Im Buying a Canon 400D with Macro&wide Angle? Whats Your Opinion?

Im buying a Canon 400D with macro&wide angle? whats your opinion?

Buying a good lens is an investment. It will outlast the camera body, so choosing wisely makes sense (not to mention, saves you money in the long run). For wide angle, have a look at the Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5's a very good lens, not cheap but optically it's very good. For Macro, have a look at the excellent (Prime) Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 USM's not too expensive, does not zoom, but it's optically excellent. (Ken Rockwell rates it's optics as spectacular.). For portraits, (Primes) EF 50 mm f/1.4 USM, EF 85mm f/1.8 USM or EF 100mm f/2.0 USM Plus there are a number of excellent zoom lenses available. I do not really think much of third party lenses.stick with Canon. Do not forget that the update to the 400D has just been announced, meaning that prices of the 400D will most likely go down.but my pick is the newer 450D, though. check out the lenses in the links below.

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Is the Canon Powershot G10 14.7MP Digital Camera with 5x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom good?

The answer is simply yes. The G10 is great based on reviews from many sites including, and it's also the best non-DSLR cameras from Canon. About DSLR cameras, there are plenty of them that cost less than $1000. For instance, the famous Canon Rebel XSI with kit lens will cost you around $700. The price for its lower model, the Rebel XS, is about $535. If you choose any DSLR, there may be extra costs in the future like for some extra accessories like lenses and flash units.In constrast, if you go with the G10 or other non-DSLR cameras, the total price you pay is quite fixed. However, in term of image quality, the DSLR is definitely better. PS. There recently is a service notice for the G10. Have a look at the last link below.

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Why do superzoom designs keep expanding on the telephoto rather than wide-angle end?

The 1/2.3" sensor size's strength is in superzoom capability, not in image quality. If you are looking for a landscape focal length, this type of camera/sensor is a poor choice. Traditional APS-C or FF equivalent sensors will completely blow away this type of camera in image quality, ISO performance, dynamic range, RAW compatibility, light gathering, among other factors. Manufacturers are building to this sensor sizes' strength- It has a 2000mm equivalent optical zoom with image stabilization. This is unheard of in mainstream lenses (not special order) for APS-C and FF cameras. Sure, you can buy a 800mm IS lens for 15K$ or so and crop, but its vastly more expensive, and very bulky.

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How to improve wide-angle composition in travel photography to make it more dynamic?

You may want to read Ken Rockwell's article on ultra-wide lens to get a few ideas on improving your composition. One of the main advices he gives is: "get closer". I think this applies to your second image: if you just wanted to get the man with a background, you could have used a not-so-wide lens and get it. If you want to use a ultra-wide and get something out of it, then you can and probably should play with the "foreground/background" opposition, and getting closer to your subject is one way to achieve that.Try playing on all the degrees of freedom you have: get down on your knees if you want strong perspective on the ground (on the second picture, you could have had a low-angle shot on the man, and get the man contrast with the sky as background instead of having this dark-on-dark effect with the grass as background). Point your camera up or down to change position of horizon on your picture, this has a strong effect on perspective with wide-angle lens too. If you post-process your images, play with lens correction and projection algorithms, some projections make pictures more natural or more "distorted"

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What's a good portable camera for taking wide-angle interior shots? I have a DSLR and a 10-20mm Nikon but I can't always take them with me.

There is really not much smaller alternative. You could try a mirrorless but that is not really that much smaller. No compact camera has so wide lens. They start at 24 mm equivalence when that Nikon is 15 mm. One solution is to use the phone and an app that allows you to compose wide shots like Procapture. It is free for limited resolution but costs something on full resolution. Note a wide shot is different from a panorama.

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