I Need to Start a Mock Business for My Economics Class . How Do I Start?

i need to start a mock business for my economics class . how do i start?

I Need to Start a Mock Business for My Economics Class . How Do I Start? 1

Use something that you already know, like Starbucks or McDonalds, copy everything that they do and call the business something else

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BrickHouse Security, an American security company Brickhouse Direct, an e-commerce company founded by musician Jim Brickman

I Need to Start a Mock Business for My Economics Class . How Do I Start? 2

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What should a person do if he is unable to get a job and doesn't have any money to start a business?

Thanks for A2A.Speaking on a positive note, even a person without any qualification is able to get a job.I will tell you a story of an entrepreneur, she has come on the Shark Tank. She is an entrepreneur who has started her business because she was broke, she did not have any money. Her husband had recently graduated from college and he did not have any job and there was struggling financially.Mark Cuban said this statement u201cHer story should be published in all of the entrepreneurship textbooksu201dHer story is very inspiring and it should be a lesson to every person who says I do not have any money to start a business.She started a clothing business but in order to start she did not even have a single Dollar to begin with, so she asked her friend who runs the scrap business for work.This is the best story I have ever heard and I hope that this becomes an inspiring Story to most of the people who complain and say that they do not have money or any product or anything to start a business.What should a person do if he is unable to get a job and does not have any money to start a business?.

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What is a good cheap start up business?

Cleaning display homes; they aren*t too dirty; nobody eats in them; nobody dirty*s the bathrooms (except maybe the hostess) and it doesn*t take much money to start.A vacuum cleaner; Windex, paper towels, dust rags; a feather duster. I speak from experience; did it for years and years before retiring; Its hard to get into the business but once you do, your work will go up hill or down depending on how good you are.You don*t even have to work when people or there if you time it right , since most displays or open ll:00am to 5:00pm. Pick your own time.

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The business

Since 1901 Albert Deguingand (1872-1943) had been in partnership as an automobile manufacturer with Lucien-Marie Vinot-Préfontaine (1858-1915), but his business partner had died in the war and in 1926 Vinot-Deguingand, the company they had founded together, had run out of customers and its factory in the west of France was sold to Donnet-Zédel. With the foundation of Société des Nouveaux Ateliers A. Deguingand, Deguingand returned to the Paris region where the French automobile industry and its supplier base were heavily concentrated. The cars carried the Deguingand name. There was also a change of direction in terms of the market segment contested, the cars being now targeted squarely at the small car sector. The company did not meet with great success, however, and Deguingand production had ended by 1930.

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I own about $150,000 (AU$). Which business is best to start in Australia with this amount of money?

hey mate.wif that amount of money, you can get you own franchisee.easy to start, good profit. with that amount of money.look for atleast 8000$ AUD profit per month.if its less dnt start the business. I ll personally suggest you to get a franchisee.like oporto, or subway.you cant get maccas.because they are a lot expensive. but if you dnt want to franchise somefin.get a caffe shop.you can get that a good one even for 70000$. hope this is useful.

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I live in michigan my husband works for a guy who has hi own business he works him 50 plus hours a week with?

Nope. We do not know enough about your husband's job and the business he works for to tell you if he really is entitled to overtime. Depending on many factors which you did not provide, he may not be entitled to overtime. However, nothing else you are claiming he did is illegal. "Making racial remarks" is pretty vague and it's legal to threaten to fire someone every minute of every day if you feel like it. It's also perfectly within his legal rights to require that he has a cell phone and that if he does not get one, he can be fired. Also, it's HIS duty to not drive with defective tail lights. If his tail lights do not work, then he should not go out on a call. Why does not your husband just look for a job with another tow truck company? There's only about 50,000 of them.

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