GRAPHIC DESIGNERS & ILLUSTRATORS: How Can I Improve This Illustration?

You work is taking you in the proper course. Your line first-class is high-quality, and your colours work good. I think you should watching at extra examples of stellar performers within the photograph design world. Google and look. Nonetheless i would offer some recommendation. Take a pictures path. Gain knowledge of in regards to the vigor of photograph, and lights. Your photos kinda lack each....And in the event you do it will support you along with your designs. .. Are attempting springing from the nook, an extraordinarily historical however powerful artwork instrument. Gd is not invariably horizontal or vertical. Do not let the four edges include you or restrict you. Exceptional of good fortune. .. If you need extra advice show me your work and unwell critique it

1. How do game designers create graphics for their games? [closed]

"but I really am no good at creating graphics for them because I myself tend to focus more on programming"Your best solution in that case is to find a graphic designer or illustrator to work with you.If your games are Flash based, you likely want to stick with vector image files drawn in AI or Flash directly. As for which method is more efficient, there's no answer to that. Each artist has their own process and that is the most efficient method for them

2. What do fashion designers do?

Fashion designers study trends and sketch the initial clothing or accessory design. They attend trade shows or visit manufacturers to select fabrics and trims. Designers conduct fittings and adjustments on prototypes of their designs, and the end product is then marketed to clothing retailers.

3. How to Identify and Hire the Right Logo Designer |

Whether you are a solopreneur, serial entrepreneur, or a multinational company or corporation, typical or atypical business or industry branch, one thing is for sure-you need a unique brand identity. Brand identity or visual identity is a set of features that characterize your brand and communicates in a specific way with an audience. Brand identity determines your first impression, be it positive or negative. A professional logo is the foundation stone of every brand identity. It eventually becomes a famous symbol used for visual communication. Also, a logo is the starting point of further development of your brand's identity. Since ancient times symbols were first used as a visual way of communication. In ancient Egypt, people used hieroglyphs as a means of communication, and just by looking at them; we can conclude that hieroglyphs are typical symbols. Practicing such ways of communication sticks today. A logo is every company's way of visual communication through one symbol that represents everything that a company stands for. That is a crucial reason why choosing the right graphic designer for creating your company logo must be taken very seriously. Milton Glaser, famous artist and one of the best logo designers once said: Lots of people can fall into the trap of searching designers through Google. Knowing of the phenomenon "First page on Google" can be a problem. When you type "logo design" or similar terms in Google, on the first page you will get a lot of "logo factories" with all kinds of offers for logo design. Those are options every man, who wants a professional logo design for business , should avoid. Those generic logo designs that most of those agencies or companies are offering, could not possibly be unique and recognizable as a custom designed logo, especially for your needs and suitable for your brand identity. To have your logo designed properly, you need a real human, talented designer and not a program which just combines random elements and forges meaningless logo creation. Among all reasons, why you should not choose any of those offers is time related matter. You can bump onto offers like : "perfect logo design within 24 hours", "Create Your Logo in 5 Minutes?" etc. For anyone who possesses even the slightest knowledge of art or has extended knowledge of art by graduating in art university or school, such offers to them sound unreal. To explain an analogy to common people, I could make this comparison: It's like asking a sculptor to create a 4 meter tall, exact marble replica of Michelangelo's David in a day. It simply cannot work. Everything under 48 hours for creating first drafts of logo design is highly doubtable. Even the basic process of creating logo design, for simple, modest wordmark logos should not be less than a day. Proper process of creating a logo must have several stages. One of the stages is researching. No matter how large or small a company or business is, proper market research takes time. There is research of competitors, studying their visual identities, comparing them, and a lot of other processes involved, so a designer does not come up with a similar design already present in the market. Knowing that, you can be certain that if you want a professional logo, you will not get it in those "logo factories". Another thing that can mislead people is price. Majority of the "logo factories" will offer logo design from $5 to unknown amounts. They wrap it up in sweet offers on several levels such as "Gold package" "Platinum package" etc. Any respectable designer will not accept a logo below $100. So be careful because when you search online for a person to design your logo you can find a lot of amateurs, enthusiasts and all kinds of people who think they have adequate knowledge to design a logo. Therefore, your search must begin in some place where you can be sure that you reached a respectable and talented designer. There are several platforms which offer serious design services and where you can be sure that you can find the right person for the job. Some of them are Upwork, Freelancer or Zillion Designs. Partially because of these platforms' reputation and partially because your option to choose from many, they can be the right choice for a start. Several things are very important when choosing the right person for hiring. Decent logo designers must have: Portfolio is every designer's personal ID. In portfolio you can find out a lot about a designer, from preferred style to design niche he is best in. Certain important things related to logo design can also be found in a designer's portfolio. One of those things is previous experience in logo design and conformation that those designs are real, alive and in use, or they are just ideas and creative art with no applicable use. That is important if you wish to hire an experienced logo designer with a proof of his work. Portfolio does not have to be key for choosing a designer because there are a lot of very talented students who yet do not have an extended portfolio but have knowledge and passion to nail the job. Every designer has their own design process and it's recommended to ask them about it. The process of creating a logo should include the designer's questions about the brand and task which is put before him, researching, contemplating, sketching, choosing right style, vectorising etc. Questions from the designer are crucial and must be clear, straight and targeting right angles, which will help him later to develop proper ideas and to crystalize image in his mind and imagination. The steps of logo design process may vary but previously mentioned are usual ones, and without them, it's a lot harder to come up with professional logo design. As mentioned before, in the design industry and among real designers there is a rule "You get what you pay for." Meaning that spending a larger amount than planned should not be considered as loss but as an investment. A professional logo can significantly boost your chances of success. Your logo can stand for itself just for a short period of time because when a company is growing, also the needs of proper visual identity are growing too, so in a point in time you will have to have a Brand Style Guide Book and that's something that should be considered when hiring a logo designer. Company colors, company typography, web and print rules for identity are just several elements that a brand guidance book should have. It will be much easier for a person who designed a logo also to create a Brand Guidance Book so when hiring a logo designer that should also be kept in mind. Good communication is key to success in almost every corporation. Therefore, when you choose a designer you think will fit your needs you should insist on a short phone/Skype/Whatsapp call. Desirable is a video chat because it can remove most suspicions. Some people may not be comfortable with video chat so audio conversation should do the trick. In a short conversation, you can explain your ideas and ask the logo designer some questions that are important to you. It's not recommended to ask the designer for an opinion on your ideas because it can drive him into an unpleasant situation if he disagrees with such an approach, so it's best to just say your wishes and thoughts and let the designer take further steps in deciding on the matter. Short call should just be used for introduction and brief conversation, later communication is recommended to be in written form so both of you can refer to all parts of agreement in future, if needed. Make sure you compile all your requirements and wants in a creative brief. This document will not only guide the designer but also service as a piece of evidence when the project is complete. Testimonials are highly desirable in the process of choosing the right designer. From positive testimonials by other people and businesses who already hired the designer, you can learn a lot. If testimonials are mostly positive it can be a good sign that you are on the right path to hire a good designer. You do not need to look at only the good recommendations, you should also look into negative ones. From negative testimonials, you can learn what possible problems can emerge when hiring the designer. In conclusion, there is no universal recipe for hiring the right designer and there is no guarantee that a designer will be up to the task but we hope these tips will help you go in the right direction and with these tips you will avoid being tricked. Instead you can end up hiring real talent who will create the perfect logo for you.

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The 10 Best Laptops for Interior Designers: Top Picks and Reviews
How to use best laptops for interior designers?Top 10 best laptops for interior designers.LAPTOP are essential in interior design, but that doesn't mean you have to spend big money on them.I can use the Internet to research some great home decor products that I can use to help decorate my home. For example, I can find articles about new home decorating products, use social media to find bloggers who are willing to write about them and write about the products and companies I am interested in. And I can go on the internet and find a store I can buy the products from and see what other people think about them. When I buy the products, I can try them out and if they work for me, I can get them. So, for me, the Internet is a great way to learn more about the products I am interested in. I don't have to travel to a store to buy them.A little knowledge on laptops is a very important skill to have if you are looking to take your interior design business to the next level.The number of different types of interior designers is expected to increase in the coming years. The Internet is expected to play a huge role in that. You can find the best interior design laptop on the market today. This is because of the technological advances that have been made in recent years. Here are some of the best laptop choices for interior designers. 1. Dell Inspiron i5 - Rs. 29,900This is a good entry-level laptop for interior designers. It has a light-weight design and it comes with a high-end processor. It also has a strong battery life, and it comes with an amazing amount of RAM. You can get a solid entry-level laptop for Rs. 29,900 from Dell. 2.Related popular brands in the best laptops for interior designers industryIf you are looking for a laptop for interior design, you should be looking for a laptop that is of high quality. High quality laptop computers are easier to clean and do not usually require replacement parts as often. An external hard drive is also a good idea, especially if you are going to be doing lots of graphics work. You should also consider a good quality mouse.To help you select the best laptop for interior designers, we've done some research into the top 10 best laptops available on the market. If you are interested in learning more about interior design, you should take a look at these best laptops. For this article, we have only included laptops that have been specifically designed for interior designers. We have reviewed top 5 laptop models available in the market and listed them here for you. A laptop with high screen to body ratio is best for interior designers, as it will make their work easier and faster. The top 10 best laptops are below. We have selected them for you. So, let's take a look.A laptop can help you in the design process as it provides all the tools you need to plan, draw and edit projects.''A laptop for interior designers can be a useful tool if you want to be able to take your business to the next level. For those of you who have been doing business for a while, you may be using the same computers you were using in the beginning of your business. You can still have a laptop, but it is going to be one that is equipped with features that will help you increase the productivity of your business. This means that you are going to have to have a laptop that can give you a big boost in your productivity. This is going to come down to how much you are willing to spend. As with everything, there are always options that are available for you.Compare with similar products of best laptops for interior designersLaptops for interior designers can help you focus on more important tasks. While these are often excellent computer monitors, you may also want to consider the benefits of some of the laptops you can buy for your business. With the top 10 best laptops for interior designers available in the market, you can see that you can get more bang for your buck.The 10 Best Laptops For Interior Designers: Top Picks And Reviews. By Carry A. Tierra for PCMag US, Laptop Mag UK, PCMag UK, Tech Republic UK, iDownloadBlog UK, Laptop Tech Guide UK, etc. If you are a creative person who loves creating content for websites, blogs, etc. and want to get a new laptop for work then this list is for you. I have collected some of the best laptops in the market that can handle your workload. We have taken a short look at these laptops that are designed for people who love to create content for websites, blogs, etc. - Do you have a lot of work to do? This is the right laptop for you.We look at a number of laptops that would make good computers for interior designers.With its touchscreen display, slim and lightweight design, comfortable and ergonomic, this laptop is suitable for many interior designers who need to perform their work efficiently. This is a budget laptop that will allow you to save some money and focus on your work without having to compromise on the quality of the product. If you need to find a laptop that will work well with a wide range of applications then this laptop is the right choice for you.While the majority of laptops on the market today are too small to accommodate even the most creative or expensive designer's needs, they are still capable of holding all the essentials. Whether you are designing homes or offices, you need a laptop that can take your work and projects with you anywhere you go. With a few different brands to choose from, the options can be overwhelming. So, to help you find the right laptop for your needs, we have compiled a list of 10 best laptops for interior designers. Each of these laptops are capable of providing everything that you need, from storage to performance. For each laptop we've tested, we've gone through a process of review, which consisted of user reviews, device ratings, and testing with the manufacturers.Benefits of best laptops for interior designersHaving a laptop for interior design is a good idea for those who are going to design an interior space. It is best used by someone who has the required skills in designing a space. If you are not a interior designer then a laptop is best used by someone who has the skills in designing a space. If you are a designer and are going to design an interior space then it is best to buy a laptop for interior design.You can now choose from some of the best laptops for interior designers, both for their performance and the features they provide. Each of these laptop choices has its pros and cons. But they all have one thing in common - they are designed for interior designers. These laptops are ideal for creating attractive and detailed illustrations, photos and drawings, making complex calculations and writing instructions. It is essential to select the right laptop for your requirements and needs. It can also be a problem to choose a laptop when you have a tight budget. If you need to choose a laptop for an upcoming conference, or even a school project, you will need to get your hands on a high-end laptop.You will also need to invest in a computer that has the right hardware and software to allow you to run the programs you will need to write the content. Computers that have been upgraded to the latest software are a good investment to make as they are often more reliable and can run multiple programs. Make sure that you have all the software you need to do your job. It is a good idea to have a backup of all your work in case something goes wrong. You can take the time to learn the software and get comfortable with it before you go out and spend money on a computer. A laptop is a great investment for an interior designer. These computers are powerful and fast and will make your job easier.
Analysis of the Impact of Appropriately Dimming Lighting on Our Life
Nowadays, words such as "people-centered lighting", "day and night lighting" and "biological lighting" often appear in newspapers. In fact, no matter which word it is, it is nothing more than saying that properly dimming lighting can create ideal conditions for human beings within 24 hours.Moreover, no light source can be "adjustable" like LED, and the light source can be provided according to specific color temperature, spectral power, color and brightness. In short, people-centered lighting can stimulate people's excitement in the morning and afternoon, and relax them in the evening. It can be tuned to the same level as the sun, strengthening the rhythm of sunrise and sunset for millions of years and 24-hour circadian rhythm.If designers can integrate as much natural lighting as possible into the LED color palette, it will have a great impact. We all know that stimulation and alertness can improve learning and efficiency, and relaxation can help sleep. On the contrary, the wrong time and wrong light may destroy these things. Some researchers believe that it will help to produce cancer, diabetes and other diseases.Dimmable, human centered lighting (HCl) can be applied to any place, such as schools, offices, hospitals, families, etc.Human centered lighting (HCl) is the most effective in hospitals. Adjusting the led to stimulate the blue frequency at some time of the day and warm light at other times can help patients sleep and recover. In the office, a well-designed lighting system can improve morale and productivity.Correct day and night light helps to get enough sleep and spiritMariana figueiro, director of the lighting research center (LRC) of Rensselaer Institute of technology, has always believed that in the office, the correct day and night light can help employees sleep better at night and help them cheer up.Rensselaer Institute of technology conducted a three-year study in five different buildings of the United States General Services Administration (GSA), and then issued a report with the GSA, saying: "office staff receive sufficient effective light or sunlight in the morning, sleep better, depression and stress lower than those in dim or low light."The 109 participants in the study wore an electronic pendant designed by LRC to measure light intake, with LRC's measurement standard "CS", ranging from 0.1 to 0.7. 0.7 represents the highest point of natural sunlight.Figueiro and members found that employees exposed to CS of at least 0.3 in the morning "can sleep faster and have better sleep quality than employees with CS of 0.15 or less." participants wore this electronic pendant for 7 consecutive days in winter and summer. The results showed that when CS was 0.3 or higher, the sleep effect was better in winter and the same in summer. Decompression advantages are also consistent.The study is only preliminaryFiguero said: "I'm not surprised by the result, which is what we expect. The light during the day is very important, and there are a lot of light at night, such as the low light at night and the light on the mobile phone display, but we spend 80% - 90% of our time indoors and two-thirds of our time in the office. People don't notice the importance of office lighting, which can help you sleep at night Better. "Figuero said that this study is only the "first stage", and her study has three stages. It is worth noting that the first stage does not involve dimming. On the contrary, it only measures the light obtained by participants from existing light sources, including natural light, traditional fluorescent lamps, and even led light sources.In the summer and autumn of 2016, the "second phase" was carried out in two different places. LRC installed LED panel lights behind the employee's computer screen and directed them at about 40 participants.Figure 1. LRC installed an LED source in the study and adjusted the light to 0.3 CS to improve the excitement. Participants said they felt more awake and energetic. (photo source: LRC lighting research center)LED dimming has great potentialBut sunlight is still the best light sourceIn the first stage, LRC scientists measured the effects of light on nocturnal sleep, stress and depression. Scientists also recorded the stimulation effect. At that time, it was assumed that when CS was 0.3, light would stimulate the eyes and cause happiness, because when light irradiated the non visual receptors (iprgcs) of the retina, it would stimulate pigments called melanopsin.The results of the second stage were: "through the intervention, we found that the subjects reported that they would be more sleepless and energetic", "We collected data in winter, and we found that adding a light that can provide CS 0.3 will increase their subjective feeling, reduce drowsiness and increase energy and vitality."The third stage aims to further prove the potential effectiveness of LED dimming for circadian alternation. Figuero believes that healthy lighting should be transmitted in "layers", in which ambient lighting can come from ceiling lamps, and the light of circadian rhythm can come from low lux blue frequency that directly irradiates the eyes. Although the light directly irradiates the eyes sounds like a "Arabian Nights", but figueiro pointed out that under the low light level of 30 LX, blue light will still improve the excitement, but will not cause annoying glare. She said: "if you do 470nm, you only need 30 LX, so people feel it very comfortable." you won't even see so much, because you have ambient light, and blue light has been integrated into it. "Although led adjustability has great potential, figueiro also knows that office designers must "embrace" the sun."One thing we learned is that the lighting design must be more perfect to provide the periodic stimulation we need. Sunlight is the best stimulus, but it does not always enter the environment in the way it should," figueiro saidThe Scottish registry office uses dimmable LEDsIf you don't have natural light in the office all day, you can try adjustable led.Figure 2. Casambi provides Bluetooth to control day and night lighting in different ways, such as through wall devices, or through smartphones, tablets and other applications that provide a wider color temperature range. These devices do not need a gateway. (image source: casambi)Timo pakkala, CEO of casambi, said: "the most important thing is color temperature control. When people talk about people-centered lighting, it is color temperature control. It is happening now, but it is still in its early stage. We need not only new light sources, but also new controls."Although casambi's control devices are installed in thousands of locations in many countries, no more than 10% of these devices use adjustable CCT. However, this percentage is growing, and the most suitable location is a new building.One of them is the 12 storey St. Vincent's Square building in downtown Glasgow. When the registers of Scotland took over the third floor, it adopted the HCl concept and casambi system to control 300 LED lights of about 17300 square feet (about 1600 square meters).The registers of Scotland divides the LED ceiling lights into 8 groups, with an open plan layout and 12 meeting rooms. Kevin Stewart, the floor manager, said that each group and room has its own iPad controller, which is installed in the open part to change the brightness and color temperature. (Figure 3)Figure 3. Adjustable lighting in the Scottish registry is managed by casambi's iPad control mounted on the wall. (image source: casambi)According to Stephen Jackson, casambi's UK and Ireland business manager, these lights are pre programmed and can change the color temperature all day. In addition, iPad control can change the background. Although the agency is indeed considering brightness, so far, there has not been much adjustment in the color temperature setting.Therefore, for ordinary people in the office, even if the level changes skillfully, the CCT will generally remain Gray all day. The tea room in the office can be set to a more relaxed amber tone, while the conference room can be switched to a colder CCT.The agency even installed some Philips "show" lighting that can change the color, but it has not been used yet.
Why Do Fashion Designers Prefer to Display Their Collections on Skinny, Anorexic Models? Why Don't W
Why do fashion designers prefer to display their collections on skinny, anorexic models? Why don't we see "healthy" models walking the ramp more often?Would you buy a car which is not properly displayed in a good ambience showrooms?— — — — — —Dire help needed from fashion designers!!?First of all study fabrics whenever you have the chance. See how they drape, cheque out the feel, and experiment with the cut as you grow as a designer. You might also want to try some of the patterns sold in fabric stores and on EBay to refine your pattern making skills and learn some of the basics in regard to sewing. Hold off on the knitting unless you plan on making handmade sweaters. Concentrate on fabrics and even experiment on the use of fabrics used for sofas and pillows. Doing so will increase your knowledge and assist you in your design process. It's always good though to know how to sketch the design out as well as learn what colours and textures go with what. As for buttons and such, EBay and Craigslist offer possibilities as do a number of on-line fabric stores. Either google or yahoo to find them. If you happen to be in the San Francisco Bay Area there's a great fabric/button store called Britex that sells couture fabrics and buttons. In New York try seventh and sixth avenues. As for schools, apply to Parsons as well as F.I.T. in New York, The Chicago Art Institute in Chicago, The Academy of Art in San Francisco, and you could even go for F.I.D.M. in Los Angeles though that tends to specialise more in fashion merchandising. Hope this helped. Cheers— — — — — —How to Start a Business in the Fashion Design IndustryFor many, seeing their names on a clothing label is the ultimate dream. If you have long loved playing with fashion and feel that the world of fashion could be improved by the inclusion of your design, jumping into this fast-paced industry may be a goal to which you aspire. While new fashion designers make names for themselves every year, this industry is not one that is easy to enter, but instead one that you must dedicate yourself to gaining entry into. Build your skills. While there is no mandate that fashion designers hold a professional training certification, if you lack this foundation you may find yourself perplexed by some of the concepts or terminology within the industry. To enhance your chances of success, obtain an education before you actively start trying to make your name. Develop a portfolio. Take photos of models wearing your designs to create a look book for yourself, featuring your best work. You will likely start this process during your schooling and can then simply continue after you finish, updating this portfolio regularly. Create a label. While your label will likely not be as immediately coveted as some, you should craft a label that identifies designs as yours and sets them apart from the rest. Feature your company name prominently on this label to start to build brand recognition. Hold a fashion show. Arrange for a show at a local venue, or apply for a slot within a larger fashion show. At the show, display some of your best looks, giving customers a taste of what you have to offer. Sell your products. Offer your products up for sale immediately after your fashion show so interested consumers can get their hands on them right away. Either sell your goods independently, working directly with consumers, or sell them to boutiques and stores that will ultimately resell your looks to their buyers. Respond to critiques. Your first attempts at fashion design will likely not be without fault. As you receive criticism, use it as a learning tool, making modifications to your line to correct any perceived issues.— — — — — —What is the best fashion designer for men?Kenneth Cole, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Mr. Ford, Hugo Boss, Armani, Sean John, Calvin Klein, Brooks Brothers, Jack Wills, DKNY, Yves Saint Laurent, Fendi, Michael Kors, Oscar de la Renta— — — — — —fashion designer question?dresses, heels, and girly girls— — — — — —I'm interested in becoming a fashion designer?I am also an aspiring future fashion designer. I do not know that much about the specifics of the industry yet, but I am very passionate about fashion, which is all you really need right now. I suggest taking a fashion design class. They will teach you about all the fundamentals that I can not explain to you right now. Designers get their inspirations from everywhere. The streets. Different cities. Different countries. You do not exactly have to know how to sew. I do not either, but it would be good to learn and get better at figure drawing and sketching different outfits. Pick up a book at the library about fashion illustration. Look through magazines and cut out what you like to help inspire. Get out there!
Why Designers Hate Most Medicine Cabinets ( Some Genius Alternative Bathroom Storage Solutions)
Well, I will be honest and say that we do not need the storage at the mountain house like we do in LA because we have so much less stuff, PLUS our vanities have GREAT storage. In the master, we wanted a huge mirror to reflect light and trees from the opposite windows. In the powder, we did not see the need for more storage since it's a powder room. And the guest bathrooms, well, they are just for temporary guests and they have tons of vanity storage so we opted out. If you do not need storage (ha, who are you?), then do not suffer through the pain of figuring out how to integrate it in a stylish way. Full stop.• RELATED QUESTIONBathroom theme ideas for a 4 year old boys bathroom?How about cars that's not to childish. Does he have a favorite cartoon character? You can try thatBathroom stalls in Python 3 (Google Code Jam 2017)This:has a few problems:Do one better by calling setdefault:Do even better by using a defaultdict:The last two options you might not be able to meaningfully use if you really need the if left stuff to execute only on the addition of a new key. So this might work:This:should probably drop the brackets, so that you return an implicit 2-tuple:Probably better off to have the user input two numbers on separate lines than one line with space separation; and avoid map in this case because it's a little clunky:can becomeBathroom fixture ... fan runs but light doesn't work! Any ideas?Replace the ceiling fan, the wiring to one side is shotEco Friendly Bathroom & Shower Cleaner | Earth ChoiceFormulated with naturally powerful plant based cleaning agents to combat grime and soap scum, leaving your bathroom sparkling clean and fresh. This brilliantly effective product is ideal for tiles, shower screens, shower curtains, baths, basins, spas, bench tops, stainless steel, chrome, taps and acrylic surfaces. DO NOT USE on stone, porous, cracked, unsealed and/or acid sensitive surfaces. Do not use with or immediately after any other chemical or bleach. Spot test all surfaces before use. The duration of a spot test should reflect the same amount of time the product is intended to be used in order to get an accurate result.Bathroom Etiquette Question?Good question! You flush a second time and with more tissue in hand, as the water is flushed out, quickly wipe the edge of the bowl. You only have seconds to do this before water flows into the bowl again. Another solution that works well. Before passing a stool, lay a long strip of toilet paper down the inside of the toilet bowl. The stool will drop on the toilet paper and be swished away with the first flush.Bathroom stall writing?I almost always read what is in the bathroom stall writing. I find it really funny**Interior Decorators!!! Ideas for Decorating a Lavendar Bathroom**?How about a selection of small or one large print of the plant lavender, silver coloured frame would look nice with lavender, you should find these online easy enough Perhaps add a large plant pot with real lavender if there is some light or fake if not And maybe add something of a shell theme either a bowl filled with pebbles or pebbles piled on the floor somewhere Buy lavender hand wash gel as a finishing little touchTeenage Boy gives Counselling Sessions in the Bathroom [closed]This sounds like Charlie Bartlett.Let's look at the trailer... I do not what else it could be!Bedroom/Bathroom Rewiring DesignWith bathrooms, Code now gives you two forks in the road. Rewire time is a great time to address problems like, as Jim Stewart says, breakers tripping when Mom and daughter try to run hair dryers at once. Honestly, I would not even consider it excessive to supply two 20A receptacle circuits, so the occupant of that bathroom can run a curler and hair dryer at once. This could even be done with a single 12/3 cable using our old friend the MWBC. As far as extending the bedroom circuit outside, that is fine. However I learned not to leave expensive electronic things outdoors. That includes GFCIs. I would fit a cheaper indoor-rated GFCIreceptacle inside the bedroom at whichever location you tap for the outside extension. Hang the cable to the outdoor receptacle off the LOAD terminals of that GFCI. Then, fit a plain receptacle outdoors. It wo not deteriorate nearly as fast, and when it does, it's $2.Bathroom Period Kit for guests?You do not know what there flow is so you have to put a variety in this kit. I would recommend: -3 pads- 1 overnight- 1 regular- 1 heavy -10 tampons-2 lights-5 regular-3 heavy -15 liners 1 for each tampon then extrasBathroom outlet wont work?hey that plug in might be weak, it might need replaced. simple job. buy the plug at Menard's. it is cheapBathroom or Toilet? What's the "correct"?Hi, I am in the UK and over here we say "Where are the toilets?" or "Can I go to the toilet please?". It is incredibly posh to say bathroom!do you approve of this?Bathroom manners?I would walk straight out of that bathroom if that is what I saw. I would not "Hover" nor would I even walk into the stallNo Bathroom Help?LMAO why is not there a bathroom around where the hell are you? Sorry I know not funny.What Colors and/or Theme is your BathroomHelp I need new Ideas?My son's bathroom is spongebob, patrick squidward, and sandy squirrel. Pretty cool. Even better than my bathroom. It is colorful and funBathroom toilet has air bubbles when I showerSounds to me like a roof vent is plugged or restricted. Run water from a hose into each roof vent and see if you can clear them. Have someone inside while running water into the vents to insure that if this would cause a water leak inside that you stop before doing damage. Or run a snake down each roof vent. But do not drive the snake into the drain joint where the vent connects to the horizontal runs. You could damage the drain and turn a minor problem into a major oneThis is about Painting my Bathroom and fixing the sheetrock that I ripped while I was taken some Tile off.?Hmm..I bet you could fill it with sheet-rock mud (wall plaster)(spackle)..smooth it down and sand it ..paint it and you are good to go... You can buy those little tubs of it in about a pint size..just for patchesHow To Make Your Own Natural Bathroom CleanersThere are tons of "green" bathroom cleaners on the market, but most of the time it's cheaper and just as effective to make your own. Armed with a few simple non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients, you can keep your bathroom fresh and sparkling. If you've got a little extra time today, grab this shopping list, head to the store and make a few batches of healthy cleaners to keep your bathroom (or any room) healthy!Famous People Who Died In The Bathroom?i died in the bathroom. that's where Spike & Angel got me. oh and i am nearly famous.Remodeling Bathroom...?you ought to use a carbide hollow cutter in an electric drill. Carbide hollow cutters are like elementary hollow saws different than the rim is carbide grit incredibly of enamel. you may get those an countless diverse sizes so which you may desire to have the skill to locate one the the right option length on your purpose. to start the drill, take a nail and hammer a small chip out of the glaze the place you p.c. the middle of the hollow to be, a mild faucet might desire to do it, this might keep the bit from wandering over the exterior and initiate the hollow much less difficult. no remember if that's a wall tile that's in all probability particularly comfortable ceramic, not porcelain (this is many times used for floor tile), and it wo not be too difficult to drill the hollow as quickly as you get during the glaze.Moving.. Need Bedroom/Bathroom ideas?!?go to they have some great bedding choices!Bathroom over sink lighting barThis is a common problem with threaded socket bases. The retention rings and the bases are sometimes out of spec and will stay loose or even slip the threads when tightened. A trick I learned while apprenticing was to use a high temperature(some work up to 650 F) thread locker. You can get it from just about any auto parts store. Remove the light, disassemble the retaining ring and shade, apply the thread lock(follow the directions for install and cure times). Then reassemble and reinstall the light. This should solve the problemDo you read Books in the Bathroom?I do not read books in the bathroom. I think this is a silly thing. I do however leave magazines and books that may interest those using my bathroom in a magazine rack for them. Just because I do not do it, does not give me the right to judge others. There are a lot of idiots writing today, but you can stick to the best sellers list to be safe.Red Fern Type Growth in Bathroom.?sounds like prelude to invasion of the body snachers,check under bathroom for wet spot, if possible. you may need to lower humidity in house if its a type of mold growth. mold needs 70% humidity to grow and a bathroom has it, you may need to install an exhaust fan in there. as for killing growth, try brush-be -gone or round-up herbicide.mold is lethel if enough of it is around. if you have crawl space under house, go look and see.if not sure what to look for, call exterminater ( bug killer) or plumber.Bathroom light/exhaust fan fixture wiringThere is a flapper (back draft damper) in the outlet of the exhaust fan. Make sure that it opens when the fan runs and is not stuck closed by anything including a mounting screw or discharge pipe item. Make sure that all the packing material has been removed from the fan housing. You can remove the fan and motor so you can inspect the vent damper. On the roof, make sure that the discharge damper assembly will open with any air movement. Hope this helpsBasement Bathroom Drywall Behind ToiletYou can slow down condensation on cold water pipes by insulating them. What? Insulate cold pipes???Sure, why not. The insulation does not care. The insulation will act as a vapor barrier to keep humid air away from the pipe, and will greatly slow the warm-up of the pipe. Remember, in condensing conditions, what is warming the pipe is the enthalpy of vaporization as water vapor condenses. The water vapor gives up 2257 joules/gram or 970 BTU/lb. when it transitions from vapor to liquid, and this is what warms the pipe until it equalizes to ambient. The insulation greatly slows this process, reducing condensation greatlyGirls Would You Hold Your Boyfriends... Man-bag While He Goes To The Bathroom:P?he wears a man bag?! D: hell, if he wore a man bag i would be totally honest and tell him straight up if he looked stupid.Bathtub Drain Completely Clogged, Water Will Not Drain Bathroom Sink Slow Draining?I am going to kind of go against the flow and suggest you NOT use Drano or Liquid Plumber or any of those do it yourself chemicals. Plumbers HATE that stuff because it gels in the pipes and makes the plug worse. Also, your bathtub is not draining at all. You do not want a very caustic substance like that sitting in the water that may be trapped in your bathtub. I would suggest trying to clean out your main line in the basement like dragon suggested. If that does not work call a plumber.Weed Smell in Bathroom?Mummy will be pleased. The vent should go outside, however I am sure the bathroom will stink for quite a while after. I would suggest buying a cheap bottle of cider and having a few spliffs on the street, then you really can be one of the boys. Assuming of course that you are allowed out this time of night ;-)
7 Best Mobile Apps for Freelance Designers
As a freelance designer, youre more than just your title. Youre a small business owner, a marketer, a project manager, and a permanent student. The most successful designers are always on the lookout for ways to up their game, with better pitches, new knowledge and skills, and cutting edge tools.Granted, the need to continuously improve your skills isnt unique to freelance designers. Studies show that professional development helps companies, too.According to a study by the Association for Talent and Development, companies with comprehensive training programs have profit margins that are 24% higher, and they generate 218% more income per employee. Companies are increasingly taking note and emphasizing continuous training among their employees.But as a freelancer, the difference is that you dont have corporate programs behind you. Thats a burden, but it also means that you get to decide what topics to learn, and what new tools to try. Whether you do graphic, web, mobile app design or a little bit of everything, here are some apps we think will help take your career to the next level.Trello: Powerful Project Management With an Intuitive UXThe autonomy of working as a freelance designer is a wonderful job perk, but it comes at a cost. While in-house designers can fit into the workflow of the company and just focus on design, freelancers really need project management skills. With each new client, youre stepping into a company culture you dont know, where you may only have access to one or two stakeholders out of a complex project team.That means if your point of contact isnt giving you enough information or is hard to get ahold of, you cant just contact a coworker to clear things up. You need to take responsibility for making sure your role is well-defined within your team and project info is always up to date because if something goes wrong as a freelancer, youll probably take the blame, even if its not your fault.Trello is an ideal project management tool for freelance mobile app designers looking to get organized and track their projects. It has a visually appealing and intuitive Kanban-style interface, which combines ease of use with surprisingly powerful project management functionality. Your project is organized in lists which sit on a Trello board basically, a visual corkboard. Lists are made up of cards, which can contain their own lists, along with notes, attachments and images, dates, and other data.This format lets you see an overview of a complex project at a glance, then drill down to tackle component tasks. Projects sync in real time across devices, offering a single source of truth for everyone in the project. The interface also makes it easy to reorganize data, or adapt to changing project requirements you can rearrange projects simply by dragging cards onto other lists.Off the shelf, Trello has plenty of functionality for most freelance designers. It also offers an API and an extensive range of add-ons called Power-Ups, which can customize Trello to better fit your needs. Integrations get Trello talking to the other software you and your client depend on for example, by attaching Dropbox or Google Drive files to cards, exporting data to Excel, or even turning Gmail threads into cards.Other Power-Ups add new organizational methods, such as flowcharts and tree-style visualization, or additional features, like customizable buttons, screenshot annotation, and time tracking. These features give Trello the power of a much heftier project management app, with the ease of use of a lightweight, whole-team tracking tool.Freedom Blocks Out DistractionsYoure doing some research for a client, when you find the most beautiful mobile app design, and you just have to share it. You post a link on social media, and start scrolling through your feed without really thinking about it you might as well catch up on what your friends are up to while youre there, right? Before you know it, two hours have passed and youve totally lost your train of thought with nothing to show for your time. Does this chain of events sound familiar to you?Weve all been there. The Internet is filled with distractions that can suck up your time as a freelance designer. Fortunately, you dont have to worry about giving into temptation anymore. Freedom can say no for you.Freedom is a powerful tool to block out distractions, enabling you to focus on getting your work done, or take a much-needed time out from your tech. It turns off websites, apps or Internet access based on the parameters you select. You can activate blocking on the fly, or schedule it ahead of time to help you stay on task during work hours.One of Freedoms greatest strengths is its ability to keep you distraction-free on days when youd rather do anything but work. It syncs across all your devices, preventing you from circumventing your own block by switching from your laptop to your tablet or smartphone.If thats not enough to keep you on task, you can also use locked mode, which stops you from turning off locked sessions. That means if you schedule a four-hour work mode and half an hour later get distracted, the app wont let you play, just one game of Angry Birds.Bidsketch Makes Proposals Easier and More EffectivePutting together bids is a chore for mobile app designers. It takes a lot of work to get the wording, formatting, and layout just right, and theres no guarantee youll get any return on that work. Once you get enough proposals under your belt, you can usually save some time by copying, pasting and editing, but that comes with its own risks, like including the wrong information. And once you hit send, its too late that bid is sitting in your clients inbox, mistakes and all.Bidsketch simplifies the process of bidding, so you can turn in better proposals in half the time. The team behind Bidsketch analyzed 25,000 proposals to find out what factors made for the most successful bids. The result was an app that does just one thing, but does it right.The software has attractive, professional templates, along with optimized sample content and infographics designed around different industries and segments. Each template is packaged with thoroughly researched tips to help you narrow in on your target segment, wow your client, and even upsell the project.Bidsketch also helps you close the deal after the pitch is finished, automating the process through client signing. It can display your pitch on your domain, setup automated messages for clients once they review the pitch, and even handle e-signing to make your proposal legally binding in the United States and abroad. It also tracks client contact info and provides analytics so you can refine your pitches based on which ones are generating interest. That means freelance designers can spend less time wondering why their pitches arent connecting and more time doing lucrative work.Assembly Makes Design More MobileAs a freelance designer, your mind is always churning with ideas. With a range of different client gigs and personal projects going through your head, inspiration can strike at any time. When it does, you need an app thats user-friendly enough to get your ideas down even if all you have with you is an iPhone.Enter Assembly, a free iOS vector art app by Pixite. Assembly bills itself as graphic design for everyone, and is designed to be easy for non-professionals to pick up and start sketching. Users can build logos, icons, and scenes out of more than 180 included shapes (as well as hundreds more available as in-app purchases), using smart snapping to align shapes accurately, even on a small screen.But beneath the simple exterior lies a fairly powerful app for freelance designers who enjoy working with vectors. Shapes can be rotated, flipped, and scaled at will, then grouped into more intricate designs, which you can then manipulate as a single shape.Assembly can go beyond basic sketching too, with good color and opacity control, and the ability to layer, change your stroke width, and add shadows. Assembly also allows you to sync files between multiple devices, and export your finished designs as high-resolution PNG, JPG or SVG files, so you can finish them up in Adobe.Assembly is probably the most useful Pixite app for designers, but they have a lot of other fun mobile app design tools. Check out Pigment, a coloring app for iOS and Android. Its basically a virtual coloring book for your tablet, which works with your Apple pencil, enabling you to fill in hundreds of included pages with a variety of brushes. Its a great way to blow off some steam after a tough assignment or a long week.Compare Fonts Easily with TiffWhether youre designing a mobile app, building a website or just drawing a logo, the font needs to match the message. The right lettering not only helps with branding and emotional impact, it also improves readability and usability.But choosing fonts can be a huge timesuck. Even if youre just using a standard list of fonts, you have hundreds of families to choose from, and the distinctions can start to blur after you page through a dozen options or so.Tiff makes it easier to pick out the right font by visually contrasting them. The free, lightweight web app allows you to pick two fonts from the over 800 font families, which are displayed in cyan and magenta. Tiff displays any four characters you choose, either side by side or overlaid, making the difference very clear. Its not the most powerful app, but it does what its designed to do well, with minimal fuss.Typography Insight: Everything You Wanted to Know About FontsEvery freelance designer knows a little bit about typography, but very few study the topic in depth. Typefaces have their own terminology and theory, and a complex history that goes back centuries, and learning it on your own can feel like too much work especially when software automates so much of the work that historically went into typesetting.But a deeper understanding of typography is still incredibly valuable for freelance designers particularly for logos, signs and other tasks where every stroke and space needs to be perfect.If youre ready to dive into the world of type, Typography Insight is a fantastic instructional tool. The app provides instruction on all aspects of typography. Looking for a refresher on the basic anatomy of type? Its got it. Want to train yourself in manual kerning? Check. Need to take a close look at the proportions of letters, or compare related typefaces? Typography Insight has you Brings Your Mobile App Designs to LifeWhen it comes to selling your ideas, nothing beats a working prototype. Sketches and wireframes serve their purpose, but ultimately a prototype can bring your design to life in a way a wireframe never will. is the ideal prototyping app for mobile app designers, able to go beyond simple mockups to build powerful, usable is designed to fit into your mobile app design workflow, offering both Sketch and Photoshop integration. Designers can model complex interactions, animations and screen transitions, creating a user experience and flow that is virtually indistinguishable from the finished product.We also now offer VR prototyping, allowing you to build 3D menus, virtual walkthroughs, and other VR user experiences, with an ease of use that no other prototyping tool offers. And when youre done, makes it easy to export and test your app on any platform, allowing you to ensure your app offers the best possible UX for all your is accessible to freelance designers, but it is also an excellent tool within a larger, organizational framework. Our Lookback integration adds powerful user testing features, allowing you to optimize UX in the prototyping phase, accelerating development and preventing glitches from derailing the product launch or imposing costly delays later on.You can capture every user interaction on prototypes, get feedback from users, and even create walkthroughs and tutorials for the user with minimal setup. As a freelancer, that makes it easy to work with a team on any mobile app design lets anyone build mobile app prototypes that feel real. No coding or design skills required. Bring your ideas to life quickly! Sign up for a free 15-day trial of today and get started on your next mobile app design.Have a favorite freelance design app you cant live without? Let us know by tweeting us @Protoio!·RELATED QUESTIONWho makes more money? The software developer or the project manager?project managers
What Are the Boundaries Between the Responsibilities of a Web Designer and a Web Developer? [closed]
No dividing lineI have found that this is quite common and there is never a clear cut dividing line between graphic designer and web designer. What skills the graphic designer brings to the table with be completely dependent on their experience with web technology (generally this does not include any css or html).Working with a graphic designer requires communication and compromiseThe way that I have worked with graphic designers in the past varies with the skills of the graphic designer. In general this will equate specifically to how well the graphic designer can create a design which is suitable for a website.Dynamic layoutsThe first thing that I do when I receive a wireframe or a first draft of a design for a website I check to see how suitable the design is to adapting to a dynamic layout. Depending on what I find in the above I may voice my concerns about the design with the graphic designer and ask for further information for things such as rollover effects (should these buttons change colors?), what happens with this background gradient if we put more text inside this menu item (this will break the design). So pretty much anything that I can see that happens on a dynamic website that could break the design I voice with the designer and get that addressed in the design. Depending on the skill of the graphic designer to take the above into account I may not actually need to do any of that.In your caseIn your case the graphic designer is ignoring key parts of the functionality of your requirements, and so you are perfectly correct in requesting design changes. Bringing it together from the design to the websiteThe graphic designer should not need to know any html or css to be able to create a dynamic website. All we need from them is the images, and vision of how the site should look. Trust me this is quite difficult to get right, and take customer usability into account. The rest is up to the developers. I personally have both Photoshop and Fireworks on my work PC, and I perform both image cutting and capturing to create the most optimal css possible using the smallest number of images in sprite sheets.This is not something that most graphic designers will be familiar with and so image compression, optimising css sprites should be purely a programming task1. do graphic designers work with movies?Yes, graphic designers can be animators, or work on marketing materials, such as poster designs for movies, website stuff, etc2. Graphic Designers, do you sometimes use downloaded fonts for logos and projects?If you need a license, you need a license. Do not try to get around it and still use the font. However, you can use the font as a base to make your own (as long as you create a noticeable difference it should be fine, after all there's only so much you can do with the alphabet), but obviously it wo not be the one you wanted to use.3. what do graphic designers do?unfortunately I am not a graphic designer, however, I do create and provide designs for my own school. I am not artistic in the sense that I can draw (although I can do some awesome cubes) although this is not to say I am NOT artistic. Most of my designs are simple yet elegant and only require the use of Photoshop. From what you are saying, I do not believe you go out independent and design things for nobody in particular and hope they like it. You may join design teams and company's that exist to provide specially created designs for clients (e.g. Tv stations, advertising companys etc). Design does require you to be able to draw, design requires you to create by whatever means best suites you and the client. Good luck.4. can someone give me a list of jobs involving visual arts?Well, I have a relative who's a graphic designer. She works for a large printing firm that designs brochures and other materials for customers. Advertising firms use artists and graphic designers, as do magazines and publishers. They have art departments or contract out their requirements. These days, you need a lot of familiarity with computer design programs and software to use art professionally in the commercial world
Time to Recreate Your Interior Wall Textures Using ACP Sheets
How to become a Professional Designer with INIFD Gurukul Ahmedabad?Looking to create a professional designer career? But, confused about who to choose for your career in the Fashion Industry? Then here is a top fashion school, INIFD Gurukul Ahmedabad located in the heart of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. INIFD Ahmedabad is eminence award-winning Fashion and Interior Design institute that has the history of creating best designers.But, why go for a designer career? Let's see some data to understand why fashion designers and interior designers are in demand? Revenue of the fashion industry in the Apparel segment will cross $460,279 million in 2020. The annual growth rate of the sector is 8.7%, so you can see that the fashion industry has its own opportunity for professionals to grab the golden career opportunity.But, the biggest issue that most students face is finding the right fashion design or interior design institute. But, if you are looking to have a professional career then iNIFD Gurukul Ahmedabad is the right choice. Why is it so? Let's find out.About INIFD Gurukul Ahmedabad Institute:iNIFD Gurukul Ahmedabad is one of the best fashion design Institutes located at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. In the heart of Ahmedabad, of all the iNIFD campuses, this is the most advanced and equipped with the latest technology center. 1999 was the year when the institute began functioning and now it is one of the most prestigious institutes in India. It is the only institute that offers Fashion and Interior Design courses with super specialization courses for advanced studies in the respective fields.The Campus:What does a college campus look like? A place of knowledge with a true focus on the future. National Institute of Fashion Technology should have all of this in its campus and iNIFD Gurukul Ahmedabad excels at every factor that defines the perfect campus for a professional designer career.A centralized library, audio-video labs and presentation labs make a presentation of student's work easier. Students can use exquisite labs to create excellent designs and prototypes based on the knowledge they gain from iNIFD Ahmedabad. Fundamentals:We begin teaching our students with the fundamentals of a fashion design course and Interior Design course. If you look at the fundamentals in fashion design like sewing, knitting, material selection, and others.Similarly, the Interior design courses have many basic fundamentals that you should have knowledge about. Materials like woods, resins, plastic and even the heuristic of an interior space need to be understood before designing an interior space.You can learn these basics and integrate them into your designing process. These fundamentals will allow you to get the base of your designs right and offer a better building platform for finishing touches that can complete the design. Global Exposure:In today's global market, exposure to global fashion design and interior designing standards is essential. At iNIFD Ahmedabad, there are experienced faculties that provide knowledge on international styling and designing trends.Take an example of the couture sewing, this is an artistic form of handmade apparels from the traditional fashion designing of European culture. From the time of Napoleon Bonaparte, couture sewing has been the face of high end and rich-class apparel fashion. At iNIFD Ahmedabad, faculties offer couture sewing as a part of the curriculum for fashion design courses.Styling Prowess:Styling is another aspect of fashion and interior design. If you can not showcase your work, there is no way anyone would know how professional you are at designing apparel or interiors for that matter.Here, iNIFD Ahmedabad shines bright with all its presentation studios that help students know the right ways to showcase their works. Another important aspect is fashion merchandising. We see these exquisite designs represented through mannequins and other forms at stores and even at shows.At iNIFD Gurukul Ahmedabad, there are expert faculties and celebrity mentors, experienced in the merchandising field. It helps students to learn the basic heuristics of the apparel merchandising and showcasing the best of their talents. Showcase:Institute such as iNIFD Ahmedabad is best in showcasing the talents of students through fashion weeks and interior designing shows as they made their mark in India's biggest fashion event "Lakme Fashion Week" with the efforts of staff and students.And every year, students from the institute actively participate in the fashion week. It also encourages them to showcase their works, along with the opportunity to learn from the best of professional designers and celebrity mentors. Placement Assistance:What is placement assistance? It is not just getting your students to a good job, but, helping them excel in their career through knowledge that can help them grow in the industry.At iNIFD Ahmedabad, you will find the best placement assistance with guidance on how to represent your works, knowledge on designing and even get mentored from industry giants. From resume-building to the right career choice, you will have everything at one place. Career Boost:Often, as designers, you might get excited in a different domain than yours. For example, you start designing interiors and want to pursue a career in the same domain, even after having a course in fashion design.This is where, one of the top ten fashion colleges in Gujarat, gets different and disruptive by offering super -specialization courses in fashion design and interior design. So, whether you want to boost your career in your current domain or switch one, iNIFD Ahmedabad has got you covered.Signing Off:There is no end to creative dreams. Becoming a professional designer in Interior design or choosing to be a world-class fashion designer, may need you to break-free social barriers, But, at a top fashion design institute like INIFD Gurukul Ahmedabad, where these designing courses are offered only for girls, pursuing a career of your dreams can become true. So, if you are looking for a fashion design college near you that can make your creative dreams come true, then do not just choose any institute. But, choose the best fashion design college in Gujarat, that has the experience, professional faculties, and mentors to help you achieve your shining career. Choose, INIFD Ahmedabad today, and see yourself make a dent into the universe.
Designers Spend Weekends to Make Cool Good Looking Celfons?
Nah.. I am currently using a PDA right now and changing the interface is my thing. PointUi, SPB Shell, Touchflo, name it!1. What Do Graphic Designers Do?photograph Designers layout advert's, brochures, commercials, do photograph modifying, etc.... Its a chilled field to be in. i might recommend taking artwork, pc and photograph layout classes and alter into conscious of the Adobe application including Adobe Photoshop, In layout, etc.... do some internships to learn adventure. you additionally can volunteer your abilities (you could placed that for the duration of your resume too) via designing brochures, commercials, flyer's, enjoying cards, however, on your people, relatives, golf equipment (like drama communities) or non-revenue. it will provide you adventure and additionally build your portfolio. be certain to maintain a replica of something you layout for somebody. you will possibly need it to your portfolio to coach your destiny employers.2. do you know of any vegan designers?Idk but I am gonna be one!3. What software do UI designers use for designing?Adobe XD is Available for Windows and MacSketch is Available only for Mac.These 2 will help you to design UI. But then you also need to learn to prototype.Principle for MacProtopie for Windows and MacFlinto and Framer for MacInvision Studio for MacAdobe XD for Windows and MacSketch for Mac.4. Did toilet designers forget that men have a penis?dude my uncle made a toilet.. designed it man.... my friend often touches the bowel... guhughuughhhhh ew. yeah it sucks man... good luck finding another toilet! hahah5. How do graphic designers backup all tools?Everything you listed could be accessed or stored:Everything you talk about can be added to a NAS (Network Attached Storage) and you could simply add what you need. If you are not implementing a NAS they are a great tool for backups (hopefully not storing files locally).A NAS I use personally: Synology DS414 or if you are a little computer savy and have a computer with 4gb of RAM you could try FreeNAS. If you can not afford a NAS solution then simply use an external HDD. Some network routers that have a USB connection will allow for an external HDD to be mounted. I would store your files such as:If you are looking for a file structure hierarchy you could do:Since you mentioned you want to get into scripting and going towards CC check out how to do custom scripts in InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. You can even do a few searches for custom scripts or ways to increase productivity. I enjoy writing my own scripts for InDesign and I am using ExtendScript Toolkit that comes with CC6. Who are some big names in the fashion industry, atm (designers)?posen! but i also LOVE d&g and dkny and i sort of like revillon7. Is there a difference between interior designers and architects?yeah an architect doesnt pick out furniture or design the interior8. where can i find an amazing couture wedding gown for under $650?You might want to check trunk sales because after designers show dresses they are "used" and sold at low prices (ask a dress shop where these sales are located). You might also check with dress shops that carry that dress to see if they have one that was returned for whatever reason because you may be able to get it for less and then be able to alter it. Also if you have enough time you can get a tailor/dressmaker to make a copy of the dress for you. Just a few suggestions.9. Do web designers look down upon the use of Bootstrap?I think it's helpful to look at the definition of the word Bootstrap.bootstrapthe technique of starting with existing resources to create something more complex and effective.Using Bootstrap as is without any customization will make your sites look plain and boring. Because it is just a base to start from. It is up to you to customize it to fit your desired design.The main advantage of using Bootstrap is it allows you to build your site or application on a solid foundation that has been tested and improved over time.If you are writing your code from scratch, how stable do you think your code will be vs the code that is used and debugged by the global web community?Employers, customers, clients, and web visitors want stability, efficiency, and low cost. They really do not care what frameworks we use in our projects. They just want them to work and look good on IE and their phone.I believe the best way to achieve quality is to use a frontend library like Bootstrap. Upvote if you agree, and check out my book if you would like to learn how to use Bootstrap 4
What Is the Most High-paid Affiliate Program for Web Designers on the Net?
Have you given LiveChat Partner Program a try already?It's an extremely convenient program for web designers and a nice source of steady income for them.LiveChat Partners can grab 20% of recurring commission for the lifetime of each account that is created using their unique affiliate link (or purchase LiveChat license 20% cheaper as resellers and charge as much as they want to). As LiveChat is an established, well-known product on the market, used successfully by over 18,000 customers as for Today (check validated reviews from verified users at GetApp, G2Crowd, Capterra, or Serchen), web designers have no issue giving it a go. In fact, a large group of our partners consists of web designers/developers working for various businesses. As LiveChat can be used in a number of ways (as regular live chat providing support and enhancing sales, help desk, lead generation tool, business intelligence and analytics platform, etc.), it is often attached to webistes they create. Essentially, recommending LiveChat is a win-win situation for web designers. Their ecommerce customers are provided with a powerful and fully capable solution, while website designers earn additionally as LiveChat partners.What is the most high-paid affiliate program for web designers on the net?.1. Can I set up an affiliate program for my free newsletter?You can setup your own affiliate program in ejunkie and ask the affliate to join via ejunkie. And also you can send money to affliates after someone referrer. More details ejunkie site2. How do I select an affordable web affiliate program/service? Any recommendations?Hi Steve. My name is Alan, good to meet you. The answer you seek may seem like it would be easy to answer by internet marketers, but it's not. I am sure you have done a lot of research on this and if you were like me, you have been overwhelmed by all the information overload. At first glance, it appears that the "gurus" all know what they are talking about. Many of them do, but here's the issue...... They do NOT give you all the information you need to make a go of an internet business. In fairness to them, there are just too many variables involved, such as: * Type of products you are promoting * Budget * Experience * Goals * How much time you can devote * Many many others So, what is the solution? Unfortunately, it's not a question of , "What products or programs should I promote?". So what IS the answer? Well, if you notice from any programs that you may have purchased, they all say to do different things to start and promote your business. The problem is, somewhere along the way, you will stumble across a task you do not understand or know how to do. In addition, it is not shown or explained to you. So, the solution is to master the basics first. I know that sounds simple, but that's it. Once you master the basics, like FTP, creating simple web pages, domain hosting, working with images, and on and on, etc., etc., then all the products and programs that you purchase that show you how to run an affiliate/internet marketing business will all start to make sense. SO when they ask you to create a web page then FTP it to your hosting account, you will know what to do. When it asks you to create follow up messages in your autoresponder account, you will know hat to do. You get the idea. So Steve, my advice to you is to master the basics first, then everything else will make sense. Yo will be able to look around on the internet and automatically know hjat it will take to succeed. You may not understand that logic right now, but PLEASE take my word for it. I learned all this the hard way. Before I go, I will shamelessly plug the ONLY affiliate education program I have seen that will take you by the hand, step by step, using hands on video tutorials. They offer free hosting, hundreds of videos and articles, and too many other stuff to talk about here. But it is done without information overload. Please check this site out and let me know if you have any questions. I hope this has helped.3. Can I be banned from the Amazon Affiliate Program for sending affiliate links to random lists of e-mails?As you likely know, sending random emails is called spam. The laws vary from country to country, but in the US there are the CAN-SPAM regulations. Included in that law is the rule that even if a company has someone else doing their marketing, the advertised company is responsible for violations too. This includes affiliates, so if you spam Amazon links, Amazon is at risk of being fined for rule violations, something they would want to avoid. This means most companies running an affiliate program, like Amazon, will have rules against their affiliates sending spam (even if, deep down, they would otherwise love as much traffic and sales as they could get.)The spam consequences may also go beyond fines. If a major email company, say Gmail, sees too many complaints related to a particular website, they may start sending ALL email related to that website to the junk folder (not sure if this applies to Amazon specifically since they are such a major online retailer). This means that suddenly any email the company sends will be blocked, as well as email from other affiliates with opt-in email lists. Suddenly customers are not getting their order confirmation emails, their password reset emails, and other emails vital to running the business. The customer experience suffers, sales numbers suffer, and the other affiliates suffer. So, beyond the financial fines, spam can deeply affect a business' bottom line.Since the consequences of spam are huge for the company, they will generally make the consequences significant for an affiliate as well. This usually means banning the affiliate account and not paying the balance owing, be it 10 cents or $10,000. Any time you send spam as an affiliate, you are gambling.Can I be banned from the Amazon Affiliate Program for sending affiliate links to random lists of e-mails?.
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