How to Develop Mainstream Half Bridge Driver Chips: First Increase Efficiency and then Reduce Cost

Electronic enthusiast network reported (Wen / Li Ningyuan) in DC motors, the voltage and current provided by single chip microcomputer are generally not enough to drive DC motors, and can only be used as driving signals. Therefore, a motor driver should be added between them, that is, the driver. The function of half bridge driver is to generate AC trigger signal through power tube, so as to generate large current to further drive the motor. Compared with the full bridge, the cost of the half bridge drive circuit is lower and the circuit is easier to form, while the cost of the full bridge circuit is high and the circuit is relatively complex. Of course, the full bridge circuit is not easy to produce leakage, while the half bridge circuit is easy to deteriorate the waveform and produce interference between oscillation and conversion.

The dead band setting is generally added to the half bridge drive circuit. If the dead band is not added, the other electronic device will be fully opened before one power electronic device is completely closed, which will form a short circuit and burn the device. Therefore, how to reduce the dead time requirement in half bridge drive chip is a key point to reflect the performance.

In fact, the performance of this type of chip from mainstream manufacturers is very high. The products with unique technology can be said to have their own advantages. When the efficiency can not open an obvious gap, reducing the cost and improving the cost performance have become another focus of the competition of mainstream half axle drive chips.

Infineon half axle driver chip

Infineon can be said to be an integrator in half axle drive. Their half axle drive chip usually has two interlocking channels. I will not repeat the familiar half axle drive IR2104 here. Everyone is too familiar with it.

Let's take a look at the latest 650 V half bridge drive, a silicon on insulator (SOI) gate driver IC with high current (2.5 A) and low current (0.7 a) options, with excellent strength and immunity.

First, let's talk about Infineon's unique skill, silicon on insulator (SOI) technology. The technology is essentially a high-voltage level conversion technology, which integrates BSD, and each transistor is separated by embedded silica. This technology is reflected in the chip's strong ability to resist negative transient voltage and low-level conversion loss.

2ed2101s06f is a half bridge gate driver based on this technology. The series has 0.29 a pull current and 0.7 a fill current on the high side and low side grid drives. SOI brings the device the ability to resist negative transient voltage of 100V, which is absolutely leading in the industry. At the same time, because there is no parasitic thyristor structure in the device, locking will not occur under all temperature and voltage conditions.

The delay of the device is slightly worse, 90ns, but this does not affect the extremely high durability and noise resistance brought by excellent negative transient voltage, and the extremely excellent performance of reducing 50% level conversion loss brought by SOI technology. In addition, integrated BSD has great advantages in saving space and reducing BOM cost.

St half axle driver chip

St motor drives also cover a wide range, from single bridge to half bridge to multi-channel drives. In high-voltage applications, ST's half axle drive advantage will be more obvious than its peers, one of the main reasons is the exclusive BCD "offline" technology.


L6384e in the figure above is a high-voltage half bridge driver under St, that is, BCD "offline" technology is adopted. Through this technology, the l6384e high side floating part can work under the voltage rail of up to 600 v. the two device outputs can receive 650 Ma and 400 Ma respectively. However, due to the single input configuration, only one output will drive the high voltage. The dead time function further prevents cross conduction between the two outputs and can be adjusted by an external resistor connected to the DT / SD pin.

In terms of performance index, in addition to 650 Ma and 400 Ma driving capacity, l6384e can provide DV / dt immunity of ± 50 V / NS in the full temperature range. Under 1NF load, the delay of the switch in rise stage is only 50ns and that in fall stage is only 30ns. At the same time, UVLO protection and VCC voltage clamp technology also give the device sufficient reliability.

The l6384e ensures the matching delay between the low-voltage side and the high-voltage side, thereby simplifying the high-frequency operation of the equipment. Logic input is compatible with CMOS and easy to interface with control equipment.

Similarly, BSD is also integrated in the device, which not only improves the efficiency, but also makes the design more compact.

Ti half axle driver chip

Ti's high-voltage series is not selected here. Let's take a look at ti's low-voltage half bridge grid driver. The performance of TI's low-voltage series is stable enough and the system is reliable enough. Ti does not integrate BSD in low-voltage applications. After all, it is not a high-voltage application, but in terms of efficiency improvement, Ti brings the efficiency closer by reducing the dead time.

Half bridge drivers are generally divided into low voltage and high voltage according to the bus voltage. Half bridge drivers lower than 120V have faster propagation delay, which can achieve faster switching and improve the overall system efficiency.

Ucc27282120v half bridge grid driver is one of the most important products of Ti in applications lower than 120V half bridge drive. Ucc27282 is an n-channel MOSFET Driver. Through this device, two n-channel MOSFETs can be controlled in a topology based on half bridge or synchronous buck configuration. This series has a very outstanding capability because ucc27282 has a peak perfusion current of 3.5A, a peak pull current of 2.5A and low pull-up and pull-down resistance. Therefore, during MOSFET Miller platform conversion, the device can drive high-power MOSFET with minimum switching loss.

In order to ensure the stability and flexibility of the device, ucc27282 is configured with many functions. The input pin and HS pin can withstand large negative voltage. The input pin is - 5V and HS pin is - 14V, so the system stability is improved. The input interlock further improves the robustness and system reliability in high noise applications. In high frequency applications, 5V UVLO allows extreme operating conditions and improves efficiency.

In terms of dead time setting, ucc27282's small 16ns propagation delay and 1ns matching delay can minimize the dead time requirements, which is the technical key of Ti in improving efficiency.


In terms of half axle drive, these three companies have almost overwhelming advantages in the industry. These major manufacturers have their own unique technologies to reduce level conversion loss and dead time, so as to improve efficiency. At the same time, integrating BSD to reduce cost and save space has gradually become an industry trend, especially in the field of high-voltage applications. After all, cost performance is highly valued by users.

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