How Do I Grind Coffee Beans Without a Coffee Grinder?

How To Grind Coffee Beans

1. When feeding prey model raw to dogs, I don't want them to eat bone because of their chipped teeth. Can I buy it already crushed? Or what are recommendations for an affordable bone grinder for home use?

Feed them raw digestible brisket bone flap (lamb or beef) and raw chicken carcasses are good too - these are soft bones that are designed to be eaten entirely. Do not feed any bone that is heavy duty - these are like giving a dog a brick to chew at - teeth will be damaged. If a bone has to be sawn, it is too hard for teeth.

2. What's the best all purpose zero retention grinder for single dosing?

I have a Baratza Sette 270 along with the S2 Cone Burr which is better suited for courser grinds and have been very happy with the result.I like it for its vertical drop of the beans straight through the blades into the cup, rather than having to be shunted to a chute off the side.While I find I still have to use the Ross Droplet Technique and give a few slaps on the lid during the last couple of seconds while it is grinding, when I do that, weighing the coffee before and after shows little or no difference before and after. (Ca not say the same for my previous grinders that I had to thump hard to get all the grinds out.)I use it happily for aeropress, moka pot and siphons. The reviews mention there's an upper limit of the coarseness the Sette's can produce, but it has been fine for me so far. There's also the 30 and the 270Wi models in the Sette range depending on the features you want and your budget

3. How to Stuff Sausage with a Meat Grinder?

Sausage- a name that instantly draws water into your mouth. It always ranks higher of your preference, no matter, if it is prepared with meat or veggies. But the meat sausages are always considered the most preferred ones rather than others. In the other hand, a meat grinder is a tool for multipurpose uses, no matter if it is manual or automatic. Now, when these two come together, certainly makes a great combo. As you all know, sausages need to be stuffed and for this purpose, you need to have a tool. Though you may get ground meat or pre-mincing meat at the grocery shops they are mostly found contaminated or less flavored. Besides, there are a number of tools can do this job but nothing can be better than a meat grinder for this job. No matter if your meat grinder is manual or automatic; both of them are capable enough to provide you the perfectly chopped meat which is necessary to stuff sausages. Now it is time to take look to see how to stuff sausage with a meat grinder. Here you are. Tips to Stuff a Sausage with an Electric Meat Grinder To stuff a sausage at home using an electric meat grinder you need to follow the ways from step to step so that your job becomes easy to achieve. Before start processing, you have to buy the right amount of meat from butcher's shop. Make sure the meat is fresh enough so that your sausage will be perfectly flavored and in better condition. Besides, you can keep the meat into a freezer for sometimes as it will be quite easier to hold the cold meat while preparing sausages. The casing is one of the essential parts of this processing. It is commonly made from salted pork bowels. It is measured that about 15 feet of this kind of casing can be filled with 1 pound of meat. Dip the casing into a bowl of cold water and let it be there for at least an hour and then allow it again for an hour more after changing the water. The measure of the seasoning depends upon the recipe of sausage that you are going to make. Now mix the seasonings with the ground meat using a meat mixture in a large bowl. Do not think that your sausages are ready for stuffing. Before that, you can cook for a few moments the sausages in a small frying pan. If you find necessary you can adjust the seasonings until you get desired flavor and taste. Finally, the time has come for your seasoned meat to be stuffed inside the casing. All you need to take a sausage stuffer to send the meat inside the casing. This one works efficiently and quickly than a meat grinder for stuffing meat. Using vegetable oil coat on the stuffer can make your filling job easier smoother. A meat grinder always comes with funnels of different sizes. These can provide you the different types of sausages for a different purpose. Small funnels help you to prepare sausage or pepperoni for breakfast while the larger ones are good for kielbasa. When the whole length of the casing is filled with the meat means your sausage is ready. But wait; still, you need one metal clip to seal the end of the casing. You can also prick the end of the casing to release the trapped air so that the meat of the sausage will never find rotten but fresh always. After finishing the whole process it is time for preservation. The only option left in your hand for this purpose is a freezer. But it is not possible to keep the stuffed sausage at one length into the freezer. Then you have to roll the sausage up into a giant coil so that can be placed easily inside of the freezer. If still you are not convinced in keeping the coil in one roll then you have to do some extra job. Twist up the coil to create some evenly links of 4", 6" or 8" or whatever you need. Now cut them into pieces and seal each of them from both sides before keeping them inside the freezer. How to Stuff Sausage with a Meat Grinder The overall procedure of sausage stuffing is the same whether it is electric grinder or a manual one. If you want to make a calligine meat sausage then using then you may choose a manual meat grinder ahead of an electric one. Though the electric device may provide you the perfect ground meat in no time and that also without putting much effort, the manual meat grinder which is commonly known as cranked grinder allows the flavor and taste remain intact even days later. Now the choice is yours. If you go with the taste then you have to put a little effort to turn the handle of the manual one. And if the time is much concern for you then you may choose the electric one over the others.

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