A number of households in Bergen County, NJ use boilers to keep warm in the winter. The system is very simple and inexpensive to use: heating water into steam and sending it through various pipes in your home to warm your different rooms. Trouble can be prevented with timely maintenance from a trained technician, but sometimes, there's no choice but to deal with a repair call. When that happens, the sooner you can identify a problem the better. This is especially true in the case of leaks, which are common problems in the winter and which can lead to higher bills and other issues if you are not careful. Here's how to tell if you have a leaking boiler. In some cases, a leak will present itself with wet spots in the carpet. As steam escapes the system it will coalesce into droplets, which you can spot on the nearby walls of the floor. In other cases, however, the combination of a very small leak like a pinhole leak and the high pressures of the system mean that the released steam will simply evaporate. In those conditions, the best prospect is to look for signs of rust or corrosion nearby, especially along the fittings between different pieces of pipe. If they appear, you may be looking at a leak. The pressure gauge measures the amount of pressure in the system, and should be set at a certain level based on your particular heater's operational parameters. If that level drops seemingly for no reason, you may be looking at a leak somewhere in the system. Check the pressure gauge, and then check it again a few hours later. If it wavers or drops, you should call in a professional. The experts at BZ Dependable are here to help with boiler leaks whenever they arise!

1. How to teach puppy to not be a bully?

Umm first of all, stop pitying your precious lil Stella. This is the same mistake my parents are making with my puppy. He's so cute and you can not ignore him. And now he treats them the way he wants. When I am around though, it's a different story. Huskies are very stubborn and stubborn dogs need a LOT of training and obedience. You should know that. You biggest mistake lies in the fact that you now have 2 es. Never EVER keep 2 es. Even if they are both puppies. Your best bet would be to have them both spayed(be careful after though cause they will put on weight ) or give Stella to a responsible dog owner. What you are dealing with here is horrifyingly bad obedience training. Stella really needs it. Since you know so little about it, I would recommend getting professional help. If you puppy lunges at your face, walk out of the room and ignore her. My puppy used to literally bite my fingers off along with the treat that was in it. And I taught him to be more gentle by simply saying ouch every time i even felt his teeth and took the treat away. Then once he got the concept, I added the phrase "Take it slowly" During walks, you have to STOP every time she pulls and say "NO" or "Bad girl". I do not care if she's choking herself to get to somewhere... but she has to learn that she will get to that place faster if she walks calmly beside you or even better, behind you. The other problem is - you are not even the alpha in all this. You probably showered her with so much love and affection cause she was with a bad breeder and you pitied her. Some people do not believe in the alpha theory - but it exists. Dogs like to follow someone. They HATE being the pack leader because it puts a lot of pressure on them and makes them anxious leading to a lot of other unnecessary issues. Dogs ARE pack animals. There are very few who can be solitary. Every time your precious stella gets in Allies way, you have to put your foot down, and give her a time out somewhere. Like a small room with no toys or well her crate. You can get a crate specifically for time outs for both your dogs and keep it in the yard. So if she's being dominant you can just put her in the crate. Something to show her that you wo not tolerate this kind of crap. A trainer who is not able to tame your dog is not a good one. Look for a better training school. And remember you have to constantly reinforce everything the trainer teaches your puppy. Your puppy just needs some guidance, rules and boundaries, a heart of stone(till she becomes calm and obedient), a firm voice and calm & assertive energy.

2. If my fluids leak and I dont wanna shell out the dough can I just keep an eye on them?

If you want to spend the money to keep adding and buying more fluid rather than spending a little to repair the problem then you will be fine. The only one that really concerns me is your coolant. The reason the coolant does not boil in the radiator is because the radiator cap keeps pressure on the fluid. Liquids under pressure need more temp to steam and boil. Obviously steam and boiling of your trucks coolant is NOT GOOD. If there is a leak then there is also going to be a losss of pressure which will lower the boiling temp of the coolant. A Little oil is okay. Power steering - If it is leaking alot then maybe just check to see if a line has come loose. if so , tighten it up. Easy no cost fix. If your power steering looses all oil while you are driving you will have a VERY hard time steering your truck, especially at higher speeds. You should notice if it is getting low because you will start to hear a whining noise when you turn your steering wheel. If you let it go too far you will get intermitent operation of the power steering and spurts of power and momentary loss of power. At the final stage with absolutley no oil you will not have any power steering.

3. how do you check the fuel pressure on a 96 impala ss?

There will be a black plastic cap on the fuel rail that covers the "Shrader" valve. You will need a fuel pressure Gage to check the pressure. Unscrew the cap and screw the pressure Gage on. This valve looks like a tire valve - please do not try to push the pin in the valve unless you like gas in your eyes!!!!! Crank the engine and read the Gage to see the amount of pressure you have. Turn off the engine. Use the pressure release on the Gage before unscrewing the Gage. Check the factory specks. If the pressere is low first replace the fuel filter. If no change in pressur , check the fuel pressure regulator. Finally check the pressure at the fuel pump. GOOD LUCK!!!

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Fruits When High Blood Pressure?
Citrus juices like orange and lemon juice also help in the prevention of high blood pressure. It's best if they come naturally (i.e. from real fruits and not from those powdered/processed ones) so you can be sure they get enough of the nutrients needed to help1. Is it normal for your arm to go numb while taking blood pressure?Yes, especially when the pressure is pumped up way too high, much higher than the systolic pressure of the patient. That's why being that I know my patients and have a history of what their previous BPs were, I can limit how high I pump the cuff. Also, I can listen for the pulse and just do 1 pump above the first Korotkov sign.2. Could this be raising my blood pressure?I am curious as to whether they are using an electronic cuff or performing your blood pressure manually. The electronic machines are set to inflate to often excessive pressures. I am an emergency department nurse so probably perform nearly hundreds of BP's a day! When taken manually, the clinician will usually feel your radial pulse and/or then listen for your brachial pulse (up at your elbow). At the point that this disappears during inflation, we often only inflate it to another 20mmHg above that level. Thus if I was taking your BP I would only expect to inflate the cuff to 160-180. Conversely, particularly in a person with hypertension, the automatic cuff likely blows up to near 200mmHg or higher. This often causes severe discomfort and I have known people to rip the cuff of their arm because of it. Experiencing severe pain will often raise your blood pressure and thus could be influencing the readings. As far as the actual number goes, keeping an eye on the diastolic is a good idea. Although neither reading can be viewed in isolation, it is the diastolic I would be most concerned about. This reading basically reflects the heart at rest, if it is creeping up that may reflect an increased effort on your heart and vasculature. Your doctor may elect to only monitor your BP at such moderately elevated levels. You can however modify other risk factors like your diet (concentrating on salt & saturated fats), exercising and monitoring your cholesterol and blood glucose levels. As you've noted in your reply to Susan, BMI is a very poor indicator of healthy weight. Being muscle bound, I would recommend skin fold measurents to accurately assess your "fatness" as it were. I hope this helps!3. Does anyone have a diabetic & High Blood pressure meal plan for the week?Skip waiting rooms. When you have an consultation, check in and then go for a walk until the particular receptionist phones you4. How can a person tell if their blood pressure is high?I am sure everyone has different signs/symptoms when their blood pressure is high. For me, I find that I get very weak and out of breath quickly. I also get short of patience with everyone for little things. I strongly recommend buying a b/p monitor so you can check it at home if you do not want to go see a doctor or the pharmacy to get it checked. I had an episode of severely high blood pressure 3 months after one of my children was born. I would have episodes over the course of a few days where I thought I was having svt's (heart beating too quickly) and my hearing was all messed up. When I would say a word with an "s" sound I could only hear a "th" sound. It was not good. Went to the hospital to find I was at 245/145. I had a 2 day/night stay in the hospital and it's been good since then. They attributed it to pre-eclampsia as I had that through the pregnancy. The doctor told me it was very rare but it can still affect you up till 3 months after delivery. I was at the 3 month point exactly when that happened.5. can a chiropractor help with high blood pressure ?Some studies show that spinal adjusting can help lower blood pressure by its affect on the autonomic nervous system. But your chiropractor will also be able to help guide you to lowering your blood pressure through diet and nutrition advice. It very well could help you, i would rather try to manage it naturally before starting drug therapy.
Would Doing a Pressure Check Expose a Leak on an I30 Infiniti
IT would, there are several pressure tests:. .1. Compression test of cylinders to check rings and valves seats. .2. Cylinder leakage or leakdown test to check rings and valves. It is more accurate than above.. .3. Cooling system pressure test to check all aspects of cooling cap seems to fit my galvinized supply hot and cold water valves for the shower?Borrow a digital caliper or a tape measure and measure the OD (outter dimension) of the pipe to cap to get the ID (inner dimension) of the cap needed. Then do what old contracter saif with the teflon tape on the pipe. Also if your handy you can die the threads into a blank cap, that means put threads into a blank cap with a die tool if no size is availible at the store and retap the threads on pipe to even themn out.what are some cars that are fast when all stock?i have a ford sho its a taurus with a bad *** 224 hp motor in it mines a 92 i would say get a 92-95 they were the best if you get the 96-99 and the cams r not welded they will bend valves and 89-91 jsut were more box likehow do you use a PEN TIRE GAUGE?they are for car type [schrader] valves some bikes have another type, presta a pen gauge would let all the air out of one of those for sure wleCan i install HKS SSQV on my Nismo 370z ?That sound is left over boost being blown out the Blow Off Valves. In order to have that noise you must rebuild your motor to use turbo chargers. Good LuckHow to replace a Hot Water Boiler Relief Valve?I assume you are referring the pressure relief valve on the boiler water vessel, and not the oil line relief valve on the burner. The pressure relief valve is a very important safety device that needs to be properly sized and fitted to boilers and pressure vestals. It is sized and built to relieve as much as, or a percentage more than the BTU output of heat which it's burner can produce. It's inlet size and outlet sizes must never be compromised. It should match what was original on the Mfg.'s specifications on the name Tag of the boiler. (DO NOT TAKE FOR GRANTED THAT THE PRESENT RELIEF IS THE ORIGINAL.) Read the info on the valve tag and compare with the input and output rating on the boiler burner ratings unless your the original owner and know its correct. Because of safety reasons I would recommend.that you allow a professional HV-AC Boiler Technician to change out the relief. He would turn the boiler off, secure the water side and burner side and valves to Isolate your boiler (so as to not drain your system) take the pressure off, drain just a bit and remove the relief ,with the proper wrench. ********Safety note: Most Reliefs are built of soft metal (Brass) or Bronze when fitted out or into the pipe fittings it is very important to use the proper wrench and not place the wrench on the body or any other place on the valve but the proper shoulder made for the proper wrench. When the new valve is installed the the boiler needs to be placed back in original settings of valves and switches. Fill water back on, Vent air from system, fired and tested for leaks. The above safety notes are just a few reasons to have a Licensed experienced boiler man do the job Please be careful, Blessings RangefinderIntake and exhaust valves? How do they know when to go off? What controls them? How do they work?They are controlled by the camshaft. When the cam opens the valve up, the spring on the rocker arm pushes the valve back shut. I found a video for you that shows what I am talking about much betterHow would you stop someone from trying to blow up a bunch of propane tanks, M80s, and alarm clocks in a car?Most people do not have a bunch of propane tanks and M80s around their home. And even if they did, they would have to know how to rig a bomb from it. Today's propane tanks have safety and check valves on them. Like this idiot in New York, he used the wrong type of fertilizer so it did not have a chance to blow up. Even with Timothy McVey, the police were just a few steps behind him and if he had waited 2 days longer, he would have been caught before the blast. And even with his bomb, it was just plain luck (for lack of a better description) and poor building engineering design that caused that amount of damage. His home made explosive was 3 rate at best. Send me a mail message and I will explain how the bad engineering design of that building played into the destruction. JD
Principle and Design of Flushing Pipeline Differential Pressure on-line Density Transmitter
Today, I will introduce a national invention authorized patent - a flushing pipeline differential pressure on-line density transmitter. The patent was applied by Zhuhai xinwanshan Instrument Co., Ltd. and was authorized and announced on August 15, 2017.Content descriptionThe utility model relates to the technical field of on-line density measuring equipment, in particular to a flushing pipeline type differential pressure on-line density transmitter.Invention backgroundIn the field of environmental protection desulfurization industrial measurement, it is often necessary to use on-line density measurement instruments. However, due to the accumulation and solidification of the measured medium due to its viscous physical properties, more particles and poor fluidity, the sensors of existing products are often blocked by the medium to be measured, which affects the normal measurement, resulting in unstable performance and short service life of the measuring instrument, and improves the maintenance and use cost. Therefore, the market needs a product that can easily clean up the blockage, maintain the stable performance of the measuring instrument and improve the service life.summary of the inventionIn order to overcome the defects of the above current technology, the utility model adopts a flushing pipeline type differential pressure on-line density transmitter, which can meet the measurement of viscous, more particles and poor fluidity of the medium to be measured, improve the measurement efficiency and reduce the maintenance and use cost.The utility model adopts the following technical scheme: a flushing pipeline type differential pressure on-line density transmitter, which comprises a pipeline body and a sensor assembly, which is characterized in that one end of the pipeline body is connected with the inlet of the liquid to be measured, the other end is connected with the outlet of the liquid to be measured, the sensor assembly is installed on the pipeline body, and the pipeline body comprises a main pipeline At least two reducing joints, at least two mounting parts and flushing unit, both ends of the main pipe are connected with one mounting part through one reducing joint, and the sensor assembly comprises a sensor seat, a sensor, a sealing ring and an instrument kit.As an improvement of the above technical scheme, the main pipe is provided with a first opening above it to connect with the sensor base. The main pipe is also provided with a second opening below it to connect the flushing unit. The sensor is threaded with the sensor base to facilitate the disassembly, repair and maintenance of the sensor. The sensor seat is provided with a first thread. The first thread is an internal thread. The sensor is provided with a second thread. The second thread is an external thread. The sealing ring is an O-shaped sealing ring for sealing the sensor when it is connected with the sensor base. The first opening is a horn type. The second opening is a horn type. The mounting part is a flange. The flanges installed at both ends of the pipe body are a group of companion flanges. The flushing unit is a flushing pipe. The flushing pipe is provided with a plug.Compared with the prior art, the technical scheme of the utility model can measure the medium to be measured under the conditions of relatively viscous physical properties, more particles and poor fluidity, solves the problems of deposition of impurities in the medium to be measured in the pipeline and blockage of the sensor probe, improves the measurement efficiency and reduces the maintenance and use cost.
The Decline in IPhone Sales Puts Pressure on Apple to Reach a Settlement with Qualcomm Or Help Apple
It is reported that Apple has reached a cooperation agreement with Qualcomm. The iphone7 and iphone8 using Qualcomm chips will resume sales in Germany, which means that apple, facing the pressure of declining sales, finally chose to compromise. Bai Ying technology believes that this move may help Apple launch the 5g iPhone in September this year.Apple is under pressure from falling iPhone salesApple and Qualcomm launched a patent litigation war. Before, the two sides were in a stalemate. However, with the judgment in favor of Qualcomm made by the courts in China and Germany and the ban on the sale of some iPhones, apple felt great pressure.According to the data released by IDC, iPhone sales fell by 11.5% year-on-year in the fourth quarter of 2018, of which the Chinese market was the hardest hit area of iPhone sales decline. In this quarter, iPhone sales in the Chinese market fell by 19.9% year-on-year, and the Chinese market is the second largest market for iPhone.The main reason for the decline in iPhone sales is the lack of innovation and high price of the new iPhone released in September last year. The iphonexs and iphonexs Max are highly similar to the previous generation of iphonex. However, the price of iphonexs has increased by 311 yuan, and the price of the most expensive iphonexs Max is as high as 12799 yuan, which is known as the most expensive iPhone in history; The price of iphonexr, which was originally positioned as a cheap version, starts from 6499 yuan.Due to the poor sales of the new iPhone, Apple has carried out preferential promotion activities around the world since the end of last year, with the highest price reduction of iPhone of 2000 yuan, which shows that apple is lowering its high head and its strategy is changing from profit to market share. Under such circumstances, it naturally does not want to start a protracted patent litigation war with Qualcomm, Especially when China and Germany have made the decision to ban the sale of iPhone, this is an important reason for forcing it to finally choose to reconcile with Qualcomm.A settlement with Qualcomm may help Apple launch the 5g iPhoneBefore the launch of the new iPhone last year, Apple had always adopted Qualcomm's communication baseband. However, in order to save patent fees, all three new iPhones launched last year adopted Intel's communication baseband, which led to problems such as bad signal and heat from users, which also had an impact on iPhone sales.At present, there are two enterprises that have launched commercial 5g baseband in the world, namely Qualcomm and Huawei. Huawei's 5g baseband is only used by its own mobile phone enterprises. Although Intel released 5g baseband at the end of last year, it is not sure whether it can provide commercial products when Apple releases a new iPhone this year, which makes the industry worried about whether Apple can launch an iPhone supporting 5g this year.Now Apple has reached a cooperation agreement with Qualcomm to resume the sales of iphone7 and iphone8 using Qualcomm baseband in Germany, which may mean that the new iPhone launched by apple this year may use Qualcomm baseband again. If so, Apple will not have to worry about the supply of 5g baseband when it launches an iPhone supporting 5g this year.Bai Ying technology believes that it is not the right strategy for rich apple to make friends with Qualcomm. After all, Qualcomm's communication baseband is more advanced and stable than Intel's. its net profit in fiscal 2018 is as high as $59.531 billion, which can afford to pay $4-8 billion in patent fees to Qualcomm every year, Continuing to cooperate with Qualcomm to provide an iPhone with advanced communication technology and stable performance is the best choice. Now its cooperation with Qualcomm should be a good sign.5g is currently a hot spot in the global mobile communication market. Smartphone companies want to follow up on this technology. When apple is repeatedly questioned about the decline in innovation, it should not lag behind. It should release the iPhone supporting 5g in September this year to avoid further deterioration of the decline in iPhone sales, And now it has realized that market share is more important than profit.When iPhone sales have declined significantly and apple has begun to focus on market share again, it may soon be possible to see a comprehensive settlement and cooperation with Qualcomm, and even adopt Qualcomm's baseband again. Perhaps Apple will not be absent from this year's 5g mobile phone market.
My Hubbie Has High Blood Pressure (only 33 Years Old)?
My hubbie has high blood pressure (only 33 years old)?Do not fool around with it, age has nothing to do with it, it's often hereditary, my boyfriend is 28, exercises, is not overweight and is in perfect health otherwise, but he has had high blood pressure for the past 4 years, it's in the range of 156/94 if he does not take pills for it— — — — — —High blood pressure with slow pulse...normal?This is not normal. You need to see a physician. Untreated hypertension can cause serious problems, including stroke, heart failure, and kidney disease— — — — — —Does high blood pressure lead to dementia?very possibly an indicator of a risk factor as may be caused by insulin resistance/ carbohydrates, as Alzheimer is has an insulin resistance facet so does dementia,high blood pressure can be a byproduct of this. SO beware thinking that something is abnormal means it causes something, it may also be a "confounder" or parallel symptom— — — — — —High blood pressure plz help?Here's one for you Black Eyed Peas in Coconut Milk 400 g black-eyed peas 1 large onion, peeled & rough cut 2-3 garlic cloves, finely cut 1 (400 ml) can coconut milk 1 (400 ml) can coconut cream 1 tablespoon worcestershire sauce 1/2 teaspoon pepper sauce, W.I 1 tablespoon tomato ketchup (1 good squirt) 1 cup water, if needed Put peas in a large bowl and cover with water. Leave to soak overnight. After peas have soaked, put all ingredients into a large saucepan. Put on stove on high heat. Bring to the boil. Turn heat to low, and let simmer. Simmer until sauce thickens, and peas are soft and cooked. Add a little water if needed, mixture should not be too dry. Adjust seasoning to taste. Serve hot as a side dish.— — — — — —High Blood Pressure w/history of TIA?Hello there Well, considering to reduce or stop consuming Salt in your meals it is a very good decision. It will help with your High blood pressure condition in addition to the medications treatment. Regarding the Gastric bypass, you should be assessed by a Doctor and making sure that your Cardiologist knows about your thoughts. Not every one qualifies for Gastric Bypass, especially if you have a Pre-condition like Hypertension, Diabetes type II , previous TIA and MI's ( Heart Attacks). It's unknown to me how good you are doing with your diet and and how healthy you are eating. Consult with your Cardiologist, let her/him know how you are considering the Gastric Surgery if you think you can not loose weight for whatever reasons. This is my best advice to you and best luck. Green Vegetables, Removal of salt in your meals, replacing fish in your meals instead of meat is the best you can do at this point if you can not exercise. Best Luck to you my friend— — — — — —Does my personal experiment mean my high blood pressure is mostly stress related?Still too high for 22. But, you have hit on one thing. If you meditate it helps allot more than blood pressure. Meditation has been used for years as a medical tool in helping people with high blood pressure all the way to people that are going through chemotherapy. It's a part of holistic healing. If you take off the weight then it will come down and you will also have allot more energy. I've been where you are. I was overweight for along time until the medical problems started to build up the older I got. I knew better as a nurse, but also I was a foodaholic. My enemy was to reward myself with food every time I did something good for someone else, which with my job was not hard at all. And I used allot of fruit and things that are supposed to be healthy to eat. Anyway, I finally went and had the lap band surgery. One year and 90 pounds ago I not only have more energy, but beat almost every single medical problem. The only 2 left are do to injuries and not my health. Anyway I hope this gives you just one more perceptive to look at. Good luck with whatever you decide. It's your life— — — — — —I'm 29 taking procardia xl 60ml for high blood pressure. I was diagnosed in October after I had my baby and my?Nifedipine (generic name) Procardia (brand name) is used to treat high blood pressure and to control angina (chest pain). Nifedipine is in a class of medications called calcium-channel blockers. It works by relaxing the blood vessels so the heart does not have to pump as hard. It also increases the supply of blood and oxygen to the heart. The main side effects of Calcium channel blockers (CCBs) include constipation, swelling (edema), and a slow heart rate (only with the non-dihydropyridine types). Adopt DASH diet (Mediterranean diet). Eat a low-cholesterol, low-fat diet, which includes cottage cheese, fat-free milk, fish, vegetables, poultry, and egg whites. Use monounsaturated oils such as olive, peanut, and canola oils or polyunsaturated oils such as corn, safflower, soy, sunflower, cottonseed, and soybean oils. Avoid foods with excess fat in them such as meat (especially liver and fatty meat), egg yolks, whole milk, cream, butter, shortening, pastries, cakes, cookies, gravy, peanut butter, chocolate, olives, potato chips, coconut, cheese (other than cottage cheese), coconut oil, palm oil, and fried foods.
Parameters and Application of C130h High Precision Differential Pressure Gas Permeameter
[introduction to c130h test parameters]Test range: 0.01 50000 cm3 / m2 • 24h • 0.1MPaResolution: 0.001 cm3 / m2 • 24h • 0.1MPaTest temperature: 10 ℃ 50 ℃ (room temperature: 23 ℃)Temperature resolution: 0.01 ℃Temperature fluctuation: ± 0.05 ℃Temperature accuracy: ± 0.3 ℃ (calibration port)Vacuum resolution: 0.01 paVacuum accuracy: indication ± 0.2% (1% - 100% of sensor specification)Vacuum degree of test chamber: 10 PaNumber of samples: 3 pieces (data independent)Other quantities can be customized:Sample size: Φ 97 mmTransmission area: 38.48 cm2Test gas: O2, N2, CO2 and other gases (provided by the user)Humidification function of test gas (special customization required)Test pressure: 10KPA 210kpa (arbitrarily set)Air source pressure: 0.5 MPa 0.6 MPa (73psi 87psi)Interface size: Φ 6 mm polyurethane pipeOverall dimension: 710mm (L) × 350mm(W) × 630mm(H)Power supply: one of 220VAC ± 10% 50Hz / 120VAC ± 10% 60HzNet weight: About 100kg[introduction to c130h test application]Basic applicationFilm material - it is applicable to the permeability test of various plastic films, plastic composite films, paper-plastic composite films, coextrusion films, aluminized films, aluminum foil, aluminum foil composite films and other materialsSheet - it is applicable to the air permeability test of various engineering plastics, rubber, building materials and other sheet materials, such as PP sheet, PVC sheet, PVDC sheet, etcExtended applicationA variety of different gases - applicable to the permeability test of a variety of gases, such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, air, helium, etcFlammable, explosive and toxic gas - it is applicable to the permeability test of various films to flammable, explosive and toxic gasesBiodegradable film - applicable to the permeability test of biodegradable film, such as starch biodegradable bag, etcAerospace materials - applicable to the permeability test of aerospace materials, such as helium permeability test of airship airbagPaper and paperboard - suitable for air permeability test of paper, paper plastic and other composite materials, such as cigarette wrapped aluminum foil paper, Tetra Pak packaging sheet, Instant Noodle paper bowl, disposable paper cup, etcPaint film - suitable for air permeability test of paint film coated on substrateGlass fiber cloth, glass fiber paper - applicable to the permeability test of glass fiber cloth, glass fiber paper and other materials, such as Teflon lacquer cloth, Teflon high temperature cloth, fluorosilicone adhesive tape, etcCosmetic hose sheet - it is applicable to the air permeability test of various cosmetic hose, aluminum-plastic tube and toothpaste tube sheet
Comparison Between High Pressure Sodium Lamp and LED Lamp
Types of high pressure sodium lamps1) Ordinary high pressure sodium lamp this kind of lamp uses atmosphere as starting gas, and the vapor pressure of sodium in discharge tube ensures the maximum luminous efficiency of the lamp. It is characterized by high light efficiency and long service life, but the light color is poor, and the general color rendering index is only 15-30. Therefore, it can only be used for lighting in roads, plant areas, etc.2) The high-pressure sodium lamp directly replacing the fluorescent high-pressure mercury lamp is produced for the promotion of high-pressure sodium lamp. It can be directly used in fluorescent high-pressure mercury lamp ballasts and lamp devices of similar specifications.3) In order to expand the application of high-pressure sodium lamp in indoor and outdoor lighting, the color temperature and color rendering of comfortable high-pressure sodium lamp are improved, so that the high-pressure sodium lamp is suitable for residential areas, industrial areas, retail commercial areas and public places.4) The high luminous efficiency high-pressure sodium lamp is filled with high pressure neon in the lamp tube, so that the lamp can obtain high luminous efficiency and improve the color rendering index. It can be used as an energy-saving light source for indoor lighting, especially suitable for factory lighting and sports lighting.5) High color rendering high pressure sodium lamp in order to meet the needs of high color rendering, people have successfully developed high color rendering high pressure sodium lamp, also known as white light high pressure sodium lamp. The improved lamp has a general color rendering index. Another important feature is that the color temperature increases to above, which is very close to incandescent lamps. Therefore, it has warm white tone and high color rendering, which plays a great role in beautifying the city and the environment. The lamp can be used for commercial lighting and lighting of high-end commodities such as gold jewelry, jewelry and precious leather goods, and the energy-saving effect is very remarkable.Main features of high pressure sodium lampHigh pressure sodium lamp emits golden white light when used. It has the advantages of high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long service life, strong fog permeability and no insect attraction. It is widely used in roads, expressways, airports, docks, docks, stations, squares, street intersections, industrial and mining enterprises, parks, courtyard lighting and plant cultivation. High color rendering high pressure sodium lamps are mainly used in gymnasiums, exhibition halls, casinos, department stores, hotels and other places.Incandescent bulb emits warm color light when working, and its color rendering is excellent (color rendering index RA = 100). It is still a widely used lighting source for a long time since its birth. Although the use of high-pressure sodium lamp has many advantages, it has poor color rendering (RA = 30). In order to maintain the long life, high luminous efficiency and warm tone atmosphere of high-pressure sodium lamp; In terms of improving color rendering, people have developed high color rendering high-pressure sodium lamp (also known as white light high-pressure sodium lamp) which meets the above requirements through tireless efforts. Based on the high-pressure sodium lamp, the high color rendering high-pressure sodium lamp improves the color rendering by increasing the sodium vapor pressure and increasing the diameter of the arc tube, wrapping a layer of niobium foil at both ends of the arc tube and increasing the cold end temperature; In addition, by increasing the xenon pressure charged into the arc tube, the temperature of the central part of the arc increases, while the temperature of the rest of the discharge part is low. The color rendering is improved by changing the arc temperature distribution. Its color rendering index has been increased to RA = 70 80, and the luminous efficiency can reach more than 80 LM / W. it can broaden the application field and become a reality for using high color rendering high-pressure sodium to replace incandescent bulbs.1、 Comparison between LED lamp and high pressure sodium lamp -- Analysis and comparison of energy efficiencyThe lighting installation power of the two shall be compared on the premise of reaching the same illumination (brightness) level and approaching the lighting quality standard. Since the high-pressure sodium lamp high-power lamp tube (250 400W) has high light efficiency, up to 130 1401m / W, while the light efficiency of low-power lamp tube (100 150W) is about 80 1001m / W. the existing high-power LED street lamps mostly use 1wled tube, and their light efficiency is similar, so it is appropriate to analyze high-power street lamps and low-power street lamps respectively.1. High power (≥ 250W) street lamp: high pressure sodium lamp has high efficiency. Considering ballast loss, lamp efficiency and light channel utilization, if the comprehensive efficiency is calculated as 0.55, the effective light efficiency of sodium lamp is about 70 751m / W; The effective luminous efficiency of LED street lamps is about 621m / W in the United States, and the best enterprises in China have reached 56 581m / W. Therefore, for high-power street lamps, the energy efficiency of LED lamps is lower than that of sodium lamps.2. Low power (≤ 150W) street lamp: the effective luminous efficiency of sodium lamp (including the comprehensive efficiency of 0.55) is about 45 551m / W, while the LED is still calculated as 56 581m / W, so the LED can save energy by 10% 20% and up to 30% compared with sodium lamp. From the above analysis, it can be seen that when the low power (≤ 150W) is used for the branch, the LED street lamp can save energy by 10% 30% compared with the sodium lamp, while the high power still can not compare with the energy efficiency of the sodium lamp. Therefore, those who generally claim that led street lamps are more energy-saving than high-pressure sodium lamps, and even can save 50% and 60% energy, are obviously exaggerated and hyped. We should adhere to the principle of scientific analysis and seeking truth from facts, otherwise it is easy to mislead users and the masses.2、 Comparison between LED lamp and high pressure sodium lamp -- Analysis of light source color on road lighting effectThe relevant color temperature (TCP) of high pressure sodium lamp is about 2100K, which belongs to warm color temperature. Its color rendering index (RA) is only 23 25, and the color rendering is low; The color temperature of LED street lamps is more than 5300k, which is a good product with cold color temperature. Its RA can reach 70 80 and has good color rendering.3、 Comparison between LED lamp and high pressure sodium lamp -- economic analysis and comparisonHigh pressure sodium lamps, each set is about 1200 1500 yuan; At present, the price of LED street lamps varies greatly according to the power, about 4000 8000 yuan. In terms of the current situation, LED street lamps are obviously too expensive, and the price is as high as 3 5 times. As before? LEDs less than 150W can save energy by 10% 30% and save about 50 150kwh per lamp every year. It is impossible to recover the extra cost of purchasing lamps. It can only be expected that in the next few years, according to the development trend of LED, its price will gradually decline, energy efficiency will be further improved, and then its economic performance will be compared.4、 Comparison between LED lamp and high pressure sodium lamp -- service life analysisThe comparison of service life should be based on the service life of the whole lamp. High pressure sodium lamps include light sources, electrical accessories (mainly ballasts and triggers) and lamps. The average service life of sodium lamps used in street lamps is 3 5 years, and the energy-saving inductive ballasts will not be less than 20 years, as well as lamps.
The Structure and Function of Oil Pressure Regulating Valve and the Detection of Oil Pressure Are In
The oil pressure regulator has two functions:① Adjust the oil pressure of the oil supply system to keep the differential pressure at the inlet and outlet of the fuel injector constant. ② Buffer the oil pressure fluctuation caused by the fuel injector and the fuel pump.Structure of fuel oil pressure regulator:1. It is composed of diaphragm, oil return valve, spring, oil return pipe and aluminum alloy shell. 2. The valve body is fixed on the metal diaphragm. A ball valve is installed between the valve body and the valve. The ball valve is supported by shrapnel. The small spring between the ball valve and the valve body keeps the ball valve in contact with the valve. 3. There are three connectors on the housing, which are respectively connected with the oil inlet pipe, the oil return pipe and the vacuum pipe between the throttle and the intake manifold.Working principle of oil pressure regulator:Spring chamber and lower fuel chamber. The opening of the overflow valve is controlled by the diaphragm to maintain the pressure balance between the upper and lower chambers.2) When the oil pressure in the fuel chamber rises above the combined force of spring pressure and vacuum gas pressure, the diaphragm bends upward, the regulator valve opens, and part of the fuel flows back to the fuel tank from the ball valve through the oil return port to reduce the fuel pressure. When the pressure drops to the control oil pressure set by the regulator, the ball valve closes to maintain a certain pressure in the oil circuit from the check valve of the oil pump to the pressure regulator.Fuel pressure regulator test1. Failure of fuel pressure regulator and its influence:The main faults of the fuel pressure regulator are the rupture of the diaphragm and the decrease of the spring tension after fatigue attenuation. When a fault occurs, it will directly affect the accuracy and supply of fuel injection differential pressure, resulting in unstable fuel supply, difficult starting, weak acceleration, unstable idle speed, increased fuel consumption and black smoke.2. Detection method ① oil pressure detection:Connect the oil pressure gauge to the fuel pipeline and measure the idle fuel pressure. When the vacuum hose on the regulator is removed, the system pressure should increase by about 50kPa. Otherwise, it indicates that the fuel pressure regulator is faulty and should be replaced. ② Working condition inspection: use a wire to jumper the two inspection holes of the fuel pump, turn on the ignition switch, let the fuel pump run for 5 minutes, and then observe the oil pressure, which is the holding oil pressure of the fuel pressure regulator. If the pressure decreases, it indicates that the fuel pressure regulator has leakage and should be replaced.Output characteristics of oil pressure regulator:1) When the gas pressure in the intake manifold decreases (the vacuum degree increases), the diaphragm moves up, the opening of the return valve increases, the return oil volume increases, the oil pressure in the fuel distribution pipe decreases, and the difference from the changed intake manifold pressure remains constant (0.25MPa).2) When the gas pressure in the intake manifold increases (the vacuum degree decreases), the diaphragm moves down, the opening of the return valve decreases, the return oil quantity decreases, the oil pressure in the fuel distribution pipe increases, and the difference from the changed intake manifold pressure remains constant (0.25MPa).3) The output characteristics of the oil pressure regulator reflect the relationship between the oil pressure in the fuel distribution pipe and the intake manifold pressure. The role of the oil pressure regulator is to ensure that the fuel injection quantity of the injector is not affected by the intake manifold negative pressure and the oil pressure of the fuel supply system, but only depends on the opening time of the injector valve.Fuel system pressure detection method1. Pressure relief:First unplug the fuel pump fuse, relay or oil pump plug, and then start the engine until the engine shuts down, start the engine again 2 3 times, and then remove the negative pole of the battery.2. Install fuel pressure gauge:Connect the fuel pressure gauge in series in the fuel inlet pipe. For vehicles with pressure tap, connect the fuel pressure gauge to the pressure tap. When removing the fuel pipe, put a towel or cotton cloth under the fuel pipe interface to prevent fuel leakage on the ground.As shown in the figure below, install the fuel pressure gauge onto the fuel pressure gauge adapter. The pressure gauge is generally installed at the oil outlet of the gasoline filter or the oil inlet of the fuel distribution pipe. Vehicles with pressure tap can connect the fuel pressure gauge to the pressure tap.① Turn the ignition switch to the on position and check for fuel leakage.② Start the engine and check for fuel leakage.③ Read the fuel pressure gauge. At idle speed, it is generally 0.25MPa or in accordance with the technical regulations of the vehicle model.④ When detecting the idle working pressure, the oil pressure shall rise to 0.3MPa when pulling out the vacuum pipe. Otherwise, replace the oil pressure regulator.⑤ Shut down the engine and check the reading change of the fuel pressure gauge. The reading of the pressure gauge shall remain unchanged within 5min.3. Test oil pressure: static oil pressure, idle oil pressure, maximum oil pressure and residual oil pressureStatic oil pressure:Without starting the engine, connect the two terminals on the oil pump diagnostic connector (terminals " B" and "FB" of Toyota Series) with a jumper wire, and turn the ignition switch to the "on" position to make the oil pump work. The static oil pressure is generally about 300 kPa.Idle oil pressure:Reinstall the fuel pump fuse or relay, start the engine and make the fuel pump run at idle speed. At this time, the reading of the oil pressure gauge is the idle working oil pressure, and the normal value of Toyota series should be 200 300kPa.Maximum oil pressure:Clamp the oil return pipe with pliers wrapped with soft cloth. At this time, the reading of the oil pressure gauge is the maximum oil supply pressure of the oil pump, which is generally 2 3 times of the normal working oil pressure.Residual oil pressure:Loosen the oil pipe clamp, shut down the engine and stop the fuel pump for 10min. The oil pipe holding pressure shall be greater than 150 kPa.Note: unit conversion: 1MPa = 1000kPa; 1bar=1kgcm2=14.2psi=100KpaOil pressure analysisThe oil pressure gauge reads zero oil pressure, normal oil pressure, high oil pressure and low oil pressure.If the oil pressure is zeroFirst check the fuel storage in the fuel tank, whether the oil passage leaks seriously, and whether the fuel filter is completely blocked. After eliminating the possibility, the oil pressure is still zero. Check the control circuit of the fuel system, such as whether the fuse is blown, whether the relay does not work, whether the oil pump circuit harness is open, whether the oil pump is damaged, etc.If the oil pressure is too highMainly check whether the vacuum pipe at the top of the pressure regulator is loose or broken, or whether the oil return pipe of the oil pressure regulator is blocked.When the fuel pressure is too lowOr the oil pressure drops rapidly within 2-5 minutes after the oil pump stops working. On the premise of eliminating the external leakage of the oil circuit, there is leakage in the injector, fuel pressure regulator failure, fuel filter blockage and oil pump failure.
Which Is Faster? Steamer Or Pressure Cooker?
Small potatoes or diced potatoes will cook in 5-7 minutes in a pressure cooker. I would use a steamer basket in the cooker. It might take 2-3 batches1. Is it bad to use a vegetable steamer/rice cooker in your bedroom?No it will fudge up your electronics due to the steam2. how 2 cook corn in pressure cooker?A pressure cooker is not necessary. Just put about one inch of water in a pan that has a lid. Husk (peel) corn and if you need to, break the cobs to fit the pan. They will break easily. Put corn in water and turn on medium high. When it starts to boil, turn the heat down to medium low, cover and time it for 4 minutes. If you are cooking frozen corn, it will also cook up very fast in just a small amount of water. Usually about 5 minutes. Follow bag/box directions.3. are there any good slow cooker desserts???Anything you would traditionally steam works well in a slow cooker. Christmas pudding, suet pudding, that kind of thing4. Good slow cooker recipes?At least you are realistic about the amount of preparation you are willing to do. Your local library probably has several cookbooks which contain nothing but slowcooker recipes, and other cookbooks with slowcooking sections. If your library does not have these books, ask the librarian for an interlibrary loan. My basic recipe is to put a large chunk of some sort of meat in the cooker, add a little liquid, and possibly add some minced dried onions. The minced dried onions can be found in the spice & seasoning section of the store, and they work very well in a slow cooker. I think that they taste better than fresh onions, and they are certainly much faster to use. The cheaper cuts of meat are actually better in a slow cooker than the more expensive ones. The cooker will give the cheap cuts time to break down over the long cooking period. So, use dark chicken meat, thighs or drumsticks, rather than breasts. Use a chuck or 7 blade roast, rather than round. Canned broth is great to put in a slow cooker, or use flavor base, mixing it with a little hot water. I like Better than Buillion flavor base, as it has a lot less sodium than buillion cubes. Wine is a great liquid to add, too. Just remember that slow cooking will produce a lot of liquid, and you usually wo not need to add more than a cup. Slow cooking is a great way to keep from heating up the house, too.5. Do you use a slow-cooker?You can cook any recipe in a slow cooker that you would simmer on top of the stove. The 2 things you have to watch are the liquid and the spices you use. Liquid does not boil away in the slow cooker so cut 1/4 of the liquid called for in the recipe and only use 3/4. of it. Unless you are going to use the liquid as gravy Spices are intensified in a slow cooker so use a light hand. Try doing a roast in it. Put a layer of onions cut in rings and carrot circles in the bottom Then add the roast seasoned with salt and pepper and some beef broth. Cook on low for 8 hours6. Confused on measurements for black and decker rice cooker?2 cups water, one cup brown or white rice7. How can I cook Lentils in Electric rice cooker?I do this a lot. It depends on how fancy your rice cooker is. Mine only has the one button so it needed some trial and error. You can add more water to cook longer and less water to be quicker about it since many rice cookers operate on the principle of cooking something until all the water is gone. The longer you cook them the softer they will be. I like mine with just a little firmness but nowhere near crunchy. I start with about 2:1 water to lentils. No soaking necessary. I do recommend rinsing them because it gets off any funny stuff and if you buy yours at a bulk barn like me you are never really sure how sanitary it is. Also my rice cooker turns to a "keep warm" setting when the cooking is done. I can leave it on this setting for a few extra minutes if the lentils are still too firm.
Introduction of Residual Pressure Monitoring System of Intelligent Smoke Control System
In case of fire in the building, the smoke proof staircase, its front room and refuge walkway are the life passage for personnel evacuation and the passage passage for firefighters to put out the fire. Their smoke proof performance requirements must be ensured.The high-rise, large-scale, multi-function and complexity of modern buildings have added some difficulties to the fire rescue work. Some more traditional fire safety infrastructure can no longer meet the needs of modern economic development society. Under the condition of insufficient use capacity, the public's awareness of fire safety is getting higher and higher, This has led to some more traditional fire management modes, which are bound to change.Reasonable setting of residual pressure monitoring system is an essential smoke prevention measure to prevent the diffusion of smoke to the staircase and front room and ensure the smooth evacuation of people in the building. When a fire breaks out in a high-rise building, the thick smoke generated during combustion is the fatal factor. The hot smoke contains a lot of harmful gases. If people inhale it during escape, the high temperature will cause respiratory tract damage, and the harmful gases will poison people and lose the ability to escape.At the initial stage of the fire, the personnel have not been evacuated (the pressure difference of the evacuation door of the previous room is 30Pa, for example), and all the fire doors of the front room are closed. At this time, the pressure difference on both sides of the evacuation door on the fire floor is required to be 30Pa; When someone opens the fire door, the pressure difference inside and outside the door decreases rapidly. The residual pressure sensor detects the change and gives feedback in time to convert the detected abnormal conditions into data information. These residual pressure values are sent to the host equipment of the residual pressure monitoring system through the sensor. The host equipment will respond in time and issue work instructions immediately. After the residual pressure controller receives the pressure relief signal, The linkage bypass pressure relief valve (electric split multi blade regulating valve) will be opened to control the pressure relief valve to enter the working state and prevent the diffusion of flue gas; After the fire door is closed, the pressure rises, and the residual pressure monitoring system linkage fan reduces the air supply volume to ensure that the pressure difference is maintained at 30Pa.We should know that the construction of fire protection work is related to the life and property safety of thousands of families. In the process of fire protection construction, we must fully grasp the current high-tech means and provide all-round support by using the Internet and fire protection, so as to realize the transformation from traditional to intelligent fire protection.        fqj
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