How to Replace Home Water Heater Thermostat?

Fooling around with 220 V you get one chance.. My advice call a pro

1. Will a hot water heater work as a volume reserve?

you need a pressure tank

2. Hot water heater wont spark?

sounds like your outa propane , maybe. close all your valves and turn the heater off and wait 20 minutes.Then get yourself a lighter that will reach the pilot light and turn it on and hold down the red button after it lights for a minute or so and then after it goes turn the heater to the on position. All this info should be on the heater

3. Gas water heater cycling but no hot water!?

Ao Smith Gpsh 50 100

4. What is the best type of water heater to use?

These are questions best answered by a pro at a store that deals specifically with plumbing in your area

5. save energy by turning water heater off?

i would not bother with this during the summer. in the winter it can save you money though

6. Which one of these Electric appliances would be best to upgrade Frig, Range, Water Heater, Clothes Dryer?

Most newer models of refrigerators have an energy star logo. Look for this when buying a new appliance. This will help you save on your electric bills. Water heater would be next to buy. More than likely you have 18 years of sediment in your tank, unless you have drained it periodically. buying a new water heater will shave off some electricity needed to run it. Your elements probably have a lot of deposits burnt on them. Newer models you can get self cleaning that way you do not have to drain them out as frequent. As for the dryer and range, replace them on an as needed basis they will not help you save on electric. If you were to get a new appliance and could get a washer get a front load. they use about 75% less water than typical washers and have Higher spin speeds which gets out a lot more water so you you would use the dryer a lot less. Hope this helps

7. Cockroaches in electric hot water heater tank?

Very unlikely as roaches go where the food is,no food no roaches.If there did happen to be any you would notice it while moving and hooking up the heater,then you could spray them with a roach spray

8. Would this be a good tankless water heater for me?

There is more to consider than you think. What size flue do you have? 125K BTU will most likely require a 6 Inch vent. If you have a 6" vent and a gas furnace connected to this flue, you can not add another 125K BTU to this flue. The flue can not go through a wall, it must go out through the roof and be type "B" vent. Also, what size gas line do you have? It might be too small to support another 125K BTU and the current load. This will need to be addressed too. Then comes combustion air to support the heater, another issue. You will get a lot of "oh how great" on this board, but I bet none of them have ever seen a copy of the National Fuel Gas Code. You can bet your insurance company has many copies in their library. If it's not to code and something happens, your insurance is not worth the envelope they send their bill in.

9. Outside and hallway light connected to my meter, neighbor using my water?

This is a situation that only the landlord can fix. Turning off the breaker to a passageway light could result in injury to someone, and you would not want to be the one taking the blame for that. Have a talk with the landlord. The remedy for this would not cost very much. As for the water issue, the pressure drop is normal. The washing machine would be connected to their (your neighbors) water heater. Unless they wash clothes constantly, this should be a tolerable situation.

10. why hot water heater keeps going on and off?

What brand ? It should be under warrintee

11. If the water supply to the water heater is off, will this cause a problem?

The pressure release valve "has" to be replaced? Then you can not safely use that heater, What happens if the thermostat gets stuck on? It happens.

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Do I Need to Turn Off Water Heater?
Do i need to turn off water heater?Look under the sink for water shut-off valves that control the sink water only. The valves at the water heater will not shut off all water in the house— — — — — —How To Replace A Water Heater ThermostatFor each element, the unit requires a matching thermostat, so dual element units have two thermostats, and single element models only one. When replacing one thermostat, it is a good idea to go ahead and replace both the upper and lower thermostats. Since most electric water heaters use both an upper and lower element, the process outline below is for them. You can pick up a good inexpensive multimeter online or any local hardware store. • Turn off the power to the water heater. • Remove the access panels to the elements along with the insulation underneath. • Use a screwdriver to set the upper thermostat to its highest setting. • Set the lower thermostat to its lowest setting. • Turn the power to the water heater back on. • Make sure there is voltage coming into the water heater by checking the 2 wires above the reset button. It should read 240 volts. • Use your multimeter to check for power on the upper element terminal screws. If no power, this thermostat is bad and needs to be replaced. • Set the upper thermostat to its lowest setting. • Set the lower thermostat to its highest setting. • Make sure there is voltage on the lower element. If the multimeter shows power at the element, allow a few minutes for the water to heat up. • Lower the temperature on this thermostat and wait for an audible click which indicates the thermostat is functioning correctly. It should show a reading of 120 volts. • If there is no reading, the upper thermostat will need replacing since it provides voltage to the lower thermostat. It should show approx. 120 volts. If not, the lower thermostat will need to be replaced. Always disconnect the power or shut off the breaker before doing any work on a water heater. To change thermostats, you will need to remove the access panel and safety cover (do this for both upper and lower access panels on dual element units). For the sake of safety, use a voltage meter to make certain the power is off. Make a simple diagram of how the wires are connected to the diagram. Remove the wires from the thermostat. Thermostats are held in place by a special bracket that holds it firmly against the tank, allowing the thermostat to sense the internal water temperature. Gently pry out one side of the bracket while twisting that side of the thermostat upwards to prevent the bracket from locking in place again. Repeat for the other side. Repeat for the lower thermostat on dual element models. Take the old thermostat(s) with you to purchase a replacement. While most thermostats are interchangeable, the best results come from accurately matching the components. If the bracket was damaged during thermostat removal, you can get a replacement bracket as well. The old bracket can be pried upward to remove it and the new one can be placed flat against the tank and slid downward until it lock into place. Replace each thermostat by sliding it evenly downward into the holding bracket until it locks in place. Replace the wiring exactly as it was removed. Replace the safety cover(s) and access panel(s). Restore power and allow the water heater to work for one hour before testing the hot water. If you suspect a heating element has also gone bad, see How To Replace A Water Heater Element. Gas water heaters use a different type of thermostat system. On most gas water heaters, the gas control valve, which includes both a thermostat and a heat limiting device, are located on the outside of the unit, near the bottom. It can be identified as the component with the controls for temperature and the pilot light. If the thermostat on a gas water heater goes bad, you will have to replace the gas control valve component.— — — — — —I need some advice on my hot water heater.. Please Help!!?the way you describe it ,sounds like a bad heating element that probably happened when the element was uncover then when you poured water on it it cracked this is common on houses that have had the water cut off for some reason drain the water heater and remove the elements the damage is ussaly apparent to save time you can take the wires loose from the element and check for continuity
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