Heater Core Problem?

Refer to my answer in "how do I bleed a radiator" You need to bleed the cooling system as a whole. Meaning, car at operating temp with thermostat open (both top and bottom radiator hoses will be hot indicating coolant blow through thermostat). Open bleed using radiator key until you have fluid flow and air is gone. Check for additional bleeder nipple on thermostat housing and bleed (using same method as radiator) if present. Hope I have helped. Cheers

1. Is it possible to heat a car with a space heater?

Get a hotter rated thermostat in the motor and give up the crazy ideas!

2. What is wrong with my water heater?

well chances are the bathroom faucet is probably the last faucet in the run,maybe that's why you need to let it drain for a while,and as far as the leak is concerned it may be the seat not the washer,check the seat in the faucet and see if it has chips or breaks in it,if so then you can replace it just like the washer,first you will need a seat tool to remove it,very inexpensive,take it out and take it to the hardware store and let them match it up unless you already know what type it is,reinstall it along with a new washer(it probably already has cuts in it) and before you turn the water back on make sure to take the aerator off the faucets in the house,unless you want to replace all of them

3. Do I need a heater core?

Best thing I would do replace the thermostat again get the rad flushed and refilled. Start from there. No change then start looking at other cooling system parts

4. How do you convert a car to run on cooking oil?

Firstly, it needs to have a diesel engine pre 1997 with mechanical injection (rotary pump and mechanical injectors) and no electronic engine management (ECU).Secondly, if the vehicle does not already have a fuel pre-heater, then you will need to fit one.Thirdly, if you do not plan to create biodiesel (TME) from the cooking oil but use it raw, you will need to replace any seals in the fuel lines with Vitron food-grade seals rather than rubber ones. If you tick all those boxes, you are good to go. Run it on 95% oil and 5% conventional diesel in summer and a 60% oil and 40% diesel mix in winter.I have driven several vehicles fuelled on cooking oil. A series of 1990-1992 Peugeot 309 GRD vehicles and a couple of Vauxhall Astra 1.7TD vehicles.How do you convert a car to run on cooking oil?

5. Fix the heater on my Ford Explorer?

If you do not have any coolant leaking inside or outside the truck then it's a very simple problem to fix..and should not cost you alot of money if you can do it yourself ..just change your thermostat..the reason it is working sometimes and not on other times is because it's sticking open. .if it sticks open then the coolant can not warm up..so it is allways running cold..the way a thermostat works is that once your car gets to a certain temperature ."usually on the thermostat" then it opens up and starts to cool the motor and in turn warming up the liquid. .get yourself a good all season thermostat usually for a ford truck would be 190-205 degrees..if you want to change it yourself should be simple just follow the big hose from your rad to the engine and you will see a metal housing held on with 2 nuts..remove these two nuts and remove the old thermostat and replace it with a new one . ."in the same position" you may need a new gasket as well..or you can use RTV silicone..i would get a new gasket for a few dollars

6. Name of water heater part?

Pilot light

7. can the water pressure valve from heater cause an explosion(pics) (10 points) ?

The valve with red handle is probably the inlet water valve. Open the valve completely. What controls the amount of water entering the heater is the amount you are using at the lavatory to brush your teeth. You have a faucet on the lavatory that you adjust for the amount of water you need. The valve with the red handle should be full open so that it gives you all it can. Now, on you heater, you also have a pressure relief valve that is screwed directly into the side of the hot water tank. And there might be some piping that would carry that discharge away from the tank. That line does not have any valves, restrictions or anything that would interrupt the emergency discharge of steam from the tank. I do not see the pressure relief valve in the photo

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Any Tricks to Draining a Tank-style Water Heater?
Any tricks to draining a tank-style water heater?Make sure it's off (power/gas and water supply). Open a faucet (upstairs) and put a towel under the bottom valve before working on it (just in case). After the tank is empty, open the water supply again (for a minute maybe) to flush out any sediment.— — — — — —Water supply and sanitation in UgandaThe Ugandan water supply and sanitation sector made substantial progress in urban areas from the mid-1990s until at least 2006, with substantial increases in coverage as well as in operational and commercial performance.:pages 3-4 Sector reforms from 1998 to 2003 included the commercialization and modernization of the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) operating in cities and larger towns, as well as decentralization and private sector participation in small towns.:page 15 These reforms have attracted significant international attention. Thirty-eight percent of the population, however, still had no access to an improved water source in 2010. Concerning access to improved sanitation, figures vary widely. According to government figures, it was 70 percent in rural areas and 81 percent in urban areas while according to the United Nations (UN), access was only 34 percent. The water and sanitation sector was recognized as a key area under the 2004 Poverty Eradication Action Plan (PEAP), Uganda's main strategy paper to fight poverty. A comprehensive expenditure framework was introduced to coordinate financial support by external donors, the national government, and non-governmental organizations.:page 5 The PEAP estimated that from 2001 to 2015, about US$1.4 billion in total (US$92 million per year) was needed to increase water supply coverage up to 95 percent.— — — — — —How dangerous is tap water? Is it at least safe to cook with if we boil it?Unless you have positive confirmation from a neutral source that the water supply in your area is contaminated with heavy metals or bacteria, then it is not dangerous at all.Do not depend on those who sell water filtration kits or bottled water because they have a financial interest in deceiving you or making sure you remain deluded about tap water. In 999 places of 1000, bottled water and domestic water filters are a scam and are not needed. What is dangerous to your bank balance are the scams of bottled water and domestic water filters. They are a waste of money and some bottled waters carry more bacteria than tap water.Raw water is water directly pumped from streams, wells and other sources. It is not filtered and it is not disinfected. You can get cholera, giardia and a variety of very nasty infections from it plus parasites like tape worms.Once raw water is filtered and disinfected, it is then put into town water supplies. Any fashion originating in Silicon Valley is probably lunacy. They were the type of people in the Heaven's Gate cult who mass suicided so they could be carried off on a comet. They may know computers but that does not mean they know anything else. Mukhande Singh is a fraud and a liar. The raw water scam is even worse than the bottled water scam and instead of being just a waste of money is positively dangerous— — — — — —What is the fastest way to unstop a toilet that is flowing over?Turn off the water supply to it— — — — — —Is crying really the sign of a weak heart?Do you remember the last time you cried?Ahh! If its more than a month, be prepared to shed some tears because you can not hold on longer.Fill a glass with some water, how much water can it hold? Keep on pouring some quantity of wateru2026What do you observe?There comes a stage when the glass is full upto its brim and can not hold the extra water anymore so it overflows.Now lets do an imaginary experimentu2026 Just imagine,remember i said u201cjust imagineu201du2026you covered the top of the glass with an air tight cork and by some means you u201cforcefullyu201d keep the water supply into the glass constant. What do you observe now?The force of the water breaks the glass.Which of the above two cases proved that the glass was weak?In the first case, the supply of water did not affect the glass because the extra water just overflowed out of the glass.In the second case, the continuous supply of the water broke the glass due to the force build up by the extra water. Now consider u201cthe glass as your heart, water as emotions, overflowing water as extra emotions which needs a way out of the heart, cork as a barrier to the flow of emotions (i.e. holding on)Holding on can damage your heart just like the water did to the glass, let it flow out at intervals, afterall your heart is healthy!Crying (i.e. Letting out the extra water out of the glass) or holding on (i. e. Stopping the natural flow of water leading to the breakage of the glass) Which condition is the sign of a weak heart?Read again by replacing the essentials, you will get an answer!
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