Installation and Operation Manual of Water Cooling Radiator

1、 Installation precautions

1. The table surface of radiator (radiator) must match the table surface of tube core. It is strictly prohibited to flatten and skew and damage components.

2. During installation, the tube core table and the two heat sinks must be completely parallel and concentric. The three fastening nuts must be tightened evenly until the Belleville springs are substantially tightened


2、 Precautions for use

1. The user shall correctly select the device parameters according to the application line characteristics, working environment, reliability and other requirements, and leave reasonable allowance.

2. Device cooling conditions

(1) Forced air cooling: wind speed ≥ 6m / S

(2) Water cooling: flow ≥ 4 L / min

Inlet water temperature: 5 ℃ - 35 ℃

Water pressure ≥ 1.5kg/cm2

Water quality: circulating water ρ ≥2.5KΩcm。

When the product is used, it shall meet the specified cooling conditions, otherwise it shall be used with reduced capacity. During the use of the radiator, pay attention to water leakage, anti blocking

Prevent condensation, and timely handle or replace the radiator in case of problems.

3. It is forbidden to use a megger (megger) to check the device. If it is necessary to check the withstand voltage capacity of the whole device, short circuit each electrode of the device first.

4. The multimeter can only judge whether the device is good or bad. Measure the gate cathode resistance with the "1 ohm" gear of the multimeter. If the pointer is zero, it indicates that the gate is short circuited; finger

If the needle does not move, it is an open circuit. The multimeter cannot make quantitative judgment on the withstand voltage of devices. To conduct qualitative test on withstand voltage and trigger characteristics, please use a special tester to operate to

Determination by manufacturer

3、 Special recommendations:

When reusing the water-cooled radiator, pay special attention to check whether the table surface is smooth and flat, and whether there is scale and blockage in the water chamber. If there is any upper

Replace in case of.

Water cooling installation diagram:

K ...............................A

Note: the surface close to the tube core sealing ring is the k-pole surface (corresponding to the K radiator) The surface far from the die sealing ring is the A-pole surface (corresponding to a radiator).

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