Is It Common for People in the UK to Use Reusable Water Bottles?

Julie McNamee from Canada while I can learn something about you from your posts I do wish that you would enter some credentialsThe answer on water bottles is that it is getting more common to use reusable bottlesThat said I can not understand why people carry water around with them, clutching phone in one hand and water bottle in the other seems daft to me. You see much more when you look around yourself rather than gaze at your phone and what on earth is this water bottle thing that has lasted longer than a fad should.Until I first went to France circa 1965 I had never seem a water bottle except as part of a soldier's kit. We never carried water when camping or spending the day in the hills, after all what are rivers for if not for water. In France we laughed at the French for having such poor tap water. I spent 6 hours on my allotment yesterday without drinking anything. Who said we must drink umpteen litres daily?I east when i'm hungry, I drinks when I'm dry(and if whisky don't kill me I'll live till I die)

1. About how much would your water bill be if your main water line busts?

Your water bill would be $0.0. Because, if the Main broke no water would reach your meter. Municipalities can not charge you for water lost before it reaches your service line. They also do not charge you for the repairs. But they will not repair any breaks that happen after your meter.

2. rat knocks water bottle off cage?

Have you tried putting the water bottle from the out side of the cage? What type of water bottle do you have? A plain water bottle wire holder is not good to use as they will fall off so the water bottle I use is a glass bottle with a silver drinking head it comes with 2 wire holders 1 holder stays on the cage at all times and the othe wire hook also holds it on for extra security the bottle only cost $8 it's well worth it I have had mine for more then a year

3. should i control her water intake?

You absolutely do not "control" a dog's water intake, she must have water available at all times. If you think your dog is drinking and piddling an unusual amount, you need to take her to the vet and get her checked for: a urinary tract infection, diabetes, = or any number of other problems. To restrict a dog's water leads to utis and kidney failure eventually. Get your pup to the vet to see if there is something wrong and to find if she is actually drinking too much.

4. How to Upgrade a Water Heater

The first step is to shut off the water on the cold side of the water heater (Image 1). Open up a hot water faucet to relieve some of the pressure in the lines. If the water heater is gas, turn the switch over to the 'Pilot' position (Image 2). If it's electric, turn the power off at the breaker. Drain about a gallon of water out of the tank (Image 3) to relieve more pressure and to lower the water level.

5. Why the water remains on the surface of the Earth?

One has to study the geologic structure of the earth:Figure 1: The interior structure of the Earth, with a close up of the lithosphere/asthenosphere boundary. Redrawn from Plummer & McGeary, 1997.There exists the Oceanic crust, which is the boundary between the bulk of water and the lithosphere. It has very low permeability and thus the oceans contain the water like a bowl of ceramic. A crust exists also under the continents. There the aquifer can be fairly deep and hold a lot of waterThe mantle is generally hot and any water seeping there would turn to steam and contribute to the gas pressures of the lava wherever it appears

6. what is the gauge pressure at a depth of 100 m in water in pascals?

ya you should add atmospheric pressure. i think it should be pressure = rho water x gravity x depth atmospheric pressure ( which is would be rho atmosphere x gravity x depth)..... think of pressure as just the weight of the stuff on top of you so whatever is on top of you, you need to add to your equation. I hope that helped... and I hope thats right by the way what is this question for?.

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How to Conserve Energy with Water Without Turning Down the Heat on the Tank?
how to conserve energy with water without turning down the heat on the tank?specific. For instruments that have vehicles or shifting areas: keeping them sparkling (maintenance, vacuum, replace worn areas, ect) can cut back load as a result cut back power intake. utilising mixers and the such - in case you perform a little pre-mixing or pre-slicing you are changing electric power with human power. Any powered gadget it incredibly is meant to interchange a instruction manual activity, you in basic terms no longer use and do it the previous-shaped way. For Air Conditioners: insulating, sealing drafts, utilising window tinting or image voltaic drapes will cut back the warmth load as a result reducing the paintings the A/C could desire to do to kick back a room. additionally utilising a reliable fan to help the A/C flow the air will boost your convenience and could provide help to apply the A/C at a greater robust temperature putting. for many computers: in the event that they have a nap mode or low power putting, that could additionally keep somewhat. additionally instruments on and stale in basic terms as you choose them (printers, scanners, cams, ect) will upload up. liquid crystal show or Plasma television's: in case you decrease the brightness and assessment, that is going to consume fairly much less power. Watch television at hour of darkness it is greater relaxing and greater handy on your eyes too. different than that except you place funds into some renewable power era (wind, image voltaic, hydro) i wo not be in a position to think of of the different plug in gadget which may be left plugged in and cut back its' power intake— — — — — —Would you convert your classic car to electric? How one top car restorer is leading the wayIf, like me, you want to buy electric to save the planet, but also want to buzz around the country lanes on a sunny Sunday in your classic car, then you have a challenge on your hands. More and more the owners of classic cars are asking about converting their cars to electric but have had some stark choices to make. This has made many purists just file the idea and forget about it, despite pressure from green hungry millennials some of whom feel that classic petrol cars should just be destined for the scrap heap. Choices have been based on a series of simple offerings. Take the engine and gearbox out and throw them away, forget the driving experience that was taking a car up through the gears and changing down quickly when you come to a corner. That's in the past. All you need to do is just accelerate and the car will be just as quick to 60mph as it was in the classic petrol version perhaps even quicker, but the experience of actually driving the car has been lost. However, there's hope at last now one of one of the world's most recognised classic car restoration companies has teamed up with one of the UK's leading electric vehicle engineering companies to solve this classic dilemma. Classic Motor Cars (CMC) in Bridgnorth have been restoring classic cars for nearly 30 years with a reputation for restoring some of the most important E-Types and Jaguars ever made, as well as Aston Martins, Bugattis, Ferraris, Lancias and many more. Until recently, the idea of converting a classic to electric power was something of anathema even though the company has always had a policy of moving with the times and carrying out the wishes of a global client base. "The problem was not that we did not want to move with the times especially when clients were starting to ask us to find a solution," says CMC's managing director Nigel Woodward. "But finding a drive train that would work and provide a true driving experience was impossible. We did not relish the idea of putting motors on the wheels or bolting in an electric motor to provide a quick stop and start driving experience that would replicate a bumper car at a fairground. "We were disturbed when we looked at how some of the conversions had been carried out with classic bodies being radically changed and from our individual personal experiences of working with major manufacturers in the field of electric vehicles, we could clearly see that many of the conversions that we looked at left a lot to be desired. "As a company it was a dilemma. We knew that we could restore a classic car to an award-winning specification, but we could not find an EV partner who could match this level of expertise in the conversion of the car from an internal combustion engine to an electric powertrain." Then finally the solution became apparent after a chance remark from one of Woodward's friends led CMC to visit Electrogenic at Kidlington in Oxfordshire. What he found led him to an agreement that was signed earlier this month for both companies to work together. The clincher for Woodward was walking into the Electrogenic workshop, seeing an E-Type that had an electric motor under the hood in the right place and not hanging off a wheel. It even had a proper clutch and gear box. The moment of realisation was the same for Steve Drummond, managing director of Electrogenic. "Our aim right from the start has been to make our cars better versions of themselves, and this includes retaining the classic driving experience," says Drummond. "We wanted to keep gearboxes where possible and offer a range of power and charging options, all seamlessly melded with the character of the car. We wanted the cars to be the same weight as the petrol car where possible, to retain its original handling characteristics, and to re-distribute the weight where possible to improve the handling. Now, every time I get behind the wheel of a classic car, I think how much better it will drive once it's electric. "We are very focused on our technology however, and although we do a lot of fabrication in-house to build things like battery boxes, motor mounts etc, we do not restore vehicles. CMC obviously does and having spent time in their premises at Bridgnorth we are incredibly impressed but only with their organisation bit quality of the work that they do. So, we are delighted to have a trusted restorer that we can refer our customers to. And we are even more delighted that CMC feels the same way about us and will be referring customers to Electrogenic." Not every classic car owner is going to convert to electric overnight, some never will and of course some cars should never be converted. But they may well convert a classic Porsche to run around in or to drive in low-emission zones. Given all the conversions are reversible - and some of the owners take the engines home with them - there seems little reason not to consider converting your classic and doing your bit for the planet.
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