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ItsHandMade is an online store of various one-off quirky things handmadeKitschy painted kettles, crochet coasters and hoop earrings, Angry Bird cupcakes, charm bangles, floral-print jumpsuits for you, towels for your doggie, customised art prints, customised laptop skins, lamps made from upcycled wine bottles, bowls made from upcycled vinyl records, t-shirts... one place where you'll find it all under one roof is ItsHandMade.Well, as the name suggests, it's a platform where you can buy and sell all things handmade. Started by 23-year-old entrepreneur Shreya Bajaj (founder of this site who claims she's "just a student studying C.A."), the venture took off in February this year, and since then has come to feature about 150 individuals selling products in around 30 categories. "We have a policy that we take on products that are hand-made by you, designed by you but handmade by someone else, or if you are an NGO or company that gets products made by rural communities but the sale proceeds should go back to them," explains Shreya.The products are mostly one-off creations and for "collectors" of quirky things - it's also a coming together of artist/creator and buyer, points out Shreya, without a middleman involved. Of course for every sale made by an individual, the site gets 10 per cent; that's the revenue model, Shreya adds.It could be a "Gone With The Wind" tray that catches your fancy, or a hand painted bedsheet, or a refrigerator magnet that declares "Drama Queen", or a psychedelic-coloured hand-painted canvas shoe for your kid. It's just a sampling of what you might find here. Some of the categories include baskets, bath and beauty, dolls, furniture, gourmet/edibles, paper goods, jewellery, pooja accessories...To give you an idea on pricing - a pair of hand-painted silver-and-pearl earrings could cost you Rs. 150; three upcycled wine bottles wound with neon thread can come at about Rs. 250; a pair of tie-dyed shoes Rs. 750; a wall-mounted wooden book shelf in the shape of a crocodile could cost you Rs. 6,250; a five-feet-by-five pine wood mural could cost you a cool Rs. 65,000. You can choose to shop by occasion, materials used, location, or if you become a regular, even by an artist whose work you like. Most offer to customise a product for you.Most of the products are made by homemakers, or "IT people who do this over the weekend" says Shreya. There are also fulltime designers who retail in stores but market their wares online through this forum.Each person uploads their own product pictures (according to the template provided by the site) and tells the story of their product - what it is, what inspired them, what materials they've used. In effect, each person gets to have their own "shop" on this site. "In an artistically populous country like ours, we felt the need to give sellers an identity of their own without having to invest in websites and marketing tools. The dream is to give people a reason to create art all the time as a means to a livelihood, instead of just a hobby," says Shreya.As of now, the site only does domestic deliveries at Rs. 50. Very soon they plan to start deliveries outside the country too. They accept payments only through net banking (credit/debit card). To shop log on to www.itshandmade.in. To buy, you need to register with your email ID. For details call 40942365.

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Wearing Hoop Earrings at Night?
Trust me when I say you should not wear hoop earrings to bed! my mom used to just wear them and now her holes have stretched (all earrings causes this If u wear them to bed) and you cant wear small studs anymore because they will go through the hole when you are older... if you have infections it is probably because u have sensitive skin & should only get sterling silver, or gold/white gold earrings ... but if u have to because ur holes will close you should have bought small gold studs.. I wear small gold and diamond studs all of the time .. even when I sleep in my cartilage an second hole piercings just in case.. I have not had them for more than two years yet! u should always use disinfectant bfore putting in new earrings & one MAJOR tip my mom gave me was before u put them on.. dip the points in Neosporin !! to help prevent infection and so they go in easier! hope all of this helps!!!1. For curly hair people only!!! What is your hair schedule?i have realy curly and thick hair, so i might be able to help :) i usually take showers during the night and put anti-frizz cream, this Catwalk product (its in a blue, tall bottle), and some garnier wave defining spray stuff, and i look fine in the morning. I sometimes like to wrap some strands of hair around my finger, and pin it using a bobby pin, so it comes out like a single curl. I strech it out a little so it does not contrast with the hair i dont pin up though. If you want you are hair to have some volume, i suggest putting that anti-frizz creame, and the catwalk product and shake your head upside down( no im not crazy haha). It helps create some volume on the top. if you do not want that much volume, try twisting some strands of hair with your finger and go to bed like that. It comes out nice for me :D but, you have to have your hair wet do do these. thats why i do everything at night. If i take a shower in the morning and do it, it will be in vain, since my hair frizzes easliy. i can not walk around or the wind will screw up my hair. lol. hope it helps2. As an African-American woman, how can I get my hair to be silky and smooth?First use Panteen Ultra Smooth Shampoo and conditioner. Then put bed head small talk in your hair while its still damp. Then Bow dry and use a flat iron(One layer at a time). To finish spray with a light Silkining hairspray and brush a ton!!!!3. HELP! I FOUND A BED BUG IN MY BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?You should get professional pest control. They will fumigate the place and have you some days off the house, and probably have you covering the furniture too. If you are worried about pillows and bedsheets, wash them in boiling water. Dry them to direct sunlight. (Still, read the washing directions, though).4. Face remedies.. (acne, flakiness, dryness)?Flakiness can be because of dryness and/or insufficient exfoliation, and it can also be because of dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, or a yeast overgrowth. Ideally, you should check with a dermatologist, but none of the advice I am going to give you below would conflict with that. I would recommend first undertaking a proper cleansing regime, which would include a cleanser that works FOR YOU, and the following cleansing/exfoliating instructions: Cleanse your face 2-3 times a day with clean fingers. 1. Gently pat your face dry with a very clean soft towel that is not used for any other purpose. Do not share towels with others, or dry your face with a towel you use for anything else (drying your hands or body). Change your face towel often. 2. Massage/exfoliate at least once a day for thirty seconds, while cleansing. 3. Avoid touching your face whenever possible. 4. Wash your face after exercise and do not go to bed with sunscreen or makeup on your face. 5. Be careful with disinfecting metal though; some preparations (hydrogen peroxide, alcohol) can cause metals to tarnish.The whole regime (including a FAQ and details) is at the link below. There are a lot of basic things you can do to improve your complexion, here are a few: 1. Good health and nutrition - eat well, drink lots of water, get plenty of exercise. 2. Good skin care products. Up to 50% of people are allergic to a personal care product. Make super sure it is not a cleanser, toner, mask, foundation, powder, blush or sunscreen that's giving you pimples. Eliminate each one for at least 2 weeks to make sure. 3. Good cleanser. What is most expensive, or what worked for your friends is not necessarily the best. Try a few different cleansers until you find one that helps you. 4. Medication, both OTC and prescription. Talk to the beauty counter at a drug store, or see your doctor. 5. Cleansing regimen. How you cleanse your skin is actually more important than what you use to cleanse it. Below is a link to a great cleansing regimen (I wrote it!). And just a note; in my cleansing regime I mention this, but it's good to repeat; do not ever use an abrasive exfoliant on your face - it causes microscopic cuts that encourage bacteria invasion and inflammation, and it also stretches your skin which leads to aging.
Khloe Kardashian Is Casual Cool in a Black Top and Blue Jeans... As She Insists She Has Downloaded t
She has attended a few New York Fashion Week events in typically flashy garb.But Khloe Kardashian opted for a much more relaxed look on her latest outing.The 31-year-old reality star kept in simple in a black top and blue jeans while heading back to her hotel in the Big Apple on Tuesday evening.Scroll down for video The outing came just shortly after having to clarify to her fans that she has indeed downloaded the apps of her other sisters.Earlier in the day Khloe posted a screenshot of her app alongside the apps of siblings Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner in the iTunes App Store but the download button for her sisters' apps had not been clicked in the image.She obviously got plenty of messages from her followers pointing out that it appeared as if she didn't download them as she followed up the post explaining the screenshot.Khloe posted: 'For those of you saying that I didn't buy my sisters apps... I already have them downloaded to my phone beta style. Duh we created them!!' The girlfriend of NBA superstar James Harden didn't seem to let the criticism get to her as she showed off her curvaceous figure in a clinging black long sleeved top.The dark shirt was tucked into a pair of ripped skinny blue jeans as she finished off the casual chic look with a pair of black Christian Louboutin heels.She accessorised with a pair of gold-rimmed aviator shades with matching hoop earrings, necklace with pendant and bracelets. The reality star also clutched onto a small black designer bag with a chained strap.Earlier in the day she was spotted on an outing with older sister Kim, who rocked a rather unconventionalmaternitylook.The 34-year-old reality star wore a huge floor-length fur coat along with a leather mini-skirt, thigh-high boots and a Pink Floyd T-shirt for a solo outing.It appeared that Kim left the rapper and two-year-old daughter North at home as she headed out for lunch at Cirpriani with Khloe.Kim and Kanye are expecting a baby boy in December and reportedly intend on naming him Easton.
Are Big Hoop Earrings Coming Back in Style?
Sweetie, They never left!1. whats wrong with big hoop earrings?Nothing...I think they look nice and make you look really pretty! They do NOT make you look street!?!?!2. Do you think these big hoop earrings are pretty?No! They are super ugly! The 80's have no business making a come back!3. Why does it seem only trashy girls wear those big hoop earrings?Hoop Earrings For Girls4. I Wanna know why girls war those huge silver hoops?I dont see how wearing big hoop earrings makes you think the wearer wants to be popular.... they are fun and stylish is all5. When's a good time to wear big hoop earrings?group events6. what is your opinion: big hoop earrings?It depends on what she wears it with... If its with like, a belly shirt, butt shorts, etc... then slutty. If its with jeans and a cute sweater, its just an accessory. It all depends on how you carry them and yourself when you wear them.7. Teens: What do you think of big hoop earrings?dangourse, honestly a nice simple pair of earings are good, i think alto of girls go over the top in fashion just to fit in but if you love them ebacuse they say who you are cool then :)8. All my fashionistas and 80's babies.... I need help. What do I wear to an 80's party?I was a genuine product of the 80's! We wore parachute pants and straight-leg jeans, as tight as you could get them! If you did not have to lay down on the bed to zip them, they were not tight enough! Silky, shiny, nylon warm-up suits were popular, too, and "satin" jackets. Sweatshirts and tee shirts with the shoulders cut out or off one shoulder (a la Flashdance) were all the rage. Spandex leggings, with a long shirt cinched with a wide belt was a popular look. T-shirts, with the sleeves and the torso (up to just under the bust), cut into strips were a hot fad for a while. they were called string t-shirts. I had one with a unicorn on it, very 80s. For footwear, you have two main choices. With jeans, you should wear boots with a heel, jeans tucked in, and covered with leg-warmers. Anyone who can knit or crochet can make those. Color-coordinated with your shirt was very hot. You can wear a straight, mid-thigh-length skirt (leather, or pleather, is perfect) with hose, and lacy, ruffled ankle socks with high heels (see the ZZ Topp video : She's Got Legs, for reference). You can get the socks at Priscilla's. Lots of chunky bangle bracelets and big hoop earrings are required jewelry. See if your mom, aunts, or anybody still has a Lindy-Star ring in their jewelry box. They will know what you are talking about, everybody had one of those back in the day. Mood rings were popular. Multiple necklaces were often worn, too. Hair, as big as you can get it, will finish the look. You can set it on curlers. When dry, turn your head upside down and tousle with your fingers, do not comb or brush. Or make a zillion tiny braids when it's wet, let dry, then turn your head upside down and brush, that's what some of us did. Use a half a can of hairspray, at least, to keep the "poof." You can do your bangs with a curling iron, just make sure to comb them up and spray well, you can not have flat bangs! Big bows, scrunchies, and such, came along during that time, too. For make-up, I wore sky blue and bubblegum pink eye-shadow (together. Blue on the lid, and pink up to the brow, with a line of blue from the corner of my eye, up to the outer end of my eyebrow), and a tawny-peachy blush (bronzer or any peachy blush will work). Lots of girls were wearing really scary-bright colors, though! Eyeliner and lots of black mascara are practically required. I wore cranberry colored nail polish usually, and my lipstick was called "Sea Fleur" or something like that. It was by L'Oreal, and I think they still make it. It was a purple-red, at any rate. Sometimes I wore copper, whatever matched my clothes best. Some girls wore frosty pink, or whatever. You could do your own thing with make-up, pretty much, as long as it did not look natural! If you can find pics of any of the 80s girl bands, you can get good ideas. The Bangles practically oozed eighties-ness! Movies made in the 80s helped start the trends, and define the styles, so that's a good place to look, as are the old 80s pop and rock videos. Ask your mom, and any older cousins, aunts etc. what they wore back then. If you are lucky, maybe you've got a pack-rat in the family, who's been hanging onto a pair of leg-warmers or something, just waiting for them to come back in style! Sometimes, these people eventually give up, or pass on, and you can find great retro looks at Goodwill or other thrift stores. A costume shop could probably help you out, too. Anybody from 35-55 should have good recollections, and be a source of advice, on the greatest decade that ever was! Hope I helped, good luck!
Teens: What Do You Think of Big Hoop Earrings?
I am allowed to wear hoop earrings, but I was not when I was younger (17 now). For some reason, hoop earrings are always associated with being slutty and so forth, and I never did really get that. I also think that's why parents do not let their kids wear hoop earrings. I do not think they are slutty, but I definitely do not think they are pretty. I think their chavvy and I do not really like them.1. Guys: is it sexy when girls wear big hoop earrings?If ur hot yes give me ur phone number2. whats wrong with big hoop earrings?Go for it,,,, bold jewerly is in! I like them depending on how I where my hair.3. Why do I get hit on when I wear big hoop earrings?the bigger the hoop the dirtier you are, thats what is said,,, so men like really dirty women4. Girls and Women. What are your thoughts on big hoop earrings?they remind me of chavs and i never wear them-ever5. Big hoop earrings the diameter of a pringles can would that look ok?They are white gold and i'm a ho anyway...i THINK IT'S FINE...I mean if it looks good then whats to stop you? My sister wears and it does not look trashy6. Are big hoop earrings coming back in style?First of all, hoop earrings are a classic, especially when they are silver or gold. Second, who cares if it's "in style"? If you love the, where them.7. what would ladies' style of the 60s all include?hip hugger bell bottom jeans or pants w/ a top that's an (East) Indian print w/ bell sleeves, a suede jacket w/ lots of (suede) fringe on it & a hat w/ a large, floppy brim & sandals. Also wear a peace symbol on a chain & flowers in your hair. or a mini or micro mini skirt in a big, geometric print in colours like electric blue, hot pink & acid green w/ a white, clingy pullover turtleneck blouse (tucked in) & a hip belt & white patent leather knee high "go go" boots. Big, dangly earrings or big hoop earrings & large size bead necklaces. Either way you will look very groovy!8. Big hoop earrings to school?why would it look weird9. Do you think wearing big hoop earrings are too much??unless it is 1992, it is too much10. Teens: What do you think of big hoop earrings?I am allowed to wear what ever earring's I want to wear. But I only ever really wear studs. Right now, I have plain silver diamond studs. Honestly?... I think they are chavy. And where I live, the people who wear them are not nice people.11. Black Women!!!!!! Do you like to wear big hoop earrings?the same reason white women like pigtails. Its called preference12. Do you guys like this?i LOVE that! for home coming week we had a generation day and it had so much fun dressing up as 80's people. i dressed up as a disco dancer but i think it would be fun to wear like obnoxiously bright spandex pulled way to high up! haha and like mesh and the shirts hanging off the shoulder a bit. bright eye shadow and HUGE hair!!!!! if you do the side ponytail do not use the conservative or typical hair band use the cloth big scrunchies! or you could put on roller skates with the four wheels and big hoop earrings there are seriously endless ideas!! [:.13. what can i be for halloween ?You can always borrow a skirt from your mom so it will be long on you and wear a flowy top with it and a long scarf tied around your waist with big hoop earrings and lots of necklaces so you will look like a gypsy. It is a fun colorful costume that's pretty easy to do. Have fun!! : P14. What's ur sign and why do girls wear those BIG Hoop earrings?Because they like it. It is their style. Simple. This question was really easy to answer by the way. LOL15. Do guys like it when girls wear big hoop earrings?Ask some of your male friends
Asking This Question Again Since I Got No Answers Last Time?
A top with big 3/4 sleeves, like kimono style with big hoop earrings and either flats or chunky heels1. How much do silver or gold big hoop earrings cost at claires?silver hoop is priced around $20 while gold hoop always priced above $1002. Do you think wearing big hoop earrings are too much??it kinda depends on what you are wearing. sometimes it can be the right accesory and looks cute but sometimes it just looks like too much if your already wearing a lot of accesories3. whats wrong with big hoop earrings?nothing, i love them especially when i have fluffy curlly hair4. What do you think of girls who wear big hoop earrings?What is the stereotype? My wife wears them. I love her. She's great. She LOVES huge earrings. I have become accustomed to it. Other than that I do not think about it. edit: thumbs down means you are jealous that my wife wears big hoop earrings?5. Do you think that big Hoop Earrings are ghetto?Well no, not to me lol. I only wear them so it could make my head seem smaller (since i have a big head), well it does not help so much but I try xD6. Big hoop earrings to school?No. Next stop emergency room for torn ear lobe at the worst or just Ohh ***** for the pain7. Black Women!!!!!! Do you like to wear big hoop earrings?No, I hate big hoop earrings...a lot of women wear big hoop earrings...personally I wear diamond studs or little danging earrings. Big Hoop earrings make your earhole sag8. Those of you who remember 80's style I need your help?Frosted jeans, jelly shoes, lots of jelly bracelets, big hoop earrings, spandex biker shorts, members only jackets, Doc Martens (although Docs never went out of style), blue eyeliner and mascara, big boxy blazers, the list goes on9. Girls and Women. What are your thoughts on big hoop earrings?If you like them, wear them. I do not wear any, but that's because my ears are not pierced. You can wear hoop earrings anytime, any day.10. Why do people think big hoop earrings are slutty?Because, mostly slutty girls wear them to get attention from guys. My cousin wears them, but she's such a sweet person and she's not slutty or a hoe either, yet.. the earings are a bit over-dramatic. But wear whatever you want. :) I am pretty sure you are not out looking for attention. You are just wearing what you feel comfortable in. And if someone calls you a hoe for wearing big hoop earings, then that's pretty shallow haha. But I do not advise wearing a tank top and jeans with big hoop earings... now that will give off a slutty appearance. :x11. Are big hoop earrings coming back in style?apparently yes they are in the style and there are heaps of new range of big hoops they added more details in to the hoops like bling, charms and all that there are plain ones that have bling and charm, there are one with carvings, and there are so many of them and big hoops is great for any thing you can wear them to formals and you can wear them every where really! So i thik they are in style12. Why do few black and Latin people wear Abercrombie plaid shirt style & why do many often big hoop earrings?go get your abercrombie shirt and look at the tag, where was it made? i guarentee you it was made in some 3rd world country, meaning that some 5 year old , black or latino, made it over the course of 10 days and got paid 4 cents to do it. and i guarentee you some white guy is the one making profits off of it. im not wearin that sh*t. you focus too much on material things13. Guys: is it sexy when girls wear big hoop earrings?depends on the guy but to me it depends on the girl14. what is your opinion: big hoop earrings?So fashionable! Some girls can really showcase the beauty of huge hoop earring when they walk by you, you can instant catch that!
Fashion Hoop Earrings
Great news for jewelry collectors! This year, the fashion hoop earrings are going to be one of the newest jewelry items. A great number of people are thinking of this seeing that hoop earrings were conspicuously starting to be hot in the fashion world at the end of the previous year, and it has been carrying over up to now. Nonetheless, a great big change in fashion such as this may gradually take some time.Sure enough, at sometime this year people are going to see almost everyone flamboyantly wearing these exquisitely designed fashion hoop earrings. Certainly, there are a lot of various styles of hoop earrings sold in stores or can be simply bought online. These may come from different sizes ranging from small hoops to large hoops. As a matter of fact, hoops are even being used in some other things aside from earrings. Also, the most interesting fact one would like to know is that hoop earrings are not exclusively used by women, but they can be used by both sexes. Then again, the men commonly wear the smaller hoop ones, and bigger hoops are usually worn by women.Moreover, it will be absolutely fascinatingly cool to see if the style really changes like it did when the elegantly designed hoop earrings first came out. When these first came out to the general public, these originally appeared small (similar to what they are being used right now), and by the end of their duration as a phenomenal fad, these earrings had eventually gotten so big. In point of fact, a number of people assert that they had gotten very big that they could kind of kill themselves out.In truth, people would like to wear these fashion hoop earrings, but not even one wanted to be out of fashion; thus, people were really trying to wear the big ones. On the other hand, they appeared as not very practical because many jobs and companies never allowed their workers or employees to wear this kind of jewelry in the workplace. As well, if history will be repeated, then I must say that people are really going to see the demise of the hoop fashion when the hoops are again beginning to get too big.And now, if you are actually having in mind about beginning to get into the hoop earrings, then you really are going to have such a vast task ahead. Many places offer these kinds of earrings, both in stores and on the internet. However, if you purchase them in actual stores, you need to be extra-careful; otherwise, you will end up expending way too much. This is the reason why it is preferably necessary to search for fashion hoop earrings online.By simply looking for these styles of earrings online, you can indeed save a lot of money. Certainly, you are able to find these hoop earrings at your local stores; however, they will cost more as people who sell them exactly know that they can simply jack up the prices. On the other hand, when you procure them online, stores will definitely have to fight for your business. Therefore, if sellers over-price some of these jewelry items, then you can simply purchase them from another local store. And as a final remark, these captivating fashion hoop earrings are unquestionably back in style.But as to how long they are going to be back in fad still remains an unanswered question. Remarkably, a great multitude of people do not expect these jewelry items to immediately die out before the end of 2008. Thus you quickly go and dust off your jewelry box for your hoop earrings, because they are now back in style and will have to remain in style for a long time!
White LA Students Told They Can't Wear Hooped Earrings ...
White women accused of cultural appropriation have been told to scrap their 'hoop earrings' after a group of Latino college students complained that 'black and brown folks' were being exploited by it.A group of students, identifying themselves as women of color, wrote, 'White Girl, take off your hoops' on a 'free wall' used for unmoderated free speech at Pitzer College in Los Angeles, California.After one student was confused by the message, Alegria Martinez, Jacquelyn Aguilera, and Stefania Gallo-Gonzalez addressed the school in emails explaining the 'artwork'.Martinez wrote: 'The black and brown bodies who typically wear hooped earrings, (and other accessories like winged eyeliner, gold name plate necklaces, etc) are typically viewed as ghetto, and are not taken seriously by others in their daily lives.'White people have actually exploited the culture and made it into fashion,' she added.While hoop earrings date back to ancient times, they have also been staples among Cholas and hip hop artists who popularized large hoops and doorknocker earrings before they were featured in fashion shows like the Marc Jacobs Fall 2017 collection.Martinez, an active member of the Latinx Student Union, wrote an email to the entire student body explaining that hoop earrings are just one accessory appropriated by white people, the Claremont Independent reported.She said: 'The art was created by myself and a few other WOC [women of color] after being tired and annoyed with the reoccurring theme of white women appropriating styles...that belong to the black and brown folks who created the culture.'The culture actually comes from a historical background of oppression and exclusion.'The black and brown bodies who typically wear hooped earrings, (and other accessories like winged eyeliner, gold name plate necklaces, etc) are typically viewed as ghetto, and are not taken seriously by others in their daily lives.'Because of this, I see our winged eyeliner, lined lips, and big hoop earrings serving as symbols as an everyday act of resistance, especially here at the Claremont Colleges.'Meanwhile we wonder, why should white girls be able to take part in this culture (wearing hoop earrings just being one case of it) and be seen as cute/aesthetic/ethnic.'White people have actually exploited the culture and made it into fashion,' she said.After the incident received national media attention, Martinez, Aguilera, and Gallo-Gonzalez say they have been harassed by 'right-wing groups and individuals'. One received a death threat through Facebook messenger, they said.College President Melvin L. Oliver issued a statement condemning the 'cycle of violent hate speech' directed at students as a result.The three students also clarified their intentions behind the artwork in a written statement on Latinorebels.com, drawing attention to the more systemic forms of inequality.They said: 'The true meaning of the mural was to reflect the discrimination that women and nonbinary femmes of color face on college campuses when they are rendered invisible.'They also explained the pressures they faced to shed their 'aesthetic' in order to be taken seriously while white women could engage in cultural appropriation without it hurting their social or academic prospects.'Latinx women are forced to assimilate into academia to be respected while their struggles remain invisible to the institutions,' they wrote.'If we don't conform, it becomes difficult to access campus resources, find job opportunities and create professional networks.'Despite erasure, institutions knowingly label forced assimilation as a process of "professional socialization" rather than a process that violently strips identities and culture from women and nonbinary femmes of color.'On the other hand, white upper-class elite women are able to appropriate fashion created by marginalized groups with no consequences to their well-being, social acceptance, and academic success.'While hoop earrings date back to ancient times, the accessory became increasingly popular among African American women in the 1960s.Within the Black Power movement, hoop earrings were considered a way to celebrate one's culture, and echoed Afrocentric fashion.The earrings took on the same cultural meaning as Afro hairstyles or cornrow braids, and were later seen on 1970s icons Donna Summer and Diana Ross.Thicker doorknocker earrings were popularized in the 1980s by hip hop trio Salt-N-Pepa and rapper MC Lyte among many others.Artists like Sade Adu, Mary J Blige, Jennifer Lopez, and Missy Elliott, also consistently wore hoop earrings, becoming a mainstay in 90s fashion - which saw a resurgence in recent years.The earrings were also incorporated in the 'chola' style, popular among second-generation Mexican-American girls.In 2011, Vogue Italia referred to the style as 'slave earrings' in its 'Shop the Trend' section, which it later changed to 'ethnic earrings'.Taylor Swift also donned doorknocker earrings and piled on gold chains for her 2014 video Shake It Off, which was promptly slammed for using black back-up dancers as props.Last year, Vogue declared 'doorknocker earrings are back', citing high fashion brands Balenciaga and Celine.The earrings also appeared on the runway at Marc Jacobs' Fall 2017 show, which drew on hip hop style just one season after the brand was heavily criticized for sending models down the runway with fake dreadlocks.
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