How Can the Detection Information of the Temperature and Humidity Sensor Be Transmitted to the Mobil

Temperature and humidity are closely related to human health. Under certain humidity, oxygen is easier to enter the blood through the alveoli. The humidity of 45% 55% makes people feel comfortable, and it is the most comfortable when the humidity is 50%. The relative humidity in an overheated and unventilated room is generally low, which may be harmful to the skin and irritating to the mucous membrane. High humidity affects the perspiration function of regulating body temperature, and people will feel muggy.

How can I check the humidity of the indoor environment in real time on the mobile phone? Generally, the humidity can be measured in real time only with the humidity sensor directly contacting the air. There is one smart phone. We can transmit the humidity signal detected by the humidity sensor to the mobile phone app for display. In this way, open the mobile phone app to see the current humidity value in the air, which is simple and convenient!

How can the humidity detected by the humidity sensor be displayed on the mobile app? The key is to connect the mobile phone with the humidity sensor, realize data transmission, and transmit the humidity signal to the mobile phone app for display. The connection and data transmission can be realized through the standard Bluetooth function of smart phone, which requires that the humidity sensor also has Bluetooth function. We can find a Bluetooth module with IIC interface, such as hy-254103 Bluetooth module of Shengrun, and connect the humidity sensor with the IIC interface of Bluetooth module. In this way, the humidity sensor has Bluetooth function, can be connected to mobile phone Bluetooth and realize data transmission!

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