How Do I Remove the Sulfuric Acid From a Battery?

why in the world would you want to do something like that? It's not an easy process, as a battery is not really meant for someone to just try and pry it apart

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Why am I so electrifying?

Sorry I don't have an answer for you, but I just wanted you to know that your not alone! I have the same issues in the winter. I live in Wisconsin, so the winters sure are long! Yikes! I look forward to reading the responses you get


How to know if a boot is to the high mountain?

Are you the "boot guy" always asking weird quesitons about boots that can found with some basic Internet research?

"High" mountains come in many different characteristics all over the world. The type of mountain and the activity you are doing is more important than the height.

The same goes for boots. What activity are you going to be doing and what will the conditions be?

1. Crampons are used for mountaineering and extreme highing where ice and snow are common. Typically crampons are attached to the boot and not part of the boot itself.

2. Nylon is lightwight, not waterproof, and with no insulative properties, not good for cold weather environments. Typically found on light-medium hiking boots.

Polyamide is typically found on work boots and can be waterproof and handle etreme conditions, but is not really designed for hiking or mountaineering.

Polyester is not a material that you would typically find in a quality boot. Most often use in cheap "fashion" boots.

Moutaineering boots typically have uppers that are primarily leather, are insulated, and have gore-tex (or similar) liners for enhanced waterproofness and breathability. My have additional modern materials, even rubber, to protected against bumps and scrapes on the exterior.

3. Ganadian goose down is very warm, but bukly, and if it gets wet it mats and looses its insulative propeties. For mountaineers there is better modern jacket material.

4. You WILL sweat if you are doing any kind of activity. If you are not wearing layers that allow you to control amount of isulation that you are wearing; or not wearing material that allows for wicking of sweat away from your body; or don't have a shell that allows water vapor to escape; or are wearing things like cotton that absorb water and don't hold their thermal properties when; then you WILL get cold.

5. Socks should be madel out of primarily polyester, nylon, and/or wool to allow for warmth and wicking sweat away. NEVER wear cotton socks for cold weather sports activties. You should never have to wear two pairs of socks if you have selected the correct socks and boot, though occasionally, people will wear a thin silk or polyester sock under their primary socks to allow for better wicking or prevent direct contact with wool socks. Two pairs of socks increases the chances for blisters.

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