If You Were the Current CEO of Jet Airways, What Would You Do to Bring the Airlines Back to Its Feet

If you were the current CEO of Jet Airways, what would you do to bring the airlines back to its feet?

If I will be CEO of jet airways hahaha it's like day dreaming. Or one night character play as president.This is not one day crises. Why management keep all employees in chaos. Company management profile salary cut if someone have 1 lac pm salary cut 25k from salary once company start making profit those money repayment such employee twice profit. Profit sharing return plan make all current employee is stakeholders. Do not recruit new but do multiple task until debt turn into profit. Business not all time in loss management show more as loss.Minimise tickets price on pick season. I will start lot of tourism packages to gain customer and my company profit.I will promote Indian tourism packages at abroad countries to gain lot of business. Internationally jet airways do few tie up to increase number of customers.Below are few names of airways.Singapore AirlinesAir New ZealandQantasQatar AirwaysVirgin AustraliaEmiratesAll Nippon AirwaysEva airThai AirwaysLufthansaCathay Pacific AirwaysJapan airlinesAtleast do 20%-40% mergers for international level to save business and payout employee salaries and compensation.Launch new IPO after mergers.I can suggest that I saw every time advance booking. Jet airways must have onspot booking with few lesser bucks.Event booking campaign like for domestic and international booking.Believe in company strategy in place of begging government. Ask six months for good return. Onspot booking for many events including FIFA World Cup, cricket series, any big religious festivals.Why company will not turn into profit.I believe that international tie up only can save and boost future business here. Change in management on top which help to boost future of company. In place of domestic help taking loan is one kind of domestic help.In place of cancellation of tickets company should restructure leadership management and ensure audit terms.As CEO of company I must say convince to any bank and rebuild company. Their is no genius pass from so called tier top management school. Which not yet hired by jet airways lolz. Hence probably jet airways facing financial crises.People give motivation their is the way to save but why give up on such brand. Every business has down fall but it's not the way to cancel all. People will not believe you then. As CEO I must stop all adverse impact of business.Mergers and acquisitions one way to save business. Because building brand took more number of years in place of shut down the business.In place of give up on current situation or shut down they must do strategies marketing.Indian management people give big talk on how to do but why they lack in business can not getting. These years many brands screwed by bank but complete loan amount recovered by bank have not heard any news on this topic. Only few steps took in action day by day.Probably now bank work on bad loan strategy but why can not they sale or acquired business or do mergers to recover loan amount from this sort of business.

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Is there a treatment for constant ringing of the ears.?

To evaluate for hearing loss, you would need audiometry to determine actual hearing loss and how much. Although tinnitus is often associated with hearing loss, it does not cause hearing loss, however, some conditions can cause both. I used to work Head & Neck surgery and in my professional opinion, this is what the focus of your concern should be. Although most cases of tinnitus are idiopathic (no known cause), the rest are caused by an underlying condition and can sometimes be reversed when the underlying condition is treated. So my advice to you is to get a referral to an ENT to have the cause of your hearing loss evaluated because I think that lost hearing is far more important than any tinnitus. It may turn out that your PCP can quickly diagnose this as cerumen build up. Cerumen is ear wax and a build up or cerumen impaction can cause both temporary hearing loss and tinnitus. It's easily corrected when the cerumen is removed.

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What are the impacts of choosing different loss functions in classification to approximate 0-1 loss

Some of my thoughts, may not be correct though.I understand the reason we have such design (for hinge and logistic loss) is we want the objective function to be convex.Convexity is surely a nice property, but I think the most important reason is we want the objective function to have non-zero derivatives, so that we can make use of the derivatives to solve it. The objective function can be non-convex, in which case we often just stop at some local optima or saddle points.and interestingly, it also penalize correctly classified instances if they are weakly classified. It is a really strange design.I think such design sort of advises the model to not only make the right predictions, but also be confident about the predictions. If we do not want correctly classified instances to get punished, we can for example, move the hinge loss (blue) to the left by 1, so that they no longer get any loss. But I believe this often leads to worse result in practice. For example, the logistic regression loss (red) assumes a Bernoulli distribution, the MSE loss (green) assumes a Gaussian noise.Following the least squares vs. logistic regression example in PRML, I added the hinge loss for comparison. As shown in the figure, hinge loss and logistic regression / cross entropy / log-likelihood / softplus have very close results, because their objective functions are close (figure below), while MSE is generally more sensitive to outliers. Hinge loss does not always have a unique solution because it's not strictly convex.However one important property of hinge loss is, data points far away from the decision boundary contribute nothing to the loss, the solution will be the same with those points removed. The remaining points are called support vectors in the context of SVM. Whereas SVM uses a regularizer term to ensure the maximum margin property and a unique solution.

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Why Hair Loss on Middle Age Women?
Why hair loss on middle age women?This Site Might Help You. RE: Why hair loss on middle age women? I started to loose tons of hair in the shower or when I brush it. Could that be from taking certain meds, stress or Menopausal? It's there a good suggestion to stop the hair loss? I have a lots of new grown hair, however, I am dumbfounded when I see how much falls in the shower...It's...— — — — — —can hair loss be seasonal ?definintley my hair just recently started falling out in locks and i got all freaked out but my mom sais that it will do that when it starts to get to this season.— — — — — —What are some reasons for hair loss?nr— — — — — —Does wax cause hair loss!?Well. I must tell you that I am doing wax for the last 9 years, but there is no hair loss. Yet the hair density has gone less. I do not know about the special kind of wax you are talking about, but generally it does not— — — — — —How can i make my hair grow?Options to treat hair loss in women: When the hair loss occurs due to medication, changing the medication will solve the problems. There are medications to treat hair loss caused by infection or hormones. You can use a hair loss drug like Rogaine, which can be purchased directly from the pharmacist. You can undergo a hair transplant. But a skilled doctor should do this. you find that the above treatments do not help, go for customized wigs, weaves and hairpieces. They are available in specialty shops and let you have the type of hair look that you choose.— — — — — —Hair loss and thinning, what to do?Use one of those volume hair care products because this is natural happens to the best of us i dnt see the big deal! Plus thin hair is really niice fyi— — — — — —what is the recommended food for hair loss?increase protein intake have more sprouts,almonds and most important stay away from stress— — — — — —Need tips with Hair Loss?All I can say is there really is not anything we can do about it unless we plan to spend thousands on the transplant surgery. Although a lack of vitamins and poor diet may contribute to hair loss, it is your genes that get the ball rolling in the first place. A lot of the hair regrowth tablets or formula's out there are usually placebos and will do nothing to restore your hair. May I ask why you would not want transplant surgery? If you bald slightly over the years the cost of maintaining your hair will be relatively affordable if you manage it in instalments.— — — — — —Im pregnant and losing hair!?Hair loss should not from the pills. Its the hormones. Everyone is different. But it is most likely normal. You should bring it up with your doctor to reassure you. Try not washing your hair as often to help lessen the hair loss until then— — — — — —Does Gel Cause Hair Loss?Many cosmetics these days have ingredients that can cause skin cancer, cancer of the throat, hair loss, skin problems, and the list could go on literally three pages. Certified Natural and organic cosmetics or if you know for them to be natural and organic for sure are the right path to follow. The other path is not always so clear— — — — — —What is normal hair loss and excessive hair loss?100 hairs a day is normal but if u skip brushing it for a day then that means 200 you have to keep that in mind.— — — — — —Hair loss in teens unhealthy?Frequent dying and bleaching your hair or the chemicals in perming solutions can be factor. Also, styling your hair with a flat iron or curling iron everyday can make your hair brittle and fall out. If you tie your hair back frequently can also cause tension in your scalp and over time can cause damage to the hair follicles. Hormonal imbalances, stress or crash dieting could also be the cause of your hair loss. You should definitely check with your doctor or try calling a company called KEVIS for an honest assessment on your hair loss concerns. They have some great natural products for your hair. 888-308-2410.Hair loss caused by depo shot?This Site Might Help You. RE: Hair loss caused by depo shot? I've been on the Depo-Provera shot for a year now. About 5 months in I noticed my hair getting thinner, and thinner...especially around the crown area, which looks like its balding. The part in my hair is also growing wider. I used to have very thick hair, it's extremely depressing. Is...
Insulating Curtains That Cut Heat Losses Through Windows by 50%
20 to 50% of all the energy that is used to heat up a typical home during the winter is lost through its windows. This wasted energy increases our heating bills as well as our carbon footprint, neither of which does anyone any good. With this in mind, we designed the Kume curtain: a simple and inexpensive do-it-yourself insulating curtain that can help us save money, keep our homes cozier and be kinder to the environment. "Kume" in the language of the Mapuche people of Chile means "good." We feel that this name is well-deserved as the performance of these curtains is very "kume" indeed. The thermographic photograph shown above speaks for itself. It was taken early one winter morning and clearly shows that the window fitted with a Kume curtain is much cooler than the one fitted with a conventional decorative curtain - and is actually even cooler than the masonry wall. This can mean only one thing: instead of letting the heat seep out of the house, the Kume curtain keeps the heat in, where you need it.The benefits offered by Kume curtains are as follows:It is a roll-up curtain that is composed of four distinct layers.1) A front panel which acts as the first layer of insulation and seals the perimeter of the window opening when the curtain is closed. 2) A moisture barrier which prevents indoor humidity from reaching the window and condensing on the cold glass and window frame.3 & 4) Wooden battens which maintain the fabric stretched out and thereby ensure that the curtain fits tightly against both sides of the window opening. The battens also create air pockets which further reduce heat losses hrough the curtain.5) A back panel which acts as the final layer of insulation and helps seal the perimeter of the window opening when the curtain is closed.The reasons why a Kume curtain is so effective in reducing heat losses through windows are:1) A Kume curtain can be used on any window whose frame is recessed by at least 1.5" with respect to interior surface of a wall. This is because the curtain works best if it is able to tightly seal the complete perimeter (that is, the top, bottom and sides) of the window opening.2) A Kume curtain is much less effective when installed on a window that is mounted flush with the interior wall, because the cold air that builds up on the inside surface of the window is able to flow around the sides and bottom of the curtain and seep into the room.3) When raised, the curtain forms a tight roll whose diameter varies depending on the length of the curtain and the thickness of the material used. For example, a curtain that is 5 ft long and made of two layers of fleece will produce a roll with a diameter of approximately 5". The rolled up curtain does not affect the operation of windows that open outward, sash windows or sliding windows, but it will prevent the operation of windows that open inward. If fitted with Kume curtains, these types of windows will have to remain closed until the curtains are taken down in spring.4) Depending on the type of fabric used, Kume curtains can be translucent to opaque. Therefore, they are mainly designed to shield windows at night, when indoor privacy is desirable, outdoor temperatures are lowest, and heat losses are greatest. In certain cases, however, the curtains can also be used during the day: for example, in unoccupied rooms in which daylighting is unnecessary, and in which the windows do not provide any useful solar heat gains.5) They can be used as the primary curtain on a window, or used in conjunction with a decorative curtain, as shown in the pictures above.For a window opening of width "W" and height "H", you will need the following components:1) Front panel 2) Moisture barrier 3) Upper batten 4) Lower battens 5) Back panel 6) Fasteners (not shown)Notes: A) The front and back panels are a bit bigger than the window opening. This is because these pannels need to completely plug the window opening when the curtain is closed.B) The choice of materials was mainly guided by our desire to make these curtains very affordable and simple to make. This is why we chose polar fleece for the curtain panels (fleece is inexpensive, insulating, widely available, and requires no stiching to be transformed into curtains), and polyethylene film for the vapor barrier. However, many other types of materials can be used to assemble a Kume curtain. For example, the curtain shown in the last step of these instructables was made using a back panel made of dark blue fleece, a vapor barrier made of transparent polyethylene, and a front panel made of dark blue fleece on which we sewed a flowered cotton print. As you can imagine, this curtain was totally opaque and worked great as a blackout curtain in addition to keeping out the cold.If you would like to use other types of materials, or even a different structure for the curtain (for example, using a quilted or interlining fabric to fill the gap between the front and back panels), please keep in mind the following points:The materials needed for this curtain are:Make sure that:Since the length of the battens is equal to the width of the plastic sheet, the ends of the battens should also align with the sides of the plastic sheet.The front panel is slightly longer and wider than the plastic sheet, so when in place:A) The top of the front panel should be aligned with the top batten;B) The bottom of the front panel should extend by 0.75" below the lower batten and base of the plastic sheet; andC) Each side of the front panel should extend by 0.75" past the ends of the battens and sides of the plastic sheet.The back panel has the same dimension as the front panel, so when in place: Place a staple within 3/8" of the ends of each batten. This will ensure that the material maintains its full width and touches the sides of the window opening.Use enough staples between both ends of the battens to properly fix the fabric to the battens.You are done!Refer to the web page www.kumeproject.com for instructions on how to mount the curtain and create the tie to hold the curtain in the rolled position. Other options for assembling the curtain are also described on this page.This web page provides the curtain assembly instructions in French, Spanish and Italian, as well as in metric (mm) and US customary (inches) units.
Olar Solar Lights - the Best Way to Reduce Energy Loss
Why buy a solar rechargeable battery?We can go on a few pages and get the story on why we need solar power. You need solar power because you are always being driven by the sun. That means that you are constantly losing energy in the form of electricity. You can save some energy by getting a solar rechargeable battery and running it for a while. The benefit of having a solar rechargeable battery is that you can recharge it while you are out of power. You can also add some different solar energy in the battery and run it when you are not at home. Solar energy has a range of benefits.Solar light bulbs don't make as much money as you think. They are a bit expensive to produce and over time, it is a risk that they can break and cause problems in the environment. This could lead to less solar energy being produced and used. Also, you could try using rechargeable batteries. If you buy rechargeable batteries, they don't require a huge amount of maintenance and are made to last longer.Rechargeable batteries do not work at all, in fact they work harder to save energy. However, a high-efficiency battery system does work. So it makes sense to use them if you are buying solar batteries.When I bought my solar rechargeable battery it had a 25% savings on the cost of a battery when compared to buying a petrol engine car. The technology used in solar power have a major impact on our planet and on our society. If you are thinking about switching to solar power you will need to find a solar rechargeable battery that has a good life-cycle-saving performance. If you are thinking about switching to solar power you will need to find a solar rechargeable battery that has a good life-cycle-saving performance.Solar rechargeable battery typesOur batteries can last a long time. If you want to save money on energy use and the need to replace your batteries often, it is important to invest in solar rechargeable batteries. Battery rechargeable batteries do not require as much energy to operate as rechargeable batteries. When your battery is fully charged, you can use it for a longer period of time. That is the only way you can recharge your battery when it is fully charged. Batteries should be charged every couple of months to ensure they are working as well as they can.The biggest problem with batteries is that they're a battery, but a battery is a battery, right? Solar cells can also be replaced. Instead of replacing them, you can charge them, put them into an rechargeable battery pack and have solar light in your garden.Waste is no problem when you can make use of it.There are many solar battery types and different ones can be used to make solar power systems.For more than 10 years, the cost of solar panels has fallen because people are starting to see how beneficial they are for their home. As a result, they are becoming more widely available. The use of solar light is also gaining in popularity as the price of solar panels is falling and there are also many new kinds of solar lights. The most popular solar light for a homeowner is the halogen light. It's been used for years, but it's not easy to make one because it has its own maintenance problems. For this reason, people are now replacing their old halogen light with the solar light.With solar batteries, you can go for much longer periods of time than with other methods of power supply. Solar batteries have long been known to be much more reliable than coal-fired generators, and it is this reliability that is at the heart of solar batteries. Because solar batteries can last a lot longer than coal-fired generators, solar batteries are more energy efficient than other forms of power supply.Voltage for solar rechargeable batteriesThe United States spends billions on installing batteries that store electricity. However, a lot of this money is wasted and it doesn't seem to be enough to meet the needs of people living in the United States. The United States spends a lot of money on replacing outdated batteries that are expensive to maintain. As a result, many Americans are living in states where they can only charge their phones, or only have access to rechargeable batteries that have to be stored in them. People are struggling to afford solar lights that they can use in their homes. To solve this problem, the US government has started installing solar lights that cost only $30 each.Venduring solar power has gotten more attention than solar lights. Vending power stations are making great progress. Most of the industry in this field are developing rechargeable batteries which are low cost and easy to use. One way to save energy while using batteries is to connect solar lights to rechargeable batteries. They work with batteries that have solar panels to make energy which is more efficient. The second way to save energy is to convert sunlight into electricity. There are two types of solar lighting systems which are high efficiency and low energy consumption. The high efficiency solar lighting systems use solar panels and PVs to make energy which is more efficient.It is always better to use a low voltage battery as a power source. By using a solar powered battery we are actually taking out some of the loss from our power use. You can try using solar batteries in a way that helps to minimize the cost of electricity. You can try switching to using solar powered batteries. With solar batteries you will also save a lot of money and also energy. Solar batteries also offer an advantage that regular batteries do not offer. It is a great way to reduce the amount of energy consumed by electricity and that's a great advantage for everyone. If you have a preference then you can choose to use solar batteries.
Water Pressure Loss Every 30 Seconds
Water pressure loss every 30 secondsSomething is not right with your pressure tank/pressure switch.)Typically the most cost effective way to solve that is a new pressure tank. But. There are small odds that things are just horribly mal-adjusted. A properly installed well-pump system will have a pressure gauge you can see somewhere near the pressure tank - you should abserve that while water is running, and pay attention to where the pressure is when it switches the pump on and off. You can check by turning off the pump and draining the water; then check the air pressure on the tank (there should be a tire valve, usually on/near the top, sometimes under a cover - use a tire gauge to read that pressure. ) If it's zero ( with the water side drained & at zero), you almost certainly have a failed bladder, but try pumping it up (with a tire pump - there should be air in there) if it does not hold pressure, you definitely have a failed bladder. If it will hold pressure, it should be adjusted to about 2-3 PSI below where the pump turns on (so if the pump starts at 40 PSI, 37-38 PSI) Depending what type of pump you have, restarting the pump may be more or less difficult - if it's in the well (submersible) it's generally no work at all - if it's a pump in the house you may need to prime it, and thus you might not even want to start the "turn things off and drain the system" checks until you have an understanding of how to prime and restart the pump, or you wo not have ANY water until you do.To help you understand the (most likely) problem, the pressure tank acts to store water under pressure by compressing an air bubble. The tank and resulting air bubble are typically supposed to be sized to allow for 1 or 2 minutes of pump operation (which results in a certain volume of water) each time the system cycles. If the air bubble is not the right size, much less water is stored, and the pump cycles more frequently. In the "properly adjusted" state, the 2-3 PSI below the pump turn-on (also known as cut-in) pressure prevents any noticeable loss of pressure (the tank is still supplying water as the pump starts to replenish it), and the pressure simply varies between 40 & 60 PSI, or 30 & 50, or 20 & 40, or possibly other values— — — — — —What Causes High Water Pressure and How Do I Fix It?You probably know low water pressure can be an issue - no one wants to spend forever trying to wash shampoo out of their hair. Did you also know that high water pressure can be an even bigger problem than low water pressure? Water pressure that's too high can cause plumbing issues and wear out expensive appliances. Use this guide to learn more about the problems caused by high water pressure and how you can help keep your home's water pressure at a safe level. What Happens If My Water Pressure is Too High? High water pressure puts excess strain on your plumbing system, including your pipes, seals and appliances that use water. As high volumes of water are forced through, the parts that make up your plumbing system are stressed by the pressure which can lead to a variety of problems. How Do I Know if I Have High Water Pressure? The normal range for water pressure in homes is between 40-80 pounds per square inch (psi). The easiest way to tell if you have high water pressure is by using a water pressure gauge. These inexpensive tools can usually be found at your local hardware store for less than $20. To use the pressure gauge, attach it to a faucet with the water turned off. Make sure the gauge reads 0 psi before you turn on the water. Turn the water on and see where the needle on the gauge goes to. If it's above 80 psi, you probably need to lower your water pressure. Most modern homes are equipped with a water pressure regulator to help monitor your water pressure and keep it at the proper level. If you are dealing with ongoing high water pressure, you should check on your regulator. You may be able to lower your water pressure by adjusting the regulator, or you might need to replace it with a new one. Older homes may not have been constructed with a water pressure regulator. If you discover this to be the case, you should consider having one installed which typically requires the use of a plumber. Fixing high water pressure helps extend the life of your plumbing and appliances, while also helping you avoid major plumbing issues caused by water leaks or burst pipes.
Could Work Done to Lower a Radiator Have Caused a Loss of Water Pressure From a Combi Boiler?
Absolutely: You may have not bled the radiator system enough so you have air bubbles in the primary loop.To bleed a radiator:Repeat this for every radiator (air may have migrated)Our new house has a year-old combi boiler. We are doing a lot of work in the house and 2 days ago early evening a bedroom radiator was lowered (pipes were frozen to do this) and a hall radiator was put back on after being off for a week due to decorating--all by our very good plumber.Next morning I had a shower ok but when my wife got in no hot water!! Pressure gauge had dropped to zero so topped up and hot water again. Pressure dropped marginally by afternoon so topped up. All fine since. Can find no leaks in the system anywhere.Could the initial radiator work I mentioned at the start of this HELP question be the cause? Having never had a combi with wall thermostat any help would be appreciated.·OTHER ANSWER:Our new house has a year-old combi boiler. We are doing a lot of work in the house and 2 days ago early evening a bedroom radiator was lowered (pipes were frozen to do this) and a hall radiator was put back on after being off for a week due to decorating--all by our very good plumber.Next morning I had a shower ok but when my wife got in no hot water!! Pressure gauge had dropped to zero so topped up and hot water again. Pressure dropped marginally by afternoon so topped up. All fine since. Can find no leaks in the system anywhere.Could the initial radiator work I mentioned at the start of this HELP question be the cause? Having never had a combi with wall thermostat any help would be appreciated.
Cavallo Point
Cavallo PointCavallo Point is a conference center or hotel in Marin County, California. It is located within Fort Baker in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. It is also known as the Lodge at the Golden Gate, It includes building(s) built in 1901, in Colonial Revival style. It is part of a National Register of Historic Places-listed historic district, Forts Baker, Barry, and Cronkhite. Architectural Resources Group, an architectural firm which had architectural conservators as staff members, did some work there. It is listed on the National Registry of the Historic Hotels of America.— — — — — —Lynch PointLynch Point (755S 13744W / 75.083S 137.733W / -75.083; -137.733Coordinates: 755S 13744W / 75.083S 137.733W / -75.083; -137.733) is a rocky point at the seaward end of the peninsula between Frostman Glacier and Hull Glacier on the coast of Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica. It was photographed from United States Antarctic Service (1939-41) aircraft on December 18, 1940, and was mapped by the United States Geological Survey from surveys and U.S. Navy air photos, 1959-65. The point was named by the Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names for Ensign William R. Lynch II, U. S. Navy Reserve, Damage Control Officer aboard USS Glacier in exploring these coastal waters, 1961-62.— — — — — —what is the point of life?The point of life is to be human We think therefore we are We are all separate beings of intelligence we live together for the better of our selves but that has been forgotten amongst greed and revenge we must remember that a human is not one but many, live to help That's why we do not kill for pleasure when you lose this, you lose your humanity and deserve no human rights— — — — — —What is the point of of handcuffs?creates excitement in the bedroom— — — — — —Awarua PointAwarua Point is located on the southwestern coast of New Zealand's South Island, at the northern end of Big Bay, 40 kilometres (25 mi) north of Milford Sound, and 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) north of the mouth of the Hollyford River. Traditionally, Awarua Point is regarded as the end of Fiordland and the start of the West Coast region, although the boundary of Fiordland National Park is located 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) farther south at the northern end of Martins Bay. The New Zealand Ministry for Culture and Heritage gives a translation of "two streams" for Awarua.— — — — — —Maurstad PointMaurstad Point (6539S 665W / 65.650S 66.083W / -65.650; -66.083Coordinates: 6539S 665W / 65.650S 66.083W / -65.650; -66.083) is a point lying 6.5 nautical miles (12 km) north-northeast of Speerschneider Point, midway along the west side of Renaud Island in the Biscoe Islands of Antarctica. It was first accurately shown on an Argentine government chart of 1957. The point was named by the UK Antarctic Place-Names Committee in 1959 for Alf Maurstad, author of Atlas of Sea Ice, 1935. .— — — — — —1 point for each correct ans.. 10 points?1.do 2.your 3.bloody 4.homework 5.!! 6.experiences gravitational and normal forces 7.addition 8.pi/3 9.-1/2e 10.force— — — — — —What is the noise coming from the heating vent/duct?its the pipe contracting, wrap it with some insulation at that point— — — — — —Biscayne PointBiscayne Point is a neighborhood of North Beach in the city of Miami Beach, Florida, United States. It is located just west of the main island that the city occupies, in the area of the city referred to as North Beach. It is actually on three islands, just north of Normandy Shores. Bridges connect the three islands which are accessible from 77th Street and from 85th Street by vehicles and a from a pedestrian bridge at 80th Street. Two public parks are available. The northern one is Stillwater Park and the southern is Crespi Park.— — — — — —Hey...on a scale of one to ten, how crabby are you gonna be by the time you hit 90?I will probably be locked in a coffin, six feet under, my dead body decomposing slowly by that point— — — — — —Striking PointStriking Point is an action film directed by Thomas H. Fenton and starring Christopher Mitchum, Ivan Rogers, Stan Morse, Mark Hanson, Tracy Spaulding, and Rocky Patterson. It is about detectives in their quest to stop the KGB from bringing in weapons for gangs in the United States.— — — — — —Gaudin PointGaudin Point (655S 6322W / 65.083S 63.367W / -65.083; -63.367Coordinates: 655S 6322W / 65.083S 63.367W / -65.083; -63.367) is the eastern entrance point of Lauzanne Cove, Flandres Bay, on the Danco Coast of Antarctica. It was first charted by the French Antarctic Expedition, 1903-05, under Jean-Baptiste Charcot. In association with the names of pioneers of photography in this area, the point was named by the UK Antarctic Place-Names Committee (1977) after Marc Antoine Gaudin, a French photographer who took the first instantaneous photographs of moving objects in 1841. .
Best Way to Handle Low Tire Pressure for My Car?
There's no shame in going to a tire place and asking. That's what they are there for. It may be a puncture, a rim leak, or a valve stem that requires replacement. Driving on a tire that is under inflated can cause bigger problems. Let them resolve it while it's minor1. Tire Pressure light on in new car....?It just means your tire pressure is low. Get it checked out at the closest Toyota Dealer. Its free anyways. Your car is still under the 3 year warranty. You will just wear out your tires like crazy and get horrible MPG.2. How And Why Truck Tires Blow OutTire scraps are a common sight on many highways. Many truck crashes are due to a driver losing control of a semi after the tire blows out. Have you ever wondered why tires blow out or how you can prevent a tire blowout? Keep reading to learn more. Hotter weather makes tires more prone to blowouts. The most common months for tire blowouts are from May through October, but they can happen at any time of the year, especially in states with warm temperatures year round. When the weather is hotter and you are traveling at a high speed for a long distance while carrying a heavy load, tires are more likely to fail. Older tires are more likely to fail. Truck tires can last for thousands of miles, but they eventually need to be replaced like any vehicle. Semi tires are subject to more wear and tear compared to regular vehicle tires since they travel further more often and carry heavy loads on a regular basis. Tires should be inspected frequently to make sure they are not deteriorating. Underinflation is one of the most common reasons truck tires blow out. Without proper air pressure, the tire can not handle the weight of the truck and its cargo. Tires that are underinflated are more likely to flex beyond their limits, leading a tire to failure. Always check truck tire pressure before heading out on a long haul. Potholes and uneven pavement are all over the highway. If you hit a pothole or a bump in the road traveling at a fast enough speed, the pavement can cut through the tire and cause a blowout. Other times, the tire wo not fail when it hits the uneven pavement or pothole, but the hit will weaken the tire making it more likely to blow out at a different time. Although tire blowouts can happen to even the most prepared driver, there are a few precautions to take to help prevent a tire blowout: Perform regular tire maintenance. If proper maintenance is not done regularly, it puts everyone in danger each time the semi hits the road. Inspect tires before you hit the road. Check for cracks, holes or any other issues with the tire before heading out. Maintain proper tire inflation. Before you head out, check and make sure the tires are inflated to the proper air pressure. If it is an especially hot day, check the tire pressure each time you take a break. Tire pressure can fluctuate in extreme temperatures. Learn more tips for safe trucking on our blog. Check it out!3. what is the tire pressure for Michelin 59/80R63d you like to ask?797b Caterpillar Dump Truck4. I'm getting a "speed wobble" when I lean my motorcycle?It just depends on how long you've been riding. Sometimes it's just not being man enough to control the bike. But, if you have been riding for a while then just do a safety check. Tire pressure, Front Suspension, and then go around a curve slow and see if it happens again. If it does take it in, or just put your body into controlling the bike. Usually, it's just because people get nervous going around curves and do not put their body into. Well, you get the picture.5. What is the correct tire pressure for Saturn SC2?But if you have the manufacture tires, they should be at roughly 35psi, depending on rim size6. Car pulling to the left, what could it be?i could be the balence or the alinement or tire pressure7. What do you do about the tire pressure monitoring system when you buy used or aftermarket wheels?What do you do about the tire pressure monitoring system when you buy used or aftermarket wheels?You simply make certain that the used or aftermarket wheels you buy can accommodate the existing TPMS that is already on your car
Simple&efficient Slider Module for the Following Purpose
Views Slideshow is not a bad way to go. It will probably take some working with css/templates/views to get it to display the way you want, but it is the most used module, so if you find yourself up against a wall using it, there's a good chance someone's already has done it and has written a tutorial, or would answer a question. There are a few other modules out there you could look at. A quick search I found this page, which has a decent listAlso a very in-depth comparison on the different modules out there from drupal. org.1. Is there a common home vegtable that i can feed my red eared slider babies? and how should i prepare it?When I first got my turtles I tried lots of different fruit and veg, They just left the ones they did not like. Some of their faves are Pear just chop up a litle bit, carrot...they skin peelings, they do not seem to like strawberries, bananas or grapes. Their favorite is mango. They have never liked letuce tho!.2. Content Sliders (Nivo Slider) and SEOThe most important thing is what google sees. You do not care what JavaScript does to the images. You care what Google reads.Either use Fetch as Google or Lynx Web Browser to see how your website looks like from search engine perspective. So first thing first - you should use alt tags on your images. This way it's more google-friendly, and actually becomes valid W3C code.Secondly - as far as I can see on Nivo Slider website it's using quite clean HTML inputso you should not be bothered at all with the fact that is slices images. It could slice them, rotate, turn into a thousand pieces - it would not matter at all. Google cannot see that. What should interest you is the HTML code. So your best bet in putting the description would be by using the longdesc attribute on img tag. Alternative is that you use divs that are forced to be hidden. Like that:But I am not sure if they wo not collide with slider script, and doing things like that in general is a bad practice.Third way would be to use progressive enhancement, and either - put your text descriptions in a placeholder Div, or do not put it at all onto a website. In first case you would want to replace your placeholder div holding your content with actual slider AFTER the main content is loaded (either use simple JS content or AJAX). In second case you would add a slider into the proper spot after the main content is loaded (again: AJAX/JS) and in terms of SEO: Work as if slider would not be there. Prioritize content instead (which is IMHO the best thing you can do).3. do red eared slider turtles shells stay smooth?First of all, your question is extremely worrying. You bought a red eared slider because it was cute? Turtles need extreme care. I am not entirely sure about the adult turtles' shells staying smooth but I can tell you one thing for sure, your turtle's shell will go soft if you do not take care of it properly. Soft-shell is an illness that turtles can acquire from not being looked after properly. You were right about them basking to harden their shell. They do this for just the reason of preventing themselves from getting Soft-shell. For this you need a UVA and UVB lamp so that they can get the sun's nutrients. You need to get your turtle a big enough tank as well with a good filter. I suggest a Fluval filter and probably a 20 gallon tank to start. Try getting it used because it's cheaper. Make sure you are feeding your turtle properly (mostly proteins when it's young and progressively more vegetables as it ages). I hope that I am giving you information that you already know.4. Where should my baby red eared slider sleep at night?Turtles usually prefer to sleep in the water at night, where they feel less vulnerable. They like to rest just below the surface of the water, where they can lift their heads out to breathe. If you are concerned about the water depth, you can make a small platform just beneath the water or add some plants (real or plastic) or other decor that juts out of the water slightly so your turtle can rest on them while still being able to lift his head up to breathe. If you have a submersible water heater, you probably would not need the heat lamp at night. I have a Turtle Topper (above tank basking area) for my painted turtle. It has a platform hanging from the bottom that sits just below the water surface. He likes to sleep there and climbs up onto it when I turn his light off for the night. My big RES, though, basks in the evening and often stays on her basking dock to sleep if she's up there when the light goes out.
Water Tank Buying Guide: Price, Types, Vastu Placement & Maintenance Tips
In this article, we give you all the information on selecting a water tank and how to place it, according to Vastu ShastraSafe drinking water is a basic need and continuous water supply is needed for day-to-day activities. Often, municipalities do not supply adequate water throughout the day. So, home owners prefer to invest in a water tank for their house, to get water supply at all times.A water storage tank collects water and stores it for later use and access. Residential water tanks and overhead water tanks have become important, as they are convenient for people to access the water supply 24×7. Water tanks are also used as catchment tanks for rainwater.In India, water tanks are made from plastic, concrete, metal, fiberglass, steel and other materials. Nowadays, the plastic polyethylene (poly) water tank is the most popular for water storage, as it is lightweight, non-corrosive and leak-proof. If by any chance the plastic tank does have slight damage, it can easily be secured with a sealant. The water tanks can last up to 10 years or more, depending on the material used to manufacture them.Plastic water tanks in India come in various capacities and types - underground or overhead type. Plastic water tanks are available in various sizes such as 500-litre, 1,000-litre, 5,000-litre and it can even go above 1,00,000 liters. They usually come in cylindrical, square and rectangular shapes.Some of the water tank brands in India are Sintex water tank, RC Plasto, Storewel, Aquatech, Supreme, Penguin, Vectus, Sheetal, Jindal, Sarita, Kaveri, Lotus, Easy tanks, Neropure, Selzer and others.The water tank depends on the storage capacity, layers of the plastic used, brand, state, dealer, etc.Elevated water storage tanks are fitted underground and are ideal for storing water from rainwater harvesting and municipal water. The size of the underground water tank is usually larger than the overhead tank.See also: A guide to water conservation methodsOverhead tanks are placed over the rooftop of any house or apartment. These are popular due to its cost-effectiveness and easy installation. Water storage tanks above ground can be easily checked for leakage through visual inspection and are usually easier to access if repairs are required. With overhead tanks, one can have to access the water even without electricity. Once the tank is filled, the gravitational force maintains the necessary water pressure through the water system.Placement of water tank according to VastuWater is one of the five elements mentioned in Vastu Shastra, which plays an important role and if its placement is not correct in the house, then, it can create problems for the occupants. Vastu Shastra has specific directions mentioned for placing the water tanks.The ideal direction for the overhead water tank is in the south-west or the west corner of the house. If those areas are not feasible, then, place the tank in the south or the north-west direction. Ensure that the tank placed in the north-west is of a small size.According to Vastu, the overhead water tank must never be kept in the north-east corner. Placing the tank in the south-east corner or the center is also not advisable, as it can result in financial loss and cause accidents.An overhead tank should not have any leakage towards the left. In case there is any leakage, it is considered inauspicious as it can cause financial loss.Underground water tanks can be either towards the north or east. If the position of the tank is towards the north-east direction of the plot, it results in happiness, wealth and prosperity.Underground water tanks should not be placed in the south direction, as it may causes mental stress and illness. The south-east direction of the house is for the fire element and there should be no water tank in that area. Similarly, the north-west and south-west directions are not recommended for underground water.Avoid a water tank above the kitchen or bedroom. There should be different tanks for different purposes. As per Vastu, avoid digging an underground water tank on Tuesday.For a small family, a 500 to 600-litre water storage tank is enough and for a big family (depending on the size of the family) opt for a 700 to 1,000-litre tank. One also gets small tanks that have a capacity of between 100 and 300 litres.Water storage tanks come in different shapes. Vertical water tanks are better for groundwater storage purposes, while horizontal tanks are ideal for underground storage purposes. For household purposes, a vertical tank would be ideal, as rectangular and square tanks can fit in the corners and make best use of space. For large areas, cylindrical tanks are the best.Storage tanks are available in various colours such as black, white, green beige, etc. Black and green tanks are preferred, as they prevent ultraviolet rays and the growth of harmful bacteria.Always choose the high-quality low linear density polyethylene (LLDPE) material and food-grade plastic material. These are safe to use and are durable.Plastic water storage tanks are available with many layers. These multiple layers protect the tanks from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The extra layers include the black middle layer and food-grade layers that make it safe for drinking water usage. So, opt for triple-layer tanks.Always select a well-known brand and one that has a warranty.See also: A quick guide on using water metersTips for maintenance and cleaning of plastic water tank• Ensure that the storage water tank is properly closed, to avoid any impurities or waste from entering. Regularly check for leakage of pipes and get them repaired immediately.• The purity of the water is also impacted by where it is stored. Whether it is a home building or a housing complex, the water tank should be cleaned and disinfected at least twice a year to avoid water contamination and to maintain health and hygiene.• To clean the tank fully, drain the stored water. Try to use it for some chores, rather than just wasting it.• Scrub the tank, to remove dirt and sediments. One can either use chlorine or liquid detergents to get rid of deposits and germs. After cleaning the tank, always ensure that the tap is left running for some time, to wash away the dirty water.• If one is unable to clean the tank oneself, it is better to hire professionals who will do high-pressure cleaning, such as vacuum cleaning, anti-bacterial spray, etc. and ensure it is thoroughly clean.I need information about Cold Salt Water Tanks and fish?Cold water salt water tanks can be hard to come by. There are very few fish on the market that are cold water. The only one I could fine was a Catalina Goby. They are marketed as warm water, but the live best at room temp. If you want any other cold water salt water fish, you might have to collect your own. If you want to go for Catalina goblies, a 30 gallon tank should be find. You can go smaller, but this is not recommend for beginner. I would do research on salt water tanks first. However, I do not think you will need a protein skimmer, just a good filter and some decor. Also, live rock and sand might not work because of the cold water( on second though, live sand should. Hope this helps!!
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