Headlights on Ebay?

i offered a sequence of ( non halo) headlights from a broker on ebay and replaced into very pleased with the common of the product( outstanding seem and in large condition.) i could say decide for it, only verify they have a competent comments score and easily to be on the risk-free area examine their return coverage. wish this helps, solid success!

1. If you tap into a fuse for the headlights.?

Wire it through your firewall there is usually a hole. Then you can do it 2 different ways.

2. Replacing my cars headlights with a blueish kind?

Tinted/colored headlight bulbs are illegal for use on public highways ANYWHERE in the USA. Just buy a standard clear replacement bulb for your headlight. Since one lamp burned out, the other will probably go soon. It's a good idea to replace both lamps at the same time, or at least buy a spare so you will have it ready when the other lamp goes out. Should not cost more than $10-$15 for the pair.

3. why do cars drive with their headlights on in broad daylight?

i guess people just do not care and just leave them on

4. Wiring/Relays for headlights in '98 Wrangler?

Depends on how many miles you will be driving in a year. If you will be driving 5,000 miles per year, then this would be great for you! However, if you will be driving 20,000 miles a year, it will only take a few years and they will really rack up. In the second case, you should probably look into something older with less miles, but in the first, this may be a perfect fit! Word to the wise, 2007 was not a good year for Chrysler inc. , so you may want to double check all the electrical components before you buy :-)

5. what are the best kind of lightbulbs for your headlights?

johns rite about the headlight lens . i normally go for the Xeon bulbs there a whiter light and much brighter

6. My car headlights wont turn off?

you turn the headlight switch to off

7. Headlights burning out on a chevy colorado?

your voltage regulator is no longer functioning properly, it is located inside the alternator and is either intermittently working or not working at all. Replace the alternator, before any more damage can occur, this is hard on the battery too, its being overcharged, and thats not a good plan. On old classic cars, the voltage regulator was sometimes adjustable, on newer modern vehicles its not.

8. My car's headlights will not turn off?

you have either bad light switch or bad light relay

9. How to clean my cars headlights?

Just use soap and water - then wipe dry

10. Why wont the headlights on my car stay on?

Your headlight switch, or if your car has one the headlight relay is faulty (not all cars use a headlight relay)

11. best ways to clear up headlights on mustang?

I've seen a lot of plastic headlight covers turn a milky white that blocks some of the light coming out. I've read of a cleaner that clears that up. No amount of soap, water or other household chemicals I've found was able to clean it. The second link lists a site in the UK.

12. how do i take my headlights off?

Hondas have sealed headlamps. If you need to replace the bulb you should open the hood of the car and look behind the headlamps. There you will find a collar with a wire attached to it that fits into the back of the sealed headlamp unit. Those collars are usually pretty crusted up with crud so you will have to grip it pretty tight. Give the collar a 1/4 turn and you should be able to pull the bulb right out of the back of the unit. Get a good grip on the small metal disk at the base of the bulb (try to avoid gripping the bulb itself) and pull the piece straight out so you are not putting any torque on the bulb. The new bulb can then be plugged into that socket which gets put right back into the back of the sealed headlamp housing. Be sure to use a clean rag to grip the new bulb as oil from your fingers can cause the bulb to fail prematurely. Any good heavy cloth-something like a clean tubesock-will work fine for putting the new bulb in

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