How Do I Clean Pink Corn Starch Off of a Black Nylon Dog Leash?

throw it in with your laundry and wash it. it should come out nice and clean. just hang it to dry

1. What does your favorite dog leash and collar look like?

lexus has a purple collar and purple leash with white paw prints on it .. carmine has a blue collar and a kansas jayhawks leash

2. If I am walking my dog on a leash by the side of the road with no sidewalk, a short way into the neighboru2019s property, and their dog attacks and bites mine, am I legally justified to shoot the dog?

In addition to the other correct answers saying that you would be in the wrong because you are trespassing, a court could consider the following:You almost certainly knew in advance that this particular dog that bit yours lives at this address and that it had a propensity to bite, and yet YOU CHOSE to walk there and YOU TOOK A LOADED GUN WITH YOU.The court will likely find that you deliberately caused this incident and you will go to jail for a while, and correctly so

3. How do you ask someone to keep their dog on a leash if it's potentially dangerous?

I know it can be hard just out right asking somone else to restrain their dog, You have every right to speak to the trainer of your class and express your concern. Atleast going that way there is somone else keeping an eye on you, emma and this other dog. A big deal doesnt have to be made from it all, just keep a close eye and be aware of the potential danger. But if you notify your trainer they could act impartially on your behalf if need be!

4. Is there a bungee dog leash that makes it easier to walk a dog that likes to pull hard?

The leash is not the problem. The dog needs to be trained not to pull. Try a gentle leader or other head type collar

5. Can you still have your dog on a leash in a dog park?

It really depends on your dogs character. Is the park leash free? See how your dog reacts when other dogs approach him. I take my dogs squeaky toy and if I think he might be getting into trouble I just give it a couple of squeaks and he comes. Also you have to be able to tell whether your dog is happy about dogs around him or aggressive, if he's playing or fighting. They look similar but there are signs. Wagging tail and ears that are not pulled back are good signs. Also when a dog approaches him, make it a show by saying "Oh look at the dogie! Is not that a good dogie?" and being friendly with the other dog. Also treat your dog whenever a strange dog comes near him. All those things, plus more, will make your dog associate other dogs with good things. I think it's a novel idea to keep him on a leash until he's properly socialized. If people look at you funny just smile and say that you are socializing your dog! Works every time!.

6. Retractable or nylon dog leash? And gentle leader, flat collar or choke chain. Which 2 go together best?

Flat leather buckle collar and a 4 foot leather lead. Retractable leashes give you NO control over your dog. Most people who use them are also in violation of leash laws which state not only that your dog must be on a leash but also how long the leash can be (usually 6 feet). Choke chains should NEVER be used without a profesional showing you how to put them on and how to use them. You can do serious harm to the structures in your dogs neck otherwise.. Most people using them have no clue how to use them properly. Despite the name they are NOT meant to choke your dog! Gentle leaders can be a useful tool but they can also cause some fairly severe neck injuries. The person stops, the dog keeps going and ends up getting their neck jerked unexpectedly at an unnatural angle. Your best possible option is to take a training class. Among other things it will cover how to teach your dog not to pull.

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