Freeparasol: UAV Lift Free Automatic Umbrella, AI Technology Recognizes and Tracks the Head, and Aut

Even without looking at the title, we can guess that only the Japanese brain can think of making products such as UAV umbrellas.

Recently, Asahi electric power service company invented freeparasol, which is simply the automatic umbrella of UAV. The body used in the prototype is Dajiang Royal mavicpro, and then an umbrella is tied to the body.

It can recognize and track the head with AI technology, and automatically follow the master. The endurance time is one hour. It is understood that Asahi power service company plans to bring freeparasol to the market in 2019 at a price of 30000 yen, about 1764 yuan.

Water resistance is an easy problem to solve, and the more difficult problem is to follow. Since it is used to hold an umbrella, the UAV must follow the user's head, and the UAV follows the user through sensors, that is, there will be a problem of signal delay, so it is difficult to keep the UAV and the user in the same dimension. In addition, how to stabilize the fuselage in the face of strong wind is also a big problem.

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