How to Repair a Water Pump on a 2002accura?

Acura what? CL,TL,RL,RSX,MDX? When asking a question, please include the complete vehicle information, (Year, Make, Model) As this will give us the necessary information so we can give the most accurate answer. Most Acura engines of this vintage call for replacement of the timing belt,000 miles. If your vehicle has more than this mileage, you are on borrowed time! NOTE: All Acura engines are interference engines (with the exception of the SLX) this means, if the timing belt snaps, catastrophic engine damage will result!

1. I cannot seem to get the water pump BELT off of my 350 chevy... Any suggestions???

"Does the Belt Also run the Alternator or A/C Compressor? "Loosen" the Mounting Bolts and Move It!

2. Turn Pond Water Pump Off At Night?

You could do that. Actually a pretty good idea

3. Water pump leaking after replacing coolant recovery tank?

Why is it leaking, who knows. They do wear out, but likely the overheating made it happen sooner. Replacing the water pump should resolve it. But if you are over 80k miles and have never changed the timing belt/chain now would be a good time to do it. (Its behind the water pump).

4. How much should I expect to pay to change a bad water pump? (for a 2000 Land Rover Discovery)?

just go to a REPUTABLE mechanic and get a "quote" . he or she should not charge you for this service. if the "quote" is too high do not go to them. seek out another mechanic. it's not illegall to shop around.

5. Water level sensors for water pump

Another option would be to monitor the current draw of your pump. As soon as it starts to cavitate the current will change significantly and you can easily program an arduino to monitor that

6. About how much would it cost at a profession shop to replace a timing belt and water pump?

"professional shop" means nothing. Many shops hire inexperienced people at minimum wage that know very little about timing belt changes. It is NOT really rocket science, but the use of EXCLUSIVE dealership parts is recommended. WHAT KIND OF CAR IS THIS??? Year, make, model, engine size, and country of oroign?? Whatever it is, use ONLY the genuine factory parts and never use rebuilt water pumps from local parts stores. They are usually junk and you will have to do the work all over again. It is worth the extra few dollars to get the factory parts, ALWAYS!! Depending on WHAT kind of car this is, expect to pay between $200-400. ALSO be sure that ONLY the genuine factory COOLANT is used, there is NO universal coolant mixture. Use TOYOTA coolant if this is a Toyota, HONDA coolant if this is a Honda, Etc. THe only excpetion is a GM engine where you are best off using EUOPREAN coolant instead of DEXCOOL> THere are MILLIIONS of lawsuits about DEXCOOL out there. GOOD LUCK!!.

7. Water Pump question ...?

the water pump has a small "weep" hole on the bottom where it will leak small traces of coolant/water. this is an indicator that the seal inside the pump is going bad. it can go from a "small leak" to leaking like a cow pissing on a flat rock at anytime. if this happens the motor will overheat and you might find yourself stuck on the side of the road. the estimate sound reasonable and does it include the tax and everything?

8. how to know if car water pump is making noise?

Remove the belt that turns the water pump and start the car. If the noise is gone, it's the water pump. If you still hear the noise, it's not.

9. What is the Direction of Flow for a Shurflo Electric water pump?

there is an arrow on the face of the pump around the inlet/outlet pipes that gives you the trail-of-pass. notice that the convention is that the pass is from left-to-precise as you face the pump - yet nevertheless examine for the arrow. You do comprehend that it relatively is a 12VDC pump that takes seven (7) amps at twelve (12) volts. which will the two require an substantial 12V means-supply rated at minimum of 10A non-quit means, or it is going to drain a typical marine-kind lead-acid battery in approximately six hours. regardless of if it relatively is fixed on a automobile or gets means from a vehicular resource you would be high quality. yet as a stand-by myself it would require cautious interest to the means-supply.

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I Assume That If the Hose Leading From the Bottom of the Radiator to the Water Pump Is Cool After Ru
I assume that if the hose leading from the bottom of the radiator to the water pump is cool after running.....?well for one your thermostat may not have opened after 20 minutes of run time or your thermostat may not be opening at all. the water pump does not have enough pressure to force open the thermostat so dont rule it out just yet— — — — — —How a water pump is selected?First, you look at the requirements. The pump will deliver water from a source to a destination. If the destination is higher than the source, you need a pump. The difference in elevation will tell you what pressure the pump needs to provide. The amount of water that needs to be delivered will tell you the capacity of the pump. Most pumps have a volume versus pressure chart that will tell you if it will work for your situation. Donu2019t forget the pressure drop caused by the pipeu2019s resistance to flow. That will give you an idea of the size of pipe that will be required. Then there is the issue of power required. The pump will require some kind of power input. Usually this is electricity, but electricity may not be available at the location and you have to run power lines. The place where you put the pump makes a difference. For example, if the requirement is to start and stop the flow that is downhill and the high point between the inlet and outlet is less than about 20 feet, a siphon can be used. To start the flow, pull the air out of the tube until the water flows and then turn off the pump. No outside power source required. I have seen this used as the spillway control on a low dam. If the flow is to be uphill, then you have to consider the fluid friction in the pipe. This requires energy to overcome. Using too small a pipe will make the pump work harder and cost more for the energy. However, the larger pipe will cost more but thatu2019s a one-time cost. The additional pump power for a smaller pipe will be a continuing cost. If the location is not served by electrical power, then some other power source will be required. This may a windmill, a water wheel, a steam engine, or human power. A water wheel in a stream can provide power to pump some of the water uphill. Itu2019s not hard to do these things but it can get tedious.How a water pump is selected?How do you choose a water pump?— — — — — —Could my Water pump be weak?could be the thermostat, if its the water pump it will leak, may need to flush your system and check the thermostat— — — — — —Is $260 too much to pay to replace the water pump in my 94 Jeep Cher. 2.5, 4 cyl., parts & labor?It's not unreasonable at all once you include labor charges. It's very unreasonable when you consider how easy it is to do yourself. Jeeps have very accessible engines. Drain the radiator fluid, remove the belt, and the water pump is very accessible and very easy to replace. Then again, you could say the same thing about oil changes. I do not see why anyone pays someone else to do those, either. (On the other hand, a Ford would be worth the price to have someone else do it. I changed the water pump on an old LTD and I swear the engineers designing that engine were responding to a barroom bet, "Is it possible to start with a water pump and mount the rest of the engine onto a single part?")— — — — — —How do i replace a water pump pulley? For a mazda protege?i have two cars of yours and never even with my older cars happend to me before i guess you tighten the belt too strong and thats why it get broken but any way ill told you how to do it (take over both belts, and if you will more confortable take out the p/s pump too) the water pump has 4 10mm bolts so you need a long wrench, you will use the circle section of the wrench that will prevent bad coupling on the bolt and here it comes the bad part of it the water pump will spin when you try to loose the bolts so you will need a vise grip (is pressure thing for hold things, my bad english sorry) in spanish is alicate de presion for hold the water pump from spinning and you are done is not an easy task make the vise grip hold the water pump but is better than replace the water pump because you will need to change timming on the car too
How Do I Replace Water Pump 2002 Saturn Vue, 6 Cyl.?
i dont really know what the engine looks like in that car but changing the water pump isnt an easy thing. you have to remove the timing belts and there might be more then one. drain all the coolant out of your car (there should be a drain hole somewere at the bottome of the ratiator) remove the botom radiator hose that is attached to the water pump then you take out the bolts mounitng holding the waterpump, and depending one how you engine is posioned it might be the biggest pain in the world to just reach your water pump! let along wrap a rachet around it! well anyway if you get that far, you pull it out then make sure to remove the gasket was left behind on the engine block, and then just do that backwards with the new one! haha i know this isnt a really indeatail explanation but its the general idea. i would suggest on buying a repair manual for the car, it will have what you have to do to change the water pump and everything else you could posible want to fix on your car, and it comes with pictures! haha its a good investment (lol its only like $20) good luck! sorry i couldnt be of any more help!1. 03 saturn vue dim headlights?You could have the wrong headlight bulb installed. The headlight lens could be less clear. It could be poorly aimed. If you have daytime running lights then is a control relay connected to the left rail, up under the front left tire. If you turn your wheels to the right and grab a flashlight you will see it mounted right out in the open. It's the size of a business card and does rot out. I worked at a collision center for a few years and we did many Vue's and a few had this issue. Your parts dept. will be able to show you an image of it's location if you pay them a visit. Inspect it and if one of the wires are bad that may be the issue. If the Saturn dealer has a few in stock it may be this very reason as it's a common on those vehicles. Very bad location to install a headlamp relay.2. I have a 2006 Saturn VUE that is terrible & dangerous on slick surfaces. Besides tires what could cause this?I am going to throw out, for discussion purposes, that you consider that it might be the way YOU drive on those slick surfaces. MANY people fail to adjust the way they drive for different weather conditions. In other words, they drive exactly the same way on wet roads as they do on dry surfaces. They depend, too much, on the technology and equipment to keep them safe, and not consider that the operator of the vehicle has to make adjustments, because the car cannot.3. Car taking a long time to accelerate? (Saturn Vue 2003)?Did one of your spark plug wires come loose or off?4. where is the theromstat on a 2002 saturn vue V6?i own a repair shop,and all you have to do is follow the top radiator hose down to the engine,and you,ll see a housing,,its under that housing,,you,ll have to drain some of the coolant off of it though,and then you can remove it,,just be sure and clean the old gasket off before you install the new one,and do not over tighten the bolts,,other than that there real easy to replace,,good luck with it,i hope this help,s.,,have a good x-mas5. Why is Vue.js being adopted so slowly?If this observation is based on the fact that VueJS does not get a lot of visibility as compared to ReactJS, Angular and other JS frameworks making the headlines in the programming community (Reddit, HackerNews), then YES, it is quite easy to assume that VueJS is being adopted slowly.Part of the reason as well is that VueJS does not have the backing of corporate bigwigs, who can advertise and push their products to the developers and decision makers across.We also need to take account the herd mentality prevalent among people - that is, using the stuff that everyone seems to be raving about. In essence though, it is a very good time to be a developer given with the choices we have at hand to build and ship software products. At the end of the day, organizations whose core business is anything other than software, their focus is having a solid product that caters to their needs
Baseline Testing - Do Water Pumps Suck Power? - Hot Rod Magazine
Baseline Testing - Do Water Pumps Suck Power? - Hot Rod MagazineThe Premise In our world, engine accessories are a power-robbing necessity. That's why aftermarket companies have come up with parts to minimize the losses. But is the power lost by spinning these accessories worth the money spent trying to offset the losses? We wondered how much power it took to spin a high-flow water pump versus a stocker, so we dyno-tested both setups on an engine, then compared the results with the same engine using an electric water pump. We went a step further and bolted up a set of underdrive pulleys to see if we could get back some of the power eaten up by the mechanical water pumps. Finally, we put a high-output alternator into the mix to see how much power it ate up when under a load. The Stuff Our baseline testing was done using a Meziere Series 100 electric water pump (PN WP101U, $309.95 at This pump flows 35 gallons per minute, draws 8 amps of current, and weighs just 51?2 pounds. We also picked two mechanical water pumps from Summit. The first was an aluminum Weiand Action Plus (PN WND9240, $97.95), which weighs 6.85 pounds. Its six-blade, stamped-steel impeller not only flows better than a stocker but is said to reduce cavitation at high speeds. The Action Plus is a street/strip type of pump with a heavy-duty shaft and premium bearing, and it's leak-tested at the factory. The second pump was an iron GMB North America replacement pump (PN 130-1250, $35.95) that features a high-flow impeller, sealed bearings, and a forged housing designed to increase flow. It weighed 13.15 pounds. Finally, we added a Powermaster high-output alternator (PN 478021, $188.95) to the accessory drive to see how much power it consumed. This one-wire alternator puts out 80 amps at idle speed and 140 amps max, more than enough to power electric fuel pumps, a huge audio system, or whatever else you want to attach to the battery. 78) was used here. We made three pulls with each combination of parts, made sure the water and oil temps were identical at the start of each pull, then averaged the results using SuperFlow's Windyn software. The Results Using the Meziere electric pump and no other accessories, the small-block put out 531.2 hp at 6,600 rpm and 475.9 lb-ft of torque at 5,300 rpm (as an average of the three pulls). We bolted on the Weiand Action Plus water pump and Trans-Dapt 1.0:1 billet aluminum pulleys and found 527.5 hp and 474.5 lb-ft of torque at the same rpm points, resulting in a loss of 3.7 hp and 1.4 lb-ft. Next, we simulated the restriction that a pressurized, closed cooling system would place on the water pump by installing a restrictor plate with a 5/8-inch hole in the water neck. We found no difference in power. We used the Weiand water pump when we tested the Powermaster alternator, wiring it directly to the battery powering the dyno. The battery had a full charge but still needed to power the MSD Digital 7 spark box and Aeromotive A1000 electric fuel pump. The alternator ate up 8.1 hp and almost 4 lb-ft of torque. Conclusions The lightest and most powerful combination of parts was the simplest--the Meziere electric water pump. It was also the most expensive at $309.95. The Weiand/March pulley combo yielded almost the same amount of power output as the electric pump--equipped engine did for $291.83. The Weiand mechanical pump also required less power to turn than the GMB pump, but the GMB pump was $62 cheaper. The question remains as to how well any these cooling combos will cool on the street. An engine dyno wo not tell you that no matter how nicely you ask it. The alternator did sap a substantial amount of power, but if you have a lot of electronics in your hot rod it's certainly an acceptable loss. If you are really concerned about the power loss, you can rig a setup to bypass the alternator at WOT. Bottom Line For some, the simplicity of the electric water pump (no belts or pulleys to fail) is often overshadowed by their worry about it failing, though many of the cars at Drag Week and elsewhere have proved they are pretty reliable. For max power and minimum weight, it's the way to go. Electric water pumps also allow you to cool the engine without having to run it. If the sight of belts spinning pulleys makes you happy, and you do not mind losing a few ponies to parasitic losses, then go with mechanical cooling. The underdrive pulleys will make up most of the lost power, anyway. Finally, we learned that Powermaster makes a really powerful alternator that requires almost double-digit power numbers to spin when it's under load.
How to Remove a Water Pump From a Car? Help?
i like to unbolt it from the eng and reinstall new but thare are some that will just take a cuting torch and cut it out hope this will help1. How much would it cost to have Radiator, Thermostat, and Water pump replaced?RE: How much would it cost to have Radiator, Thermostat, and Water pump replaced? I just went to a shop and i'm having that done. How much do you think a fair price or a price a shop would normally charge?.. I just want to compare it to what i was charged. Vehicle 96 Pontiac Firebird 6cyl2. help with my 2000 chevy impala?Check your coolant lines and water pump, see if you are leaking, it wo not do you any good if you changed all those parts and throw coolant in it if it's not going anywhere3. How do the water pump work please till me water pump mechanism? with animation4. How do I know if the water pump is working?You can see the coolant circulate in the radiator at running temp5. What could it be? Clicking noise on Toyota Camry 97 LE, on head. Could it be valve lifters bad or valve adj?I have had this problem twice and it was the timing belt and water pump. There is a bearing that goes bad in the pump and the clicking you hear is the timing belt and timing belt idler being pulled back from the worn out bearing you need to get it replaced or checked out a.s.a.p if you think it is a lifter go and spend $8 and buy some Lucas Oil Treatment at your local auto parts store and put some in if the noise does not lessen or go away then you probably got the timing belt/water pump problem they say you should change them every 100,000 miles but they go bad around every 65 to 85,000 that will cost you around $400 to have it done,but thats all I ever had to do to my 98 Camry.6. Constant serpentine belt accessory squeak / chirping noise?Water pump is starting to go7. Replace Water Pump on a 96 Dodge Stratus 2.4L?I would recommend a Chilton Manual. You can use a Haynes Manual, but the a inferior book. I prefer the Chilton. It has the best reference for what you need8. How do I know if my Thermostat or Water Pump is going bad?If the water pump is failing.Its interior bearing Usually makes squalling noises and leaks around its shaft.If the thermostat has been changed.See that its housing,and hoses have been reattached properly9. 86 535i bmw water pump? installation ?You may want to pull the radiator out also for extra room to work. It will take some time but is fairly straight foreward. Be sure to get a very thin wrench to take the fan clutch off. You should be able to get one from a bicycle shop if there is one close by. Scale of 0-10 i would say a 3-4 in difficulty10. how do i tighten the belt on my 91 mercedes 190E. where is the tensioner located? Where can i find a diagram?im not actually sure of its location on a mercedes, but if you still have the "belt routing" diagram that should be either on the radiator support brace or on one of the inner fender-wells, it should show you the way the belt is supposed to be installed and what it goes over, under and around. it should show you the power steering, water pump, a/c, BELT TENSIONER, and alternator if you do not have that tag, try looking in an chilton or haynes repair manuel under the drive belt section. you can NOT tighten the tensioner, its already "preloaded" with its own tension. you must adjust one of the other items such as the a/c, altenatior or the power steering pump. there should be adjusting screws on them that you can loosten and pry back on the a/c, w/p, or steering pump to make the belt a little tighter11. Will your water pump make a noise if your lower radiator hose is leaking?The bearing in the water pump may be going. The pump itself is most likely going bad.
How to Tell If Your Vehicle Has an Antifreeze Leak
Your engine's radiator is actually filled with what is called coolant, a 50-50 mix of antifreeze and water. A pump on the engine circulates the coolant through the radiator, engine, and heater and keeps your engine running at the proper temperature—and not overheating—regardless of the outside temperature. If an engine is low on coolant, it can run too hot, which will hurt both performance and fuel economy. Worse yet, your engine can overheat, sustaining expensive and possibly terminal damage.I have a bad coolant leak looks like it behind where the water pump mounts to the engine block any ideas?Upper or lower heater hosesA bolt broke off taking the water pump off 5.8 ford bronco.?You have to find a good drill bit with a pilot point so it wo not walk and drill. Then you tap the hole to the next larger size and insert a helicoilWhat kind of water pump to use?flow to sears and get a shallow nicely pump that has a foot valve and runs on 115vac consistent with probability a a million.5 hp .if the top(the uphill area plus the pipe loss ) gets to sizeable you are able to desire a lager hp yet a a million.5 with a 25 ft of head could supply 9gpm at 40 psi . Oh confident is that's a closed gadget be certain an get a intense stress shrink off change.they are real decrease priced. from the EI have a 2001 Nissan Altima and the smaller of the two belts came off. Whats that belt do?Nissan calls it a drive belt, yours should turn the alternator, air compressor, and water pump. But most shops will call it a serpentine belt. Its an easy job for a shop, but a Gates brand belt for that vehicle will run about $35, the rest is labor. I would pay the $100 shop to do it.How do I know for sure if my water pump is going out?Does it need water. If it does it is the water pump. If not it's the radiatorI live in a mobile home and I have problems keeping the pipes and the water pump from freezing.Suggestions?We have fought the same problem. But here you go: 1. Wrap your pipes in electric heat tape then cover with the insulation wrap that is made to go over heat tape. Plug in and it will warm pipes. 2. Make sure skirting is up and blocks wind from pipes.use a bale or two of straw to insulate spots that freeze more than others. 3. Leave a small stream of water, pencil lead size, running from each faucet that is in an area that freezes often. This movement of the water through the pipes will keep the pipes and pump from freezing up. 4. Use a small milkhouse heater or heat lamp in the well house to keep pump from freezing if you have access to it and freezing is a problem. Ususally doing #3 will keep the pump from freezing up.Replaced the Radiator on my accord last week, and this week the water pump failed. Are they related?If your radiator went then it is highly likely that regular maintenance ie rad flushing, fluid changes have not been taking place. Water pump will have nothing to do with the rad, unless when rad was leaking you ran vehicle with no lubrication (water-antifreeze mix) to water pump. The pump will just seize up or crack. These issues are probably just age related. If the rad was defective or you had coolant issues, the lights on your dash would indicate low fluid & engine overheat & of course "you" would not drive it then.1998 Dodge Dakota 3.9L v6, randomly misfiring on four cylinders?examine for leaks in the device, the water pump might practice warning signs of leaks or perhap even make a noise, flush out the radiator, it must be stopped up combating stable pass, make helpful thermostat is put in right, if there is not any warning signs of leaking,or no noise the variety of a foul bearing, or water pump no longer unfastened once you attempt to shake it, likely i could substitute out the heater middle. and likewise replace the radiator cap so the device is wisely pressurized
Ask Smithy: Automotive Advice
GOT car problems? Graham Smith can help.Diesel's having a pink fitIn my 2007 Nissan Navara, the 2.5-litre turbo diesel stutters or hesitates and makes a pinking noise when it's cold but it's OK when it's warm. I have had it to two mechanics and they couldn't fix it. What do you think is wrongKevin RomanoCheck the injectors. Your problems are most likely there. --Just handle ItHow can I improve the handling of my 2010 Nissan MaximaAndrew, emailNissan specialist Jerry Newman is horrified at the thought of trying to improve the handling of the Maxima. He believes it handles well as it is and is better left alone. If you were to seek to improve the handling, you could fit uprated springs and struts but this would be expensive. Use quality components from the likes of Pedders. Perhaps you could check the web for components used in Japan but you must understand that whatever you do will have a detrimental effect on the car's ride and you might not improve the handling much anyway. --Annoying LeakMy Subaru Outback 2.5 EFI has developed a slow leak at the rear of the engine between the head and the block. I have had it pressure tested and that's the only place it's leaking from. It doesn't overheat and there are no bubbles in the radiator or water in the oil. I have had the water pump, radiator hoses and radiator checked and there are no leaks. I have had three independent reports by mechanics that say the same thing. To fix the problem, it's necessary to pull the motor out and I have been quoted $2800 to $4800 to do it. It has done only 176,000km and I am pretty dirty at having a head gasket go at this relatively early stage. Any suggestions for a fixAlan, emailI would try Bars Leaks or a similar product and hope it seals the coolant leak. To replace the gasket, which is the best fix, you would have to take the engine out as the mechanics suggest. --No Cruise ControlLast year my 2004 Renault Megane Turbo Sports started to play up with a miss in the engine when at a constant speed. It's not there on acceleration, only when cruising. I have had four mechanics check it. They changed the alternator and the exhaust sensor, the injectors were cleaned three times, new spark plugs were installed, it had the vacuum test and a camera up the exhaust pipe. One said it was a sticking exhaust valve but that would cost $4000 and it might not fix it! What can I doWarren, emailYour description of the problem suggests it is not an ignition problem. I would be investigating the fuel side of the equation, looking for things that might be making it lean at low throttle openings as you would be when cruising. Is there an air leak that is affecting the mixture strength, or something like that Having said that, it could be a sticking valve as the mechanic has diagnosed. --Towing The LineWhat would be the safest towing load for my 2002 Nissan X-Trail auto 2.5, and what would be the safest and best towing set-upGordon McCarthy, emailNissan rated the X-Trail to tow 2000kg with trailer brakes, so you should be able to safely tow up to that weight. --Engine FailureI have a 2009 Nissan Navara 2.5 diesel and I am concerned about the stories I have read of these motors failing anywhere from 60,000km to 120,000km. I have also read about the timing gear failing. Have you heard anything about this and if it's true what can I do to prevent itPhil Harrison, e-mail.There are reports of engines failing but these evidently were not serviced by the book. It is important to religiously service the Navara, and use the Nissan recommended oil. The failures we have heard about are mostly failures of the camshaft and cam timing gear, which have led to more serious damage.Originally published as
What Are the Holes Which Are Found in an Engine Block?
The holes in engine blocks do multiple things:1: they are threaded and have the ability to screw bolts into them. This is done to hold things on like cylinder heads, water pumps, motor mounts, etc2: they have oil flowing through them. The oil pump (most usually driven by the crankshaft) will push oil through a series of "galleys" that provide oil to other places in the engine. For example, there are often small holes in the crankshaft journals that allow oil to flow and lubricate the crank. When things that bolt to the engine require oil there are holes (for example at the cylinder head interface) that allow oil to flow into that part. you can see them on the top of the block3: they have coolant flowing through them. Except for air-cooled engines, just like oil, the engine needs coolant. there are also other parts (again, cylinder head) that require coolant as well. There are passages that allow the coolant to flow from one to the other. 4: In addition on the coolant there are what are known as "freeze plugs" in various spots. These are usually metal discs about 2 diameter (some smaller, some larger) that are made of a softer metal and pushed into the block. This is because when water freezes it expands, and if there is a freezing expansion inside a sealed block it can do a lot of damage. These freeze plugs are designed to be pushed out if the coolant freezes, and they can be easily replaced instead of replacing a cracked block from freezing.5: and of course the cylinders themselves that have the pistons.And sometimes you'll find some holes that have no purpose at all, at least in the installation that you have. For example, you could have holes in a block that are not threaded and are used for attaching some accessory that did not come on the car that you have. Or a oil galley hole that has a plug in it.What are the holes which are found in an engine block?.1. What's the optimal placement for water pumps?As I remember it, water pump placement does affect certain aspects including but possibly not limited to:Generally following these guidelines they are best placed somewhere near a natural water source some distance from the main body of your city. This is less of an issue than water towers because the distance the pumps effect is mitigated by piping. (Just remember to provide them with power. )As stated in my comment, take this answer with a grain of salt. I've written it entirely based off my memory and cannot prove or source any of the information2. how many water pumps are in a volvo penta?The water pump is located in the outdrive. You should see a screen area on the lower end where the pump is loicated. I would guess the impeller needs to be replaced. You should stop running the engine 'till it is fixed3. how do i polish metal to a mirror shine on a buffer. or does anyone know how they polish water pumps and ect.?Much will depend on the type of metal being polished. Your local auto parts store will have several different products for different metals, i.e., chrome, steel, stainless steel, brass, etc. Follow label directions.4. Weiand chev short water pumps?Asian products are copycat of Americans,but in a fauty way.. let say that pump will fit,it gonna brake in two months an spoil something else, I owns a shop( a big one) the best and most expensive in town.I have a big waiting list of customer(appointments for 3 month) why? I only use Americam made parts.on American car. if one of my suppler send me a wrong one by mistake,then they will not longer will be my supplier. if You would paid to see,Frank Sinatra ,You do not want to see Jackie Chang singing My Way in the stage.5. Any websites where i can find parts for classic cars?Your best bet is to try and find the individual part you need, such as "bushing 1971 Matador" or other parts. You can find water pumps, distributor caps, spark plugs, shocks, brakes and all that at your Auto Parts store. You might also think about buying a parts car. Keep everything you want and get rid of the shell later
10 Best RV Battery Monitors Reviewed and Rated in 2021 - RV Web
You can rely on the heavy-duty battery monitor from Victron due to its incredible functionality. If you were like me, having a 40-foot motorhome which requires a lot of power supply from the battery banks to run the LED lights, water pump, and the fridge, you would want a device showing the accurate state of your battery.I'm thinking of getting a Kia Rio?I have not experienced any Kias but a Hyundai. man they are nice. Actually it was owned and driven by my mom and she only spent money on oil change, transmission fluid and timming belt with water pump It now has 180,000km still smooth and quiet Oh the car is 2002 Hyundai XG350Any car geniuses want to help?? 2003 Ford Focus?sounds like a pulley on the timing belt or water pump went south,next time you hear a noise please get it checked out be fore something really bad happensMy car started to over heat today. What do you think the cause might be?Water pump? Head Gasket? .priceyWhat are the signs of a bad water pump for a car?You might notice coolant leaking out of the water pump housing. The shaft connected to the pulley for the water pump might have a lot of play in it when tugged/moved by hand (with engine OFF!). The water pump itself may be very difficult to spin by hand if you try (again, engine OFF!). You obviously have a coolant leak somewhere if you are adding water frequently. Figure out what is leaking first before you start blaming the water pump for the overheating. A leaking thermostat housing (for example) can cause the thermostat to read improperly making you think it's overheating when it's not. A bad thermostat can do the same thing without a leak. A bad temp sensor can read a false overheat. Etc.,1968 GTO with 400 engine?are you looking for stock 68 or stock 71? fo a stock 68 GTO, the intake manifold was cast iron, not aluminum with a quadrajet carb and choke coil. The valve covers are wrong. and the timing case cover, water pump and alternator/power steeing pump brackets are all wrong. The heads should b like a casting 16 or 62 numbers are in the middle right above the exhaust manifolds. Now from the picture, it looks to be all there, but it is not 1968. Also you might want to replace or remove the blue paint from the brake booster and master cylindercoolant and water leak in '92 ford econoline? PICTURES?When an engine gets a coolant leak, the fluid travels along the side of the engine and onto things like the steering link shown in your picture then on the ground unless there is a direct drop from the leak point. This happens often which makes it more difficult to find. You are going to need a good light. The places to look for a coolant leak is radiator hoses or heater hoses (easiest to repair), water pump (gasket), thermostat housing. Since it's leaking in the front of the engine we can hopefully rule out a freeze plug. Also, if the water pump bearing goes bad, usually you will hear a metallic grinding sound coming from the water pump's bearing and it will leak coolant out at the bottom of the bearing housing. However other clues to this would be engine over-heating. Other causes could be a crack in the thermostat housing. Ok that's all I can think of; hope this helpsAny idea on average cost to replace vehicle water pump?If you are mechanically inclined and have a few basic tools you can do this yourself. Call a parts distributor and get a price on the pump and if there is a core charge (you get money back when you take in the old one). Should'nt be more than $150 to $200or the pump and a few jugs of antifreeze. If you take it into a shop it should only take them 1 to 2 hours to replace it. Total bill at a shop will be close to $400 to $500temperature gauge creeps up in heavy stop and go traffic?check and see there is rust in the radiator,flush radiator out or boil it out check fan belts thermostat could be sticking and water pump could be so many things check the radiator cap it could be loosing pressure
2002 Ford Focus Water Pump Or Heater Core?
This Site Might Help You. RE: 2002 Ford Focus water pump or heater core? I have a 2002 ford focus and it has been leaking water for just over a year. It is leaking faster now. And I have noticed that heat is coming inside the car from the floor. I checked under the car and saw water dripping from the water pump. However the water pump has not given any of the tell tell...1. what are the symptoms of a bad water pump on a vehicle?I would start with the thermostat. It is the cheapest and can make the car overheat. Go ahead and back flush the system and clean the radiator at the same time. The hoses should be hard since the system is pressurized. The water heater will generally make some noise since the bearings going out is the reason for failure2. Does anyone know what is wrong with my car, its leaking coolant.?take it to the shop have them pressure test the system and find out where is leaking it cost $24.99 at pep boys it could be water pump or a radiator pressure test will tell you exactly whats leaking, then i recommend you go to and ask a master tech for tips and advise on how to get that job done and it's free service.3. My 1996 Oldsmobile Aurora is leaking water, is it my water pump?Sounds like a water pump to me. Go to your local auto parts store (Auto Zone, or O'Reilly) & check the "Chilton's" manual for your car to be sure. The store will also ID your leak for you. Remember to check your radiator fluid level & make sure it is full before leaving! (Do not add to it hot! Nor do you want to check it hot, add water to the overflow (big plastic jug with a cap that says coolant on it) instead. Hope this helps!4. how much do new brakes and a water pump cost?in good condition (depending on the mileage) it may be worth a thousand dollars, but if all the brakes need doing and the master cylinder, and the rotors, that brake job and water pump could be almost as much as you paid for the car. And what is the guy so lazy or cheap he does not do repair work, ?? I bet it needs tags soon too, this guy sounds like some cheap basshole, tell him to fix the car, and walk away from it any way, the transmissions were bad on the early 90s taurus, go with a later model after 97 they are much better, let this guy keep is crappy taurus, that he will not fix, and keep looking, patience, patience,patience is the name of the game for good cheap thousand dollar cars, and this is not the one. good luck5. Air Locked Water Pump?If you are using a standard well pump, then there should be a check valve in the pipe between the holding tank and the pump. In a well it will be a foot valve, but may also have been a simple check valve. The work on your mains may have introduced dirt into the valve and prevents if from sealing and maintaining the pressure in the system when the pump stops. Someone also suggested that the pressure tank (not the holding tank) associated with the pump has become water logged. If that is the case then a small volume of water coming out of the pressure tank will cause a large enough pressure change to keep the pump working. Last possibility, there has to be a sensor that determines that the level of the water in the holding tank is low and will turn on the mains supply and when the level gets high enough that the mains supply is turned off. This can be a pressure switch or a mercury switch similar to one with a sump pump, etc. So my suggestions are: Check to make sure that the holding tank is clean and there is no sediment in it. Check to make sure that the holding tank fills when the water level drops, (it appears to stop when it is full). If you do this next procedure, make sure that you know how to prime your pump. I would also turn off the hot water tank. If it is a foot valve, remove the foot valve by removing the clamp and then back wash it to clean out the dirt. If it is an in-line check valve then remove the pipe. between the pump and the holding tank and invert it, and run water through it to clean out any sediment, then replace the pipe. Drain the pressure tank, and if you can pump some air into it. Then make sure that everything is connected, prime the pump and turn it on. Make sure that everything is working, then at each tap, especially the hot water taps, turn them on and leave running until the water flows smoothly. When all of the air is out of the system then turn on the hot water tank.
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