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Here are top 10 questions about my pillow asked by people online.

1. How can i last longer humping my pillow?

Maybe you could find something helpful at

2. How can I make my pillow shut up?

maybe its a ghost? are you into witchcraft or anything supernatural?

3. I sleep with my phone in my pillow & use it as my alarm. . . radiation?

I saw that report on CNN. Who knows if it's true or not? The report said that if you keep your phone next to your bed, the radiation continues via signal, even if you are not talking on the phone. Supposedly, this also can interrupt your sleep, or give you poor quality of sleep. Who knows? I use my phone for an alarm, too. I think I will be using the good old-fashioned alarm clock now just to see how I feel and if I get better sleep. least for a couple of weeks.

4. If I get my hair dyed, will it rub off on my pillow that night?

no but dere would be a smell

5. serious question, is it unhealthy that i talk to my pillow?

Some are advocating one keep a wellness diary today . In the past when there was no paper people were advised to pray. All these mental activities use words that help the mind to focus and organize. Personally I like to use the meditation or reflection at the end of the day. Talking to the pillow is just another verbal organizer

6. How do i get rid of the musty smell from my pillow?

febreeze works wanders around a house. My wife swears by it

7. My bedroom wall is blue. what color should be my pillow and quilt cover?

i like the final component, the bookcase, reflect component i actually like it. and that i like the sheets. you are going to be able to desire to get some cool lamps and storage containers that tournament the room to. i do not understand concerning the names over their beds, until eventually they are into those form of issues. yet do they understand you are doing this? in view which you are able to in basic terms ask them what they like and get it for them

8. My cat punched out the neighbor's kid and now the pile of cole slaw on my pillow has gone bad. Am I pregnant?

You should try hockey, I think it is the best color

9. I like to hump my pillow but it doesnt quite fell that good and i dont want to finger my self?

I do not suggest having sex. Despite what it may feel like, fifteen is far too young to have sex. What you can do is, well, getting a vibrator, though I am not sure how you will be able to get a vibrator at your age - but they do work wonders for stimulation

10. my dad ejaculated on my pillow last night im pretty sure?

you are so lucky if its true. I dream of my dad doing that for me

11. "Dream On My Pillow?" a lighthearted poem, will you please C/C?

The kind of words that will melt the heart of ladies. Well done.

12. Had pain humping my pillow what should i do?

Get a girlfriend or order yourself a fleshlight. or ask your dad for one if your underage

13. I see between 20 - 40 pieces of hair on my pillow everytime i wake up everyday. Is that a bad sign?

dont worry about it the average hair loss per day is 100 hairs what with constat wear and tear, try getting a softer pillow if this would ease your mind

14. How can I stop my head from itching on my pillow?

wD Suspended - Flames 2-..., there is something irritating your head on the pillow, its just a new time for a pillow. I suggest getting one of those long pillows, was the best decision I made in a long time..... get one at this site its very reasonable.

15. Is it crazy that I always crave a hug and then lay in bed for hours hugging my pillow and sometimes crying?

It's not crazy, it's normal. I have not seen anyone doing that yet, but I am certain that lonely girls tend to do that. And it's understandable too. You fell you got a guy next to you, hugging you, and you feel that warm arms around your body. Then, you realize it's NOT what you were imagining... and you start to cry, obviously, because the reality beat your imagination. You cry until you stop and think to yourself "Oh, this is crazy. What am I doing," but eventually you will do it once more, because the feeling is so good... until you find out it's not real =S But I understand you. That's actually natural.

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