I Recently Changed My Radiator Fluid?

Be sure that you use the exact proper thermostat rated for your engine. Changing it to different temop can cause real trouble on most any car since they were designed to work in a steady temperature to maximize fuel mileage and opwoer. You have done the right thing, but I would not put DEXCOOL back in there, but a foreign car coolant instead. If engine is out of proper temp range it can trigger that light. ALSO, it usually triggers to tell you that your air./fuel mixture is going off kilter. You can correct this with $20 or so by having your throttle body and idle air control valve cleaned out to showroom. GOOD LUCK!! good luck.

1. my radiator cooling fan is not working help!!!?

Hi the fault is the thermostat which controls it, take it to the garage.

2. Would these fluids work as an alternative to radiator fluid?

Well the closest thing that would work would probably be wiper fluid because it is the only other fluid that has certain insulator properties like antifreeze. Also, what car are you driving that requires any fluid for your tire's or bumper?

3. Can the new radiator cap cause this damage

It sure as hell is. I was on a 3 lane interstate in the Middle Lane and it was like a bomb went off. Cars on both sides of me were about to go in the ditch. Fluid was everywhere and smoke was rolling off the truck. It blew up so bad I got antifreeze inside the truck cab through the firewall

4. Radiator Cooling Fan on a "1991 Topaz GS''?

depends on if the motor on the fan is bad then yes just change the motor only.but if you hook the motor up directly to your battery or just test it with a battery or take it off and take it to a near by auto zone and they will test it for free if its good then it is your (coolant temperature switch) or sensor BUT DONT FREEK OUT IF IT STARTS TO OVER HEAT IF IT DOES GET IT UP TO SPEED AROUND 40-50 MPH FOR A FEW MINUTES AND IT WILL COOL DOWN ALMOST TO NORMAL

5. mechanic thought on buying radiator help please?

r u keeping this car forever? truth is the alum radiator is fine,,,copper is more expensive and heaver,,isnt the ttranny cooler inside the rediator? all mine are but idk about old MB

6. How can you tell if radiator is clogged?

The symptoms are pretty much what you describe. You could remove the top and bottom hoses and reverse flush and see if you have free flow then you will know

7. Is Jeep Cherokee sport prone to radiator failure?

That's pretty funny. As the other guy said...get a different radiator brand. My recommendation is to get something from koyorad and have your mechanic construct brackets to mount it (non-oem). Might as well at this point

8. can the side peice of a plastic radiator be repaired?

Your choice of two part epoxy probably would not work do to heat expansion and cold contraction. If by some chance you could figure out exactly what type of plastic the end tank was made of, I am sure there's some "space age" epoxy that would bond or melt the crack back together. It is completely possible that a radiator chop could un-clamp and remove the old tank, and install a new O ring and a new tank. New radiators are not that expensive and your over-due for a new one on a 14 yer old car.

9. Leaking radiator on the drivers side. HELP!!?

examine the platic area off radiator. ten dollars for plastic radiator repai equipment,, mine had a small crack interior the area 2 years in the past and its nonetheless retaining. do a presser try because of the fact the different one mentioned frist

10. Is it easy to crack the radiator when changing the hoses?

5 years isnt long enough to rust out a radiator lip, unless you use salt water in it, there ripping you off if this is the second time screwing up on your car they should credit you on some labor

11. Cost to repair a radiator antifreeze leak.?

Pending on if it's just a House 4.99 the Radiautor itself may coast 500 or more go to pick a full I mean Pick n Pull they might have one on hand try an after market dealer in the phone book or a dealer would no were to get one buy your ato manual at Cragin try it yourself if you have the tolls Nut's and bolts are easy just remember were you put them Drain the radiator first and all the Houses and go to town Sincerely Unoptrid Mechanic Repair

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Overheating Problems... Radiator? Thermostat? Water Pump? Head Gasket?
You need head gaskets. Compression from the cylinders is getting into the cooling system1. Would an electric water pump be a good upgrade?I looked into this before, and electric water pumps are not unusual for tow vehicles and high performance vehicles particularly in Austrailia where there are many long hot roads to travel. I would think there are technical benefits of an electric water pump over a mechanical one, specifically that a mechanical water pump varies with engine RPM, but for a tow vehicle, particularly towing up hills like the rocky mountains, you want to be able to have high water flow at low to moderate RPMs, so an electric pump not tied to engine RPM can provide enhanced cooling at highway RPMs. And installed in series with the mechanical water pump, it provides enhanced cooling. Aside from enhanced cooling protection while towing, I do not think it would save enough load on the engine to be really worthwhile, actually it will increase load on the alternator. At the other extreme, for a pure race vehicle, for short runs like drag racing or autocross, electric water pump can be still cooling the engine while it is shut off between runs, and can run total loss off the battery during the competitive run, and battery recharged between runs with an external battery charger. Under that combination of conditions, the water pump puts no load on the engine freeing more power to the wheels, but it is not a practical strategy on the road over distance and time.2. Cost of replacing timing belt and water pump on 2000 Ford Focus?have 500 handy and hope its 350 or 4003. Is a water pump and thermostat attached to an engine? When you buy a new engine are they attached?You only purchase the engine. Water pump and engine stat are seperate items. Again this depends if you purchase a short engine or a full engine4. Do I need a water pump or is it something else wrong with my car?Probably intake manifold gaskets leakingand you may have water in the oil5. Need ON and OFF automatic water pump, which one can I buy?Rather than trusting just anyone advice, I would just go to your local plumbing supply dealer in your area and ask. There are diffent pumps for different size plumbing. Also, alot of price ranges. If you buy one on-line and it doesnt suit your needs, you have the cost of returning it where as if you bought it local. ............well you get my drift. Good luck.6. How can you tell if a water pump is bad or not working?Well, you have asked this 5-6 times. Get it to a mechanic so they can check it out7. Is it too risky to drive a car with the water pump broke?If you fill the reservoir and leave the radiator cap loose (so pressure does not build), it should be OK to drive that long as long as you watch the temperature gauge. A tow truck fee would be a good insurance investment though! Check your insurance policy. Quite a few people have emergency road service on their policies and do not even realize it!8. Is it my water pump or thermostat?I would put my money on the waterpump just because if the thermostat was stuck wide open, ud atleastat least have coolant flowing and it would stay cool, unless its closed shut then your kinda screwed and have to take it out, personally if it was me iI would replace both by the sounds of it, 200k miles is a lot of miles9. Can a water pump go out on a car from draining it and putting Anti-freeze?It does not make any difference what type of anti freeze you put into a radiator if you have a leak at the water pump that only means that the water pump is bad and needs replaced.When a water pump reaches it use its time for replacement.There is a hole on the bottom side of the water pump that allows for pressure relief if it goes bad and if you have a leak coming out that hole it means the bearings and seal inside the water pump is bad. Look at it under the water pump and you will see a hole there if it is wet and a little rusty its time for replacement.Call up some parts store and get the best price on one but let them know what make,model,year,engine size you have and they will let you know what the price is for the pump.But also before you do that check to see if there is a hose clamp that also connects to the pump may not be the problem if so cut the hose back if you have enough hose to re- attach it back on to the pump. But also take the clamp and a screw driver and back off the screw on the pump hose end and bring it back off the pump so you can get the rest of the bad section of the hose off.Then put the the other part of the hose on the pump with the clamp.If you are not mechanically incline get someone else to do the job. But if that does not fix it replace the
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