How Can You Create Your Own Spanish Welcome Mat?

You can always buy it, i know personally a friend of mine who has a local bussines about custom doormats, you can make it as your specifications, size, colors, logos etc.. helps a lot to welcome clients and absorb dust and othe things people are carrying on their can visit his website where you can see examples of his work: Tapetes personalizados, this doormats are special texture, you place an order and you get a team of designers and crafters at your service, its quite amazing product. hope it helps

1. do cali king snakes need a heat lamp or can they have a heat mat?

no, then need to have a preference where to lie

2. Where can you get a DDR mat?

Dance game mats coming in a variety of forms and the more money you put into it the better quality and scores in gameplay you will get. Soft dance pads are avaiable in the $15 to $25 price range. However their tendancy to slip and slide while playing and the even surface making it impossible to tell where you are stepping without looking down make them inferior to anyone who knows how to play good. In any case I recommend Red Octane's In The Groove official pad with its non-slip texture on the bottom for the best results of this price range. You can find dance pads of this quality virtually anywhere video games are sold. Hard Foam pads are the best balence between quality and price. The Ignition dance pad by Red Octane has raised buttons to help you feel where you are stepping and the hard foam weighs down the pad and cushions your bare feet while playing. This pad is around $90 but it is worth every penny. Best Buy, EB games, Authentic arcade metal pads are truly superior and are the key to getting "AAA" or "100%" ratings on your expert charts. The Cobalt Flux dance pad is simply reguarded as the ultimate dance pad of all time. Compatible for all platforms including USB, and capable of 4-arrow, 5-arrow, and 6-arrow dance games the Cobalt Flux is definetly the ultimate choice for serious dance gamers. However expect to put down a good $250 for one of these.

3. Need help mat-training a dog?

Is there any reason, like being 10 floors up in an apartment, why your puppy can not be taken outside to do his biz. The fact he's searching around for the place, should be telling you something in him knows not to go indoors. If you start as you mean to go on (outside) it will be far better in the long run, and way less confusing to your puppy. I guarantee that if you manage to get him using a pee pad, indoors, he will graduate to doing his biz anywhere, literally, in the house and you will end up training twice. So, after every nap, take him out (take him, to see what he does, and when he does, give him loads of praise), after every feed, out, after short periods of play when you see him needing to go (you will learn the signs), out. He will need to be taken out roughly every hour at this age. There will be accidents (have a thick towel ready to soak up the pee immediately) but every accident is your fault!! Not the fault of the puppy. If you can grab him and get him out before his accidents, saying no! this will obviously have far more effect than trying to scold him after the event. And no putting his nose in it, or physical correction (other than getting him outside fast). The only thing you are doing wrong, is the pee pad. These are a waste of time, and money. As I say, unless you are storeys up, and not able to get out fast enough. I can not stop before I say it's a pity you were drawn into the x-breed fad, to be honest. But enjoy your pup.

4. Looking for alternatives to a gymnastics tumbling mat (for 5-year old)?

Gymnastics Tumbling Mats

5. Do you need the yoga mat for wii fit?

Well on the commercials and a slip I got for my wii did not have a mat under the board deal that comes with it. I hope you like the game

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