HELP! My Car Is Overheating!!!?

Could be the water pump,radiator or intake manifold,pray it's not the manifold,i would say it's probably the water pump

1. my car makes strange noise when i turn it off?

possibly over heated a little, have the thermostat checked they do not last for ever. also check water level in radiator, and oil level

2. Would a sticking thermostat cause a hose to rupture?

negative. The hose blew because you needed a new hose. YOUR LOWER HOSE GOES FROM THE ENGINE TO RADIATOR. THE THERMOSTAT IS NOT INVOLVED HERE. WHY DOESNT THE HOSE BLOW EVERYTIME YOU CRANK YOUR CAR UP UNTIL IT WARMS UP AND THE STAT OPENS? Dont overthink it. you needed a new hose. Hung up stat is NOT going to blow hose.

3. What would cause the heater in my 1994 Chevy Astro van to quit warming up properly?

The heater is nothing more than a small radiator inside the car that gets hot water from the radiator. Does the temperature gage go up to operating temperatures? If not, perhaps your thermostat is missing of stuck open, replace it. After driving for a bit, open the hood and find the two smaller hoses that go from the water pump and radiator to the fire wall where they connect to your heater core. Carefully (they may be hot) feel both hoses. They should both be hot if water is circulating. If either is cold, that could be the problem, one of them is blocked. If they are not blocked, but one is cold, then look at the control valve to see if it actually opens and lets water flow. It will probably be cable controlled, make sure the cable actually opens the valve If none of the above help, take it in and have it looked at

4. How many miles can an older 6 cylinder Bmw get?

Its just broken in. I've pulled the head off of a 3.5 with over 300,000 on it (odo locked up at 300,000) and I culd still see the cross hatching. That engine has another 300,000 in it! Biggest bane to older BMW's is the cooling system. If the hoses, engine cooling fan, or radiator fail the engine can overheat. If the vehicle is not stopped immediately irreversable engine damage will occur. Every BMW I buy I replace all the fluids with synthetic (engine, transmission, diff, and PS/LAD) and replace the radiator, cooling hoses, flush the cooling system, and flush the brake fluid because I never trust the previous owners.

5. how much does it take to hydrolock seize or kill a 1.9l with a rock?

Let me get this right. You ran over road debris, damaged the radiator, ran it out of coolant and kept driving, now your wondering why your car wont run?? Your car overheated without the coolant, thus causing additional friction in the engine. At the point the friction burned the oil the connecting rods started to heat up and melt. EVentually a connecting rod broke and went through the side of the engine block, causing the oil sprayed over the back of the car. If your lucky the oil pan did not get a hole in it as well. Basically your radiator, cooling system, and Engine are toast. In the case of a 1991 Escort the car is totalled due to cost of repairs exceeding the cost of the car. Best case with used engine, used radiator, hoses , etc you are looking at $1500-2000. Will the parts fit from another car that is 4 years newer, that depends. Most likely not. Only someone looking at both cars can tell you that. Could you have died, not really Can you patch the hole in your radiator, yes, buy a new radiator. Did the Lucas help, no you ran it out of coolant, nothing is going to help. Will Obama buy you a new car, Nope. your own stupidity got you in this and is going to have to get you out. Did your timing belt melt, possibly after the connecting rods exited the back of the block. If you would have stopped and checked the front end after hitting the object and noticed the radiator leaking your repairs would have been $200-300 instead of the thousands it will now cost.

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