How Important Is Computer Ash Cleaning

Recently, I had a rare leisure few days. I had a whim and decided to take a bath for the computer I hadn't moved for a long time.

When the hair dryer approached the chassis, I felt that I saw a dust storm, and then there was no dust storm. My family almost thought it was a street beggar, which was unimaginably dirty. However, I thought I had seen a cockroach nest on the Internet because the computer had not been cleaned for a long time.

I remember when I just bought a computer, it was called a person who couldn't put it down. He often had to touch the chassis to feel the feel. Moreover, every weekend, he would take it out for cleaning and polish the chassis fan and the keys and mice on the desktop.

Later, I didn't know when I didn't even bother to move the things on the cover of the chassis, and there was no idea of cleaning the ash. If it weren't for this whim, I thought I could raise insects in the chassis.

For computers, ash removal is actually very necessary, and the worse the computer performance, the more you can realize the gap before and after ash removal.

In my opinion, to solve the problem of many computer jams, in addition to the means of spending money by changing solid-state drives, the only way left is to clean the dust.

Ash removal can achieve such an immediate harvest effect because a large amount of dust in the computer will affect the heat dissipation effect of the whole machine.

Keep the fan stationary, causing high temperature and damage. Standby at 80 ℃ is not a dream.

The common dust cleaning tools are hair dryer and brush. The hair dryer is used to clean the dirt on the large surface, while the brush is used to clean the details.

In terms of time, it is obviously unscientific to clean up once a week, and it is too impatient to clean up once a month in ten days and a half. Normal users can clean up once a year, which is enough to keep the computer in a healthy state.

In the process of cleaning the computer, remember not to use water washing. Water washing can really make your host look cleaner.

However, it is easy to cause the aging and oxidation of various metal fasteners, which is not conducive to the long-term use of computers.

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