Good Brand for HID/Halo Headlights?

Go for aftermarket kits based on the manufacturer. I suggest you to go for: 1. Heliolite 2. Wagner These brands are reliable and sell good quality parts.

1. what hid bulb do i use for a 2010 honda accord?

Low beam 9006, High beam 9005

2. which one of these HID Xenon lights is the brightest?

6,000k is actually illegal. "Blinding" is actually illegal no matter what lights you have. If you blind other drivers, you will be ticketed, perhaps even have your vehicle seized, for posing a danger to other vehicles. Any lamp assemblies you put in have to be properly aimed. 4,300 k is plain bright, white light 5.000 k is not only legal, it is the most common, every step above 5,000k is actually less usable light. 3,000 k is a yellowy light, useful in fog lamps, not headlights 5,000 k approx 3,200 lumens 6,000 k approx 2,800 lumens, very slight blue 8,000 k approx 2,550 lumens, really starts to look blue 10,000 k approx 2,200 lumens, deep blue, approaches violet 12,000 k approx 2,100 lumens, poor usable light, actually looks violet

3. How do you install HID kit 8000K on 99 civic ex?

Install is fairly easy, you got the ballast, one for each bulb. There is a wire from the ballast that plugs right into the stock bulb socket. Another wire from the ballast has the new hid blub which you put in the headlight. It is fairly easy. No mods, mean that there is no wire cutting or anything required, its plug and play. As for where to get one, try ebay, just make sure that the seller has been around for awhile and offers at least a two year full unlimited warranty. I have an ebay kit and had no problems.

4. HID headlights high and low beams?

HID's are HID's. You can get a 35w conversion kit as opposed to a 55w kit. he 35w system wont produce as much output. Just aim the lights down and inward and no one will flash youve nor will any cops pull you over. If you want to have the color effect of HID's but not the output of an HID kit, you can get "xenon charged bulbs"...all those are is just regular bulbs with a blue, purplish, or yellow tint to it.

5. What size HID kit do i need?

Why are you worried about the size of the bulb ? There are many websites that offer HID headlights based on the make and model of the car. Go to one of those websites and find the appropriate size

6. hid's on my 1994 jeep grand cherokee?

Although it used to be true that HID's were quiet expensive the basic kit now days costs from $150-$250. The new 9004 BiXenon, which gives you both high and low in Xenon brightness is $249 at This is including a year of warranty on everything including the bulbs. I have upgraded my BMW and have not looked back ever since. As far as trouble goes, certain cars do need small modifications I do not believe the 9004 requires any modification, specially with the BiXenon kit. I am 99% sure its plug-n-play. The second part of "trouble" is I would stay away from the odd colors, blue, purple, etc. That's about it.

7. Power 5v system with Solar panels and HID lighting?

undesirable.... to high priced.... the size of the photograph voltaic panels and battery %. blend to potential site visitors lights furnishings by out the night and on cloudy or stormy days could be massive.... this is plenty extra much less high priced, extra convent, and extra efficient to get the potential off of the grid.

8. I accidently opened the suitcase you have hid under the bed...?

It's my overnight bag. What do you think I use it for?

9. Ihave chickenpox scars in the middle of my forehead.Is there anything that can cover it or hid it?

just a little cover up

10. Hid sisters beer, now what do I do with it? PLEASE help!!?

You should let her deal with it. It's her bottles, she is taking the risk drinking young, let her take the blame if something happens. Next time, do not take it, just talk to her about it

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Shide Technology Announced That It Took the Lead in Completing Rel-9 Dual Band and Dual Carrier HSDP
News highlights:It is German technology that took the lead in completing the verification of RF db-dc HSDPA certification test casesThe commercial deployment of dual band (DB) and dual carrier (DC) HSDPA in band I VIII is planned to start in 2016It extends the coverage of the test scope of the radio frequency conformance (RCT) certification test solution for the German technology cellular networkTests can be customized by designing and validating test solutionsOn May 6, 2016, Beijing - NYSE: keys recently announced that the global certification Forum (GCF) had passed the test case for verifying rel-9 dual band dual carrier HSDPA on the I-VIII frequency band of Shide technology conformance certification test system at the recent cag#46 meeting. Previously, some network operators have announced that they will deploy this evolution technology in 2016, which is the only test supplier that can provide verified test cases for this 3G Evolution Technology.Garrett lees, senior director of solutions for German technology operators and test laboratories, said: "We are very pleased to take the lead in providing test solutions for test case verification of dual band and dual carrier HSDPA technology in the cellular communication industry. We have recently released some other solutions, which fully demonstrates our leading position in LTE 3CA technology solutions. We hope to continue to create our leading position and provide the industry with the required services first Test solutions to help them bring the latest technology to market. "The previous dual cell HSDPA technology only supports the aggregation of two adjacent downlink carriers. The advantage of dual band and dual cell HSDPA technology is to support discontinuous downlink carrier aggregation. Considering that the spectrum resources of network operators may be in different frequency bands, dual band and dual cell HSDPA technology will make the deployment easier.Downlink carrier aggregation provides a higher peak data rate, so that 3G network users can obtain better services when using mobile data applications. With the latest verified test resources of Deke technology, network operators can test RF consistency according to the industry test plan, so as to ensure a safe and smooth user experience.Shide technology provides a wide range of solutions for 2G, 3G, LTE and LTE evolution technologies to fully meet the needs of device designers, laboratories and network operators.It is a wireless solution of Germany technologyFrom WLAN to LTE advanced and the latest 5g technology, techtech focuses on providing the most abundant solution options to help customers solve the most difficult design and testing problems in the industry. With the help of techtech's most advanced electronic measurement solutions and powerful desktop and modular hardware and software, engineers can gain more in-depth design and testing insight and coverage The whole process from simulation to R & D, from verification to manufacturing, and from conformance testing to deployment. Expert engineers with deep experience in formulating cellular and WLAN standards, coupled with hundreds of application engineers around the world, are able to help customers cope with challenges with exquisite technology and experience.About Shide TechnologyNYSE: Keys As the world's leading electronic measurement company, it provides you with a new measurement experience through continuous innovation in the fields of wireless, modularization and software solutions. Shide technology provides electronic measurement instruments, systems, software and services, which are widely used in the design, R & D, manufacturing, installation, deployment and operation of electronic equipment. In fiscal year 2015, Shide technology's revenue reached US $2.9 billion Yuan.
Help with Deciding on HID Conversion Kit?
Considering your headlights sit high as is, I would not recommend going with an HID Kit. You will be blinding people constantly and especially when your behind someone and all that light is illuminating the interior of the car in front of you (could be a cop). What I would do is buy Sylvania SilverStar Ultras and that will improve your visibility with being 100% legal. Almost all HID Kits are illegal.1. Why wont my HID headlight work?because you bought HIDs off of ebay..... Thats why they stopped working. you always get what you pay for and ebay pnp kits are notoriously junk. try investing in a volt HID kit and never have another problem2. My wife hid a pack of cigarettes in her truck and I found them?Depends on your reaction. Do not nag her and she will quit again after many times when you tell her kissing her is like kissing an ashtray. The problem usually starts up when the gals go outside for a puff. For them it is more social. When your wife goes outside for that water cooler talk, she smells the smoke and it triggers cravings. Like alcoholics, they have to avoid bars because watching others drink triggers cravings. Non smokers that are older can handle being around. usually smokers take more breaks and if the boss smokes, they will tolerate it. It used to get on my nerves. Now that I own a beauty salon, I do not care if they go outside for a puff because if a walk in client comes in, that customer is mine3. $45 HID kit worth it?dont no about long term use but i do no its illegal in a lot of check b4 u get a big ticket 150-400 here depending on wat the cop writes(feels like)4. Can you hid a microdermal?The dream potential which you are experiencing acute rigidity and anxieties in ur relation countless factors of your waking existence .you are able to be able to desire to tone it down and permit the concepts and physique to take a seat back and heal.extra effective to debate your dream and affairs with some intimate chum to launch your repressed notional negative aspects and attempt to be happy. f.5. My car doesn't come with Hid Headlight and I want them. Do i buy the Hid Conversion Kit or the Hid Bulb?u need a kit. buying them online is your best option6. what type of HID converson kit would i need to get for my base 2005 ford mustang?Id like to get the 8000k headligth bulbs --- WHY? What is the point of DARKER lights when doing HIDs??? Explain. NAO!7. If you had to escape or hid from someone would you turn into an inanimate object like in this clip?Yes!..I totally would :)8. Would you be able to stay married to someone who hid credit card debt from you?I guess it depends on how highly you rate honesty ! So the the fact that your partner has hidden a financial burden that your expected to pay , if not help pay back ? Look I've lied to my wife over the years and it does not help our life together and I find it generally breaks down communication between us . Obviously that's my experience , but if you love your partner you might overlook it. And then again it might make you start wondering what else has been hidden from you.9. what is the cheapest website to get HID Headlights?EBAY!!! Price them you will see!10. Exo. 2:2: "…that he was good, and she hid him three months…”After doing some research, it seems that the adjective (tov) is sometimes used in reference to people in a manner referring other than to a personality trait (i.e., "kind").For example, in Gen. 6:2, it is written, is the plural feminine declension of the adjective . It is being used to describe (the daughters of men) as physically attractive (beautiful; fair), thus compelling the sons of God to take them as wives. (1) Gen. 6:2 contains the same basic syntactical structure as Exo. 2:2 (concerning the adjective ):[subject] verb direct object conjunction adjective pronounTherefore, in the case of Moses, his mother saw (with her eyes) that he was physically attractive or beautiful (), so she hid him three months. Unfortunately, the text does not offer any insight as to why his physical attractiveness persuaded her to choose a particular course of action, or what she would have done had he not been physically attractive. Footnotes(1) Gesenius, Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm. A Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament, including the Biblical Chaldee. Trans. Tregelles, Samuel Prideaux. London: Bagster, 1857. On , p. 318, 2. [source]
Measures to Promote the Smooth Progress of IOT Test Tasks
Worldwide, digital technology is connecting people in an unprecedented and interesting way. Driven by the personal computer revolution in the 1970s, people began to get used to using computing devices to simplify tasks and enrich life. Subsequently, the introduction of the Internet promoted our interconnected world, connecting devices anywhere on the earth and sharing data at a lightning speed. After the turn of the century, the debut of smart phones allows users to access information anytime, anywhere through portable devices in their pockets, and enables billions of people to keep in touch at any time.The Internet of things (IOT) is one of the greatest advances in Internet technology. Through the miniaturization of sensors, energy-efficient battery life and huge global manufacturing supply chain, IOT devices have opened a new era of always online intelligence. From smart speaker devices such as Amazon Alexa to small sensors that track warehouse inventory, the Internet of things can help collect and analyze large amounts of data, leading to better decision-making, more sensitive devices and an easy world to keep in touch.In order to take full advantage of the benefits of the Internet of things, developers must build easy-to-use, intuitive, reliable and secure solutions. Moreover, both consumer equipment and industrial equipment must be strictly tested to ensure that they do not consume too much power, leak data or be difficult to operate, so that they become useless. Of course, since IOT devices are usually small, have unique shapes, and need to run continuously, testing for defects and availability may encounter a series of challenges.The following are the key IOT tests that must be performed and some remedial measures to make the test task go smoothly.1. Usability testIf the device doesn't work, what's the point of developing it? This seems to be a simple problem, but when the functionality of the solution is hidden under a chaotic user interface or a series of complex buttons, developers never seem to come up with the answer to the problem.For the educational robot shaperorobotics, the device needs an iPad application that is easy for children to operate. In addition to ensuring basic functions, the application also needs a lot of testing to ensure that the software is intuitive enough for young users. For shapebotics, this means testing from the user's point of view - in this case, the user is a primary school student.Quality assurance personnel must test their equipment from the perspective of the end user. Basic functions, notifications and data synchronization shall be presented to the user in the clearest and simplest way possible to ensure that the user can accurately understand what the device or attached software can do.2. End to end product quality assurance testing (including firmware / hardware component upgrades / updates)When it is necessary to update IOT devices, the upgrade is usually divided into two parts: application update and firmware update. Both updates are important, but firmware upgrades are particularly important for the security or functionality of IOT devices. Firmware updates that are not yet ready may cause the Internet of things device to crash.Before releasing any software or firmware updates to users, ensure that the updates are thoroughly tested on various devices. This can be achieved through IOT test automation to achieve faster release at a lower cost.3. Safety testDuring security testing, you can set up a Wi Fi connection on the device using the mobile application. After that, the interaction between smart phones and IOT devices is carried out through the cloud. This is where security testing is needed. Cloud APIs, network communications and device attacks should always be monitored, as it is crucial to ensure the security of IOT devices. (from IOT home network) the test conducted to ensure the strong security of the Internet of things requires a comprehensive approach (from certification to use) to ensure that the equipment is safe and operable. As mentioned earlier, all interactions between smartphones and devices are conducted through cloud APIs, and private or sensitive information may be transmitted through IOT devices. Therefore, its data integrity must be ensured to ensure that it will not be leaked or incomplete. Check the use of public and private APIs to identify any potential hazards.4. Interoperability testingOne of the advantages of the Internet of things is its extensive connectivity. Many IOT devices support various operating systems, mobile devices, hardware, firmware, etc. Of course, this means that IOT devices must be tested with as many other devices as possible to ensure interoperability. Interoperability testing can ensure that devices work together safely without sacrificing performance, and correctly transfer all data from one device to other platforms.5. Reliability testThe reliability provided by interconnection technology has promoted the proliferation of Internet of things devices. Many IOT devices are expected to operate around the clock without interference. In order to achieve this expectation, IOT devices must be tested in a simulated real environment. Virtualized sensors and equipment can accurately describe the operation mode of the equipment in the field and identify any key defects.6. Real time testSince many IOT devices need real-time feedback, it is also necessary to test the real-time communication function. Similarly, this can be achieved through a virtualized environment that simulates transmission speed, data quality, and overall responsiveness.7. Performance testIOT devices usually need to use as few resources as possible to achieve high performance, while many devices are only composed of wireless modules, systems on chip and batteries. Although engineering miracles have reduced functional computers to the size of a coin, developers still have the responsibility to ensure that their software or firmware is not bloated or too complex. Testing the speed, responsiveness and quality of the underlying code can ensure that the limited power of Internet of things devices will not be overloaded.8. Connectivity testSince IOT devices must often be connected to a variety of wireless networks or other devices, it is important to ensure a strong, fast and secure connection. Whether through Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet, physical cable or other connection methods, it is necessary to ensure that IOT devices can successfully relay information.9. Regulatory testingMany IOT devices operate in specific industries and need to strictly comply with government regulations, such as medical treatment or transportation. Pay attention to ensure that IOT devices meet all regulatory requirements to avoid any costly fines or penalties.The implementation of the above key IOT tests will ensure that IOT devices will not consume too much power, leak data or be difficult to operate. More importantly, users will benefit from the improved experience.
Is Lightbringer Sword Hidden in the Iron Throne?
No, the prophecy about the last Hero who wielded it is itself over 5,000 years old. There is no mention of the sword lying around or being used after the bringing of the dawn. I believe the magic of it probably died and it vanished, or at the very least, if it was recovered, it would be a treasured relic. The swords that make the Iron throne came from people who had either been conquered or lain down their swords. The Targaryens wouldnt have put a special sword on the pile and just fused it with the others. If no one knew how special the sword was, it wouldnt still be around and in use over 4K years later to be melted into the throne.I think Lightbringer might not even be a physical sword in the book ending, the show it might be, but the show doesnt seem as concerned with the details of the prophecies anyway.If it is a literal sword and prophecies are pre-ordained and cant be changed,Lightbringer cant be all melted in the Iron throne or Azor Ahai wouldnt be able to wield it at all• Other QuestionsWhat were the effects of the Battle of Waterloo?Had the French under Napoleon won, he and not the Austrians, German states, and Great Britain would have dictated the terms of the treaty at the Congress of Vienna (which would almost certainly have been staged in Paris), and in all likelihood would have created some sort of European union with French as the language of diplomacy and business. Would there have been reform bills in Britain, revolutions in 1848, and a new British Empire encompassing Africa, India, Australia, Canada? Certainly the map of Europe would have been very different after the Napoleonic wars, and Napoleon like Woodrow Wilson would have been more inclined to accommodate the nationalist aspirations of people such as the Poles. All this is highly speculative, of course, but it is entirely possible that the "Nation of Shopkeepers" would not have the chance to be entrepreneurs, mechanical innovators, and traders that led to the railway networks that criss-crossed Europe by mid-century. It is even possible that the Hapsburg Archduke Ferdinand would not have been assassinated, and therefore that World War One would not have broken out in August 1914 had Napoleon won the Battle of Waterloo and Sir Arthur Wellesley, the Iron Duke, had lost. We shall never know------What's the cheapest Raspberry Pi controllable LED strip available?Controllable isn't the right word. A better word would be drive. A Raspberry Pi has GPIO pins which can produce digital and analog (PWM) signals which are capable of driving most LED strips on the market. In order to drive digital strips, you'll need to use a library to create the correct signal in software, fortunately, there are free and open source libraries for all of the world's most popular digital LED strips. To drive analog LEDs, you simply need to generate a PWM signal. Addressable would mean you could control every LED on the strip independently (this would be digital).There are strips which contain RGB LEDs, strips that are white leds, strips that are white and cool white, strips that alternate between a red, a blue and a green LED. There are analog strips and there are digital strips.Price is largely a factor of:qualityquantitylocationDifferences in these variables will result in wide differences in prices.You can find very inexpensive LED strips on and ebay (no quality assurance). You can find somewhat inexpensive strips on Amazon.You can contact a supplier directly and probably get the best prices by using Alibaba, but they're not exactly ecommerce and many will have order minimums------Is Vladimir Putin really that bad as the President of Russia?All great answers here, not much to add. I will say this: Russian people seem to assign qualities of a czar or an emperor to the post of the "president", including emotional attachments. Thus, as an Emperor, Putin is probably ok by the local standards.I have had a few conversations with recent expats and realized that they think we should either "love" or "hate" Obama as our ultimate leader and savior. While there is plenty haters (not to get into the details now), I had trouble explaining that I voted for Obama not out of love, but by making a rational choice based on facts. Russians who grew up with Putin often seem to not get the point that Obama is just a head of one federal government branches, with the opposing party in another branch, and having little to do with local affairs on the State or municipal level. Putin is the authority, and the government is fully centralized, despite officially being a federation.Is it bad? I think so. Russia has potential to become an industrial nation and capitalize on the talent it possesses. The talent, however, is being wasted on love for Putin and the likes of him------Why did Kosovo separate from Serbia?Because it has different ethnic majority. Even though its a province of Serbia, during 17th century to 20th century it saw a big exile of Serbian population because most of the Serbian kingdom was under occupation by the Ottomans. Serbs exiled over Danube to Hungary and sought protection and fertile land to settle, while Albanians steadily moved northward to Kosovo. In 20th century during Enver Hoxhas dictatorship, Socialist Albania was economically a 3rd world country, so thousands moved to Socialist Yugoslavia where had already been a sizable amount of ethnic Albanians. From 1900s to 2000s Albanians quickly grew to be a majority in Serbian province; they protested for wide authonomy, then independence, which over the years grew into violent, hateful conflict between immigrant Albanians and Yugoslavian police. After civil war in Yugoslavia, immigrant Albanian majority achieved NATO support, which later in 1999 grew to a nation-wide bombing of civilian targets. Yugoslavia agreed to let UN govern the province until the violence is resolved, but UN fell under the influence of NATO and set the path for the land-grab project called Republic of Kosovo. The forceful independence of Kosovo is the proof why International law is ridiculous and that superpowers do as they please (Crimea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lybia, smothered independence of Catalonia)------What are the differences between the terms Hebrews, Jews, Israelites, and Israelis?Hebrew, a Northern Semitic language, which was spoken by the children of Israel in Bibical times and in which nearly all of the Old Testament is written. Hebrew was not different from the language spoken by the Canaanite inhabitants of ancient Palestine and adjacent areas, and indeed the Hebrews called their language the speech of Canaan".Jews, descendants or members of the Biblical tribe or people called Yehudah or Judah. In time, the term derived through the Latin Judaeus from the Hebrew adjective Yehudi which means the followers of Judaism in general. During the period of Jewish emancipation in modern history there was a tendency in some countries to avoid use of the word and to substitute for it the words Hebrew or Israelites which were considered to have a more dignified connotation.Both are one tribe, from the tribe of Jacob/Israel. They are called, Israelites. We are apart of the lineage of the tribe of the Israelites. We were all made and formed by the Eternal. But now hear Oh Jacob My servant and Israel whom I have chosen. Thus said the Eternal who made you and formed you from the womb who helps you. ISAIAH CHAPTER 44, 1;2We can accept the truth or we can reject it------How would history have played out IF the South won the American Civil War?It would be pretty different.Sorry but I just have a general rant about how different any alternate history is.One general alternate history point I think is true but rarely understood is that after the intervention point when the timeline changes, none of the babies born will be the same. Stories will often have the same people popping up 100 years later in an alternate history with different roles and experiences and thats just plain wrong if theres any interest in causality and consistency.Sex is a randomizing process. The tiniest change in microevents will completely change the outcome of a couple having sex. Every conception is a completely unique event that only occurs under exactly those circumstances and can never occur otherwise.After whatever tweak changes the timeline, most couples that conceived before now dont. Theres only about a p.05. chance with healthy young people. Instead a completely different set of couples now conceive. Of the 5% that still conceive in both universes almost zero conceive the the same child. Effectively no person that would be born in the old universe is born in the new one.By 1930 everyone under 65 would be different. There is no Hitler or Stalin or Churchill in this universe------What are your views on the accusations made on Anand Kumar's Super 30?1. It is true that Anand Kumar has lied at few times regarding the selections and he is being targeted for same. But comparing this with other coaching giants in Delhi, Kota etc. I don't think this selectively targeting a man is justified. If so, then all perpetrators should be brought to the dock.2. There is again question being raised regarding his buying some property which is again a selective interrogation.Following are the tentative/expected reasons due to which he is selectively targeted -1. His selection ratio through the years has been a constant reason for other coaching institutes being jealous to him, specially the other local coaching centres who are in direct competition with him.2. He is from Bihar and that too from a lower caste so that could again be a reason. His success has become hard to digest by people who envied him. Not everyone is fond of people from Bihar, you know that for obvious reasons.3. The same people now know that a movie based on him, would certainly make him a star, being more name and game and show him in the positive light. So, they are trying to malign his image prior to the movie release.All views are personal.Ready to embrace any changes.------Why is Russia bombing civilians in Syria?Because not taking a chance with terrorists. The situation in Syria has become morally gray, it might in the long term save more lives by getting rid of the terrorists faster. But still its still civilian lives so why?????? My take on is that Russia is its own country that seeks protection for themselves as well as some other countries nearby and in that regard its dangerous having an terrorist organization around overall that could strike their own territory. I dont think Russia randomly targets civilians without a cause but a country with some terrorists running the country is way more dangerous overall for the country and other nearby countries than sacrificing some human lives unfortunately. Everyone is a hero in their own mind and for the Russian people and their allies its definitely the safest option even if its horrible things happening.Kiritsugu from Fate ZeroI kind of see Russia in that regard in terms of how they view the situation.And the last one is a way to look at a war battlefield.P.S everyone pretty much bombs the terrorists which might involve human lives thats unfortunate just how it is because everyone is trying to protect their own of course
With the influx of new car lighting options in the market, car owners can now move away from halogen bulbs and consider other exciting technologies. If you are confused about choosing between HID and LED headlights, we have the answer for you. Read more.Many car owners find the themselves in a dilemma on the type of lighting to fit their vehicles for replacement of upgrade. Presence of a wide variety of lighting in the market drastically increases their confusion and decisiveness. A good understanding of the best options to take and why is needful for the drivers• RELATED QUESTIONI was wondering if I could install 6700k led headlights in my car legally.?First, I don't know the local law. That's something you can find out yourself by calling the local department of motor vehicle's. Either they can tell you or they can refer you to someone who can answer the question.Now, 6700K is a color. If you can legally put after market lamps on then the color isn't going to be critical. What WILL be critical is if you're blinding drivers coming toward you. THAT is where the legality of modifications to your headlights comes into play.I drive an 08 Tacoma with standard reflector headlights. I can't put mods on those lights because they would blind oncoming drivers. The only option I have is to replace my reflectors with projectors (like you have). Modern cars have beam breakers that prevent light from scattering upwards where it can blind oncoming drivers. So if I change my headlamp assemblies I can probably install LED or HID. And I've looked into that. The mod is legal, and that's the only way I can upgrade to LED or HID. However, I don't like LED because nearly all of them need some sort of cooling. Cooling fans choke with dust and debris and fail. Which causes the LED to fail. With HID the problem is the "Instant ON" you don't get with them. They have to warm up. Granted, it only takes a few seconds to warm up to full brightness, but that's an inconvenience too.So before you do any mods, first find out if you CAN. Then find out what the pros and cons are for each type of mod. And doing something because you think it looks cool isn't always the best mod to make. You could be causing problems for other drivers on the road. And that's where you'll run into problems with the law. Blind a cop and guess what he's going to do. Especially if he's having a bad day. He'll find ALL your mods and let you know CLEARLY what MUST be restored to factory original.Blue led headlights what to get?Nope. Do not be stupid. Call it common sense, but last I lights are darker than white lights. So, what is the point?Anybody have any expierence with hid and led headlights? ?The less color in the lights the better, because if a cop can, and will pull you over if your lights have any color. (Any after market HID are illegal, but 6k looks normal, so you probably wont get stopped) I would go with 6k, or 4.3k. Also remember that you have to adjust the housing when you install HID's, because they will point higher.Anybody have any expierence with hid and led headlights? ?I Currently have a 97 civic coupe and I have 10,000 kelvin hids in it. U can buy them on eBay and amazon. My lights are extremely blue. The more white u remove from headlights the less u see trust me. On a rainy night I can hardly see the road. But I have a friend that has 8,000 kelvin and they are just perfect. Like a light blue. He also has 3,000 kelvin and they are yellow. I think 8k is the way to go. I paid $50 bucks for mine and I love them anything over 10,000k is just to much blue.Why does toyota put led headlights on the corolla?It means lifetime serviceDo you recommend halo, projector, xenon, led headlights? Why?The STOCK ones are fineled headlightsI probably cannot help you with that. I get mine the old fashioned way.Bright blue led headlights what are they called?LED Xenon. Also called HIDWhy does toyota put led headlights on the corolla?That's the 21st century for you, a decade from now all cars will be fitted with ledsare led headlights brighter then hologen headlights?what he said. last longer!!! less energy!! and as for brighter. it depends. if u go blue on hal your not going to get as bright with ledcan you get led headlights globes for my car?with out knowing the year make and model, we can only guessHow to install led headlights on 04 corolla?I bet you ment to say HID. I would not do it as it creates to much heat and I have seen it melt the wire harness and the headlight housing. It will cost you alot to replace what you just melted.are led headlights brighter then hologen headlights?First of all, to my knowledge and probably to the knowledge of automotive headlight designers the world over, there are no such things as LED headlights on or available for production cars. LED light availability is currently restricted to replacement interior lights and exterior marker, fog and brake lights, mostly because LEDs are simply not bright enough to send a beam of light hundreds of yards and light up the road. Second of all, light brightness is affected by several variables, such as voltage, wattage, reflector design, and the materials used to make the actual capsule surrounding the filament. You can only compare bulbs of a similar rating in order to answer this question. For example, a 55 watt halogen headlamp versus a 55 watt conventional headlamp. If you are talking about HID (High Intensity Discharge) headlamps, that is a completely different story. HID headlamps are not LEDs, but they are a special bulb that requires a complex power supply and a focusing lens that makes them appear brighter because the light is focused in a precise beam instead of being reflected like halogen and conventional filaments are. HID headlight bulbs would not work by themselves. You would need to install the entire power supply and other equipment. It's not cheap, either. To retrofit a car with HID headlamps would cost as much as a few hundred. However, the same thing applies. You can not compare different lamps with different power outputsBright blue led headlights what are they called?They are illegal. Using them gives cops a reason to pull you overare led headlights legal in georgia?Led lights are legal in every state if they werent alot of new cars that save battery life by using this new technology would be banned from the state led lights are brighter and save more energy with its blubsI was wondering if I could install 6700k led headlights in my car legally.?First, I do not know the local law. That's something you can find out yourself by calling the local department of motor vehicle's. Either they can tell you or they can refer you to someone who can answer the question. Now, 6700K is a color. If you can legally put after market lamps on then the color is not going to be critical. What WILL be critical is if you are blinding drivers coming toward you. THAT is where the legality of modifications to your headlights comes into play. I drive an 08 Tacoma with standard reflector headlights. I can not put mods on those lights because they would blind oncoming drivers. The only option I have is to replace my reflectors with projectors (like you have). Modern cars have beam breakers that prevent light from scattering upwards where it can blind oncoming drivers. So if I change my headlamp assemblies I can probably install LED or HID. And I've looked into that. The mod is legal, and that's the only way I can upgrade to LED or HID. However, I do not like LED because nearly all of them need some sort of cooling. Cooling fans choke with dust and debris and fail. Which causes the LED to fail. With HID the problem is the "Instant ON" you do not get with them. They have to warm up. Granted, it only takes a few seconds to warm up to full brightness, but that's an inconvenience too. So before you do any mods, first find out if you CAN. Then find out what the pros and cons are for each type of mod. And doing something because you think it looks cool is not always the best mod to make. You could be causing problems for other drivers on the road. And that's where you will run into problems with the law. Blind a cop and guess what he's going to do. Especially if he's having a bad day. He will find ALL your mods and let you know CLEARLY what MUST be restored to factory original.Why does toyota put led headlights on the corolla?Guess you should have driven it at night before you bought itcan you get led headlights globes for my car?What car??? You only asked 1/2 a question. Try "proof reading" before you postBright blue led headlights what are they called?HID headlights or LED Daytime Running lights. You probably already have HID ballasts you would just need the different color bulbs which are graded on a scale of colorBright blue led headlights what are they called?They are xenon headlamps. You can also get halogen bulbs with a blue tint which will either illuminate as a bright white lamp ( light blue tinting ) or with a blue hue ( darker blue tinting )are led headlights brighter then hologen headlights?Brighter- less energy and last longer To the thumb down?? Get your facts in order! Automotive headlamp applications using LEDs have been undergoing very active development since 2004. The first series-production LED headlamps are factory-installed on the 2008 Lexus LS 600h / LS 600h L (low beam, front position light and sidemarker only; high beam and turnsignal are filament based. The headlamp is supplied by Koito), and on the version of the 2008 Audi R8 sports car sold outside North America supplied by Automotive Lighting. The LED headlamp supplied by Hella for the 2009 Escalade Platinum is the first U.S. market headlamp with both a LED low and high beam. Present designs give performance between halogen and HID headlamps, with system power consumption slightly higher than halogen headlamps. These lamps currently require large packaging and a large number of the most powerful LED emitters available. As LED technology continues to evolve, the performance of LED headlamps is predicted to improve to approach, meet, and perhaps one day surpass that of HID headlamps.My headlights were busted, where can i buy led headlightsLED headlights are not simple to install yourself without mechanical knowledge. If you possess knowledge sufficient to install them, sites like or the parts section of stock LED headlights. Otherwise, take your car into your local auto shop and let professionals handle it.Can the 01 Jeep Cherokee use led headlightsYes, J.W.Speaker makes a set of LED headlights for the 1984-2001 .Jeep Cherokee. - called 8900. They are 5x7" and fit the. Jeep. Commanche MJ and the Jeep Wrangler YJ as well. They are even ECE approved, so they are road legal in. Europe.. Their technology is based on a product development for the Oskosh vehicle of the US army.Anybody have any expierence with hid and led headlights? ?get around 8000 or 9000 kelvin or you will not be able to see in any bad weather, they will have a nice blue tint
LED Headlights Vs Halogen Vs HID?
Led Headlights Vs Hid1. Will switching from standard halogen to LED headlights reduce engine strain?Only theoretically, no for all practical purposes. To improve mpg, do something much cheaper and simpler: always keep your tires slightly overinflated, remove trunk junk, adopt energy-efficient driving techniques, maintain the car in overall good condition. These combined are a superior way of saving money.2. Does coil rewinding have a negative impact with the existing system?Firstly, please add more information: What is to make and model of you bike? What are the exact modifications you've done (with spec of the components)?Now, when you say "under full load" I assume that you mean with all optional electrical system on and at full settings (like with the high beam on). If that's what you mean, then your horn will function quietly/low because another part of the system is drawing too much amperage and your horn, therefore, can not get the energy it needs to fully function.Now consider, if your old headlight was AC, and you used a rectifier to make the new on DC, then rectifier is adding new resistance, and thus amp draw, of that line. Now also you've upped your headlight from 35w/35w (2.9A/2.9A) to 60w/55w (5A/4.6A). So just based on the new lamp, you are drawing 9.6A on the headlight alone! That's a lot more that the 5.8A that was factory.So, for your questions:This depends on the specs of your rectifier.Modifying your recharge system could severely damage your battery if not done correctly, and could risk causing a battery explosion. Minimally, it's likely to reduce the life of the battery somewhat. The reason the stock system will be lower amperage than the battery is to have more of a "trickle" effect. This is a better way to recharge in terms of health. Allowing too rapid a charge (I.e. Higher amperage) will cause the battery to get hotter. In many cases this wo not be an issue, but when your battery starts to get old this will become increasingly risky as it wo not hold full charge and will draw more from your recharge system.It should not affect timing. The timing is based off of the mechanical action of the motor, so changing electrical items should not affect it at all.This why is we need the make/model info. I have no idea where this fuse is that you are talking about, but there has to be more than one. To facilitate your current configuration, you will have to up the fuse - however - doing this can create a serious risk to all other components on the same fused circuit or section!!! The fuse is there to protect items from getting too much juice, so increasing the fuse rating to allow for a brighter headlight will also mean that other items (possibly your horn, blinkers, tail/brake light etc.) at greater risk of overload as well.But the existing alternator is generating only 100/12 = 8.33 Amps, in which my existing battery is stated to give 9Amps. Is there any safety/particular reason, Why the factory packed alternator is supposed to give the less Amps. As I mentioned above, it's partly because of health and safety for your battery and other parts, but also for simplicity. If your whole electrical system will function on 3. What are some mods that I can do to a 3.9 litre Chevy Impala LTZ?Cold air intake, free flowing exhaust, and a proper tune would be probably where you should stop with performance mods on that car. You could probably get about 10-30hp with that (results vary widely depending on who you buy from and who tunes it). Not performance related, but installing a catch can is a wonderful idea. I'd recommend one with a filter and baffle. Helps keep contaminated oil from being thrown back int your intake. Yes, you can do more performance mods, but I wouldn't really recommend it. You could do some cosmetic mods. Different taillights or taillights with smoked casings. You can upgrade to LED headlights and see if you can find some different headlight casings for that. I'm not sure what wheels you have, but aftermarket wheels might be able to shave off some weight, which helps performance some and can change how the car looks. You could get a vanity plate to personalize your Impala. Not cosmetic, but you can change out the horn if you want a different horn tone.There's interior stuff you can do too. Change out the interior lights for LED's, add in some subwoofers and change the speakers you have for ones with better sound quality. You can change out the existing radio for something more modern or with features you'd prefer, though check to see if that means you'll be losing the capability to adjust your system preferences for your vehicle. I know that the radio unit in my G6 allows me to change what units of measurement the vehicle uses, when my auto locks engage if at all, whether my remote start is active or not, monitor and reset my oil life, trips, fuel mileage, distance to empty, etc. Because of that I'm not planning to change my radio unit. Yours might be different.Other interior mods - you can get a dash cover/mat to protect your dashboard from the sun. You can add in additional cigarette lighter ports or add in some USB ports where convenient. You can add in a reverse camera, or aftermarket parking sensors (yea, they do actually exist. I was surprised too). You can get your windows tinted, makes for a better driving experience (in my opinion) and helps keep the car cool in the heat. You can get a radar detector. You can add in an aftermarket TPMS (tire pressure monitor system). They sell some that have the main unit sit in your cigarette lighter.Most of what you'd probably want to do to this would be cosmetic mods or quality of life improvements. I wouldn't bet on that trans holding up to much more than a good CAI, good exhaust and good tune. Your best bet for more power out of that type of car would be to either trade in for an SS and pay the difference, or swap in an LS4 which is what came in the SS.What are some mods that I can do to a 3.9 litre Chevy Impala LTZ?
Creative Ways to Hide an in-the-wall Air Conditioner in the Winter?
Maybe you or a handyman could construct a 3-sided wooden "box" to slip over it. Add some paint and a dresser scarf or tablecloth ocross the top. voila!1. What is the average cost of installing a through the wall air conditioner in a cedar siding house in NY?We bought the Boston Innovative Products MOB12KR-342 12,000 BTU/Hr portable air conditioner at Wal Mart. It sits in the room, not in the window or in a hole chopped through the wall, and it comes with a low-profile adapter that takes just a few inches, not the massive hole or window detail required by others. You can buy it, or other competitive models for about what a carpenter will charge for a permanent hole. It looks nice, can be moved about the room or from room to room. I would not make a permanent hole in your home.2. how do i find the right in wall air conditioner?get a water cooler better cheaper to run3. Regarding "through the wall" air conditioner sleeve rear grille...?If the though the wall sleeve HAS a grille, get rid of it. It is obstructing the airflow to the unit, Any space beside the AC should be COMPLETELY blocked to prevent airflow past the unit4. How do I cut vinyl siding for a through-the-wall air conditioner?The best way to do this is to remove the siding from around the area where the AC is going, cut in and mount your AC, then re-install the siding to fit around the unit using "J" channel to finish around the edges5. Creative ways to hide an in-the-wall air conditioner in the winter?Art, poster, wall hanging, a nice screen that sits on the floor and is high enough, have someone who sews make you something (fabric stores have resources)6. Should I replace or repair in-wall air conditioner?One thing to consider is that a thru wall unit replacement may not be exactly the same size for the case and you might need to replace the case in the wall. That adds to the cost. Plus there is a charge for disposal. Since the wall a/c units normally will pull out of the case, after removing the faceplate, you can pull it out and take it to a shop for an estimate and/or a repair. They are not light though. Shop rates are cheaper than service in the home. And if you decide to refuse the estimate and get a new one they can handle the disposal, sometimes for free. You have to weigh the repair against the age and condition. You did not say much other than it does not work. Be sure you did the simple thing and make sure there is power there for it because it might be, should be, on it's own circuit. Good Luck.7. WALL AIR CONDITIONER CYCLE OFF AFTER A FEW MINUTES?Set the temperature to a lower number. The reason it may not be putting out cold air is that the temp in the room is the same as the unit is set for. The unit needs to have a lower number than the room for it to put out cold air. And it wo not drip water unless the unit is cooling and taking moisture out of the room air. Once the room air is the same as the unit is set for, it will cycle on and off as needed. It wo not put out cold air all the time! When you had the a/c on the deck, of course it ran all the time, as there was no way it could cool off the whole outdoors! It kept running because it detected a warmer temp than it was set for. I do not know why you put it in an old housing. Did not this one have a housing? I have no idea if that is the problem or not. I doubt it.8. Is it possible that a very old wall air conditioner could have asbestos inside it?If this drip just started you can bet it is not because of the position of the unit. There is a drain hole and usually a line that directs condensation outside. If that drain is plugged the water can drip inside the house. Get that drain cleaned up. Condensation occurs when warm, moist (that "moist" is important) air meets cold air or touches a cold surface. Do you run your AC in the winter?
LED Vs. HID Headlights Help?!?
Led Headlight Bulbs Vs Hid1. What really happens inside an Arduino Uno R3 when I run the code for blinking a LED?Arduino Uno is a famous board. on which many students and engineer works. Basically, Arduino is an Open source Microcontroller work. having ATmega328p Microcontroller.Microcontroller made up of transistors. which control the electricity according to the instruction written in the compiler. Arduino IDE having some function such as if we enter "HIGH" then it send 5v. When we write "LOW" then it sends 0v to the pins.When we upload the code to the Arduino. first, the data direction register activates. and it configures any port as an input port or output port. when it configure the port. Now, the instruction goes the port it may be "HIGH " as well as "LOW".When digitalWrite(4, HIGH) execute it means 5 volts going to the Pin 4. and after one cycle, it repeats after microseconds. if it commands in a loop.then we give delay:- its means the microcontroller do counting for some seconds according to our delay.When digitalWrite(4, LOW) execute it means 0 volts going to Pin 4. . it means 5v for some seconds and then it goes 0v after some seconds.Here is the link of full tutorial for Arduino led blinking2. Isn't Republicans voting against the Healthcare Bill what led to all the deal making and exclusions?Yes, and the Blue Dogs and tools of the insurance industry like Lieberman. In order to get past a Republican filibuster every single one of the 60 Democratic and Independent votes in the Senate has to count. The concessions and deals have watered down the Senate health care reform bill far too much. Democrats should go to reconciliation, pass as much as they can of health care reform using that method and use supplemental legislation to fill in the rest. Republicans have used reconciliation in the past, so it's not as if it is unprecedented.3. Pcb with led screen display always on [closed]You would need to lift pins 12,9,8 and 6 and wire them back in through a four switch dipswitch. Alternatively, if you can figure out what is driving those four pins, there may be a way to disable it. Otherwise, perhaps you can add circuitry in between that is more "automatic".4. 2004 Dodge Stratus ES High Bean Do not work After Installing LED Turn Signal Lights?If the belt broke, the engine is junk on account that is maximum definately an interference engine. the only element that would reason a timing belt to interrupt could be age, placed on, warmth and friction. additionally the timing tensioner might have failed inflicting belt to fail additionally. look at approximately 3000 money to get it replaced. And that does not contain exertions5. A 1USD 11W led bulb circuit and parts analysisMy question is about whether that tiny disc can dissipate 11 watts of power from those LEDsI trust your measurements validate the power consumed is 11W. 6V white LEDs use 2 chips in series on the substrate.My Rule of thumb for convection cooling is 1 in free air. I see the 1" Edison and estimate the heatsink approaches this metric. The only problem is the lack of free air inside the bulb with unknown surface area on the external heatsink, if anything.Conclusion:Thumbs-down.if you agree or understand then up vote.6. If you led a group of Spartans what would be your strategy/tactic be against English longbow archers defending their castle walls?I am smart enough to just go somewhere else or set up as a "far from the walls" siege, as the only thing the Spartans would be likely succeed at when attacking such a castle would be to DIE IN LARGE NUMBERS.Realistically, unless the English did something REALLY STUPID, you have no chance of digging them out of a castle defended by longbowmen unless you have a TON higher numbers and can run them out of arrows, or they are severely undermanned7. How much does it cost to get LED projector headlights installed in a scion tc?You WILL get ripped off, what with your evident lack of knowledge and experience. I am just being honest here. To put it another way, you simply do not know what you are doing. This is exemplified in your foolish wish to waste a bunch of money to modify the vehicle with non-DOT certified lights which serve NO useful purpose (except to make it "look awsum", I suppose). Do not bother wasting the funds to ruin the looks, legality, reliability, and resale value of the car.
Is High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Lighting Better Overall Than Compact Fluoresent Lighting (CFL)?
I found a great resource here.It looks like you can accomplish similar results with either. You won't need as many HID bulbs as fluorescent and CFL, but that doesn't necessarily translate to less power or cost. HPS and MH bulbs are very expensive and they get very hot.As far as LED goes, it isn't on the chart but a friend of mine tried to grow some herbs on his desk at work with an LED light. It didn't work well at all over the long term. His blog about it is here. Also, there is a section under the first link that discusses LED lighting and finds it unsuitable for most applications.If it were me, I'd use fluorescent based on price, practicality, and performance• Related QuestionsConnecting three led transformersA 250V 10A switch is standard for light switches in those countries that use 230V mains. It should be suitable to put inline on either side of the power supply (which is what you will have for LED lights - in contains a transformer but has other stuff as well).The voltage on the LED side will be much less than mains voltage and the current on the line side will be much less than 2.5A or even 3x2.5A for all 3It is likely that the LED voltage will be DC, not AC and, in general switches have a lower current rating for DC than AC and may be unsuitable. If you change your mind and intend to put the switch on the LED side, check the switches DC capacity------Redmi 3 stuck on bootloop with no recovery mode accessI can not answer in comments nor edit previous answer, so i have to post here. If you already downloaded AdbWinApi.dll AdbWinUsbApi.dll fastboot_edl.exe and started EDL Mode with edl.cmd with no result, then try this 1) Turn off your phone.2) Now plug one end of the USB Cable into the PC port and the other end does not connect to the phone.3) Press the Volume Up and Power buttons and immediately connect the other end of USB Cable to the phone.4) Automatically the phone will go to EDL Mode with LED lights will light up blinking. If this not working you should watch a tutorial how to build Deep Flash Cable or how to open the case and boot into EDL from test point.------Identifying signals in the satellite exclusive bandI'm guessing many those signals are just noise. A fixed tone carries no information, so there would be no reason for a satellite (or anything else) to transmit it intentionally.The noise could be from an oscillator in some nearby electronics, or even from within the receiver itself. The noise may not even be at the frequency it appears in the waterfall: nonlinearities and intermodulation can make signals appear at frequencies where they actually are not. Sometimes you can identify these spurious signals by changing the LO frequency of your receiver and noticing how the signals move. For some, you may see them move by something other than the change in the LO. For example, if you tune the LO down by 100Hz, the signal may move by 300Hz------What gauge wire for 24V, 72W, 8m extension RGBW?The issue is the current times the resistance per meter. 2.1 / n ohms how much voltage will drop across it. Say 0.1 ohms per meter, 2.1 Amps / 0.8 ohms 2.62 Volts. That section will drop the voltage your LEDs see to 21.38 volts.Since your common carries the current for all of your channels, you must use the sum of all the current, for this section. Let's say 8 amps. That's 8 / 0.8 10 volts. So combined, 24 - 10 - 2.62 11.38 volts left for your LEDs. Of course the actual drop will be different because your LEDs will not have enough voltage to turn on so the current is less and the wires will not drop the same amount of voltage.So grab the resistance per meter for a few different wire sizes and calculate what would be an acceptable voltage drop for your setup.------How tough is to change our body's biological clock?The bodies biological clock, or circadian rhythms as there also called, is genetically controlled. To change it prrmanately would require genetic manipulation which is risky with a human being. You can alter it fairly easily. For example , you can alter your sleep/wake cycle by changing the time of your exposure to external light. Some circadian rhythms change naturally. As you age, for example, the amount of sleep you require often changes( it gets shorter) and when you wake up changes as well. If the basis of your question is the subject of aging, which is also a circadian rhythm, that wont change. Ageing is a natural process of life which applies to all living things. I dont believe thats a process man should fiddle around with------Power-line communication to household!Why stop there? Why not get rid of all the expensive extra wires and use radio. But of course a lot of TV connections were (and are) still radio except of course cable TV. But if you got rid of the cable and went back to radio you would lose something right?Yes, you would lose the ability to receive a multitude of TV channels and the reason is because the airwaves are cluttered with other stations competing and this creates a problem in bandwidth - you just cannot get all the different signals thru for all the customers so cable-tv was born.It's the same with PowerLineComms - there actually is quite limited bandwidth and not enough room (currently) to get anything like the number of stations into the home (compared to cable-tv)------How are hub dynamo lights wired and why does a rear light cause the front to come on?Do you have two wires going to your front and rear lights or only one?If you have two wires going to your rear and only one going to your front, then my guess is that your dynamo is not correctly grounded to your frame -- and is only grounded when the two wires to the rear (ground and ) are hooked up, and the rear light's internal grounding then grounds the frame which allows the front to work. Or, alternately, that your rear light is hooked up backwards and when connected, is shorting itself to the frame ground which causes the front light to not work. You can try switching the polarity of the rear light to see if this fixes things. Your LBS should be able to diagnose this easily with a multimeter------Can I shorten a length of C9 Christmas lights? closedEach LED has a specific forward voltage drop (it depends on color and power etc) if you remove some from the middle of a series, the overall voltage drop will be less. This means that you need to reduce the voltage applied to the diminished series.You don't show what is powering these LEDs. It is possible to use a constant-current circuit that would avoid this sort of problem.If you know (or can measure) the LED current for each LED (end therefore for a series) and the voltage drop of each and the applied voltage, you could calculate the resistance and wattage of a resistor to limit the current to a safe value.$$ R V_supply - n V_LED over I_LED $$$$ P I_LED^2 R $$.------Monitoring signals on a bus with LEDsThis is a comparator circuit, the input impedance will be very high depending on the op amp or comparator you select (I've selected a TL081 but this is a poor choice). You can search for an op amp with a high input impedance or low IIB (bias current) on a manufacturer or distributor website for opamps. Something like this might work, your going to have to have feedback if you want the fully off condition. I don't know what your input signal is (this is why its good to fully disclose your design). Use a large pullup to 2.5V so if the input isn't connected, no current flows through the LED's. This is just an idea, I don't know if it will work for your application.simulate this circuit Schematic created using CircuitLab------How can I determine the trim level on my 2015 Kia Optima?There's a few things you can use to try and work it out if you can't get hold of a Kia dealer to decode the VIN.Assuming the specs match the US versions then you can probably puzzle it out from the options:Engine:If it's the 2.4 then that narrows it down to LX, EX or SX spec, the 2.0T means it's SX Turbo or SXL Turbo.Wheels:If it's 16" Wheels then it's an LX, 18" means it's SX or SX Turbo, 18" Chrome wheels means SXL TurboLights:If the car has LED front fog lights then it's an SXL TurboInterior:If the steering wheel and seats are NOT leather and it has manual air-con then the it's an LX spec.If the door trim inserts are wooden then it's an EX------How can I make a latch in AVR without interrupts?Not satisfied with the answers, as they don't provide the requirements of what I want.The operation of a latch as according to the question is something like this:This implies that the pushbutton can be held down indefinitely, but the light should remain in the same state.The problem I found lied in the way a rising edge was detected. In my initial code, the previous pin value was sampled, and then almost immediately after, the current value was sampled.The comparison for the rise edge requires two arithmetic calculations and a comparison, and the value of the input may change in between.By sampling the current and previous PIN values separately, I obtained a 90% success rate: By adding a short 10ms delay between sampling the inputs, a 100% success rate was achieved:.------Is there a way to know if the photocell is a switch or a dimmer?There are certain photocells that are only rated for incandescent bulbs and there are also photocells that are rated for L.E.D and flourescent bulbs. You would have to make sure if yours will allow L.E.D.s The same goes with dimmer switches. A dimmer that is only rated with incandescent bulbs, if hooked up to a led or flourescent (cfl) bulb will eventually burn out. Again you have to make sure u find the correct photo cell. also to you will install the photocell between the switch and the 1st light in the series of light. It will be Power comming into the switch > power from the switch to the photo cell > power from the photo cell to the light and so on.------How do I wire LED lights directly from the panel?After looking at the NEC code book, you need to limit it to 5 amps, but with 16 gauge wire at 5 amps you would have a voltage drop of 2V after 50 feet (I making an assumption about what you mean when you say longer run). You probably want also want to fuse each line from the transformer individually, because if it shorts it will pull 8 amps from the 100w transformer if not otherwise limited. If I was going to rig something like that up at my house, I'd probably use an automotive fuse bus and use 2A fuses for each (24w) strip. If installing a switch, I'd probably switch the entire transformer running 120 to the switch like other lighting and placing the transformer and fuses in a closet close to the strips to reduce voltage drop------Traffic signal simulation: A minor doubtThe cause of the issue, is the way you have implemented delay() in your sketch. It's true that delay() should be avoided 99.9% of the time, but it does have it's uses.If you start with the BlinkWithoutDelay example that comes with the Arduino IDE, then add a counter variable and a switch statement, you can easily get the traffic lights "part" of your requirements working.Adding the pedestrian button functionality using non-blocking code is more difficult (for me it's more difficult), but it's a problem easily solved using delay().But what if you ever want your sketch to do more? What happens if you add another button to it? delay() is "blocking" code, so using it will probably "bite" you again if you try to add functionality to this sketch.
Halogen Vs. LED Vs. HID Vs. Laser Which Is Better?
illumination. overall, xenon hid headlights provide some of the best illumination of all light types. not only do they offer the broadest range of coverage, they are also the brightest of all lights in the headlight market. moreover, hids are the can be considered the whitest of all headlights and provide a luminescence that's closer to natural daylight. that last quality makes the hid driving experience more comforting to drivers, because, after all, you generally feel more comfortable driving in the daytime. to summarize, hids are the:• You May Also Want to Knowwhy does this idiot say Led Zeppelin sucks, but Jonas brothers is ok?LOL wow.... you gotta be kidding me... I love led Zeppelin but to each his own i guessWhich car manufacturer begin using daytime running LED lights first?To my knowledge, LED bulbs are not yet legal, at least here in Wisconsin or in the US, for the matterWhich is best Edge LED or DLED?ELED means that LEDs are around the edges of the LCD and above the rear polarizer. This is good when you need a thin LCD, but the downside is that it creates hot spots near the edges and dark spots in the center.DLED means the LED is behind the rear polarizer. This removes any hotspots and is also called backlit LEDsWhy if LED flasher circuit is symmetric, one of the LEDs starts to blink earlier?The circuit is called "astable", which indeed means that it is never stable, slightest difference between components, even the slightest Johnson noise will toggle the system into one of the metastable modes, which will then start the oscillation, bumping from one to the other state indefinitely. In a real circuit (not a simulation) this circuit will always start on one of the components because of those slight differences, and also can change by the way/speed the power is applied. Do not matter, it's not a electro-philosophic question, it's just this.Toggle LED on when Button is pressed PICYour problem is probably caused by the analogue module. According to page 84 of the data sheet you linked the ADCON1 register needs to be set correctly to enable digital functions on PORTA.A value of 0b111 is likely to make your code work (but see other answers about debouncing). Various other combinations of values are available in the table for REGISTER 11-2:This type of configuration is common on the smaller 12F and 16F devices, which lack the ability to individually select analogue or digital per-pin.As Spehro notes in the comments there are a number of ways to find which registers are associated with a port. The easiest is TABLE 4-2: SUMMARY OF REGISTERS ASSOCIATED WITH PORTA, which looks like this:This table becomes even more useful on large devices that have lots of functions such as extended analog features or capture and compare. Many of these need to be disabled after reset (e.g. comparators) and some might interfere unintentionally if misconfigured (e.g. MSSP).Note that this table also shows that the 16LF76 does not have LATx registers, so other comments above can be safely ignored for this device.How do you turn off the LED lights on a PC fan?you can just go in and unplug it. it wont affect anything. of course only unplug the led!Will micro LED be the end of OLED televisions?It depends on how manufacturing methods for micro-LED televisions evolve. Right now micro-LED is very expensive to manufacture because of all of the individual LED chips that are assembled one by one. Also, the pixel pitch is currently too large for making TVs in any size by "pretty big". If the size and cost can be reduced sufficently faster than OLED manufacturing technology (which wo not be standing still either), micro LED might end up winningWHich is beter Led Tv Samsung or LG?Television picture quality is truly in the eye of the beholder. I've installed over 3,000 televisions and each customer has their own preference. I would go into the store and look at each television in home viewing mode. The store rep will know what you mean and change the settings. Consider your room conditions when you make a choice. You want to make sure you are happy with the television when you get it home. If you have a room with large amounts of light, consider this. Same if you have a darker room.Who can honestly say Led Zeppelin was overrated?I CAN ! lived then and experienced it all first hand. That band is totally overrated.I think the drug heads loved them because they couldnt understand any of the dumb lyrics or meanings. Huh? Whats in the hedgerow? yup. just as I thought. Didnt really matter what they they were saying. People just thought it cool to fall in place with anyone who rebelled. Repetitious melodies that stuck in your head rang over and over. Mindless "music". Airhead listeners. Screamer singers. thats it. Sing? nope. no rock star has a real voice. All that info you are spewing is just the ratings of whoever you wish to listen to. Its all relative.How would you rate these bands relative to each other:Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Queen?1. led zeppelin 2. rolling stones 3. queen 4. pink floyd 5. beatlesWhy did my LED resistor burn while lighting four LEDs in series?depends on the power rating (internal resistance) and color of the led (Vf), the 100 ohm resistor has to bear all the extra voltage of 24 - 4xVf -4Ir... Vf 3V for white, 2V for other color. Most LED has high resistance except power LED like the kinds from Cree... If the Resistor holds 12 V, the power will be v2/r 1.5W watt... add more string of LEDs.What external Hard drive works on Pc/Mac/Xbox360/LED tv's without formatting anything?Jason, you do not know anything about computers, obviously... Windows and Mac use totally different file systems, NTFS for Windows and HFS for Mac. With the proper software installed, a Windows PC can read HFS Mac files and a Mac can read NTFS Windows files. Notice that I said read, not write... As far as Xbox, I do not know what file system they use, I assume also NTFS, since Xbox is made by Microsoft. An LED TV does not use any kind of file system, as it is just a TV, not a computer or game console. Anyway, good luck to you kid.I'm working on a project, I want to make custom LED tail lights for my car?if you want to know about led light , resistors, wiring , sequential systems........go online to peterson lighting the designed 'em the build 'em and their tech staff will tell u whatever you want to know they wont sell direct to you but will get you in contact with a local distributorPlease rate and give opinions on Vizio brand LED TV's?Every few months we get a jump in complaints about them dying. Vizio is assembled from a variety of parts. Because the parts change so frequently - the company has admitted the televisions are not repairable. Sometimes you get one that works great for years. But if you watch that much TV - go for a Samsung. I have an 8 year old Samsung that just wont die.LED Matrix Light Leakage"For example, in the schematic below if I turn ON L25 (Source) and L30 (Sink), LED 16 will illuminate, but LEDS 4,10,22,and 28 will also slightly illuminate. Additionally, LEDs 13-18 will slightly illuminate."In using PLC on an LED matrix, you need to make sure your PLC source goes to ground when off and your PLC sink goes to Dcc when off (these are called pull-up and pull-down resistors). In this circuit design and if you only want one LED on at any given time, you can ONLY have one source and one sink on at any given time; otherwise, you will get multiple LEDs energized.L25 (ON), all LED's on L25 will have source.L30 (ON), all LED's on L30 will have sink. Only L16 will light. Now, turn on L31 also - LED's 16 and 22 will light.Now, turn on L24 also - LED's 15, 16, 21 & 22 will light.You may want to use a multiplexer depending on your application.Circuit analysis for bicolor LEDCircuit Simulation. Vled diferentNUM-Lock LED state does not correspond with internal state after boot (15.04, 15.10)I am not sure about this, and it's not really a way to fix it but a hint where the problem might be:Around the time when I additionally installed xubuntu-desktop, the buggy misbehaviour of the NUM-Lock LED stopped. Probably something that got reconfigured or replaced during that process fixed the problem...So please, as this is still a bug that must get fixed, go on confirming the bug report -netbox wrote and linked in his answer above. Thanks!.(Possibly the most asked question here): Queen or Led Zeppelin?led zeppelin the rolling stones nirvana ?Will High Frequency explode an LED?High frequency will not explode an LED. it will simply turn it on and off very quickly. This is exactly what is happening in TV remote controls, albeit at 36kHz instead of 4MHz.Normally, when you apply a frequency to an LED, when the signal goes high, the led turns on, and when the signal goes low, the LED turns off. Because of this, the perceived intensity corresponds to the duty cycle of the signal.However, if one half of the period is shorter than the rise or fall time of the diode, then it will not raise to full power when the signal is high, and you can no longer compute the perceived intensity just from the duty cycle - the perceived intensity will be less than expectedwhere can i get Advanced LED Hospital Lighting?Hi, Energy Smart Industry has finished its most unique project yet. A building retrofitted entirely with the most advanced lighting systems in the nation. In order to appreciate the difference, we invite you to schedule an appointment for a visit. Energy Smart Industry is an eco-friendly firm that offers an innovative lighting redesign program. It is the only company of its kind in the United States that offers the retrofit lighting service and products with guaranteed net savings flow and no out-of-pocket cost. Energy Smart Industry allows buildings to realize guaranteed energy cost savings with an unbelievable positive cash flow. ESI includes a unique 5-year protection policy on the lighting installed. See the exampleSwitch 12V and 24V low current load (LED button) with 3.3V and 5.0V arduinoBased on your schematic which should work wonderfully , there can 4 issues. If you wire the led and mosfet to power and tie the gate to ground, does it turn off? If you tie it to 3.3V via a 1k resistor does it turn fully on? What is the resistance of drain to source when gate is at 3. 3V?You can avoid mosfet issues, replace it with a standard small signal npn transistor, like a 2n3904. 1k base resistor is enough art your load currenti want a black light effect out of an LED is there any available? and if so where can i locate them?there are tons of places online you can order them from, just search “Black Light LED's“ I dont know any common stores that would carry them regularly...although I once bought a black light led flashlight from a ***** sporting goods was by the fishing/outdoors stuffWhich one is better Full HD OR LED Display?full hd is better than led 1920 x 1080 is full hd / the 1600 x 900 is a lesser display good luck hope this helpsHow do we choose LED lighting products with the best quality?I am not an expert, but I think quality led lighting should have no noticeable lag when switching them on. Cree bulbs I have come on instantaneously, but I have bought others that are pretty laggyis it ilegel to black out ur tail lights if u have a LED brake and turning bar under ur tailgate?hey can you put in the detail area what is a led brake? and turning bar? i really wanna no i have mine blkd out and gtn puld over for it, talkd my way outa it somehow...
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