If Liquids Thrown Out at TSA Checkpoints Are Potentially Hazardous, Why Accumulate Them at a Choke P

If liquids thrown out at TSA checkpoints are potentially hazardous, why accumulate them at a choke point with a concentration of people? Shouldnu2019t they be u2018properlyu2019 disposed?

Eric Shepard and interested readers, this is no Secret. For 99.99% of liquids abandoned at a Security Checkpoint, there is no difference between the disposed liquid and the liquid you can buy in the Concourse right after leaving the Checkpoint.The reason that liquids and gels are not allowed through the Security Checkpoint are that liquids have been used by terrorists to conceal explosives brought on-board aircraft to destroy the aircraft. To reduce the potential for liquids to be used as a vector by terrorists, they do not allow them into the Checkpoint.The passenger can buy liquids etc in the Concourse after passing through security. These retail liquids are not under control of non-airport cleared personnel. Therefore the possibility of a terrorist arranging to access an explosive-contaminated retail item within the Concourse after Security is minimal.Terrorists have used other items such as footwear and underwear to conceal explosives in order to get them past Security countermeasures and on-board the aircraft. Neither of these vectors have worked for terrorists. But rather than ban shoes and underwear, the TSA uses technologies to detect contaminated items.So, liquids collected at checkpoints are disposed of properly with little to no risk whatsoever to passengers and others in an airport. If liquids thrown out at TSA checkpoints are potentially hazardous why accumulate them at a choke point with a concentration of people? Shouldnu2019t they be u2018properlyu2019 disposed of?

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Question about what you can bring on airplane?

Yes. You can put any quantity of liquids in your checked baggage. That's basically the idea - put your liquids in your checked bag - not in your carry on bag.

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Can You Take Shampoo to the Airport?

I went to Las Vegas last year and we were allowed shampoos, liquids etc. At that time we had to be a small size...3 oz or 4 oz. All liquids had to fit in one quart sized zip lock back. That was last year and with Sun Country. Check the airline's website. All that information should be available on there. Research ahead. My friend went and did not know about the ounce sized limits on the liquids. Her bottles did not fit in the quart sized bag so she had to throw them out. She was out quite a bit of money as they were good/name brand hair products

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Can i put makeup in my bag while traveling?

Just be careful with liquids, take small compact and things nothing that can be construed as weapon,other wise in your suitcase, it's so much easier

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anyone know what foods and liquids to drink for chi?

Just healthy stuff. Trust me, there is no specific type or anything like that for rebuilding qi. Qi does not technically deplete, your body just gets worn and unable to access or use it. Water is the only thing you should be drinking. Sugar excites the body and alcohol damages liver, spleen, kidney, heart and brain cells. (Notice they are all yin organs) Food has a huge effect on qi flow, but nothing to what you were asking. However you can influence the movement of qi with spicy food to better help heal the body. When healing your body, only lean meats should be consumed (fish, chicken, turkey, eggs, flank steak... etc.), no heavy meats. Lots of vegetables and fruits; this provides the body with water that can not be taken in my by mere fluid, but better extracted from the solid foods. Note: "Qi" and "Chi" is the exact same thing, just different romanization of the same character. Both pronounced the same, too.

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what can i not take on flights?

Security rules vary somewhat by location, but in the US, the prohibited items that I am aware of for carry-on bags are: -Weapons of any kind, or sharp items that could be used as weapons. This includes knives and point-end end metal scissors (blunt-tipped scissors under a certain length are allowed). Many items, such as mental knitting neeldes, are prohibited at the discression of the TSA agent, and there's no comprehensive list of what counts as a 'weapon.' -Explosives or compressed gasses -Anything flammable -Liquids or gels, except in containers less than 3 oz in a single clear quart-sized zipper-top bag. Diabetic passangers may carry more than 3 oz of necessary liquids including juices. Parents may carry more than 3 oz of breast milk, baby formula, juice, or baby food if an infant or small child is traveling. Liquids that are allowed in larger quantities do not need to be in a plastic bag, but all liquids need to be removed from your carry-on bag and declared to the TSA agent (although I forgot to do this yesterday and it was fine). Items not allowed in checked bags: -Explosives or compressed gasses -Flammable materials -Weapons are allowed in checked baggage, but guns must be unloaded, and I think declared to TSA, and I think there are some other restrictions on weapons as well. Those are all the restrictions I am aware of, but it's not necessarily a complete list. Most airlines will have information about prohibited items on their website, so check with your airline. If you are traveling within the US (or to or from it), you can also find information about prohibited items on the TSA website (www.tsa.gov).

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