the person lifeless because they took them to bed and then found out whoops wrong gender so be open and not so quick to take someone home. Or,,, you can always become friends with a chic that's about your same size and that would be willing to try the things on for you and open to it. You would seriously be surprised at how many people would be willing to do it, cause men these days rarely like to go shopping with us, either were by ourselves or with a girlfriend. Hope this helps =)

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