Do Your Children Learn About Hanukkah and Do Hanukkah Related Activities at School?

Do your children learn about Hanukkah and do Hanukkah related activities at school?

at the age of 7 they probably do not go too in depth about religion but when i was in 8th grade we learned about all of the different religions in depth... just give them time

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What is your advice for getting married at a young age (23 and 24)?

What men and women both need is a partner who will work with them in a committed, responsible relationship to achieve shared goals. When you do this the conversations become more about the goals and less about what she wants and why or what he wants and why.People should marry when they are able to choose such a partner. The age is irrelevant. Romance is irrelevant. Talk about your shared goals and whether you are both ready to team up to achieve them

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if u needed foodstamps but had to kick ur 19 year old son out to leave on the street would you do it?

If he was trying to help me out I do not think I would, but if he was just sitting around, not working or anything else and I was supporting him, I think I would put him out. The problem with the food stamp program is that by law a person under the age of 22 who lives with their parents must be included on the parents food stamp application or vice versa, they cannot be separate households.

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Parents: What age would you?

When I have kids the line between cell phone and laptop will be so blurred that it will be the same thing. The age of getting a cell phone is droping quickly so it would probaly be normal to get a kid a cell phone/laptop in fourth grade

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Hillary supporters...give me 3 accomplishments that make her most qualified to be president.?

1. She's an American citizen. 2. She's lived in the USA for over 14 years. 3. She's over the age of 35.

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What type of underwear should my kids wear?

I think that when they are little until the age of 5 they should wear briefs. That way just in case they have an accident (#2), then it will be just a little easier to clean. Then I would put them i boxers for the room. Mother of 6. 4 Boys and 2 girls.

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how to smell better ?

get deodorant and eau de toilette (or whatever you call that stuff you spray on your neck). and spray when your mom is not looking. getting cancer at the age of 70 is not as bad as having no social life during your teenage years.

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What is the best age and mileage to be buying a used car?

My current car is a Volvo S80 diesel manufactured in 2005.It is now 14 years old and had 68,000 miles on it when I bought it 3 years ago for £2,200. This mileage for a 2.4 litre Volvo Diesel engine is inconsequential. It now has 99,000 miles on it and I have not spent a penny on it except for tyres, brake pads and oil.The car should be good for another 200,000 miles at least.So, as well as the age of the car and the mileage, do not forget the quality of the engineering by the manufacturers. Volvo's (pre 2006) were built to last and the Volvo S80 is a great example that I can recommend highly, since I have been driving this model for nearly 15 years and not spent anything on maintenance in all that time

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british eventing - age and height rules?

You can compete as a Junior, from 14-18 years old. Or as a Young Rider from 16, or as a senior from 18. Here are the rules of FEI BE: Age of Horses 2.1 One / Two Star level CCI and Championships A horse may compete in an International Three Day Event or CCIO or Championships of a One and Two Star level from the beginning of the calendar year in which he reaches the age of six (6). 2.2 Three / Four Star Level Events A horse may compete in an International Event or CCIO of a Three or Four Star level from the beginning of the calendar year in which he reaches the age of seven (7). 2.3 Three / Four Star Level Championships A horse may compete in a championship of a Three Star level from the beginning of the calendar year in which he reaches the age of seven (7), and in a championship of a Four star level from the beginning of the calendar year in which he reaches the age of eight (8). 2.4 One / Two Star Level CICs A horse may compete in a CIC Event at the One or Two Star level from the beginning of the calendar year in which he reaches the age of five (5); and at the Three Star level from the beginning of the calendar year in which he reaches the age of six (6). Hope that helps! You can ride a pony, or a horse, as long as they meet the entry requirements. Age of Pony Rider A rider may compete as a Pony competitor from the beginning of the calendar year in which he reaches the age of 12 until the end of the year in which he reaches the age of 16. Participation A Pony competitor may compete in competitions for Juniors and/or Young Riders if appropriately qualified without losing his status as a Pony competitor. He may likewise take part in competitions and Championships of more than one category, but only in one age category and in one discipline of such Championships in any one calendar year. Definition of a Pony A pony is a small horse whose height at the withers, having been measured on a smooth level surface, does not exceed 148cm without shoes or 149cm with shoes. Nevertheless, to allow for the fact that FEI pony measurement takes place under competition conditions ponies measured at competition must not exceed 150cm without shoes or 151cm with shoes in order to be permitted to compete. Age of Pony In all International Events and Championships, Ponies must be at least six years old. SO IN ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION: Yes, you can event. What your meaning of "properly" is I do not know, but you can enter the competitions. For 1* eventing, you need to be able to confidentely jump 1.15m in sj, and 1.10m in XC.

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How to Dress for Christmas in New York & Stay As Warm & Stylish As Possible  PHOTOS
How to Dress for Christmas in New York & Stay As Warm & Stylish As Possible PHOTOS
If Christmas 2015 in New York looks anything like last year, it's going to be cold AF. Luckily, I've learned to embrace bundling up to the point I forget I have a body. While my tips for how to dress for Christmas in New York do not sacrifice style, the main priority here is to not freeze. You want to enjoy Christmas with your friends and family as opposed to fight off frostbite, am I right? The nine pieces below are my absolute essentials for Christmas holiday weather. I start wearing subtly festive clothing the day after Halloween, and love mixing and matching pieces to create a plethora of outfits to suit whatever scary cold news the weather forecast brings. Opt for something small that stays close to your body and has sturdy straps. Why? Hauling heavy things when you are cold is annoying, and the crowd struggle is so, so real in major tourist spots like the Rockefeller Christmas tree and pretty much anywhere else around Times Square. Happy holidays, and enjoy looking fab and staying super warm in the best city on the planet. Leggings that will you warm are absolutely non-negotiable in my book. Heat tech is my winter heaven. I live in these basically 24/7 until I finally have to wash them. Sometimes you do in fact get too hot, and it's nice to be able to take off your layers and chill in a tank top when the crowded restaurant you are in gets super warm. Another winter obsession, this undershirt is easily hidden and provides an extra thermal layer. This camisole is seamless on both sides so you can wear it under anything without it showing. An extra cozy staple that looks effortlessly chic. Thanks to its added length, this dreamy sweater will double as a way to keep your thighs warm, too. Embrace the holiday feels. You know you want to. Do not pretend to be tough and skip a coat. You will freeeeeeeze without one. This hooded version looks dreamy for when the snow starts to come down. Quilted Down And Feather Fill Jacket With Faux Fur Trim, $120, Nordstrom #Praise for down and all its cozy goodness. Again, basically a wearable blanket. How could that possibly be a bad idea? This slim blanket scarf is perfect for popping over your coat, but could also double as a head wrap if you lose your hat. Wear it loose or bundle it around your neck until you are practically sweating. Mittens are such a playful little accessory, I say go all out with quirky and fun. Are these gloves super YASSS CHRISTMAS or what? Love. "Not a creature was stirring, not even a (completely adorable mitten) mouse." No true New Yorker would walk out the door on Christmas day without a beanie to keep their head warm. I personally will be walking out the door in this one. But, holiday or not, black is always an acceptable alternative choice.— — — — — —Do trains in Europe run on Christmas day?In Germany and probably also Austria, most trains stop running sometime early to late evening on both the 24th and the 31st of December. Service will not be resumed until Christmas Day or New Year's Day morning. Typically, nobody will be outside on the evening of Christmas Eve unless it is on the way to church and back again. Plan accordingly. On timetables in Germany, trains that do not run on these days are typically marked with a small symbol which is explained in the legend as:Depending on region and company, the morning and afternoon trains on the 24th and 31st will either run as on Saturdays or something between Saturday and weekday service. (In 2016, the 24th and 31st happen to be Saturdays, so there will only be Saturday service, anyway. If the 24th/31st happen to be Sunday, there will be a Sunday service with late connections reduced. )On Christmas Day and New Year's Day, trains run like on Sundays with a few not so important exceptions (e.g. certain trains that effectively only run pre-first day of the week and do not run if Monday is a public holiday).Local bus companies will follow pretty much the same rules; however, it can be tedious to find out which buses exactly run on those days. For any leg that is in Germany and that you book via Deutsche Bahn, I would always recommend pre-booking as soon as possible as there is a limited number of special saver fares for as little as 19 on short legs. If you pre-book, you are bound to a train but you can also easily reserve seats (seat reservations are optional in Germany). The most comfortable option from far away would be their website bahn. de, in my opinion. I am not sure how many people will travel on Christmas Day. In my experience, most people will travel home (or on holiday) on the days leading up to Christmas Eve which is when pre-booking and reserving should definitely be done. Thus, there should not be that many people travelling on Christmas Day. However, it is also the beginning of Christmas holidays after the main Christmas celebrations (Christmas is celebrated on the 24th in German-speaking countries), so the second wave on their way to winter holidays could be populating the trains.As far as I am informed, there is no benefit to pre-booking Swiss and Austrian train tickets - but that information of mine could already be outdated
Will Going on a Safe Diet at the Age of 16 Stunt My Growth?
Will going on a safe diet at the age of 16 stunt my growth?NO Do not go on a crash diet or any extreme diet. They all fail at the end. Just eat healthy like fish and veggie. Skip any oil based or sugar based sauce. Instead use hot sauce or mustard.— — — — — —How can people at my age 16/17 afford a car? i just don't get it.?They can not , in almost all cases, it's the parents who buy them cars— — — — — —At the age of 16 are you considered an adult in the state of California, if you have had a child?a girl who gives birth is emancipated. it's a sad life for mom and baby. hopefully, you are smart enough to know how to prevent pregnancy— — — — — —Can i buy a motorcycle at age of 16?you live under your parents roof so you have to listen to them— — — — — —How many of you parents are not giving consent for your child to get a driver's license at age 16?Well, my son is nearly 12 now, so that's a few years off still. However, I've taught him how to drive stickshift - to an extent, we can not go into traffic yet for obvious reasons. But we went out to the boonies for a week and we drove around an open pasture that had a few mild hills in it so he could get used to shifting gears. He's nowhere near ready for his license yet, but I did not ever expect him to be at this age and it's good practice. When he was younger, I would let him sit in my lap and steer in a parking lot while I controlled the brakes. He also knows how to: pump gas, change/check the oil/transmission/washer fluid, check the air, and change a flat. He will learn more before he gets his license. He also understands the basic workings of the engine. I've worked on making sure he understands the rules of the road - when you can cross over, who has right of way, what do all the signs mean - and making sure he has a good sense of direction. Sometimes we will drive and I will ask him to give me directions on how to get somewhere as if I did not know. There is so much to focus on when you are first starting to drive - your mediocre technical skills, the speed limit, where you are going, how you get there, when you will have to change lanes, whose right of way it is, that cop in the next lane, the fire truck speeding closer behind you, that douchebag who pulled out right in front of you - that I want to make sure he has some of it down first. My wife and little girl were hit by a drunk driver and killed 8 years ago. He knows that if he EVER drove even slightly buzzed, he would not see the light of day for a long time, let alone drive. That's not something I take lightly, and I hope he does not either. His grades have always been quite good and are excellent this year. He has always been a responsible kid. If he continues on this path, I see no reason why I would not let him get his license.— — — — — —can you get a brazilian buttlift at the age of 16 or 17 10 point best answer?(35 min.) HIGH & TIGHT: Focus on all those stubborn trouble zones: the hips, glutes, and saddlebags. (35 min.) SCULPT: Leandro takes you through a total-body workout with a sexy Brazilian twist, to sculpt your entire body while focusing on your glutes. Look like a sexy supermodel—lean and toned, without the bulk. (50 min.) CARDIO AXE: Feel like you are dancing in the streets of Brazil with Leandro's signature axe (pronounced "ah-shay"), a fat-burning, cardio-blasting, dance-based workout that delivers all-over slimming results fast. (30 min— — — — — —Can you get a growth spurt between the ages 16 - 21?Yes you can still grow— — — — — —should kids under the age of 16 use online network sites like facebook?no, they should make you scan your i.d. to make an account. they make irrational decisions and anyone can pose as whoever they want on facebook. needless to say this is F***ing creepy. I think it's absolute crap. it's just another way to flush americas youth down the drain. but then again all of america is going down the drain anyways, but it does not mean we have to rush it. **** facebook.
How Do I Overcome the Age Boundary and Date Women in the Same Stage of Life As Me?
Dear Lindsay,I need your advice. Im a guy in my mid-20s in New York City, and I feel as though Im at a great disadvantage because of my age. Ive found that younger women are either in college or dating guys who are older than me. Older women, of course, dont seem to be interested in dating me either.Almost all of the women I date are in college or are uninterested (or both). At this point, I would consider it a minor miracle if I found a woman at the same place in life as myself (single, mid-20s, gainfully employed) who was actually interested in me.How do I overcome the age boundary and start dating women who are in the same place in life as me?Thanks!BenHi Ben,First, its important to note that New York City is swimming with potential people to date, but you, my dear Aquaman, are casting too wide a net. I know that might sound like the opposite advice for someone who is having difficulty finding someone interested in him, but that may be because youre looking in the wrong places.Of course, while avoiding the wrong places is simple enough, finding the right places may be easier said than done, as Julia Bekker with Hunting Maven, a matchmaker and dating coach, is quick to note. I understand how you may feel like youre stuck in a gray zone, she says. Most people your age are not established with their careers yet, still trying to figure life out and not taking dating so seriously. Being ready for a relationship with no options must feel polarizing, however I dont think the issue here is about the age as much as you think.I not only agree with her, but think this is hidden key to you unlocking your full dating potential. You said you would be surprised to find a woman your age who would want to date you. Why is that? Sounds to me like you are lacking confidence which im guessing is a big part of the problem, Bekker adds. Everyone has insecurities, you have to embrace who you are and value yourself. Im sure you have a lot to offer, you must date with that belief and attitude as well. Know your worth and others will see it too.Try taking an honest look at your dating history to assess how youve projected yourself to potential love interests in the past. Because, as Becker says, confidence is key. But that confidence should come from embracing who you are and what you want.The problem is less about your age and more about your mindset and probably the women you are choosing as well as your confidence level and approach, Bekker says. The truth is you are at an ideal age to date, and have fun with it, and you have plenty of time to work on yourself and meet the right person, dont sweat it. She suggests taking the I need this to turn into a relationship pressure off yourself when you go on a date and go into it without any expectations other than to just have fun while getting to know another person.This is important because when people enter into a relationship for the sake of being in relationship, it often ends up being unsatisfying, short-lived, and with the wrong person. That said, I do think its OK for someone to approach dating with the set goal of finding a relationship, but I believe thats different than making the choice to be in one just because youre worried that if you dont jump into one right now in your mid-20s, youll have missed your chance. Trust me, you wont. When it comes to finding the right person, I believe its never too late.When youre not going on dates with other people, take the time to date yourself. What I mean by that is setting aside some time, perhaps once a week, to answer the questions youd want a love interest to answer. What do you value in a relationship? What lessons have you learned from past romantic interactions successful and unsuccessful, big and small? Do you fall into any dating patterns that have been setting yourself up for failure? From there, what past lessons can you apply to each new dating situation? How has your romantic history informed the person you are now? Answer these questions truthfully, and then let those answers guide the way you approach and interact with potential love interests.Thats the beginning of working on yourself, and to continue that from the inside out, Bekker suggests picking up some hobbies, engaging in your passions, doing whatever it is you love to do. Thats not only good for your soul but you can meet like-minded women that way too! she explains. One way to do this is checking out for groups getting together to do these kind of activities. While you may not meet someone youre romantically interested in immediately, youll most likely expand your friend group, which can lead to new social situations and a whole new kind of romantic encounters.And let us not forget the power of dating apps. If youre on one (or a couple go for it), Bekker advises having good, recent pictures representing who you are and showcasing your personality. Going back to being mindful of how you project yourself to potential dates, take advantage of each dating apps bio option to be honest about who you are and what you want. You can also say that you arent looking for just a hookup to attract more relationship-minded matches, Bekker concludes.Not everyone will be responsive to someone so straightforward, but thats exactly my point. When youre dating from a specific perspective, you should only be trying to attract people who share that perspective. The right person whoever and wherever she is, and trust us, she is out there will not only be at the same place in their life as you are, but will want to head in the same direction with you.Love, LindsayBy A Plus LINDSAY GELLERLindsay here, A Pluss resident relationship guru/columnist. While I may not know everything, I do know a lil something about love and our seemingly endless pursuit of it. Having written dozens of A Plus articles about dating, relationships, and sex, Im ready and willing to investigate all of your romantically-inclined questions (submit here!) because Ive asked them myself. What I hope to bring to A Pluss readers is a sex-positive, body-positive, and most importantly, you-positive perspective on modern love. Consider Love, Lindsay your digital Cupid·RELATED QUESTIONATTENTION WELDERS!!! ASME code 9 pipe welding?problematic task. browse with google and yahoo. it may help!
The Age and Value of Ithaca Model 37 Feather Light Serial #1849982?
Age does not really matter. Condition is what matters. I the last one I had in 1999, a 12 gauge as new, with vent rib barrel and modified fixed choke for $250.00 in unfired looking condition. I would certainly say with prices as they are, any operable shotgun would certainly be worth a minimum of $200. That being said I think it would be very easy to get $300 for that because of two things. It is more well made then the new stuff, and it has a cool feature, the bottom load/bottom eject is nice for lefties. But condition matters.1. Did Yankee Doodle name the feather, hat, town, or his pony Macaroni?I think that Yankie Doodle did not name anything. It was the guy who wrote the song about him that did. After speaking to Mr Doodle, he told me that he called the donkey Steven. The town was not on the map, so he asked a local kid who told him to "give me ya wallet or I will slash ya!" The feather was actually found in his pocket, with a piece of macaroni, which his mum had made for his tea. You see, it was just a simple mistake by the writer.... (to be honest, I do not know)2. Has anyone ever played light as a feather stiff as a board?Yes, I remember one time in 3rd grade, where a substitute teacher at school had shown us how to do this as a "party trick". I can not remember it with details right now, but it was a bit more elaborate ceremonial that was used. And we actually lifted the person, while he/she was sitting down in a chair. The idea of "Light as a feather, stiff as a board" was involved though. :)3. If you drop a feather and a baseball in a place where there is no air, how will their motions compare?They would both fall at the same rate. The very thing your on about was done on the Moon using not a feather and baseball but using a feather and a hammer, the feather and hammer both fell at the same rate because there was no air resistance to slow either. The rest of your question makes no sense to me.4. what to be used to presearve a bird skin with out damageing its feather?You need to take a course on taxidermy. If the answers to your questions could be given in such a short space as is allotted here, taxidermists would not make huge amounts of money, because everybody could do it themselves5. Where can I get a large blue feather?Start by acquiring a large blue bird6. Where can I find giant peacock feather earrings?Idk where your from, but I've seen them in places such as; Dots, Joyce Leslie, Forever 21, Wet Seal7. What feather extension should I get?brown with light stripes. :)8. A morning thought about a feather, free falling to the ground, is it preachy? I don't want it to be preachy..?We all have to lose our feathers thats the way it has to be. We cant live forever but until that time we have to fly without that feather. Nice write9. Birds of a feather flock together, so do yo think we are birds of that same feather?Senator McCain seems awfully friendly with Bush...Does that make him a lying idiot too? Our founding fathers created the bill of rights for times like these. The knew that they could not predict the future, so they established INALIENABLE rights. Bush and his crones have abolished Habius Corpus and the right to free speech. They are spying on Americans on the pretense of "fighting terrorism", if they are so worried about terrorism, why are our borders and our ports still not secure? I am so sick of republicans drinking what ever Kool-Aide their politicians feed them. Wake up and do some research for once!10. Feather earrings- am I a hypocrite?No i do not think your a hypocrite, you seem like a caring person. I felt like that the same way before when i bought feathers i did not even know were cruelty free until i did researched about it and found how birds get tortured for it because i had no idea and never thought about how feathers are produced. Your story reminds me of how my cousin questioned me about my feathers earrings and was bothering me about it until i said i explained to him that there cruelty free which then shut him up lol. Just make sure when you buy feather earrings there cruelty free which means there not killed or tortured for there feathers. Birds naturally molt feathers like how your hair falls out but its not at the same rate. Personally myself have earrings that are cruelty free and synthetic feathers even some i find on the beach. If you want to purchase cruelty free feathers you can find them on etsy and of course other places which i do not remember the names but yeah research helps :)
Is the Age of the Aircraft Carrier Coming to an End?
No. Lasers at this time still need a long time on target to effect the missiles and they are shooting at non maneuvering targets. Even the THEL still needs about 10 seconds on target to burn through and destroy the target. nnThe thing is none of these mortar rounds are maneuvering. If they could jink that survival time would increase maybe long enough to get out of line of sight. Now one can also armor against lasers, it's not hard. Back in the cold war days of "Star Wars" there was discussion of how to armor ICBM's so they would live long enough to disperse their MIRVs since for every measure there is a counter-measure. One can add thicker armor to increase the burn time since these are not yet one shot one kill weapons, but this is less helpful for planes. One can also add ablative armor that sheds heat or other energy that would reduce the effect of the laser and could be much more feasible option for aircraft.Now this is passive defense. For active defense you go after the launcher and even a networked position of lasers can be saturated attacked to destruction. And this is using solid missiles that would soak attacks long enough to get explosives closer.As long as one can adapt to allow aircraft and missiles to survive in this battlefield environment there will continue to be a place for aircraft carriers.EDIT:nSince the details changed here's some more on the matter. WW2 proved this with great reinforcement: carriers are vulnerable. We do not need high tech weapons to sink a carrier since an unprotected carrier can be sunk by torpedoes, stand-off missiles, and suicide boats. If the carrier has a complete air wing one would need more resources to accomplish this but it still can be done if you can throw enough weapons at the target, get lucky, and be willing to take losses. Lasers and mass drivers may change the calculus but it does not make them any more obsolete than they were before. Even the DF-21 with a nuke tip is a more effective anti carrier weapon than what the article describes and that can also be countered to some degree with ship mounted ABM's. Will these new weapons become the new norm? Almost certainly but the hype effect is great and weapons only prove their mettle under fire. Wait until the first encounters to see exactly how powerful they are. I am reminded of the British Battlecruisers during the battle of Jutland where three were lost because they simply did not have the armor to effectively fight in a slugging match in spite of battleship rated guns onboard. A big gun/weapon is not all there is to combat tactics. Edit 2:I want to add one of my proffered sources on these matters: War Is BoringThey tend to not get too over excited on this matter and are a good starting point for studying new miltech.Is the age of the aircraft carrier coming to an end?1. DO you think her carrier is to small??It does look a little too small.. There should be enough room in there for her to be able to stand up and turn around completely.. EDIT: I didnt know if it was for taking around or not.. If its for taking around, then no.. But if its for when you are away from hom, then yes, I think it needs to be a little bigger..2. What is the best product for baby carrier?I personally lived by Mei Tai/BabyHawk carriers3. No sim card inserted, can I get a phone carrier?You can check the IMEI online and you will be able to find out what carrier it's locked to4. What is the most comfortable baby carrier?I have one of both styles, but I made both of mine. The moby wrap style (I actually patterned it after the sleepy wrap) cost me $6 to make two. I bought six yards of $1 light t-shirt type material and cut it in half the long way (Yes, it is really that easy!). I gave one to a friend (a nice gift that cost me $3 and she thought was and kept one. I also made my ring sling. So less than $20 for my ring sling. I now make the ring slings to sell here in my town. Trying to promote baby wearing here, so I sell them cheap!! Anyway, I prefer the moby type wrap when they are little and the maya type wrap when they are bigger. I have a 28 lb 21 month old son whom I still wear (when he will let me. I prefer to wear him so he does not tear down the stores we visit!!) and I am 4 months pregnant. They both have their uses and I really recommend both! If you have any kind of sewing skill at all I would say make them instead!!
My Family, and Therefore My Life, Completely Shattered at the Age of 20.
Top 10 Disney's FROZEN Holiday Gifts You Must Buy for Your Kids!Shop for Disney's FROZEN holiday gifts this Christmas season for your Frozen-loving fans. These Disney holiday gift ideas will delight your little ones who love Elsa, Anna, and Olaf.Ahhh the holiday season. Can you smell the fresh pine scent?Not likely, unless you are at a Christmas tree farm. What I sense most is the holiday gift rush, already. Each year, the most popular franchises are highly sought after, and Disney's FROZEN still wins. We saw the movie when it first came out, and we loved it, but it was never a big deal to my 3-year-old little girl, until last month. My daughter is a little late on the bandwagon, but that's not stopping her from wanting EVERY SINGLE FROZEN branded item ever in life.There are TONS of Disney FROZEN games, FROZEN toys, FROZEN costumes, dolls, clothes, and the actual movie. If you have a little one who talks about Anna and Elsa non-stop, sings "Let It Go" in the shower, and can not stop watching the movie, you have GOT to get them their favorite FROZEN gifts this Christmas. I have been asked for both princesses Anna and Elsa's dresses, multiple times. Here are the top 10 Disney's FROZEN holiday gifts that your kids will LOVE.10 Disney's FROZEN Holiday Gifts To Buy for Your KidsExcuse me? Do you mean to tell me that someone's child is going to be more fly than I am in my car? This baby has music from the movie on the pretend radio and hits 5 miles per hour. My daughter would DIE to have this.If your child likes warm hugs, this is the way to go. This 18″ plush OLAF stuffed animal can be used as a pillow, it is sure to keep you warm at night. It's probably the size of your 2-year-old, no? Disney says, "Welcome the winds of wintry fun and friendship with every hug of our super-sized soft plush snowman, Olaf." Supersized is RIGHT.Can you imagine playing inside the very castle where princesses Anna and Elsa lived? OMG neither can I. Good thing there's a toy for that, and it's only $120. No seriously, if she loves playing with dolls, she will love this.Thinking about redecorating your child's room? This FROZEN bean bag will fit right in. Amazon has a million Disney's FROZEN holiday gifts, this was my favorite one. Little girls and boys everywhere will have comfortable tushies, thanks to this gift. A measly $155 will get you all of this, the ladies have full dresses, shoes, and tiaras, and the princesses can change behind their very own wardrobe screen, you know, so the guys do not see. .This Disney's FROZEN holiday gift is perfect for the traveling little one. We are a traveling family, and I could totally see my daughter rolling this bad boy through the airport. If this means I do not have to carry triple the weight in my luggage, I will be getting one for both kids.Make a Frozen treat with Olaf. Designed to look just like Olaf from Frozen, this snow cone maker transforms ice cubes into delicious icy treats. Making snow cones has never been so fun or easy. Simply add the flavor powder and water to the flavor bottle to make delicious sugar-free syrups. Add ice cubes to the snow cone maker and crank the handle to make "snow." Then, add as much flavor as you like to create your very own snow cone.This is a fun gift idea, singing "Let It Go" on a microphone, karaoke-style all night? Dance the night away under the LED flashing lights? ABSOLUTELY. I am not gonna lie, I want this. OLAF undies. AWESOME. We've seen the girls undies everywhere, so I am happy to see that they have some without Anna and Elsa for crying out loud. Boys do not want girls on their butts, so this 7-pack is PERF for your FROZEN loving boys.And last but not least, we have FROZEN on DVD and Blu-ray. Because you can not be a FROZEN fanatic without having the movie. My daughter has it at her dad's house, and now she will get it at mine. Lucky lady.In Frozen, Elsa feared her powers were too much for the world. In Frozen 2, she must hope they are enough. This sequel to Disney's 2013 blockbuster sees the return of all your beloved favorite characters in an exciting new adventure.Why was Elsa born with magical powers? The truths about the past await her as she ventures into the unknown - to the enchanted forests and dark seas beyond Arendelle. The answers are calling her, but they are also threatening her kingdom. Together with Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven, she will face a dangerous but remarkable journeyAll FROZEN-ed out? I am. Also, y'all should know that Amazon had a dedicated Disney's FROZEN store. SHEESH.
How Would Government Change If Everyone Died by the Age of 25?
Hmm, I do not see why such a scenario would inevitably lead to a dramatic change in forms of government.Yes, hereditary monarchy as practiced for most of history might become impractical, as the monarch's children would likely all be too young to rule when the monarch dies.But all other forms of government would be just as viable as they are today. Democracy would certainly still work. Sure, the candidates would all be under 25, but you could still have elections. I suppose terms of office might get shorter. Like presently a U.S. Senator serves for 6 years, which means anyone older than 19 when he's elected would never live to serve out his term. Aristocracy and one-party rule would still work. In such systems, basically the ruling class pick the people to be the next generation ruling class. No reason why they could not still do that. They would be less able to pick their own children, but actually as a class rather than an individual this is less of an issue. Maybe your kids can not take over your job the day you die, but they can hang around and take over somebody else's job when he dies in 5 or 10 years.I would expect the operations of government would change, as office holders would be less experienced and know they have less time. Bad ideas would probably be more likely to be made law because the rulers would not have the experience to know that it did not work the last six times it was tried. They MIGHT study history of course, but many would not . And knowing that you only have a few years might well lead people to be more in a hurry. I can not wait until the next election to get this policy enacted because I will be dead by then! We can not spend years debating this policy because we do not have that much time. So policies get rushed through. Sometimes that would be good: instead of debating endlessly let's do something! But often it would mean that policies get enacted with inadequate consideration and planning.BTW hereditary monarchy could be made to work if you adjusted the system. Say that your younger brother inherits the crown instead of your son, or your cousin, whatever.Of course such a world would face all sorts of problems having little to do with government per se. Education would have to be shortened: you could not afford to wait until 21 or 22 to graduate college if you are only going to live to 25. Hard to imagine someone being able to start a career before 15 or so, maybe 12 or 13 at the earliest, so half your life is over before you start contributing to the economy. And all the workers have much less experience, so productivity must be lower.If the species is going to survive, people would have to marry very young. And even if you have your first child at 15, you are going to be dead by the time he's 10. If you have a child at 20 you will be dead when he's 5. So who's going to raise the children? You might say that life expectancies have been shorter in the past and people have managed. But life expectancy of the upper class has not changed much. I recall seeing a study once that found that the life expectancy of a U.S. senator has not changed since the founding of the U. S. (I presume because the upper classes have always had access to decent food and shelter, some semblance of medical care, etc.) So there have always been some number of older, more experienced and mature people to keep things organized. In this society, there would not be any such person.1. How to add marginal numbers / recitals to word processing documents?Caught the hint :-) transforming my comment into a potential answer....The Numbering (bullet) solution is your best bet, you will have to try to make a macro that changes the RTL text direction on odd pages, only for the bullet and not for the text if that is possible at all...This approach would be quite a hassle in Office. Something more powerful like InDesign would make the job easier (but not cheaper).I would personally rather make a custom application and implement it using WPF, XAML and the Fixed document (XPS) tools. You might find an open source wordpad-like app to start off with, in which you can integrate your custom code. The cost would depend on how good you are at coding and if this is a hobby-project or in your professional time2. Is open office similar to office word?Depends on the format you save it in. Go to File > Save As to view the available file formats. I believe Openoffice can save in .doc format which is the default format used by Microsoft Word. OpenOffice can also save in .pdf or .rtf formats, both of which can be opened by a variety of programs and should be open-able at your school. Note that saving in a different file format may make minor changes to the layout and spacing of the document. You should review it to make sure it still looks OK before you print.3. Do we really need to file an Income tax?The Colonies broke with England because, in part, of taxation without representation. You have representation; you elected them to office. The U.S. Constitution clearly forbade income tax until it was amended to permit it. The 16th Amendment was ratified in 1913. The Populist, Socialist Labor, and Democratic Parties all pushed for a graduated income tax. Now Congress is free to impose any sort of tax they wish, and most other forms of government have happily followed their example. Where does it go? Lots of places both silly and sublime. Some of it is in the freeway you drove down, the bridge you went over, the tunnel you went through. Some is insuring poor children. Some is rebuilding Iraq. It's all over the place. If you do not want the government to have any of your money, make sure that you do not want anything from your government.
Wedding Dress of Birgitte Van Deurs
Wedding Dress of Birgitte Van Deurs
Wedding dress of Birgitte van DeursThe wedding dress of Birgitte van Deurs was worn at her wedding to Prince Richard of Gloucester on 8 July 1972 at St Andrew's Church, Barnwell, Northamptonshire. The dress was designed by Norman Hartnell, who first collaborated with the British royal family for the wedding dress of the groom's mother, Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester. The dress was constructed of Swiss organdie, with a high collar, a simple skirt, long sleeves and a small train. Instead of wearing a tiara, the bride secured her white tulle veil with a grouping of stephanotis flowers. The dress was regarded by some as one of Hartnell's more modern creations for the time, incorporating some stylistic features of 1970s fashion.— — — — — —Wedding dress of Princess AliceThe wedding dress of Princess Alice of the United Kingdom was worn during a period of court mourning for the death of her father. Princess Alice was the second daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. On 1 July 1862, in the dining room of Osborne House on the Isle of Wight, she married Prince Louis of Hesse. Seven months had passed since the death of the Prince Consort and the Royal Family was still in deep mourning. The venue was chosen so that the Queen would be able to avoid inviting the usual guests of state. From "The Royal Wedding Dresses" by Nigel Arch and Joanna Marschner (p.58): "She wore a 'half-high dress with a deep flounce of Honiton lace, a veil of the same and a wreath of orange blossom and myrtle'." It was a simple style and not embellished with a court train. Queen Victoria later confided to her daughter, the Princess Royal (Vicky), that the wedding of 'poor Alice' had been "more like a funeral."— — — — — —Wedding dress of Princess Helena of Waldeck and PyrmontThe wedding dress of Princess Helena of Waldeck and Pyrmont was worn by the bride at her wedding to Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany, on 27 April 1882 in St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle. Prince Leopold was the youngest son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Princess Helena was the daughter of George Victor, Prince of Waldeck and Pyrmont and his wife Princess Helena of Nassau. The dress was made in Paris and was presented by her sister, Queen consort Emma of the Netherlands. The gown was made of white satin, decorated with traditional orange blossom and myrtle and trimmed with fleur-de-lis, with the edge topped with point d'Alenon and white satin. The long tulle veil was held in place by a diamond head dress and a wreath of orange blossoms and myrtle. The shoulders were bare and the short drop sleeves adorned with the Royal Family Order of the Royal Order of Victoria and Albert and the Companion of the Order of the Crown of India pinned to the left. The bosom was swathed in tulle and ruched laces with a small bouquet of flowers. The fashionably cut bodice ended in a sharp V-shape that accentuated the bride's tall and slender figure. Helena received large diamond sprays from the King and Queen of the Netherlands, which she wore as a tiara and brooch on her wedding day. From her parents, she received a diamond necklace and sun rays that she also wore as brooches. Prince Leopold gave his bride a diamond necklace, a large diamond star, a ruby bracelet, a ruby and diamond bracelet, sapphire and diamond earrings, Spanish lace, and a fan, which can also be seen in her wedding photos.— — — — — —Getting married and have so much to do! Lose weight, quit smokng, plan the wedding, finish school! HELP!?I was the same size when I got married, and 5 feet tall, and wore a size 18 wedding dress. There is a special full length bra that you wear under the wedding dress that will make you look like you did a million sit ups, raise your bust to look like you were perfectly proportioned, and nobody will be the wiser. You will not look like a Fat Cow— — — — — —What type of dress is this ?16 Trend colors in spring-summer 2019 Prom Party Dresses Triumph at next year's weddings with the trendiest colors. Experts have already sighted the shades that will cause rage at all parties. Choose your guest look or help your ladies and set a trend with these tones! At weddings, each color is unrepeatable: the white of the wedding dress, the shades on the ribbons of the little ties, the prints of the groom's tie, and which one is best for the guests to dress? If for this spring-summer you have already received several wedding invitations, be the most glamorous guest with these colors. And if you are looking for party dresses for your ladies choir, let yourself be carried away by the color shades of spring-summer 2019.
What Is the Best Car Wax?
What Is the Best Car Wax?
try the new tech wax in a green and purple can its like $15 but works great ( walmart has it)1. How does car wax beautify your vehicle's paint?Use a high quality liquid wax and do not positioned too lots attempt into it. pressing too stressful on save on with or removing will create swirl marks. determine which you do this in the colour. Use a foam applicator to maintain on with a skinny coat of wax flippantly, then buff it off with a microfiber textile. Use a sparkling microfiber textile to wipe down the automobile once you are executed2. what is the best car wax for black cars?I've tried several different waxes.The one that I've found that works best on my black car is Turtle Wax Ice Liquid3. Does car wax expire? Also does old wax damage the paint of your car?Just redo it with better wax. You can buy some really good wax for about $64. can i fix a broken cd with car wax????depends on how scratched lightly scratched and it skips a bit, there are some nifty cd cleaning things you can buy, i would type "cd cleaner" into ebay and have a look at what is on offer deeply scratched and unplayable, buy a new cd either way you are looking to pay money really sorry5. What is the best car wax/polish?I've used Zymol for years and it seems to work good for me. Plus it smells like bananas. Best thing for getting brake dust off wheels and oxidation off tires is Castrol Super Clean. Spray it on, let it soak for minute, brush with nylon brush (tires & wheels) rinse.6. What good is Car Wax?yes it helps to protect the paint from harsh chemicals and road also keeps the paint from getting dull7. Can you use car wax on a guitar?It all depends. Is your guitar is a stick shift or an automatic?8. How to apply car wax? By hand or machine better? 10 points best answer?Wax is available in three forms: liquid, paste and spray. From experience, liquid wax is easier to apply, but with paste kind. There's always a lot to choose from and I noticed a lot of high-tech wax discoveries first come out in paste then in liquid and spray form later. When you apply the wax it's always nice to wash your car first. Avoid direct sunlight as well when it's too cold and damp. A single thin coat is all it need in major large areas. Do not try to put on a thick application with the intent that you wo not have to wax as often because it wo not work. You will mostly end up with an excessive amount of wax residue to remove, making the job more difficult. You are better off waxing more frequently. You can use the round applicators that come with some waxes or are available separately. A damp rectangular kitchen sponge makes a good applicator, as its shape seems to be able to handle the detail areas of a car. A second application on the nose and hood, where the wind quickly wears off the wax will give you a longer lasting wax job. Have a happy wax-on wax-on day.9. Can you use car wax on the floor?I would test it in a small hidden area first10. Looking for car wax that is clear for older car?try turtle wax ice, it's clear and does not leave any residue11. Which car Wax is better?EAGLE brand12. Can car wax or polish hide a small dent/ dimple in car door?Take the car back dirty13. Does anyone know how to get car wax off of the black moldings on your car?Try some of the 91% pure Rubbing alcohol for sale at your local pharmacy. Pour a little on the corner of a rag and wipe the wax right off. This will also work for small oil spills.14. Whats the best car wax on the market?Turtle wax an old stand by15. does car wax give your car the wet look?Not all wax does. You get ones that just protect the paint and makes it shine, and you get wax that gives your car the "wet look". Something like Meguiars Deep Crystal liquid wax or Mothers Reflections is what you are looking for.
New Patent Exposure of Apple Folding Screen Mobile Phone: Two OLED Flexible Screens Are Combined, an
New Patent Exposure of Apple Folding Screen Mobile Phone: Two OLED Flexible Screens Are Combined, an
Although the full screen is hot at present, it is obvious that folding screen is the trend in the future. At present, the folding screen patents of Samsung, Huawei, LG and other mobile phone manufacturers have been exposed, except for the lack of news from apple.Recently, the U.S. trademark and Patent Office announced a new patent related to Apple's folding screen mobile phone. In the design diagram, we can see that this mobile phone is composed of two OLED flexible screens, which are connected by hinges. It is worth mentioning that its hinges can be bent in both directions.In addition, in this concept phone, apple puts the battery in the hinge instead of the bottom of the screen, which can make the body as light and thin as possible. Of course, the battery also needs to have foldable characteristics. If it is really to be implemented into real products produced in large scale, the safety must be fully verified.In the current mainstream mobile phone modeling, the screen size has basically reached the limit, and folding screen is a more feasible design idea. From the current technical conditions, OLED screen is still the best material for folding screen mobile phones, with light weight, strong flexibility and low power consumption.In other words, if Apple's folding products start production, the screen is still likely to be purchased from Samsung. After all, Samsung is still in the leading position in the OLED panel.
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