Hot Water Heater Broken! Help Please?

normally this is caused by high water pressure, you will probably need your house water pressure tested, and if above 75 psi, then a new pressure reducing valve installed along with new t&p valve

1. water heater pilot light wont stay lit?

The safety value is working. Need a new thermocouple. Lowes got them. Need to take old one with you

2. How does a hot water heater work ?

The hot water may have a reset button. Sometimes it will pop out with a power loss. Otherwise, you or have some one else check to make sure the unit is getting power. You will need a multi testor to perform this. Then, if the unit is getting power, you will need to check to see if the elements have burned out. Again, you will need to use a multi testor for this. (First of all though, make sure there's water in the tank too). good luck

3. what's wrong with my gas water heater?

It's probably electrical -- or a safety device that shuts it off. The ciculating pump may not be working right. Get proffesional help, or BOOM !!

4. what size fish tank water heater?

Yeah, I would go big as well as it's outside and will have extra heat loss due to the planter. A couple of 300w wont be excessive. The power draw is the same no matter what size heater. 300w running 100% of the time, or 600w running 1/2 the time, same power use. Are you able to insulate the setup a bit? Even a blanket or tarp that you put over things on the cold nights to keep the warmth in ? Even keeping the breeze off it slows down the heat loss. Ian

5. water heater flame goes out.. no, not the pilot!?

You need to replace the thermocouple

6. Replacing gas valve- Water heater?

i bought my water heater at ace and the valve was bad from the factory...shut off your water supply and get the new one teflon taped and ready to go ...spin the old valve out and quickly turn the new one in. ..i only lost about a cup of water. ..take the info from your heater to ace and they will tell which new valve will be compatible...brand and model number

7. can a thermostat be repaired on a gas water heater?

Replaced, not repaired. By current government standards it may be hard, if not impossible, to find a replacement thermostat. If the unit is over 10 years old you may be better off replacing it

8. Why would there be a marble in my water heater?

it could've fell in there

9. water heater won't stay lite?

The square grey box on the side of the tank is the thermostat/gas valve. Once you have the pilot lit and turn on the gas and the main burner lights, then the water heats to the preset temperature and the main burner will shut off. If it ran all the time it would boil the water eventually and the valve on the side would start blowing steam all over. Once the water has reached the preset temp., and you need hot water, the cold water that's introduced into the tank when you open a hot water faucet eventually will cool the remaining water till it reaches a point where the thermostat says it's time to heat again. Then the main burner will relite from the pilot and the whole process starts over again.

10. New Hot Water heater not working. (Gas)?

Sit by the water heater late at night and listen for drips sizzling as they hit the pilot light area cooling the thermo couple causing gas to shut off

11. Electric hot water heater is overheating.?

Are you talking about an immersion heater where the element fits in the side or top ?If its a simple rod-shaped thermostat with the temp.adjustment on the end then its a simple job t replace it yourself as it simply slides into the hole in the element and theres just 2 connections. Make sure you get the correct length though. Remove it and take it to your local pumbing/heating merchants. Ensure of course that the elec is full switched off first.

12. Possible causes for water heater leak?

Probably small hole in tank. Have a plumber check it out

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Any Tricks to Draining a Tank-style Water Heater?
Any tricks to draining a tank-style water heater?Make sure it's off (power/gas and water supply). Open a faucet (upstairs) and put a towel under the bottom valve before working on it (just in case). After the tank is empty, open the water supply again (for a minute maybe) to flush out any sediment.— — — — — —Water supply and sanitation in UgandaThe Ugandan water supply and sanitation sector made substantial progress in urban areas from the mid-1990s until at least 2006, with substantial increases in coverage as well as in operational and commercial performance.:pages 3-4 Sector reforms from 1998 to 2003 included the commercialization and modernization of the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) operating in cities and larger towns, as well as decentralization and private sector participation in small towns.:page 15 These reforms have attracted significant international attention. Thirty-eight percent of the population, however, still had no access to an improved water source in 2010. Concerning access to improved sanitation, figures vary widely. According to government figures, it was 70 percent in rural areas and 81 percent in urban areas while according to the United Nations (UN), access was only 34 percent. The water and sanitation sector was recognized as a key area under the 2004 Poverty Eradication Action Plan (PEAP), Uganda's main strategy paper to fight poverty. A comprehensive expenditure framework was introduced to coordinate financial support by external donors, the national government, and non-governmental organizations.:page 5 The PEAP estimated that from 2001 to 2015, about US$1.4 billion in total (US$92 million per year) was needed to increase water supply coverage up to 95 percent.— — — — — —How dangerous is tap water? Is it at least safe to cook with if we boil it?Unless you have positive confirmation from a neutral source that the water supply in your area is contaminated with heavy metals or bacteria, then it is not dangerous at all.Do not depend on those who sell water filtration kits or bottled water because they have a financial interest in deceiving you or making sure you remain deluded about tap water. In 999 places of 1000, bottled water and domestic water filters are a scam and are not needed. What is dangerous to your bank balance are the scams of bottled water and domestic water filters. They are a waste of money and some bottled waters carry more bacteria than tap water.Raw water is water directly pumped from streams, wells and other sources. It is not filtered and it is not disinfected. You can get cholera, giardia and a variety of very nasty infections from it plus parasites like tape worms.Once raw water is filtered and disinfected, it is then put into town water supplies. Any fashion originating in Silicon Valley is probably lunacy. They were the type of people in the Heaven's Gate cult who mass suicided so they could be carried off on a comet. They may know computers but that does not mean they know anything else. Mukhande Singh is a fraud and a liar. The raw water scam is even worse than the bottled water scam and instead of being just a waste of money is positively dangerous— — — — — —What is the fastest way to unstop a toilet that is flowing over?Turn off the water supply to it— — — — — —Is crying really the sign of a weak heart?Do you remember the last time you cried?Ahh! If its more than a month, be prepared to shed some tears because you can not hold on longer.Fill a glass with some water, how much water can it hold? Keep on pouring some quantity of wateru2026What do you observe?There comes a stage when the glass is full upto its brim and can not hold the extra water anymore so it overflows.Now lets do an imaginary experimentu2026 Just imagine,remember i said u201cjust imagineu201du2026you covered the top of the glass with an air tight cork and by some means you u201cforcefullyu201d keep the water supply into the glass constant. What do you observe now?The force of the water breaks the glass.Which of the above two cases proved that the glass was weak?In the first case, the supply of water did not affect the glass because the extra water just overflowed out of the glass.In the second case, the continuous supply of the water broke the glass due to the force build up by the extra water. Now consider u201cthe glass as your heart, water as emotions, overflowing water as extra emotions which needs a way out of the heart, cork as a barrier to the flow of emotions (i.e. holding on)Holding on can damage your heart just like the water did to the glass, let it flow out at intervals, afterall your heart is healthy!Crying (i.e. Letting out the extra water out of the glass) or holding on (i. e. Stopping the natural flow of water leading to the breakage of the glass) Which condition is the sign of a weak heart?Read again by replacing the essentials, you will get an answer!
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