How Do You Fix an IPhone with Water Damage?

How do you fix an iPhone with water damage?

I was going to tell you to put it in rice but since you have already did it I do not know try getting a replacement from the company. Maybe you still have a 1 year replacement. Good luck!

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Water Damage to the house!?

Hi, I had the same thing at my house. The true problem is the mold. If you do not get rid of it professionally and replace everything that is affected the mold will GROW AGAIN. It is very important to get ALL of it, no matter what the cost. If it grows back, not only will you and your family get really sick, but it will be virtually impossible to sell at a later date. (This is what happened to me!). So, please, just make sure that it is all taken care of professionally and completely. Good luck!

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Water damage on my condo ceiling... help!?

your shower is apparently leaking the drain line could be leaking or the water line to the the showerhead could be leaking you need to find the source of the leak before any repairs to the ceiling are done

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Help! water damaged chocolate 2!?

i got water on my samsung tocco and it would power up and turn off like ur phone so i put a towel on the radiator and on top of it my phones so the heat could penetrate the phone but not burn it. i only done this for an hr or so and it was good as new. that was 3 months ago and never had a problem again.

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Tell me, I was thinking of ditching the popcorn stand?

They wont replace the cell phone. Water damage is one thing they DONT cover

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How to Fix this Water Damage?

This type of damage in that area adjacent to a tub enclosure is common, and I am going to suggest that this area has seen prior repair attempts.I also wonder (due to the vertical seam in plaster board) whether you would find wood members for adequate support and fastening of new plasterboard, if you were to tear out and replace all the existing questionable plaster/plasterboard.If the remaining board is structurally sound (dry and firmly attached) your easiest play here might be to use a hard setting plaster (like fixall or water-putty) to cover over the area. Hard-setting plaster is tough to get smooth and practically impossible to sand, but is resistant to future moisture damage due to its hardness. I might patch with the hard-setting plaster but not to wall level, leaving room for a skim coat of regular plaster compound to allow sanding to a smooth finish

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Is there anyway to repair a water damaged phone?

Remove the battery. This is the most important part. Damage in wet electronic devices mostly comes from short circuits. Removing the battery quickly will prevent electricity from further damaging the phone. 2. Remove the SIM card (if applicable). The SIM card should have survived, but make sure you do not use it again until it has dried completely. 3. Disassemble the phone. Use the required screwdrivers to disassemble the phone as much as you can. Note that disassembling the phone will probably void your warranty, but then so will dropping the phone in water. You've got nothing to lose. The reason for the disassembly is simple: the phone will dry up much faster once it is disassembled. You could skip this step, but water can remain inside the phone for weeks if you do not do it. 4. Dry the phone as much as possible using q-tips or paper towels or a similar material. This will prevent water from getting further into the phone. Two ideas to help with the drying: â– Heat the phone. Heat will help water evaporate. Leaving the phone under a desk lamp for 24 or 48 hours might help. WARNING: Do not overheat. Just a little warmth is enough. Heating the phone too much can further increase the damage done to it. â– Use a fan. Leave the phone under a desk fan for 24 or 48 hours. 5. After a few days (usually two or three), the phone should be clean and dry. Reassemble the phone and put the SIM card and battery pack back in. If it does not work, there is a chance your battery has died from water damage. Try an alternative power source. You can get another battery for cheap if your phone still works. GOOD LUCK.

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