Is It Better to Burn Plastic Toys Or Toss Them in the Trash? We Are Clearing Out an Old Flooded Stor

Burning plastic, besides making a gruesome mess, spew lots of toxic fumes. Not a good idea. Through them in the dishwasher, donate the toys to charity and take the write off at tax time. Good karma and money, what more can you ask for.

1. Does anybody know a name for those little plastic toys that change their image as you tilt the view angle?

Was it a kaleidoscope? Sorry that's all I can think of!

2. What is the best way to disinfect used legos and plastic toys?

A little bleach is the best solution. Once it dries, it is non toxic. Anything bigger or dirtier, I've always had good luck with soft scrub (with bleach). Rinse everything thoroughly and let dry

3. What are some homemade science experiments even little kids can do?

This amused my kids when they were younger, I put plastic toys in cups with water, froze them, and they melted it in the tub

4. What is worse for the enviroment, poo or plastic toys, plasma t.v. ect.?

They left a Plasma TV at a campsite ?????

5. Why are folks still buying plastic toys made in China?

Really, to remain within proper etiquette you can not request specific toys. You do have the option of no gifts. That is the only choice that I see. I once received a birthday party invitation stating the child's size and "needs". I thought that was the most brazen and tacky thing ever. I did not attend the party, did not send a gift, and we no longer speak

6. How to make Custom Plush Toys | WILDREAM

We draft a design and manufacturing plan because each plush toy project, this draft includes a detailed project progress schedule, and all checking progress. We will finish every step together hand with hand, and that is our secret to provide high quality plush toys & great stuffed animals. Once the character has been decided, we need to confirm the specifications belong to the plush toy that includes size, color assortment, positions on joint surface and materials etc. WILDREAM always choose the best design in order to make the perfect plush toy either for toy retails or other commercial purpose. Once the design is conformed, we then make the final progress control schedule to make sure all the following works are processing on time. Plush toys could be designed as mini size from 1-2 inch (5-10 CM) and 3 feet (1M) or even taller giant characters. Based on chosen materials and fabrics, Brand and Logo could be attached on any position, and the attach methods includes: Embroidery Silk-screen printing Digital printing Transfer printing Hand-drawn sewing logo The most common plush fabrics includes various length synthetic polyester wool, nylon, felt, cotton, natural fiber, knitted fabrics, blending fabrics and some special fabrics. Possible filling material for plush toys could be chosen from small plastic particles, cotton or synthetic fiber. Our special construction for "motional plush toy" can also include a hidden skeleton which allows the plush toys to move all four arms and legs as well as making gestures. Plush toy is usually one piece made by seaming the fabrics and other components together, so seam and joint are obviously visually and necessary in a plush toy structure. However, it is quite similar with making plastic toys, there might be adjustments on locations need to add joints or reduce, so we need to be fully prepared before prototype design. If plush toys include eyes, we have many different methods and materials to add on, such as: The most popular plush toy packaging is a simple "hang tag"- cards with character's background information or product information, thin rope hang on the plush toy ear or arm, chain or plastic tie. Many plush toys do not have any package other than a plastic bag within transportation. However, there are a few types of packaging methods designed for plush toys, methods like gift boxes and window boxes could not only attract buyers while protecting from damage but also higher up the value of plush toys All the originally designed plush toys come with a fabric material tag, normally attached in the back, bottom or leg of plush character. These in-seam or tush tags show the quality assurance information and advertise your brand at the same time.

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