How to Measure Women's Swimwear and Clothing

Measure your waist and hips and compare to the size chart below. If you are between two sizes, we suggest selecting the larger size. XS to XLXS-XL sizes correspond to the numerical sizing on this chart, unless specified in the description of the garment. To get the most accurate measurements, have someone else measure you. Be sure to hold the measuring tape straight and snug, not tight, to your body. Measure over the fullest part of your bust, with the tape measure parallel to the floor. This measurement will assist you in determining your swimwear or clothing size for tops and dresses. Measure directly under your bust, with the tape measure parallel to the floor. This measurement will assist you in determining your bra band size and swim top size. Measure around the narrowest part of your natural waistline. Measure around the fullest part of your hip, before the thigh begins to narrow. This measurement will help you determine your size for skirts, pants, and form-fitting dresses.

1. What do you think about my wedding colors?

if the color of the flowers was the only think affected, then I say it is not a big deal to change the color to pink. Now, if you are talking about having to change table linens and bridesmaid dresses and everything, then that would be a pain in the butt. I think that it would be very pretty. and your dress is very nice. Good luck and congratulations.

2. Is this dress to dressy for a beach wedding? I really love this dress and I will likely wear it even if it is.

Yes. Beach Weddings are casual. You can still be elegant though. The heavy beading make it too formal for the beach. I think you are better off with a white (like you said) straight dress with simple lines and "airy". The fabric appears heavy and also seems "formal traditional church wedding dress". The train is also too long for the beach. You could look at high end bridesmaid dresses in white and you may save money too. Look for those who make the couture gowns and the bridesmaid dress in white would be a perfect choice. Also fabric that flows when the wind blows as well

3. How do i find the right strapless bra?

Sometimes dresses will look good with no bra and you wo not be able to tell but I think that mostly applies to halter dresses. I know you can go to Victoria's Secret and they can size you even with the dress on to see what has the best support/works best for you

4. IS this ok to wear at a wedding?

wear what your comfy in. i've never worn a dress to a wedding. there are plenty of nice outfits out there that are not dresses. be yourself

5. Ladies, Where is your favorite place to buy clothing online?

I love bodycentral.. heres some info that was posted on the website. Body Central is an exciting women's clothing store that sells new fashion trends and basic favorites at value prices. Styles range from feminine chic to hip and casual. Body Central is known as the place to buy the hottest looks for every occasion. Always changing, we capture the many moods and lifestyles of our customer. We carry quality sportswear, dresses, swimwear, outerwear, accessories, and shoes that feature name brands and our own creative designs. Our merchandise mix includes fun, playful casual wear to sexy, pretty silhouettes. We have the style and look that our customer wants with quality merchandise that everyone can afford

6. How to pull off the boho style during the cold season?

staying warm while still keeping the boho look can be a bit challenging. i have used loose layers, dresses with tights or thigh highs socks, and brown lace up boots. things like those... the same style, just warmer elements

7. Prom dress help please? I choose best answer.?

I would just get one custom made. Just go to either a seamstress or a wedding dress store. They do prom dresses there because they are the same as bridesmaid dresses, and they will know how to help you

8. From hourglass to apple: Know your body shape to find the perfect fit

When it comes to clothes, it is the fitting that matters. You should choose your style depending on what suits your body type and makes you look confident and smart. Therefore, knowing your basic body shape and understanding the types of clothes that will highlight your features is important. Most of us determine the body shape on the basis of specific areas like the tummy, arms, bottom or thighs. You need to view yourself as a whole so that you can define your body shape. Ashima Sharma of Ashima S Couture gives us an understanding of the different body shapes and how they are based on the relationship between the shoulders and hips. When you have a heavy upper body in comparison to your lower body, it is considered apple-shaped. Since most of the weight and concentration is above the hips, you should take the attention away from that part of the body and highlight your strengths. For this, you need to flaunt your legs or wear a dress with V or deep V necklines that creates an elongated illusion of the torso. To shift the focus from your upper body, you can wear printed dresses or patterned jackets that add a layer. You can also go for monochrome looks, dark coloured fabrics, or full or 3/4th sleeves dresses. Make sure you avoid figure-hugging dresses or tops with skinny jeans. If you have this body type then feel blessed as this is the most balanced of all with a proportionate upper and lower part of the body with a well-defined waistline. Clothes that cinch at the waist will be your best fit. Try to go for V or plunge V and sweetheart necklines that will help you flaunt your upper body. A-line dresses or similar cuts work on the lower part of the body. You can easily flaunt body-hugging dresses. If you are pear-shaped, then your butt and thighs are visually bigger than your upper body. Therefore, style yourself with wide-legged pants, A-line skirts or dresses with patterned or ruffled tops will add definition to the upper body and will look elegant on you. If you want to create an illusion of an hourglass body shape, then wear skinny jeans with loose tops. This body shape is usually well balanced from the shoulders to the hips. So there is not too much of a definition to your silhouette, and it's fairly straightforward. In this kind of body shape, your arms and legs are your assets that need to be highlighted. A-line skirts, ruffled and layered tops, sleeveless, strapless and sweetheart necklines work for you. You can also try blazers, long jackets and capes. This is mostly an athletic looking body type. Your shoulders are much broader than your hips. So, your arms and shoulders need to be enhanced. Since you need to add more definition to your hips, wear a pencil cut skirt or skinny jeans with any top. But do make sure that there is not much layering or definition to your upper body because it is not needed. Avoid wearing all the patterns, ruffles, layers, for the upper body and try to be minimalistic.

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What One of These Wedding Dresses Looks Best? PICTURES?
What one of these Wedding Dresses looks best? PICTURES?I like dress 1 and 5 on you the best. They seem to fit you well (not loose) and flatter your body shape as well. Dress 2: It's a gorgeous dress but where they put the detail on the waist is not flattering on you. If the belt, or whatever it is, could have been put just right below your bust, I think that would look amazing on you. I absolutely LOVE lace, so the back of that dress to me is just gorgeous. Dress 3: I like this dress because it a different style than 1 and 2. I like the scattered details of this dress especially the bottom of the dress. The only thing i would say is that the dress almost looks like if it fits you kind of big though, it would def. need a bit of tailoring. Dress 4: It's a beautiful dress, nice silhouette. I would add a belt at the waist if you were to get this dress. I like the details of this dress, they are not too overpowering and flow nicely throughout the dress Dress 6: This is the only dress that I did not really like, maybe it was the detail on the bust or the fact that other than the lace, it was just plain. I like the dresses that you tried on. Of course some need tailoring but i think you looked beautiful in all the dresses. Good Luck with your wedding dress shopping and i hope you find a dress that you feel like a bride in and ABSOLUTELY LOVE :)— — — — — —Which outfit would be best?I would go all out to, it's fun to dress up, huh? Lol. Idk what the dresses look like, but I would go with the first one. :) Or second if you do not like the first one.— — — — — —Wedding dress to prom dress?You could actually get a large piece of ribbon to tie around the waist and have a bow at the back. Removing the train would not be that hard and a seamstress could do so easily and probably make any other changes and give you some more ideas— — — — — —Is this a day dress or evening dress?This is what I would say: It is a: EVENING DRESS depending on the way you dress it up. it is a: DAY DRESS depending on the way you dress it down. SO? I dont know!— — — — — —What do you think of these dresses?Wow that is very neat. Congrats and the dresses look nice— — — — — —Is it okay to wear this dress just as it is?Hi, I think the dresses are beautiful. You might want something on top just to make you a bit more comfortable but you only need a little shrug or something— — — — — —Dress up a black prom dress?You can work with everything . Since it's strapless and simple I would: Wear a bold necklace with my hair up or bold shoes. Not just pumps or heels, it has to standout, be an accessory by its own— — — — — —Is it alright for a boy to look like a scene girl.?It sounds like your family is pretty liberal, and if you are happy with it, then they will be ok with it. Did you tell them before wearing the black eyeliner, or just do it? Handle the dresses, flats, and makeup the same way, but buy your own. It might go smoother if you ease into wearing dresses. Maybe start by wearing a skirt with band shirts. A guy wearing a skirt is unusual, but not as unusual as a guy wearing a dress. I've seen guys in bands wear kilts, or kilt-like skirts. You could also wear Toms slip ons before going to ballet flats. They are sort of similar. Good luck, I am sure it will go fine. It's a great feeling to be wearing what you really want to— — — — — —do you think im being selfish?Hiya, its a difficult situation as you have bought the dresses, but maybe it was the comment "fat and pregnant in my photos" that got peoples backs up. My friend (also my bridesmaid for next year) wants a baby more than anything but her partner wants to wait til they have their own house etc and him get through his training course. She text me the other day wanting to know the date (again lol) cos she is trying to work a baby around the dates. It sounds worse than it is when I thought about it I know how much a baby means to her. I havent ordered any dresses yet cos I only need 12-14 weeks notice for the shop. If she did happen to be pregnant I would still give her the option of being a bridesmaid or stepping down. Plus the range of bridesmaid dresses Im choosing does a maternity BM dress which would come in the exact same colour as the rest and actually looks quite elegant. Providing she wasnt ready to Pop on the day I dont see why she can not still do it. Id just point out that its a summer wedding she will be on her feet and it will be hot. I understand you have bought the dresses but she could buy her own, you could go with her. Depends how important you friendship is. Plus everyone is going to be looking at YOU! The beautiful Bride! Have a rethink. x
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